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The Evolution Of The Black Series 6" Line's Packaging

The Hasbro Pulse blog has written a great article on the history of The Black Series 6″ lines packaging. As you know, we’re up to the fourth phase of this long-running line. Check out the article HERE, and then come back to comment!

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Not Star Wars related, but we know many of our viewers also love G.I. Joe, so on a slow news day it’s worth sharing the latest releases from Hasbro’s Fan First Friday. 6″ Snake Eyes was the big reveal today. Check out all of the pre-orders over at Entertainment Earth!

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Hasbro Pulse is gearing up for their next Fans’ Choice poll. This time, fans will be voting for which figure to bring back in The Black Series Archive collection. Click here for details.

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Reminder: Hasbro Preview Event Livestream At 1:30 PM ET

For those wanting to tune in today, here’s your friendly reminder that Hasbro is livestreaming their Entertainment Brand Preview Event on their Hasbro Pulse Facebook page. The livestream starts at 1:30 PM ET. We will be distilling all of the line reveals in separate articles so that anyone interested can discuss accordingly. 


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The SDCC Exclusives Are Listed On Hasbro Pulse!

The Black Series Sith Trooper & Boba Fett and the Vintage Collection Jedi Destiny set are listed on Hasbro Pulse! Click here to go directly to the listing!

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Finally, some benefit to being a premium member (besides free shipping)! If you haven’t snagged the recent SDCC exclusive figures, and are waiting for HasbroPulse, you may have a leg up on the scalpers if you are a premium member. You can get to the announcement/product page by clicking the image below. Is this enough for you to renew your membership next year? Let us know in the comments.

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Mark your calendars and set your watches if you dare hope to secure this year’s Hasbro SDCC exclusives. According to the Hasbro Pulse web site, September 10th (at a time TBD) is the day they go on sale to non-attendees of SDCC. Good luck. You’re gonna need it. Thanks to JTA reader Steven for the alert!

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Hasbro Pulse Scalps TVC Gamorrean Guard

Hasbro Pulse has added the online exclusive TVC Gamorrean Guard figure for $14.99. What happened to the $12.99 MSRP?

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That’s right folks! My card was just charged by Amazon for my order of the all-new Vintage Collection Death Star Gunner! I also got a notification from HasbroPulse, but at this point, it might just be a pre-authorization. Either way, it would seem it will arrive shortly from them as well. Keep an eye on your email if you’ve preordered this wave! 

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Hasbro Pulse Extends Membership For 12 Months For FREE!

Hasbro Pulse is now extending memberships for free now valid for 12 months from the original month you signed up!

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Hasbro SWCC exclusives go up for pre-order at 1 PM EDT on Hasbro Pulse!

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The Star Wars Celebration exclusives go up for sale May the 4th on Hasbro Pulse at 1 PM.

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Pre-order New Star Wars Toys At Hasbro Pulse!

Lastly, most products revealed yesterday are available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse.

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It looks like notifications are now being sent out for the Star Wars Celebration Hasbro Pulse Premium VIP line pass. If you signed up for this check your email. I received mine just minutes ago. 

Your official pass will be emailed to you on April 8th. Your pass will have your name and a unique code so please bring a valid photo ID to the event. Passes are non-transferable, are valid for any day of the convention but may only be used once. Passes do not guarantee product availability.

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