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Ideas For The Next Black Series HasLab

With the second failed Black Series HasLab in a row the question is what could be next. To put the blame for the two failures on the Black Series as a toyline is shortsighted, since both HasLabs were either half-baked lazy attempts (Rancor) or mindboggling choices (Reva’s lightsaber, really???) to begin with.

It’s a moot discussion about who’s to blame here, it’s most likely Lucasfilm in my opinion – with some assistance by the Hasbro Star Wars team. The big question is if Hasbro should give the Black Series one more try at HasLab.

We will not talk about potential TVC HasLabs here, since TVC has several no-brainers that would almost certainly be a success, like the Death Star Playset, the Cantina from A New Hope, maybe a Sandcrawler or even the Ghost from Rebels (with crew). It would be a good idea to have the next Star Wars HasLab be a TVC item and only after that Hasbro should revisit the Black Series.

So what would be some good choices (for a change!) for a Black Series HasLab? Click through for my ideas and then add your own ideas and suggestions in the comments. Lucasfilm and Hasbro seem to be in dire need of some help here!

The Black Series can do better!

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Hasbro learns lessons by taking in additional feedback from its customer base by blocking them from giving additional feedback on their social media post. (more….)

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[UPDATE]: Reva Force FX Lightsaber HasLab Not Funded!

And that’s it… The Reva Force FX Lightsaber HasLab ended with a resounding “thud”. Final backer number is 1,413, which is not even close to the 5,000 people who were needed. That is the second failed Star Wars Black Series HasLab in a row. Hasbro and Lucasfilm should do some deep soul searching and evaluate the situation.

Why did the Black Series ever get these extremely lackluster HasLabs to begin with? The Rancor looked merely “ok”, but not great, the tiers were a bad joke (a cardboard backdrop, really? Repacked figures?) and Reva’s lightsaber was dead in the water right from the start. Whoever thought people might want that? Either Lucasfilm or Hasbro (or both) need a reality check. Well, they got one for free now with a failed HasLab that only convinced a little more than 1,400 people to back a Force FX lightsaber for a brand new Star Wars character that is maybe not as popular as Lucasfilm would like it.

Cue sad trombone sound

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OK, good, now that I got you to click this post, please click here for more.

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Reva Lightsaber HasLab Now Live!

To no one’s surprise after the accidental leak on Hasbro’s very own HasLab page a few days ago, the brand new Reva Force FX lightsaber HasLab was also revealed at the Hasbro panel! Price is $499.99, the campaign ends on July 11th. 5,000 backers are required to make the lightsaber a reality. There will be NO tiers!

I would say this could be do-able, since there are quite a few cosplayers and lightsaber collectors out there. But we will see how much momentum the campaign will have after the weekend is over! $499.99 for a saber that won’t even let you fly around like a helicopter is still a lot of money after all!

Will it allow you to fly like a helicopter?

You can back your Reva lightsaber on the HasLab page!

Are you interested in the new Star Wars HasLab or is it nothing for you? Let us know in the comments!

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You all remember Patrick’s slip of the tongue when he accidentally revealed in a livestream that the Rancor would be the next Star Wars HasLab. Well, Hasbro is at it again and once more accidentally revealed the next Star Wars HasLab, on their own HasLab site of all things, before everyting was pulled down again.

The new HasLab will be for Reva’s Inquisitor lightsaber (the helicopter saber), cost will be $500. Launch is May 27th (the day the Kenobi series premieres on Disney+) and it will end on July 11th. Let’s see if this Star Wars HasLab will succeed again for a change after the Rancor failure. My personal opinion? $500 for an Inquisitor lightsaber is very ambitious. I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Star Wars fans groaned out in pain and rolled their eyes… but what do you think? Do you want a $500 Reva Force FX lightsaber? Or will you just order some popcorn and have yet another countdown party here on JTA on July 11th like last time with the Rancor?

Will it allow you to fly like a helicopter?

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Watch How Adam Savage Custom Paints The Razor Crest

Adam Savage’s (former Mythbuster) Tested YouTube channel received their Razor Crest a while ago. A thorough unboxing video was released the day they got their hands on it, now you can see how Adam Savage and his co-host Norm custom paint the Razor Crest and give it a much needed weathering and more metallic luster. It’s a 40 minute video, so maybe take your time to watch it, but for customizers it may be interesting to see how a pro approaches custom painting the Razor Crest. And this is most likely not the last Razor Crest video on Tested since co-host Norm already said that he will definitely add LEDs to the ship, so stay tuned for more to come! But for now you can see how Adam and Norm paint the Razor Crest to make it look even better! Click on the screenshot below to watch the video! Will you customize your Razor Crest or will you keep it like it is?

Click to watch the video

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We have a massive Visual Guide prepared for the HasLab exclusive The Razor Crest and have also added quite a few extras for this guide, including an additional gallery featuring tons of additional images, including many of our favorite viewer’s submissions. After checking out our slide gallery, be sure to scroll down and check out the rest of the additional information and gallery images (including unboxing images). And, of course, don’t forget to stop by our review to join the full discussion on this vehicle.

Want to see your action figure photography represented in this Visual Guide? Click here for details and send us your submissions!

The Razor Crest (HasLab) - The Vintage Collection

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Review: The Razor Crest - TVC - HasLab Exclusive

Toy Run Tuesday #128 - The Razorcrest has Landed!!

Hello Toy Runners! I know for sure a lot of you had a great week for collecting because those Razorcrest Haslabs are being delivered all over the country! Please hop on in and share some pictures of how you plan to display this beast of a ship! Click here to check out my current display.

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Watch A 30 Minute Unboxing Video Of The Razor Crest

The Tested Youtube channel by Adam Savage (ex-Mythbuster) got its hands on a Razor Crest and a 30 minute video was posted earlier today in which the Razor Crest gets unboxed and put together by co-host Norm. The Tested guys are huge Star Wars fans, Adam Savage, as you may know, worked for ILM and also on the prequel movies back in the day and he has several videos on his channel about Star Wars, either making impressive prop replicas from scratch or reviewing (high end) collectibles like a $1000 Rancor or a Lego Millennium Falcon. So if you want to know what to expect from your own Razor Crest in all detail or if you want to feel wistful about not buying one from HasLab: click through to watch the full video!

Something to make your Friday a little more pleasant

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HasLab TVC Razor Crest Units Shipping!

Hasbro Pulse has begun shipping the Razor Crest. All 30K+ units (which probably exceeds the number of TVC collectors at this point) will be flooding the market within the next week. It will be interesting to see how it impacts or affects The Vintage Collection. Let us know when yours arrives! Special thanks to JTA reader Jerard P. for the report.

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Official Emails Are Arriving: The Razor Crest Is Coming Soon

Razor Crest backers, check your inboxes. It looks like the TVC HasLab project will start prepping for shipment after January 21st!

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Instagram user @m_h_pt has posted in-hand pictures of the soon-to-be-released Haslab Razorcrest, including a look at the (unpunched) carded figures and carbonite blocks. Check them out here. It looks like we are getting a new numbering system for Haslab carded figures. 

image credit: @m_h_pt

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Welcome to another entry in our The Vintage Collection: The Ninety Six column. Hasbro recently committed to collectors that they will be “focusing” on characters in The Vintage Collection that fall under “The Ninety Six” banner. If you’re new to this, it means that there needs a modern counterpart for every classic Kenner figure. Between 2020 and 2021, Hasbro’s made an admirable effort by focusing on these characters. But there is more work to be done, and we’ll figure out where we are step by step. Today we assess Yak Face.

Yak Face

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The G.I. Joe Skystriker HasLab Is Fully Funded!

Hasbro’s G.I. Joe team and fans have reason to celebrate. The Skystriker Haslab is fully funded! With more than 8 hours to go the Skystriker will certainly unlock one or even more tiers. Maybe Hasbro’s Star Wars team can visit their colleagues in the G.I. Joe offices and get a primer on how to engage fans. The G.I. Joe team had a livestream on Instagram today, they also post regular updates, whereas the Star Wars team kept radio silence yesterday, leaving former Star Wars team member Steve Evans to post something on his Instagram. Anyway, this means two out of three HasLabs are a success, only Star Wars failed. But now is the time for G.I. Joe collectors to pop the champagne!

UPDATE: Tier 2 was unlocked, final backer count is 16,803. The Skystriker added almost 9,000 backers on the final day and more than doubled its numbers. Backers will now get the jet with a total of seven 3.75 in figures.


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An official statement by Hasbro about the failed Rancor HasLab was posted on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page. Click through to read the statement in full!

Hasbro’s statement is somewhat less emotional

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BREAKING NEWS: The HasLab Rancor Fails Spectacularly!

Now that was one hell of a night. We had lots of fun here on JTA in the comments section and watched with awe as the Rancor backer count on HasLab literally exploded in the last few hours. For the longest time it seemed as if the final number would be something like 7,800, far short of the funding goal, but when midnight came it was 8,534!

But then the most mysterious thing happened… once the deadline ended the backer number collapsed. Literally. It went from 8,534 to a little more than 7,500 and then just barely over 7,000 and as of now, 17 minutes after the deadline it’s not even 5,000 backers anymore. One reason could be that HasLab is cancelling orders now, since the funding goal was not met before the deadline ended. Whatever the reason for this gigantic collapse is after the deadline ended one thing is clear, the Rancor won’t reach the required 9,000 backers anymore!

And the only people to blame for this are working at Hasbro and Lucasfilm. They miscalculated, they hoped a Haslab with nonsensical tiers consisting of repacks, cheap bones, cardboard and a Rancor centerpiece that is not remotely as impressive as the barge or the Razor Crest would make collectors pay $350 for it. But it didn’t! The only hope is that Hasbro (and their partner Lucasfilm who has total control over everything) learn from their mistakes. Maybe collectors are finally fed up with a toyline that mostly consists of repaints, repacks, kitbashes and exclusives these days. The mainline is still strong, but far too few figures are released in it, most figures these days are exclusives, repaints and repacks to the point that even the HasLab Rancor had several of them as tiers. Click through for more!

“He’s dead Jim!” (quote from Hasbro’s favorite franchise)

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We are entering the finishing straight for the HasLab Rancor! In roughly 24 hours the campaign will end – unless Hasbro announce an extension of the deadline today. The Rancor currently has 5,605 backers, about 62% of the required funding. At this point in time all the other successful HasLabs had already been funded and had experienced a massive boost. The Rancor has only added 120-200 backers each day ever since Malakili was added to the offering, not even 900 backers in total.
So what will it be? Yay or nay? What do you think? Place your bet and feel free to share any other musings you have in the comments! This will be the go to HasLab Rancor discussion thread for the final day of the campaign!

He needs love

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How Does The HasLab Rancor Compare To Other Options?

The HasLab Rancor is not the first (approximately) 6 inch scale Rancor on the market. Back in 2006 Gentle Giant released a Rancor + Malakili statue, Regal Robot made a Rancor replica as an extremely limited edition (only 83 Rancors were made) not too long ago and Sideshow Collectibles is offering their Rancor actually right now, estimated shipping date is December 2021. All of these Rancors are roughly the same size, something between 16-18 inches tall (without stand). For this article I want to compare the $350 HasLab Rancor to the $605 Sideshow Colletibles Rancor and the $2,999 Regal Robot replica of the original maquette from the movie. How does the HasLab Rancor fare? Click through for more!

Phil Tippett working on the Rancor maquette

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Well, it seems Hasbro DOES actually listen to fan feedback! They just announced that the Rancor Keeper Malakili will be added to the Rancor! He will come uncarded and will be added to the Rancor as no additional tier, instead he will come no matter what, as soon as the Rancor receives funding. Right now, the Rancor has 4,763 backers. It will need to almost double that number in the next six days to be successful!

So, what is your opinion? Will it change your mind and will you back the Rancor now? Or is it too little too late?

In my opinion Hasbro could have avoided much drama if they had included Malakili from the very beginning. It’s apparent Hasbro hoped to get away with as little as possible, but the fans have spoken. It’s welcome that Hasbro has listened. However, if would be even better if fans didn’t have to voice their displeasure so vehemently for Hasbro to do something! It’s pretty apparent they are quite desperate so late in the campaign.

Click through for Hasbro’s full statement!

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The Rancor HasLab Latest Developments

On November 19th Hasbro livestreamed their final HasLab Rancor video on YouTube in which they revealed the remaining two tiers. Salacious B. Crumb and a new Luke Skywalker figure. During the livestream the YouTube chat was filled with angry or incredulous comments. First YouTube videos from disappointed collectors who said they would now cancel their Rancor were uploaded that same day, those videos were viewed by a lot of people, often vastly outperforming other videos on those channels, showing an increased level of interest in the shared disappointment. In the days following the livestream the Rancor HasLab lost about 400 backers, it went down from almost 5,150 to below 4,750. So what is the situation now? Click through for more!

Nothing to see here, please disperse!

Hasbro’s chief of Star Wars marketing at work

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Ever since Hasbro’s stupendously tone-deaf livestream on Friday the current Star Wars HasLab has lost almost 350 backers. Maybe a small number, at the time I write this 4,811 people still want a Rancor, no matter what-  but still, the damage is done. And the number is still decreasing (actually, 4,808 now).
It should by now be obvious to Hasbro that things are not proceeding as planned. That what maybe they hoped would just be a few disgruntled fans that may cancel their order in the first few hours after the livestream has become something of a real downward trend. It is now Monday morning in the US and anyone at Hasbro who had hoped things will go back to normal will have to realize that no, things are probably not going back to normal. Maybe Hasbro still hopes that the usual boost in the last few days will save the HasLab campaign and make the Rancor a success. Which is certainly a possibility. However, it’s maybe even more likely now that the Rancor HasLab has taken on a new dynamic, a vicious cycle where potential backers see the counter decreasing hour by hour and thus discouraging them from pulling the trigger, because, after all, who wants to back a losing horse at the races?
So what can Hasbro do? What should Hasbro do? Click through to find out.

Artist’s impression of the Monday morning Hasbro Star Wars team meeting

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Sunday Matinee: HasLab Rancor Backer Count Watch Party

Let’s all have some fun! Yes, maybe the HasLab livestream today did not get the reaction Hasbro would have hoped for. Yes, maybe quite a few collectors are either angry, sad or disappointed now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some good old fun! So let’s all watch the HasLab Rancor backer counter fall below 5,000 tonight and let’s make bets if it will fall below 5,000 to begin with and when it may do so! At the pace the counter is falling it could be mere minutes! So place your bets! The winner gets 10 plush porgs, 200 Rose Tico 5 POA action figures and 50 banana visor X-Wing pilots from The Force Awakens 5 POA toyline!
Join in the fun in the comments section and let’s have a party!

UPDATE: Friday’s livestream may go down in history as one of the most disastrous Hasbro events ever. The Rancor HasLab has lost almost 320 backers since then and there is no end in sight.

Still counting down…

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Hasbro's Idea Of Good Value For Your Money Looks Like This...

Hasbro’s Black Series HasLab livestream just ended. The team showed off the painted Rancor prototype and revealed tiers 3 and 4 for the figure, available at 16k and 19k backers. So what are those tiers? Malakili? Giran? Oola? Try again. Tier 3 is a slightly retooled repack and Tier 4 is technically speaking an all new figure, but really just a repack too. What is Hasbro thinking? Click through for more!

Tier 3…..

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