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Wow, these are incredible looking figures folks. Maybe one day we’ll get them in 3.75″ too, but for the favorite children of Hasbro, you get 4 all-new figures from The Clone Wars in 6″ form. Check out the photos of the individual figures and their packaging HERE. Thanks to Mike Z. in the Star Wars The Black Series Collectors Facebook group for the heads up!

The article states they will be available for preorder exclusively from Walmart tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

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Toy Run Tuesday #52 - The Year In Review!

Wow, Toy Runners! We’ve officially made it an entire year into the Toy Run Tuesday weekly segment! This week I have one new custom to share with you, and for the anniversary, we’ll review the top 3 TRT’s of the last year. Click here to check it out!

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How Sustainable Is The Black Series?

Yes, this is part of the #fightforTVC campaign, but I pose this as a legitimate question to 6″ Black Series collectors. For over 40 years, 3.75″ action figures have dominated the Star Wars collecting market. Only a few years ago, the 6″ Black Series line entered the scene, and has since grown into a line with many new figures per year and a large collecting group. But how long can it continue? Is collecting 6″ figures sustainable? Let’s explore a few reasons why it may not be…

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We’ve rumored since November that Zeb would be released as a deluxe figure in The Black Series, and this confirms our suspicions. It is a deluxe figure retailing for $34.99 at Gamestop (and most likely other retailers). Also listed are upcoming TVC figures that were on Amazon for a short time, as well as the rebels crew repacks for TBS. Thanks to Robbert in a Black Series collecting group on Facebook for the images. Click here for full images of what was added!

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Toy Run Tuesday #44 - Revenge of the Fifth Haul!

This week was great. I got some incredible new acquisitions that I am very excited to share with you! One item is BIG. I got some fodder in trade, and some not-so-shiny new troopers. There is even more, so please click here so I can share it with you!

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Toy Run Tuesday #30 - Phoenix Toy Shows

This last weekend I was able to attend two different toy shows, and an additional collectible store in Phoenix. Since I moved, I haven’t been able to go to collector stops near as often as I used to because I live so far away, so it was a real treat being able to attend this weekend. Check out my small haul after the jump!

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I want to make a plug for 2 of my favorite shops online for custom parts: Krazy D’s Customs, and Watto’s Scrapyard. Both companies offer 3D printed parts of their own skilled original design, but for very different aspects of the customizing world. For people like me who love to customize, they fill a valuable, if not crucial role, in collecting today. Click here to see what I mean.

Krazy D’s Kustoms

Watto’s Scrapyard

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Toy Run Tuesday #19 - Solo Ties

Another fine week in Star Wars. Some good new figures have been leaked. I ehar of new shippers hitting Walmart, but I feel that it may be some time before we get some new items we have yet to hear of. What have you been able to pick up this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Clone Commandos For TVC and TBS Please?

This week, EA games announced (finally) that they would be adding instant action to Battlefront II. That’s the best part of the old Battlefront games in my humble opinion, so I’m extremely excited for the addition to the new games. Now I just need an Xbox One or a gaming PC….. Anyway. The other new addition to the game are Clone Commandos. With Clone Wars on its way next year on Disney+, it got me thinking: Hasbro really needs to make an all-new clone commando in TVC and TBS and re-use the heck out of it with different color schemes. Click through for a review on the clone commando figures we’ve gotten thus far!

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Toy Run Tuesday #11 - Republic Gunships

A couple weeks back I posted that I got a grail piece in my collection: the Black Series Shock Trooper Helmet. This week I’m pleased to say that I was able to add another grail piece to my collection. The title is your answer, but there is more to the story. I also received an awesome photo from the client who I made those 2 ARC troopers for. Click through for my week in Star Wars, and let us know what you added to your collection this week in the comments!

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WOW! Black Series Captain Rex Showing Up at Ross!

More and more Star Wars collectibles are showing up at discount retailers, and it looks like the next one to hit Ross is Captain Rex. Surprising to me since it’s such a good figure, but this probably has more to do with distribution than collectors not buying it at retail. It looks like the search is on once again to find this figure on the cheap. Thanks to Mike Y. and Rand R. from Arizona for the images. Have you found this figure at Ross too? Let us know in the comments!

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Eternal Pegwarmers... Never Quite Finn-ished

Where do action figures go after they don’t sell at 5-below and Ross? They go to Liquidator’s Discount Center in AZ. I found these the other day and feel I can safely dub Finn as the least wanted action figure (dare I say more than Zuvio?). That title is being challenged by Force Link Rose, though. Jason D. posted a picture on Facebook of several pegs of Rose Tico for full price at Disney World. Have you ever seen anything peg-warm so hard? Do you have a challenger for the least wanted action figure of 2017-18? Let us know in the comments! Full Story

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Star Wars Fan Awards 2018 Voting Open has opened up audience choice voting in categories of long video, short video, photography, and visual art. One of our frequent readers/commenters Matthew C. has a photo in the final voting stages, which must be quite exciting! I’ve had that specific photo on my work desktop background for some time, so I appreciate that it is getting some official recognition. Be sure to check out some of the remarkable entries here, and cast your vote today! Click through for more action figure photo submissions in the finals. Full Story

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