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Andor Character Poster Week 3: Dedra Meero

Dedra Meero is the lone character poster revealed this week from Andor. Click below to check it out.

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The next two cards from the weekly Topps Star Wars Living Set are now out. Featuring the iconic blue starfield and the impressive artwork of Kris Penix, check out Ilco Munica (#347) and AZI-3 (#348). Each Tuesday, two new cards will be released and be only available for one week. Click here to view the entire Star Wars Living archive, including individual print runs.


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Review: Axe Woves - TVC - VC228 [Target Exclusive]

Iron Studios Rogue One Darth Vader 1:10 Scale Statue

Iron Studios has revealed their latest 1:10 scale statue, based on Darth Vader as seen in Rogue One. Click through for complete details and images.

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It’s another O96! Check out ARTOO-DETOO (R2-D2), complete with classic nameplate typo and stunning card art with The Empire Strikes Back entertainment logo. Oh yeah, and the figure? Well, it sucks! (more….)


Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 14!

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Pre-orders from today’s livestream are listed below. We will continue to add links as we find them.

Note: Hasbro Pulse items ship free from Entertainment Earth

Pulse Con 2021 Exclusives (Hasbro Pulse)

The Vintage Collection General Release:

The Vintage Collection Troop Builder:

The Black Series General Release:

The Black Series Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary:

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The Hasbro Pulse Con Star Wars panel had several goodies for Black Series fans. One major focus was Andor and we get a few surprising, but very welcome figures from the show in The Black Series! Another focus was the upcoming 2023 40th anniversary Return of the Jedi line and finally, the Black Series pipeline reveals offer one or two surprises as well, that will probably be welcomed by collectors! So click through for all the details!

Finally in the Black Series line-up: Mon Mothma

Full Story

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This year’s Pulse Con Star Wars Panel kicked off at 3:45 PM Eastern. Here’s a look at upcoming The Vintage Collection offerings. Click through for the detailed breakdown and discussion. Available pre-orders launch today at 6 PM Eastern (Not all will go up today).

Here’s a summary of what was announced:

The Vintage Collection General Release:

  • Cassian Andor
  • Vel Sartha
  • Hunter (not available for pre-order today)

The rest of the The Bad Batch is coming to TVC soon…

Troop Builder Set:

  • Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (7 figures) (Spring 2023) (Hasbro Pulse)

Pipeline Reveals:

  • Darth Vader (ROTJ 40th) – all new ROTJ version
  • Weequay (reissue)
  • Wooff (reissue)
  • Yak Face (reissue)
  • Nikto (reissue)
  • Kithaba (reissue)
  • Endor Bunker Playset
  • Tusken Warrior (The Book of Boba Fett)
  • Howzer (The Clone Wars)
  • Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars 20th Anniversary is coming soon…

Full Story

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Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 Day 2 Livestream

The Hasbro Pulse Con Livestream continues into Day 2 with the Star Wars brand featured as the anchor leg of today’s events. Click through now to tune in to the continuous Livestream, or check back in at 3:45 for the start of the Star Wars announcements.

Full Story

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FINALLY! It only took 18 years, but Hasbro stepped-up to give us a proper STAR WARS Stormtrooper for The Vintage Collection. The wait started in 2004. Folks, we now have our definitive A New Hope Stormtrooper action figure. See why you won’t want to miss this one! (more….)


Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 14!

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Hasbro has released the full schedule for Day 2 of Pulse Con 2022. The Hasbro Star Wars live stream is set to start at 3:45. Check back tomorrow after the event and we will distill all the Star Wars announcements. 

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Hasbro Selfie Series Is Now Live

Are you ready to pay $80 for a figure of yourself? Then the new Hasbro Selfie Series is for you! You can download the Hasbro Pulse app to get started. Get more information at Hasbropulse.com.

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Get ready for more aggravation. The Walmart exclusive “The Ninety Six” figures are clearly for carded collectors looking to have a modern counterpart to the original vintage Kenner run of Star Wars action figures. But once again, they’re are arriving in padded envelopes, and most samples are being reported and “severely damaged,” ours included. How difficult is it to code these items as collectibles so they can guarantee they get packed in a box instead of a flimsy envelope? Let us know of your arrivals.

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Review: Princess Leia Organa - TBS6 [Publishing Program]

The Princess Leia Organa figure in The Black Series [Publishing Program] line is better than you think. . And it comes with more accessories than some “deluxe” figures. (Remember that scam?) (more….)

Princess Leia Organa

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 14!

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Review: Din Djarin (Morak) - TVC - VC251

The Din Djarin (Morak) figure in The Vintage Collection is mostly reused parts, but you shouldn’t let that fool you. It’s an excellent action figure. (more….)

Din Djarin (Morak)

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 14!

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Shipping notices are going out for the Walmart exclusive The Vintage Collection Original 96 wave. The estimated arrival is October 2nd. 

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A new episode of Andor dropped today and after the escape from Ferrix it is the beginning of an all new arc and chapter in the series. Several new characters are introduced, we finally meet Mon Mothma and ISB Officer Dedra Meero, as well as a few rebels. As in episode 1 things are rather slow at the beginning of the new arc, but still very intriguing. Read my spoiler review for Aldhani by clicking here or on the banner and let’s discuss the latest Andor episode!

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Target Exclusive The Black Series Droids Boba Fett Shipping

Just over a year after its pre-order date (September 24, 2021), the Target exclusive The Black Series Droids Boba Fett is finally shipping. Shipping notices have started going out this week. There have also been reports showing up on social media of this showing up in stores. So, if you missed the pre-order it’s time to start checking brick and mortar!

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Toy Run Tuesday #146 - TVC Delivery

This last week or so I took advantage of some sales on Dorksidetoys.com. Six TVC figures made their way to my house. I also had a frustrating Target experience, and I need to vent! Something for everyone today… Click here to read about it.

Full Story

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LEGO is releasing a new, larger Razor Crest clocking in at 6,187 pieces, which will set you back $599.99.  This new Ultimate Collector Series set goes up for sale on October 3rd for LEGO VIP members and October 7th for the general public. 


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Now through Sep 28th, 2022 at 11:59pm PDT you can save 30% ($69) off the Hot Toys Shoretrooper as one of today’s Sideshow Collectibles Daily Deals. Click here for the product page, and use code SHRTRP when checking out. You get free shipping with this as well!

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The Black Series Holiday Edition Figures Are Back

After missing last year’s Holiday season, The Black Series Holiday Edition figures are back. You can check out the full details on the @preternia Twitter feed. All are listed at $27.99 and slated to go up for pre-order on November 1st.

  • Stormtrooper (Holiday Edition) – Amazon 
  • Clone Trooper (Holiday Edition) – ShopDisney/Hasbro Pulse
  • Wookiee (Holiday Edition) – GameStop
  • Mandalorian Warrior (Holiday Edition) – Target 
  • Protocol Droid (Holiday Edition) – Fan Channel
  • Scout Trooper (Holiday Edition) – Walmart

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Andor Character Posters: Week 2

Three more character posters are out today from the new series Andor. Click below to check them out.


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Pre-Order The Hot Toys Cobb Vanth (TMS084) 1/6 Scale Figure

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