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New S.H. Figuarts Star Wars Releases

SHF is still releasing Star Wars action figures. In April they teased and finally revealed their version of Jar Jar Binks which is infinitely superior to the Black Series version, because SHF remembered that Jar Jar is a pretty goofy character and not really a warrior. So he gets a goofy face with his tongue hanging out, a “thumbs up” hand, even the frog thingy he tries to eat on Tatooine.

And today SHF announced another four releases. Unfortunately, even though it is the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace and SHF still has a few unreleased prequel protoype figures (a glorious Queen Amidala in her Theed outfit and a Super Battle Droid) they instead chose to release four A New Hope figures, three of which are basically straight rereleases and one of which is basically the same figure as before, only with one changed detail.

The rereleases are

  • R2-D2
  • C-3PO (the figure seems to have a somewhat updated vac metal finish, based on promo photos and looks more like the Bandai model kit now but is otherwise using the exact same sculpt as the previously released figure)
  • Stormtrooper

The barely new figure is an A New Hope Darth Vader which seems to be basically the Kenobi Vader figure, however the cape seems to be new-ish (it looks longer and somewhat better) and the inner tunic is movie accurate and now above the shoulder armor.

Jar Jar is still available for pre-order, he is a web exclusive, so that means aftermarket prices or buying after release will be very expensive. The other figures will go up for pre-order soon on the usual Japanese websites selling these (Nin Nin, Amiami etc). We will keep you posted!

3PO seems to have a better chrome finish, but is otherwise the same figure as before

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Walmart currently has the deluxe The Vintage Collection Tusken Warrior & Massiff marked down to $15.37. Click here for the product page. Thanks to JTA reader Jay for the alert!

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Entertainment Earth has added a few sold-out The Black Series figures from The Clone Wars and Rebels. Click below for another shot at these:

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Poster collectors can secure the latest The Acolyte poster at Disney Movie Insiders for 820 points. And, in case you missed it, you can still pick up the first teaser poster for The Acolyte. Click below for links to both posters. Need points? Here’s a great auction to pick up as many points as you need for under $8 per 1000.¬† (Tell them JediTempleArchives sent you and you will get some bonus points!)

Note: You will only see them if you are logged into your DMI account. 


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Propstore Auction has several rare posters up for auction right now for avid poster collectors, including this gem from 1980: The British Royal Charity World Premiere Empire Day Poster. Click through for the full report!

Full Story

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Hot Toys Imperial Commando Pre-Order

Hot Toys next exclusive pre-order is set to go live at 4 PM Eastern at Sideshow Collectibles. Once again, you will need to join the queue to have a chance at ordering the Imperial Commando sixth scale figure. Click here to get started!

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Hot Toys Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mandalorian Armor) Pre-Order

Pre-orders kick off at 1 PM Eastern at Sideshow Collectibles. This is a limited Hot Toys exclusive so Sideshow will use the queue system. Click here to join the queue!

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Pre-orders are now open for the Hot Toys Darth Sidious (MMS745) 1/6 Scale Figure! Click through for the pre-order page.

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Hot Toys Darth Sidious (MMS745) 1/6 Scale Figure

Hot Toys has one more reveal for today! Check out Darth Sidious (MMS745) from Revenge of the Sith! Get all the details after the jump!

Full Story

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Hot Toys teased The Bad Batch’s Imperial Commando (TMS128) on May 3rd, and now we get the full reveal. Click through to check him out!

Full Story

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Hot Toys introduces their latest sixth scale figure from The Clone Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mandalorian Armor) (TMS126). Click through to check out the full details and gallery images.

Full Story

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Review: Phase II Clone Trooper - TVC - Builder Packs

The Black Series Ki-Adi-Mundi has been in the wind for quite some time, but it’s now (finally) available to pre-order at sponsor Entertainment Earth. Click here for the product page.

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I originally did not want to review Tales of the Empire, because the previous season, Tales of the Jedi, felt like a waste of my time, with good ideas here and there… never explored and resulting in episodes that were more infuriating than good, because you could tell that the basic ideas were ok or even good… but were never fleshed out and ultimately the episodes felt like pointless filler. With the worst offender the Ahsoka as a baby episode that no one needed.

But Barriss Offee, while a minor character overall, is still one of the better known prequel Jedi (padawans), I liked her character for much of The Clone Wars, until they made her evil towards the end (it came out of nowhere). So I decided to give the Barriss Offee “Tale” a try… and I believe it’s high time we talk about that, even if the few who will ever bother to watch this already watched it over the weekend probably. Anyway… Barriss Offee’s “Tale of the Empire” makes me fear for the very worst when it comes to the future of Star Wars under Dave Filoni. It had good ideas, just like Ahsoka had a few good ideas… but horribly executed, with nonsensical things happening and a character twist that literally makes no sense. The entire format makes no sense to me and I wish Lucasfilm would spend their money on better projects… a proper six to ten episode Barriss mini series could have been really great. What we got instead is a new low point in Star Wars in my opinion. And it pains me to say this. I really wanted to like this. I like Barriss as a character. And then we get “this”. Click here or on the banner to read my review and discussion of Barriss Offee’s story in “Tales of the Empire”.


She’ll certainly get better

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Brian's Toys 20% Off Sale

There’s still time to take advantage of Brian’s Toys’ May the 4th Be With You 20% off sale. The sale runs through May 8th. Head over to start browsing.


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Here’s a little Monday Funday to celebrate Revenge of the Sixth… A pretty amazing fan video featuring the final duel from Revenge of the Sith recreated to match The Clone Wars style animation. Click through to enjoy this amazing piece of work!

Full Story

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LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer (75394) Pre-Order

Micro Galaxy Squadron AT-TE Pre-Order

Here’s another pre-order to start your day! Amazon has the Micro Galaxy Squadron AT-TE up for pre-order. Head over to Amazon for the pre-order page.

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Amazon also dropped an exclusive The Black Series Jed: Fallen Order 3-pack that includes a MagnaGuard, Super Battle Droid, and Battle Droid. Pre-order the set here!

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Amazon exclusive The Black Series Emperor Palpatine & Throne is available for pre-order. Click here for the pre-order page!

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Tags: , , has the new Micro Galaxy Squadron Battle Droid Battle Pack up for pre-order. Click here for the product page.

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The Limited Edition The Phantom Menace 25th-anniversary screen prints by Matt Ferguson are on sale for a few more hours at Bottleneck Gallery. These are hand-numbered timed edition prints, with each Edition size determined by the number of prints sold through Sunday, May 5th @ 11:59 PM ET. 

Each poster is 24√ó36


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This dropped a little later than the rest of today’s pre-orders, but you can now pre-order The Vintage Collection X-wing Pilot Builder Pack on both Entertainment Earth and Amazon.¬†

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