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A Look At The Acolyte User Scores

While user scores at sites like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic are not the be all end all and will never tell any individual viewer whether or not he or she will like something, they are still a good indicator of what the general consensus by viewers is. High or low ratings almost always have their good reasons, and that reason is not “review bombing” despite what some media outlets claim. So how do things look for The Acolyte? Click through for a closer look!


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New Hasbro Pre-Orders Now Live

Most of yesterday’s announcements are now available to pre-order. Click below for various pre-order links!

The Black Series

The Vintage Collection

Retro Collection

The Black Series Reissues

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The Demographics Of Star Wars Fans

I have written about surveys and polls that aim to shed light on the demographics of Star Wars fans before. The surveys I quoted all more or less agree that about 40% of the fans are women. And actual movie attendance data by the MPAA supports this, the three movies in their report: The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi were watched by approx. 40% women. However, all of these surveys and polls are US only. But now a new analysis by Parrot Analytics, via Yahoo (who repost a The Wrap article hidden behind a paywall), has surfaced that takes a look at the all time global (so not just the US) demographics of Star Wars fans. They compare Star Wars to Marvel to see where the differences are. And the findings are very interesting! Click through for more!

Star Wars fans in the wild

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Review: The Acolyte - Destiny (S01E03) [UPDATED]

I am up very early so you folks can read all about last night’s episode of The Acolyte. The offensive, lore-breaking episode that will forever ruin Star Wars, steal your girlfriend away and crash your car … In truth, none of that actually is accurate. The episode is not offensive, it’s not lore-breaking and it does not ruin Star Wars. Instead it may just waste your time, insult your intelligence and leave you wondering what the effing eff you just watched. But make no mistake: none of it is offensive. Other than offensively stupid maybe.

So yes, there are lots of things to talk about. Click here or on the banner to read my very spoilery spoiler review of “Destiny”, the Acolyte episode that does NOT ruin Star Wars forever or redefines the Force and makes it female. Some people really need to get a life. Whatever. Let’s discuss!

UPDATE: I rewatched a few scenes and found definitive proof of what is going on in this episode and that The Acolyte will indeed copy the movie Roshomon, i.e. episode 3 is not the full story and we will get a second flashback that shows us the real events / the full version, because episode 3 leaves out many key events and the new detail I found proves it. I updated the review to discuss this additional detail.

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Let’s make this quick. Hasbro revealed various new things today!

The Black Series:

  • Osha (accessories are her little droid companion and a backpack)
  • Shin Hati with a new hat, no with cloth cape, a Target exclusive figure

The Vintage Collection:

  • Osha with her droid and backpack and some other stuff


  • Sol, Jecki, Yord, Osha, Mae, Aniseya 6-pack!

Preorders should open tomorrow at 1 pm!

Click through for some photos!

TVC Osha Aniseya

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After reporting pointless day 1 numbers for the first episode of The Acolyte (because they never did so for anything before), Disney released 5-day numbers last night, just like they did for Ahsoka. And the first episode of The Acolyte had 11.1 million views worldwide, according to Disney. Which makes it the second least watched Star Wars series premiere on Disney+. Click through for more!

Fandom lovingy dubbed this guy “Order 66 Chicken McNuggets”. At least his name is not “Porkins”…

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The Cantina HasLab Has A Slow Launch

While there is virtually zero doubt that the Cantina HasLab will get funded, it is still interesting to compare the current campaign to the Ghost and the Razor Crest HasLabs. And when you do you cannot fail but notice how the 2024 crowdfunding campaign is off to a much slower start than the either the Ghost or the Razor Crest. What does that mean? How do the numbers compare? Click through for more!


Not as sexy maybe?

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Star Wars Is the Number 1....

… at least as far as auctions of rare toys are concerned. Until recently a Barbie doll with diamond necklace, that sold for $302,500 in 2010 in an auction, was the single most expensive toy in the world. But not anymore.

A short while ago Heritage Auctions managed to sell a rocket firing Boba Fett handpainted prototype figure from 1979 for an astounding $525,000. So, who of you was it? And you do know it belongs in a museum, right?

But this is once more proof that Star Wars can still be at the top. The pop cultural impact of the first movies and the classic Kenner toys should never be underestimated. Let’s see what a Rose Tico figure may sell for in 2060…

Here you can look at the listing on the Heritage Auctions website! Apparently the new owner is accepting offers, but you have to fork out at least $787,500. Maybe now is the time to play the lottery.

The most expensive toy in the world

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The Next Haslab Will Be The Mos Eisley Cantina

And to no one’s surprise (after the leak), the next HasLab will be the Mos Eisley Cantina. You can head over and start backing now! And, it WILL include the long-awaited Tonnika Sisters!

Featuring a base version ($399.99) and a Deluxe version ($499.99). 

You can start backing now!

Click through for some photos and some more details!

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Today's Hasbro HasLab Fanstream Starts At 11 AM ET

Hasbro is ready to ‘officially’ reveal their next The Vintage Collection HasLab today, kicking off their live stream at 11 AM Eastern. Will you be surprised? Tune in right here, or over at the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel for today’s event!

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Tags: , , , , has the Galactic Starcruiser Legacy Lightsaber Hilt available, previously only available at Galaxy’s Edge. Click here for the product page.

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Hasbro will officially launch their latest The Vintage Collection HasLab this Friday, June 7 at 11 AM Eastern. You can check back here on Friday or tune in over at the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel at 11 AM.

The Force is calling on you, StarWars fans, to tune into the Hasbro Pulse Star Wars Fanstream for the reveal of the next Star Wars The Vintage Collection HasLab! Join the Hasbro Star Wars team on our YouTube channel this Friday, June 7th, at 11:00am ET as they give you the first look at this must-have for your collection, including all the exciting details and news you need to know to make sure you don’t miss out!

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The Acolyte… much was talked about this show before. Some delusional idiot claimed it’s not even a real project and that it will never be released… others read what showrunner Headland and various actors have to say and were somewhat suspicious of what on Earth they will make. But the wait is over and we have the first two episodes of The Acolyte. So what’s it like? I will say this: “Boring” & “Stupid”.  Whereas even bad Obi-Wan Kenobi and bad The Book of Boba Fett episodes at least had some charm and likable characters. Also, if you like the Jedi you should probably watch something else. Headland was not kidding when she said her show won’t be kind to the Jedi. If you want to know more or discuss the first two episodes click here or on the banner for my review of the first two episodes.

This happens 5 minutes into the show… so not even a spoiler really

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Here’s the latest round of reissued The Black Series figures. Pre-order these at Entertainment Earth:

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New reveal in The Black Series: Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk Trainers. This set will be available exclusively at Walmart this Fall for $44.99, likely debuting at their fall Collector Con event.

Also revealed is the single-pack Target exclusive Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk.


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We’re excited to announce the launch of our The Vintage Collection Card Collecting Resource Guide! While we’re still adding high-resolution samples, the guide is fully laid out and ready for you to explore. It’s an invaluable resource for carded collectors, especially if you’re new to the hobby. Enjoy!

In addition to our main guide, we’ve created a companion guide: The Vintage Collection Reissue Guide. This sub-guide is designed to help collectors navigate the world of modern reissues in The Vintage Collection.

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The Acolyte Character Posters

The Official Star Wars Social Media outlets dropped 5 character posters for the upcoming The Acolyte series. This time they have added a complementary short bio for each character. Click below to check them out.


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Hot Toys announces their latest sixth scale figure from Revenge of the Sith: Kit Fisto (MMS751). Click through for full details and gallery images.

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Review: Mandalorian Judge - TVC - VC321

We enter Research Droids Reviews Season 16 with the latest wave of The Vintage Collection figures. Next is the Mandalorian Judge, which is a bit boring but not terrible. (more….)

Mandalorian Judge

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 16!

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Kathleen Kennedy Talks About Male Star Wars Fandom

If you follow Star Wars news you probably already know about statements Kathleen Kennedy made about Star Wars fans, male fans specifically, and how women in Star Wars often suffer more from attacks and have it harder in Star Wars because of the male fanbase. I believe this deserves a discussion. So grab your popcorn and click through for some thoughts about all this.

Star Wars lightsaber duel

A typical male Star Wars fan?

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Sideshow Collectibles has opened pre-orders for their Captain Rex Premium Format Figure. Click here for the product page.

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