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Vintage Kenner RDRs Redux: Barada - POTF - 1985

While it wasn’t a Best Buy exclusive, the AT-ST Raider was initially exclusively available at Best Buy. Apparently there is a distinct difference. Whatever the case, you can now pick up the AT-ST Raider on Thanks to JTA reader Shawn for the alert!

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We all knew this was coming, and here they all are! From The Black Series to plushies, to mugs, Baby Yoda merchandise is here. Check out everything over at Entertainment Earth!

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A brand new The Rise of Skywalker trailer was just posted on the official Star Wars Facebook page, it includes an entirely new scene from near the beginning of the movie, plus a few other shots, but the new scene is what people will talk about.

It not only confirms the Reddit leaks even more, it also confirms fan theories. If you want to know more, click through. If not, stay away and buy some Baby Yoda merchandise instead!

The Rise of Skywalker trailer

Kylo Ren with ignited lightsaber

Full Story

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BREAKING NEWS: Hasbro Baby Yoda Toys Announced!

Dork Side Toys just released their new newsletter and out of nowhere they announced new Baby Yoda toys from Hasbro! Click through for all the details and photos!

Hasbro The Black Series Baby Yoda

Hasbro The Black Series Baby Yoda banner from Dork Side Toys

Full Story

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Another New Special Looks At The Rise Of Skywalker!

We have another new nostalgia-filled special look at The Rise of Skywalker, courtesy of Amazon, which contains a few new scenes and some old BTS footage of the Original Trilogy. There is one scene in there that was pretty nice to see concerning some old friends. While there are no serious spoilers beyond what has been shown in the trailers you may want to skip this one if you’ve been avoiding those. The video is actually a “secret” and you have to search #TheRiseOfSkywalker on Amazon or by telling Alexa “Alexa, The Force will be with you always, but here’s the link so you don’t have to do that. You’ve been warned, so click here to take a look!


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How Do You Feel About Star Wars In 2019?

In four days The Rise of Skywalker has its world premiere in Hollywood. Has it really only been four short years since The Force Awakens was released? And now the “Skywalker Saga” comes to a close. A saga 42 years in the making. 
I think it’s the perfect time to not just look back or look forward, but to also talk about how we feel about Star Wars as a whole now. And by that I don’t just mean the movies, I mean everything. The movies, the toys, games, books and comics. How do you feel about Star Wars as a whole, in 2019, one week before the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga opens in theaters. Are you happy? Do you no longer really care? Are you sad? Are you angry? How much does Star Wars mean to you still? Are you looking forward to new content? New toys? New shows? New movies? New books? Has something changed about how you feel about Star Wars in the past few years? Where do you see Star Wars in another 5 or 10 years? Do you think you will still be a part of fandom then?
So let’s all come together and share our thoughts and feelings about Star Wars. What it still means to us and what it will mean to us in the future. And remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” feeling, what you feel is what you feel.

Star Wars emotions

Star Wars emotions

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Watch the Coolest Toy Ad Since the 80s!

Megalopolis toys posted an ad on their Facebook page about a week ago. It was just shared in the Vintage Collection group on Facebook by Jeffery H, so thanks to him for bringing it to our attention. This is why so many of us love The Vintage Collection! Click here to watch the video.

Full Story

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Review: D-O/R5-2JE/R6-LE5/R2-SHP - Droid Factory

The D-O/R5-2JE/R6-LE5/R2-SHP Droid Factory four-pack concentrates on four new droids from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Most of them are quite nice, and it’s the only way to secure a 3.75″ version of D-O at the moment. Check this set out in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.


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You can pre-order The Vintage Collection Clone Trooper (VC45) on Amazon. Special thanks to JTA reader Mark for the alert!

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Vintage Kenner RDRs Redux: Amanaman - POTF - 1985

Pre-Order The New Hot Toys Sixth Scale Jet Troopers

Sideshow Collectibles has both the Jet Trooper and the Sith Jet Trooper sixth scale figures up for pre-order. Click below for each pre-order page. 


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The Black Series [Phase III] Chewbacca & C-3PO Amazon exclusive is IN STOCK with Next Day delivery fro Prime members!

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The following story is NOT fake news! Burger King Germany has a really weird Star Wars promotion going on (which is apparently not supported by Disney). You can get a free Whopper if you are willing to open the (German) Burger King app, click a button to get a spoiler for The Rise of Skywalker and then read it out loud. Actually, the app has voice recognition and will give you a coupon if you read it out loud at home so you don’t really have to read it out loud to a BK employee behind the counter as the video suggests.
Burger King Germany even has a video on their official YouTube channel that explains it all. However, the restaurant you see, with the extremely spoilery menu names, was specifically made to look like that for the video. So it’s only that one restaurant that had the spoilery menu names. Even the food had spoilers, the fries, the straws, the packaging, the shirts worn by employees. All the normal Burger King restaurants still look the same, however! And it’s apparent that Burger King got all their leaks from JediPaxis on Reddit. What a weird world we live in! You can watch the extremely spoilery (if you can read German!) Burger King video here! Don’t click it if you can read German and want to know nothing! Has anything like that ever happened anywhere before? Is this peak spoiler culture? To quote McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it”.

Burger King Star Wars menu names

The menus were renamed just in one restaurant for the video. This is the blurred version.



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In anticipation of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, committed themselves to working out the cost to insure the famous ships from the films. Turns out, it would cost Han Solo a lot more than anticipated to insure the Millennium Falcon!

All 8 ships have been given a profile, considering weight, size and other factors. Combined with pilot/owner’s profiles, was able to create an algorithm to work out the annual insurance cost.

  • The Millennium Falcon – $544,339
  • X-34 Landspeeder – $714
  • Slave I – $222,740

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TBS6 [P3] Enfys Nest/Swoop Bike $50 OFF - It's Only $9.00!

The Black Series [Phase III] Enfy Nest Swoop Bike is ONLY $9.00 at Hasbro’s eBay Store. Get it while it’s hot! ONE PER PERSON! Special thanks to JTA reader Frank C. for the alert!

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Hot Toys also unveils their 1/6 scale Sith Jet Trooper (MMS562). Click through for full details and gallery

Full Story

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Hot Toys announces the 1/6 scale Jet Trooper (MMS561) from The Rise of Skywalker. Click through for the full gallery and specs

Full Story

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Some of the finest 12″ figures produced by Hasbro came early in the Kenner/Hasbro Star Wars line. Figrin D’an (With Kloo Horn) (Cantina Band) is an example of Hasbro’s best. It still holds up excellently today. Check the figure out in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Figrin D'an (With Kloo Horn) (Cantina Band)

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This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, JTA may receive a commission if you click and make a purchase.

The Jabba’s Palace Adventure Playset is now more than 50% off the original MSRP! Don’t let this deal pass you by!

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Vintage Kenner RDRs Redux: Romba - POTF - 1985

The Rise Of Skywalker - How Much Money Will It Make?

Estimating box office has become very important in Hollywood. They usually know a few weeks or even months in advance how a movie is going to perform. Various sources are used, social media, trend data and trailer views, to name the most common sources. JTA regular 80sRobot posted a few estimates of his own in the comments recently, based solely on YouTube trailer views. A recent study by a tracking company has found that YouTube trailer views are a predictor for box office success, to a certain degree, so this seems like a valid approach. Based on this I thought it might be fun to see if we here on JTA can make our own estimates about the success of The Rise of Skywalker at the box office and took a closer look at YouTube trailer views and box office success. Spoiler: The Rise of Skywalker will most likely perform worse than The Last Jedi. Why? Click through to find out!

The Rise of Skywalker movie poster

How much money will it make?

Full Story

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After discovering all of the Walmart discounts today, I checked out a few products to check out the reviews. I couldn’t help but notice that there is a disclaimer on most reviews that notes that the reviews were written when the customer was visiting Hasbro and that the “review was collected as part of a promotion.” Also of note, the reviews are very general and not too specific. Does anyone else find this odd? Is this a new technique of which I am not aware? Read through them all. Many have a weird voice/tone to them.

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Well, after the $10 Five Below finds, the $16.99 Kids Warehouse Discount, and now Ollie’s $19.99 special, (as well as multiple unmentioned flash-sales on Amazon), I think it’s safe to say that The Vintage Collection Imperial Combat Assault Tank was a colossal failure. Even if it’s time to discount the vehicle in the line, there shouldn’t be this many units available for these give-away prices. Hey, if we can rip The Black Series [Phase III] First Order Elite TIE Fighter 6″ vehicle a new one, we should be able to do it for a TVC item too. Special thanks to JTA reader Ed. D. for the latest Ollie’s news.

P.S. I do want to be COMPLETELY transparent and state I never saw this vehicle at retail ONCE. So, maybe it’s NOT a great comparison to the 6″ First Order Elite TIE Fighter. At least the latter was found EVERYWHERE before it hit clearance EVERYWHERE.

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If you’ve been holding off on grabbing the Mystery Box or couldn’t find it on the shelves alone, the Black Series 6″ Target Exclusive First Order Elite Snowtrooper is now in stock online! And Target is also doing their “spend $50 save $10 or spend $100 and save $25” deal right now, so it’s a good time to grab some of your missing items from Target (and yes, all of The Child pre-orders count for this deal).

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