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Up next for our The Black Series Visual Guide updates is Q9-0 (Zero) (TM11). Click below to check it out! Make sure to also check out our full review of this figure right here.

Q9-0 (Zero) - The Black Series [Phase IV]

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Watch A 30 Minute Unboxing Video Of The Razor Crest

The Tested Youtube channel by Adam Savage (ex-Mythbuster) got its hands on a Razor Crest and a 30 minute video was posted earlier today in which the Razor Crest gets unboxed and put together by co-host Norm. The Tested guys are huge Star Wars fans, Adam Savage, as you may know, worked for ILM and also on the prequel movies back in the day and he has several videos on his channel about Star Wars, either making impressive prop replicas from scratch or reviewing (high end) collectibles like a $1000 Rancor or a Lego Millennium Falcon. So if you want to know what to expect from your own Razor Crest in all detail or if you want to feel wistful about not buying one from HasLab: click through to watch the full video!

Something to make your Friday a little more pleasant

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HasLab TVC Razor Crest Units Shipping!

Hasbro Pulse has begun shipping the Razor Crest. All 30K+ units (which probably exceeds the number of TVC collectors at this point) will be flooding the market within the next week. It will be interesting to see how it impacts or affects The Vintage Collection. Let us know when yours arrives! Special thanks to JTA reader Jerard P. for the report.

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Official Emails Are Arriving: The Razor Crest Is Coming Soon

Razor Crest backers, check your inboxes. It looks like the TVC HasLab project will start prepping for shipment after January 21st!

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Review: Q9-0 (Zero) - TBS6 [P4] - TM11

The Black Series [Phase IV] Q9-0 (Zero) figure is nice, but it feels too much like a classic OT bounty hunter. Or is that the point? (more….)

Q9-0 (Zero)

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 13!

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At the end of today’s Hasbro Livestream, we got our first look at the packaging for the upcoming HasLab The Razor Crest. Click through to check it out!

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HasLab's TVC Razor Crest Shipping Delayed Until "Early 2022"

Patrick announced on Today’s Livestream that the HasLab Razor Crest will not be shipping this fall, but is now delayed until “Early 2022” due to the large number of backers that funded the project. It looks like we will have to wait a little longer for this ship to arrive!

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The Mandalorian is a worldwide phenomenon. Even in Russia the show has passionate fans. A group of fans in Yakutsk (Siberia) was so shocked after the destruction of the ship in the series, that they decided to build their very own Razor Crest. The model is 14 meters (46 ft) long, which means the Russian Razor Crest is roughly in 1:2 scale, almost like the TVC HasLab Razor Crest relative to a TVC figure. The actual ship would be about 26 meters (85 ft) long. The Razor Crest has lights of course, a cockpit and a ramp, so you can access the interior. The model weighs about 1000 kg (2200 lbs) and cost about 8,500 Euro (10,115 USD) to make. 
Would you like to have an (almost) lifesize Razor Crest in your backyard? You’d certainly be the most popular person in your entire neighborhood!
You can check out many more photos and a few videos of the Razor Crest replica on Instagram!

Razor Crest mock up

Fanmade Razor Crest in Yakutsk, Russia

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The HasLab campaign for the Razor Crest ended five minutes ago and the final backer count is an astounding 28,257! That’s a new record and beats the Marvel Sentinel by more than 6,000 backers. The Razor Crest was off to a great start when it was fully funded after 26 hours. As expected things slowed down a lot after the first few days but it picked up steam again in the last week. Let’s celebrate an extremely successful Star Wars HasLab that exceeded everyone’s expectations! And let’s hope it sends all the right signals to Hasbro. Do you already have plans for your Razor Crest? How will you display it? And what is your wish for a potential third Star Wars Haslab in 2022 or so?

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The Star Wars HasLab Just Beat The Marvel HasLab

Collecting is not a competition, many people will love both the Star Wars and Marvel franchise, but it will probably still be very satisfying for most Star Wars collectors to learn that just now the Star Wars HasLab surpassed the Marvel HasLab. The Sentinel had an impressive number of 21,913 backers, but the Razor Crest just now crossed that mark.
Star Wars went through a difficult phase in 2018, after years of rapidly declining merchandise sales, but ever since then the numbers have increased again. Hasbro have been reporting growth for the brand ever since early 2019 and to see that the second Star Wars HasLab is now the most successful HasLab campaign yet is certainly a very good sign for the franchise and the brand. Let’s hope Hasbro will use that momentum to release many more Black Series and Vintage Collection figures and sets in the coming months. And hopefully, The Mandalorian will be a huge focus.
What does the fact that Star Wars just beat Marvel mean to you? Did you back both the Sentinel and the Razor Crest? Do you think Hasbro will take note and increase their Star Wars output in 2021? Click through for more.

The Razor Crest destroys the Sentinel

The Razor Crest is blasting the Sentinel

Full Story

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With 3 1/2 days still to go the HasLab Razor Crest is now fast approaching 17,000 backers, which means the Jawa Elder will very soon be unlocked. Most likely within the hour (the count rose by another 12 backers in the past 5 minutes since I took the screenshot). So now the only question is if the Razor Crest will get more than 20,000 backers with roughly 83 hours left on the clock.

Are you surprised by the success of the campaign? And what is your overall opinion on the Razor Crest HasLab with its various unlocks? Is it all you hoped for? Or would you have wished for more?

No matter what you think, it is certainly good news for Star Wars collectors that the campaign (most likely) exceeded Hasbro’s expectations and may even come close to the Marvel campaign in regard to the total number of backers. Now the real question is if something that receives close to 20,000 backers really needs to be a crowdfunded item. Do you feel HasLab should be more niche and appeal strictly to hardcore collectors or are you ok with the fact that the Razor Crest can be considered a mainstream item from a current show that is extremely popular among collectors? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: the Jawa is unlocked, backer count is now at more than 17,500!

UPDATE 2: the Razor Crest has crossed the 19,000 backers mark with 54 hours still to go. At the current rate it is quite likely the Razor Crest will get more backers than the Marvel Sentinel!

Haslab Razor Crest backer count

Fast approaching 17,000 backers!

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Padawan Bear Patches: We Raised The Crest!

Big shout-out to our friend Frank over at Padawan Bear Patches for his latest creation: the HasLab We Raised The Crest patch. If you are not familiar with his work, swing on by his store and check out his fantastic selection of vintage-style logo patches. They are beyond spectacular!

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The HasLab Razor Crest Flight Stand Has Been Unlocked!

With 7 1/2 days still to go the Razor Crest has just reached more than 15,000 backers. Which means the flight stand has been successfully unlocked. There is zero reason to doubt that the Jawa will not be unlocked as well. The campaign will certainly add another couple thousand backers in the last week. The real question is if the Razor Crest will manage to get more backers than the Marvel Legends Sentinel. The Sentinel got 21,913 backers in total. Do you think Star Wars can beat Marvel? For that the Razor Crest would have to add another 7,000 backers in the last week. The bets are on!

More than 15,000 have now backed the Razor Crest

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Hasbro Pulse JUST ANNOUNCED 4th and 5th tier UNLOCKS for the HasLab Razor Crest. The fits is a display stand for the vehicle. The second is a carded TVC Offworld Jawa Elder with SOFT-GOODS! See Instagram for more!

Unlock #4 (15k backers needed) gives backers a Hasbro Star Wars The Mandalorian Display Stand. Display the Razor Crest on your shelves with this slightly tilted stand to make it look like the ship is in flight! Unlock #5 (17k backers needed) gives backers a Star Wars The Vintage Collection Offworld Jawa Elder (Arvala-7) with exclusive Kukri knife, necklace, open mudhorn egg, and card back you can only receive with the HasLab Razor Crest. (Final product may vary in color or detail.) See more images on HasbroPulse.com! You only have until 11:59PM ET on November 9, 2020 to back this project. This is the way.”

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The Razor Crest is only a very short time away from reaching 13,000 backers, which unlocks the carbonite blocks. And now Hasbro added another two additional unlocks. What could they be? Lights? Another figure, maybe Kuiil? What do you think the two additional unlocks will be? Leave your guess in the comments!

UPDATE: The Razor Crest now has 13,000 backers and the third tier is unlocked. Unlock #4 will probably be revealed later tonight.

HasLab Razor Crest Unlocks

Unlock #4 and #5 have been added. What will they be?


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Behold The Painted HasLab Razor Crest!

In today’s Mando Monday livestream the painted Razor Crest was revealed for the very first time. Is the ship vac metalized? No. Does it still look very nice? Decide for yourself! Click through to see the Razor Crest in all its glory, we have a ton of photos for you!

HasLab Razor Crest Painted Prototype

HasLab Razor Crest Painted Prototype

Full Story

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Today’s Fan First Friday concentrated on the HasLab Razor Crest development. The most interesting tidbits:

  • The Child’s pram will come vac metalized – a HasLab exclusive
  • Patrick quote: “Carbonite blocks would be an interesting item for the future”
  • At least 1 more unlock is forthcoming and will be announced next week (carbonite blocks?)

Most of the video concentrated on showing off the in-hand gray model prototype. You can see the entire video here. No other new announcements were made.

Full Story

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The HasLab TVC Razor Crest Hits 10K Backers!

The HasLab The Vintage Collection Razor Crest has reached 10K backers!

Full Story

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HasLab TVC "The Child" Unlock Will Come Carded

CNET has revealed more images from the Razor Crest campaign, including a mock-up of The Child (Nevarro) on a TVC card back. Click here for the full story. It remains to be seen if The Mandalorian will also come carded.

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The 2nd stretch goal for the Razor Crest was just revealed. And it’s none other than Baby Yoda aka The Child! He comes with his 2nd crib he had towards the end of season 1! In his left hand Baby Yoda is holding his favorite toy in the world, the metal knob from the control lever. Which was absent from the cockpit renders. How do you like that stretch goal? Also, do you think Baby Yoda might also see a single release (with his first crib) later in 2021? You can back the Razor Crest here to get Baby Yoda in TVC!

HasLab The Child Figure

Click to enlarge!

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HasLab Razor Crest Reaches 8000 - First Stretch Goal Unlocked

With 8000 backers we are now getting (what we should have already gotten) the first stretch goal featuring an escape pod. Let’s hope when they finally reveal the next stretch goal it will be something a bit more exciting! Have you backed it yet?

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What Will The 2nd Stretch Goal Be For The Razor Crest?

The Razor Crest is 352 backers short of reaching 8,000 backers, which means two things: the escape pod is greenlit and the 2nd stretch goal should be revealed in the next few hours, probably when people in North America wake up again. Now the big question is, what will that 2nd stretch goal be? Could it be a Baby Yoda figure? Prisoners in carbonite? A flight stand? A second escape pod? Or maybe some lights for the cockpit and cargo bay? What is your guess? Also, at the pace the Razor Crest gets backers the question is if maybe an ultimate 3rd stretch goal will be added once 10,000 have been reached. Or do you think two stretch goals is all the Razor Crest will get? Also: the first person to guess the 2nd stretch goal wins the internet for today! So leave your guess in the comments!

The 2nd stretch goal should be revealed on Tuesday

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Escape Pod Add-On Revealed As The First Razor Crest Stretch Goal

Now that the Razor Crest is officially backed, the HasLab page has revealed the first stretch goal (8000 backers needed) to be an escape pod add-on. 

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The HasLab The Vintage Collection Razor Crest is fully funded as of 5:35 PM ET! That’s quite a success. It was backed in just over 24 hours. Is that a HasLab record? Congratulations to all who participated in this HasLab project. The first bonus unlock is an “escape pod add-on” feature, perhaps the worst unlocked bonus ever?

Full Story

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It looks like the HasLab The Vintage Collection Razor Crest may or be fully funded in 24 hours. The campaign just experienced a significant jump, and we’re less than 400 units from it going into production. I’m posting the article now because it will undoubtedly meet the goal by the end of today. Hopefully, it will be a record-breaking 24-hour campaign. What are you going to do with yours? Are you excited?

UPDATE #1: Less than 200 units needed as of 4:00 PM ET!
UPDATE #2: Less than 50 units needed as of 5:15 PM ET!
UPDATE #3: The Razor Crest HasLab Project is fully-funded as of 5:35 PM ET!

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