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Disney Once More Tries To Popularize Star Wars In China

According to a story by the Hollywood Reporter Disney has struck a deal with Tencent’s “China Literature” platform, which is the largest e-book and online reading platform in  China.
As part of the deal 40 Star Wars books will be translated into Chinese for the first time, but the deal includes one more, much more important thing. Click through to read more!

South Park China

Stan Marsh tries to write a script

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The Vintage Collection 2.0 - A Comprehensive Overview

The Vintage Collection was brought back to life by Hasbro in April 2018. Time to look at some numbers. How many figures are there? How many are actually all new? And what source material was used for the figures? Click through for a comprehensive TVC 2.0 overview with bar and pie charts!

Update: another chart added with better visualization for what figures have new parts.

Hasbro Vintage Collection 2.0

The faces of TVC 2.0

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The NYCC Hasbro Panel

The Hasbro NYCC Star Wars panel just ended. Not all that much that wasn’t leaked before was revealed. Hasbro did specifically address the latest TVC rumor and says it’s false! Click through for all the details you need to know!


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Has Star Wars Merchandise Just Hit Peak Hilarity?

I came upon something on YouTube which I considered parody at first. What I had just witnessed could certainly not be real. Or so I thought. But a quick Google search told me that no, what I had seen is real and does actually exist!

Let me introduce you to the brand new Le Creuset Star Wars Collection cookware. I am not pulling your leg. This is absolutely real. Available in select Le Creuset boutique stores and online from November 1st. Go to Le Creuset’s Twitter and sign up to get notified when this set will be available. Click the image below for the video. 

Le Creuset Star Wars cookware

R2, what have they done to you! Click to watch the video!

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How Was Your Triple Force Friday Experience?

Tell us about your Triple Force Friday experiences, and don’t forget to add photos if you took any! Was it triple the Force or triple the farce? Let us know in the comments!

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Meet The New 0 POA 3.75 Inch Figures!

Without any fanfare or announcement Hasbro created yet another all new Star Wars  figure toyline. Meet the 0 POA “action” figures! They are obviously a budget line, one figure retails for $2.99. You can find some more info about them, including a carded image of Chewbacca (packaging is as barebones as it can be), on Hasbro Pulse. Thanks to Vincent M. for the heads up!

Hasbro 0 POA Star Wars Figures

For the collector who hates articulation

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And This Is Why Star Wars Toys Are Struggling In Europe

Most Triple Force Friday Black Series and some TVC toys are already available for pre-order in Germany, a few hours early. Please see for yourself…

Price gouging in Germany

AT-ST: $187; Carbonized Mandalorian: $66 (click for larger image)

Some other highlights the 5 POA gold figures: $44. TBS Purge Trooper: $44. TVC Yavin Ceremony Luke: $31.
What are they thinking? And Hasbro: why? What is the justification for this? Do you want Star Wars toys to fail in Europe? And it is always the Exclusives that see these insane prices. I hope someone at Toy Fair will ask Hasbro about these prices and what concrete plans they have to change that once and for all  now, not 2022. This is unacceptable! No collector should buy these toys. It’s time this price gouging stopped.

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Hasbro Pulse Triple Force Friday Checklist Now Available!

You can find an official Hasbro Triple Force Friday checklist on Hasbro Pulse! Thanks to Steve U. for the tip! The list is not 100% complete however, Clone Commander Fox is missing, for example.

Also, the Black Series #100 figure has been revealed, it will be Yavin Ceremony Luke,  he is released in December!

Triple Force Friday

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There is an interesting article on Cinemablend that reveals just how much Hasbro is still holding back from fans when it comes to Rise of Skywalker toys that are being released on Triple Force Friday. Cinemablend spoke with Mike Ballog, Hasbro’s Senior Director of Global Marketing, and he said this:

We have clear conversations about what can come out when, and what needs to stay under wraps. We work around things with that in mind. At least from a Hasbro stand point, [the product on display is] maybe 30-35% of our full line.

In case you wonder, the conversations are with Disney of course, who apparently keep Hasbro from releasing toys when it would make the most sense. For example, could the almost complete lack of Knights of Ren action figures mean that these come with accessories that would spoil the plot? Why is there no Dark Side Rey figure? Lucasfilm leaked her a while ago. Let’s hope Hasbro still has some nice things in store for collectors, because not all that many figures will be released next Friday.

Read the full article on Cinemablend!

Rise of Skywalker D23 Reel

Not available as an action figure on Triple Force Friday


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The Knights Of Ren Artwork

A high resolution illustration of all the six Knights of Ren has appeared on Reddit. This is perhaps the most detailed view of the Knights yet, and while it’s not a photo, but an illustration, it should still provide a good reference. So click on the image below for the full resolution file and wonder why these Knights have an axe, a meat cleaver or blasters as weapons and how quickly they will be disposed of. My gut feeling tells me they will be Rise of Skywalker’s Praetorian guards. But we still want them all as action figures, of course!

The Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren – click for full version

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Star Wars Toy Photography

In last week’s Triple Force Friday livestream a toy photographer was introduced, his handle on Instagram is Rebel Jawa, and he had the chance to take some photos with the brand new Black Series figures. Toy photography has become ever more important in recent years. To the point that companies like Hasbro are not only aware of it, but even promote it. So I think it’s time to talk a bit about toy photography. Click through for more!

Black Series Rey and Kylo

Photo by Rebel Jawa

Full Story

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Weekend Fun: Who Do You Want To See In Star Wars?

You all read the news, Kevin Feige will develop a Star Wars movie. And Kevin Feige already has an actor in mind that he would love to see in Star Wars. That opens up a lot of possibilities. Will it be an actor we have seen in the MCU? Will it be someone else? It will certainly take quite a while for details to emerge, that gives us the opportunity to play casting director. Who would you like to see in Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie? Click through for a bit more!

Keanu Reeves

The Chosen One

Full Story

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Exclusive Empire Episode IX Cover Revealed

The subscriber exclusive Rise of Skywalker cover for the November issue of Empire has also been revealed! It’s also some nicely painted artwork and nothing photoshopped. How do you like Rey and Kylo on the cover here?

Empire Rise of Skywalker Cover

Click for full version

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Your General Thoughts About Triple Force Friday

After yesterday’s barrage of reveals and promo photos of upcoming Star Wars toys, now is maybe the time to gather your thoughts. What is your opinion now? How do you feel about what’s coming next week? Are you happy? Are you disappointed? Would you have hoped for more? How much will you buy? Or will you play the waiting game and hope for discounts?

Will you try your luck in stores next Friday or will you simply wait for the usual etailers to make things available online? However, buying online means you will miss out on any white “First Edition” Black Series boxes. The Entertainment Earth YouTube channel confirmed in their latest video that the “First Edition” will be found at brick & mortar only, you will get the regular boxes when ordering online. So Hasbro is trying to give brick & mortar something special here.

And ultimately, do you believe the Triple Force Friday line-up is strong enough for toy sales to recover? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Naomie Ackie and Kelly Marie Tran With Star Wars Black Series Figure

Kelly Marie and Naomie seem to love the toys

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Triple Force Friday Livestream Reveals

The Triple Force Friday toy livestream revealed an all new Black Series C-3PO with bowcaster, bandolier and a tiny, tiny character called Babu Frik, who is a droid builder.

Also shown was the Black Series Cara Dune figure and the Black Series Jannah figure (looking very nice).

Not a single TVC figure was shown or advertised. TVC was not even mentioned in passing. But a few Lego Sets (Millennium Falcon, Pasaana Speeder Chase), Galaxy of Adventure figures, Funko Pops and the new interactive D-O, which does look like a fun toy, were shown.

If you didn’t watch the livestream you didn’t miss all that much! It was 45 short minutes, with most segments pre-recorded. But it was cute seeing how much Daisy loved her Black Series figure!

Update: screencaps and a few general thoughts added to the article! Please click through for the new Black Series figures that were revealed!

TFF Livestream

Daisy Ridley, adorable as ever, loves Her Black Series Figure

Full Story

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Triple Force Friday Comes Early

Hasbro’s great retail partner Walmart seems to live in a different time zone here and there. The following story is not explicable any other way, but let me quote an email by Adam U. who contacted us earlier today verbatim:

I was at the Niagara Falls Walmart and the Star Wars display was out and all vintage and black series were gone. The girl working in toys told me they are just printing stickers for them so they scan. She even did for me on the gold sets, but I left it. This is absurd. The fun is just being sucked out of the hobby.

One can only hope that Walmart will also have the Triple Force Friday toys in the regular toy aisle, or else the little stock they have will be gone in minutes come October 4th.
Apart from the question why this particular Walmart would put out the TFF endcap more than a week before Triple Force Friday… how can they leave the endcap like that, looking like a total mess?

Update: we have received another report from Mike O. that one of the Walmarts in the Rochester area also has the TFF endcap out in the open, and as expected all the good stuff is already gone. The only things left are lightsabers and Galaxy of Adventure toys. And Tim M. tells us that his Walmart already has a few LEGO Triple Force Friday sets on shelves, among them the new Millennium Falcon and the Pasaana Speeder Chase set. Click through for some photographic evidence!

Walmart Triple Force Friday Endcap

Chocolate Frosted Flakes not included

Full Story

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The official Star Wars website posted the following news a short while ago:

Tune into on Thursday, September 26, at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET for a special livestream event based at Pinewood Studios in London, the famed shooting location of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Via live and recorded vignettes, generations of Star Wars icons will reveal new products in advance of their roll out on Triple Force Friday, October 4, all inspired by a trio of the year’s biggest Star Wars releases.

Does that mean Daisy Ridley will get to unbox her own action figure? Most collectors will probably not be surprised by any of the announcements. But maybe there is still one or the other surprise left that hasn’t leaked on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube yet. Will you watch the livestream?

Head over to for the rest of the details!

Triple Force Friday

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Disney CEO Bob Iger released his autobiography “The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned From 15 Years As CEO Of The Walt Disney Company” yesterday and in it he also very candidly talks about how George Lucas reacted when he first saw The Force Awakens. And while it’s nothing we haven’t guessed before, it’s still a very interesting read! So click through for all the relevant passages from the book!

Update: one more passage from Iger’s book added about the fact that Lucas initially didn’t even want to attend the Force Awakens premiere! Scroll to the end of the article for the new quote from Iger’s book!

Bob Iger and George Lucas

That fateful moment

Full Story

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Yet Another Toy That Is Coming Soon

JTA reader Tim found a mysterious box at his local Walmart in Folsom, CA earlier today:

Hasbro RC D-O

Mystery Box

So what exactly is a “SW E9 IP RC Limerick”? It’s most likely a remote controlled “D-O” droid. Let’s wait and see if either Instagram, Facebook or Hasbro will show the actual toy first!

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Check Out This Rise Of Skywalker Walmart Endcap!

Jeff M. was with his son at a Walmart in Camden, Delaware and look what he has found! A Rise of Skywalker Endcap. You can also see the brand new “Scream Saber” on display which not only has prerecorded lightsaber sounds, but lets you record your own sounds. Walmart wouldn’t sell the toys, they won’t even let Jeff or his son hold them. Why break the street date then and display these toys? Another questions is if this Endcap will be all there is for the movie at Walmart. Absent here are some of the Galaxy of Adventure toys, so you will probably also find Star Wars toys in the toy aisle. Also, it seems as if the Black Series First Edition boxes may be all you will get when you buy a figure on Triple Force Friday. Someone who prefers the standard box may have to wait a bit until they are available. Thanks to Jeff for sending us the photo!

Walmart Rise of Skywalker Endcap

Walmart Rise of Skywalker Endcap – click for larger version

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Forbes posted a fascinating article running through the MULTIPLE Toys RUs experiences coming this fall to select parts of the USA. Firstly, there will be “play spaces ” stores that will function like a “museum” (for lack of a better word), and patrons will be charged $20 for kids and $28 for adult. (Imagine if FAO Schwarz charged and entry fee to play the giant keyboard featured in Big?) The Toys R Us Adventure spaces will include experiences sponsored by toy manufacturers, with giant versions of popular toys. The only merchandise to purchase in these stores will be available in a gift shop. Then Toys R Us is opening two physical stores, one in Paramus NJ and the other in Houston, Texas. The other venture, TRU Kids will have select merchandise, some interactivity, and very few collector-focused items. See the full article HERE.

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New Star Wars Insider Rise Of Skywalker Cover!

Check out this cover for Star Wars Insider! It shows the First Order side of things, with a good look at some ties, a treadspeeder in the background (and yes, it seems the GoA toy would scale quite nicely with TVC figures), the Knights of Ren and a Snowtrooper wearing a cape. Thanks to Matthew Cohen for the tip!

Star Wars Insider Cover

Click for much larger version

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Updated The Rise Of Skywalker Promo Image

You certainly remember that leaked poster/promo image from a while ago that some people considered fake and suspected to be fanmade? In the meantime, it was proven that it was not fake at all and now a slightly updated version of the poster has appeared in the wild. Someone took a photo of the updated image (source is unknown) and posted it on Reddit. Please click on the image below for the full version.

The one real difference I can see? Instead of that odd alien, the image now shows Rose next to Finn. Still conspicuously absent is R2-D2. Is it time to start a #wheresR2 campaign yet? JJ, don’t you dare kill him!

Rise of Skywalker Merchandise Material

Click for larger version!


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12 Inch Sith Trooper And Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Have Leaked

The “Heroes & Villains” Facebook page has posted photos of two upcoming 12 inch Rise of Skywalker figures. The Sith Strooper and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. It seems these figures are bought by someone? Or is Hasbro just fulfilling contractual obligations here? Anyway, the duo was spotted at Walmart, who, like Meijer, don’t really seem to care about embargos and street dates, at least when we talk about putting top secret toys that no one must know about on shelves for us mere mortals to see.
Will you buy these figures? How long do you think it will take until you find them at Ollie’s / Ross / 5 Below?

12 inch Sith Trooper and Kylo Ren

Source: Heroes & Villains Facebook Page, click for larger version!

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Is History Just Repeating Itself?

YouTuber Hello Greedo released a video yesterday, which is an obvious parody of various “doom and gloom” reports about Star Wars being dead or dying. Hello Greedo focuses mostly on the toy business, he cites various “doom and gloom” articles from the prequel era about the toys to convey a clear message: it was apparently mostly hyperbole then (we still have Star Wars toys in 2019, after all) and it’s most certainly hyperbole now. So, is it then? Let’s take a closer look at things and see if the sequel trilogy era is just the prequel trilogy era reloaded. Click through to continue reading!

Star Wars Shelf at Walmart

Star Wars Shelf at Target in 2019

Full Story

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