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Weekend Fun: The Size Of The HasLab Razor Crest

With the Razor Crest HasLab on its way to funding (ca. 1,100 backers are still needed as I write this) I thought it’s a good idea to visualize just how big the ship will be. How much of a footprint does the TVC Razor Crest have? How will it look on your shelf? And how scale accurate is the TVC Razor Crest? Click through to find out all about you need to know about the size of the HasLab TVC Razor Crest!

Coming to your shelf in 2021

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All The Black Series Reveals From Pulse Con!

Quite a few figures were revealed today for the Black Series and the Black Series Archive Collection. And there is also a new “Holiday Edition” subline for Christmas! So click through for all the reveals!
UPDATE: Photos added!

Meesa coming to TBS!

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The Black Series Credit Collection Revealed!

Today the official Star Wars site revealed an all new marketing campaign for The Mandalorian, titled “Mando Mondays”. After each new episode airs you will be able to order new Mandalorian related products the following Monday, beginning October 26th. The campaign will run for nine weeks. You can read more about Mando Mondays here!

And to celebrate this announcement, that’s what the official Star Wars site says, select products go on pre-order today (as in September 21st) at 4 pm (Eastern Time). Among things like a new Lego set or Funko Pops you can also get the brand new, just revealed Black Series Credit Collection. You can get The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, Heavy Mandalorian and Death Trooper. They are all repaints and made to look like the concept art you could see in the Mandalorian credits. And yes, all of these are exclusives! They all come on vintage style cardbacks and also with a credit chip. Click through to see the pre-order links!

Black Series Credit Collection

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The Mandalorian Wins Five Creative Arts Emmys!

While the main event is scheduled for Sunday, the Creative Arts Emmys for the more technical categories were already awarded yesterday. And The Mandalorian won in five categories! Emmys were awarded for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series, Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series, Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series, and Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program. And while movie or tv awards are rather arbitrary and even though fewer people care about award shows each year, this is a very deserved win for The Mandalorian in these technical categories. So congratulations to the VFX, sound, camera and production design people who helped create The Mandalorian! Their hard work more than paid off!
The Mandalorian could still win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series and Giancarlo Esposito could win an Emmy for his portrayal of Moff Gideon (he is also nominated for his role in Better Call Saul), but the competition is tough and a win seems unlikely in either of these categories.

emmy award

Are you an Angel?

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Reminder That Funko Continues To Give Fans What They Want

This has been revealed earlier this week (on Yahoo Entertainment), but I’d still like to point out that once again Funko is not only the first to market, but also the first and only company to even have the figures at all: Jedi Training Luke and Leia from the The Rise of Skywalker flashback scene. Opinions about the movie may be divided, but almost anyone would agree that the third sequel was the most toyetic of the three episodes. And even though sequel based merchandise does not necessarily sell like hot cakes, I would think that OT based figures from a flashback scene might find a lot of fans, no matter the scale, of course this could be released in both lines. Who wouldn’t want a Jedi Knight Leia and Jedi Master Luke in their prime on the shelf?
Would you want these two figures at least from The Rise of Skywalker, or do you think Hasbro should forget the sequels altogether and focus on The Mandalorian and missing OT/PT figures instead, provided there are only so many release slots and the number of figures each year is rather limited?

Funko Pop Luke & Leia

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A Closer Look At The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

The brand new season 2 trailer for The Mandalorian didn’t give anything away really, but it provided a few titillating glimpses at the places the show is going to visit. And we got a quick look at a few new characters as well. So what exactly did we see in the trailer? Click through for all the details!

Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

The Baby Yoda show featuring the Mandalorian returns in late October

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First Look At The Mandalorian Season 2!

Entertainment Weekly offers a very first look at The Mandalorian season 2. While the article is extremely light on season 2 details, it reveals a few tidbits about what to expect. According to the article season 2 will widen the scope, and other characters may also get a bit more focus as new storylines are introduced. The “big bad” of the season will be Moff Gideon, and the article teases that Gideon will also spent some one-on-one time with Baby Yoda. Even though the EW article will not tell you all that much about the upcoming season it is still worth a read as it also sheds some light about what’s going on behind the scenes on set and the thought process behind the show. We learn that Favreau will do nothing without Filoni’s approval and that Gina Carana asked Pedro Pascal to remove his helmet in his scenes with her when the camera is only on her, because it helpsĀ  her with her performance when she can see his eyes and face.

Are you looking forward to season 2 of The Mandalorian? What are your expectactions, what do you want to see?

Source: Entertainment Earth

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Sunday Fun: The True Size Of Star Wars Toy Vehicles

Star Wars is, among many other things, known for its enormously sized space ships. Hasbro has made quite a few of the smaller vehicles for The Vintage Collection, and they even gave The Black Series a few vehicles. However, the toy versions are somewhat undersized. But what if Hasbro made scale accurate Star Wars vehicles? What would be the size? Ever wondered how big a Black Series AT-AT or a TVC Star Destroyer would be? Click through to find out!

Size matters

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A D23 email that is going out to club members today is featuring an image that shows a yet unannounced Black Series Star Wars figure. You have to squint a little bit, so I upscaled the photo (make sure to click on it for the full size). You can clearly see a red First Order/Sith Trooper with a cape standing behind the TVC Millennium Falcon. Is that a yet to be revealed all new Black Series figure? It looks like a straight Captain Phasma repaint, yet another exclusive figure maybe? Would you add the red Sith Trooper with cape to your collection? Thanks to reader JP for the alert!

UPDATE: I apparently suffer from amnesia, since the figure in the photo is Captain Cardinal from the tv show Star Wars Resistance and was revealed quite a while ago. I watched each episode of the show, somehow I have a hard time remembering Captain Cardinal, I even forgot about the announcement of his upcoming figure. What did Captain Cardinal do again? Anyway, nothing to see here, move along, move along!

UPDATED UPDATE: there’s a reason I don’t remember seeing Captain Cardinal in Resistance… he’s not in the series, he’s a character in a book. Please excuse me now, I am busy digging a hole I can disappear into.

Click for larger version

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The Black Series Livestream Reveals!

There are two new reveals for The Black Series! The focus was on 5 POA and TVC today, but Black Series fans will get one figure they have been asking for for a long time and yet another Gaming Greats figure! Click through for more!

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"Best Of" Celebrate The Saga 5 POA Figure Packs Revealed

A major focus of today’s livestream were the new “Celebrate the Saga” figure packs. These packs will offer highlights from the 5 POA figure line for one last time, Hasbro will put the 5 POA 3.75 in line into the “vault” after that. Hasbro said it doesn’t necessarily mean there will never again be 3.75 in 5 POA figures, but these new sets will be the last thing 5 POA fans will get for a long time.
But Hasbro doesn’t just repack old figures here. To sweeten the deal all 5 POA figures receive photoreal updates (unless it’s a masked character) and some sets also get droids never released in the line before, or for the first time released in a realistic style. Click through to see all the new 5 POA figure sets revealed today!

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The Vintage Collection Livestream Reveals

The Vintage Collection fans get an all-new playset! That’s certainly the biggest news. But there are also a few new/updated characters coming to the line! Click through for all the details! Look for everything announced today from TVC to go up for pre-order today at 4 PM Eastern!

The new Tantive IV Playset for TVC

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Star Wars Toy Prices Now And Then [UPDATED]

A while ago we talked about Star Wars toy prices and whether or not collecting is becoming increasingly expensive. Today I look at vintage toy prices from back in the day and then compare them to modern toy prices. How much of your money did you need to spend back in 1978 or 1980 to buy a Star Wars toy compared to 2020? Has the available income kept pace with or even outpaced Star Wars toy prices? Click through to find out!

UPDATE: chart of the consumer price sub index for toys has been added to show you how prices for toys have developed in past decades.

Vintage Sears Toy Catalogue

This Millennium Falcon was $26.99 in 1980

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Solo: A Star Wars Story - But With Harrison Ford

Last week we talked about the possibility of making Star Wars movies with CGI versions of original trilogy characters. Earlier this week a fanmade clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story with a CGI Harrison Ford was released on YouTube, illustrating how far we have come. A fan edit of Solo with Harrison Ford’s likeness instead of Alden Ehrenreich would not be impossible. Click through to see the clip!

Solo A Star Wars Story Deepfake

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Deepfake

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There Will Be A Lego Star Wars Holiday Special On Disney+

Yes, this is no joke. Disney+ will air a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special on November 17th! Click through for more!

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

Official title card

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A few days ago Funko presented their Q2 earnings. And things are as expected, Funko’s revenue in Q2 declined by almost 49%. But Star Wars is still a top performer and even bucks the trend! Click through for some more details!

Funko Pop of "The Client"

The only available “The Client” figure

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Would You Want Star Wars Movies With CGI Actors?

A rumor is making the rounds that Disney is looking into the possibility of making CGI Star Wars movies and that Mark Hamill has already signed away his digital likeness rights, so that Disney could make an all new Star Wars movie with a CGI Luke Skywalker. I don’t really want to talk about the rumor itself, it does not matter whether that particular rumor is true or not. Because the idea itself, movies with digital actors, will certainly gain traction in Hollywood in coming years. So today I want to talk about your thoughts and feelings about potential future Star Wars movies with digital recreations of original trilogy characters as main characters. In my opinion it’s only a matter of time before we get there. So click through for a discussion!

CGI Tarkin in Rogue One

A digital Tarkin in Rogue One

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Hasbro released their numbers for Q2/2020 earlier this week. And while things are mostly as expected, revenue is down by almost 30%, Star Wars bucked the trend! Click through for more!

Happy Star Wars

Let’s be happy!

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New Star Wars Movie Pushed Back One Year

Today Disney announced that several of their upcoming tentpole movies will be delayed for a full year. Click through for the details!

broken hollywood sign

Hollywood has seen better days

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Is Star Wars Collecting Becoming Too Expensive?

Today I would like to talk about the cost of Star Wars collecting. Is it getting too expensive? Are collectors like the proverbial frog in the hot water that gradually gets hotter and hotter that they don’t even bat an eyelash anymore when a Star Wars toy goes for $400 these days? Click through for a discussion!

Frogs in boiling water

Star Wars Collectors?

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You have your grains of salt at the ready? The usually well informed Latino Review website (unlike some other websites that simply make up stories) broke a brand new rumor today. And it’s a big one. According to the LRM website Anakin Skywalker will be a regular (!) character on the Kenobi show and of course he will be portrayed by none other than Hayden Christensen. LRM’s report also says Anakin was first supposed to make a cameo appearance, but then apparently Lucasfilm realized that people now like the prequels and the cameo role was turned into a regular character on the show. LRM claims the announcement was supposed to happen at Celebration, but since the event was canceled they say the announcement will happen at a later time, closer to the actual filming of the show.

So, what do you think? Do you want to see Anakin in Kenobi? Quite frankly, it never made any sense at all that we never saw his Force ghost in the sequels. Maybe Kenobi can make up for it. They only need to come up with a good reason for him to join in the fun. Perhaps we will be treated to Clone Wars flashbacks or maybe Hayden will portray Darth Vader, but Lucasfilm would probably not hire Christensen to portray a masked character that almost never reveals his face.

Hayden Christensen

Will he be back?

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Esquire is running a story about Alden Ehrenreich andf talked to him about a lot of things, among them of course his stint as Han Solo in Star Wars and whether or not there may be a future for Han Solo. While it’s not really likely, Ehrenreich still gives fans of “Solo” some sliver of hope that there will be a future for the characters. Click through for more info!

Alden Ehrenreich

Source: Esquire

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Disneyland Hong Kong Is Closing Again

While Hong Kong is far away it may be of interest that Disney will have to close their Disneyland in Hong Kong once again. It had only re-opened about a month ago, but a surge of new Covid-19 cases in the city, 52 on Sunday, to be precise, resulted in renewed social distancing measures ordered by the local government. Disney will have to close the theme park on July 15th. Meanwhile, re-opening plans for Disneyland in Anaheim, which was meant to re-open in July (just like Disney World in Florida) were postponed indefinitely, actually, California announced a new lockdown on Monday. That leaves Disney World in Orlando for those mouse enthusiasts who like to live dangerously.
Disney depends a lot on revenue from their theme park division, it was 26 billion USD in 2019, which is almost 44% of total revenue. And without any meaningful revenue from movies or cruises, Disney doesn’t have too many sources of revenue left, licensing, merchandise, TV networks, and Disney+, although the streaming service won’t generate any profits for years to come.
It may actually be a long time before theme parks open again across the world or can operate at full capacity, which makes revenue based on merchandising and licensing all the more important, even though it’s only a modest source of revenue usually for Disney. Disney will release their numbers for the quarter in early August. Analysts believe net loss for the quarter may be about $1.4 billion USD. That’s a lot of Star Wars figures Hasbro would need to sell extra to make up for the missing theme park profits…

Disneyland Hongkong

Mickey, Minnie and friends will have to wait for visitors

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The Clone Wars may be over, but there is still more to tell and show us about the characters we met on the show. Disney+ ordered a new animated series from Lucasfilm: “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”!
We were first introduced to the Bad Batch in season seven of The Clone Wars. The new series will follow the team of elite Clones, as they find their way in a changing galaxy in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. In this early Imperial era the Bad Batch will take on mercenary missions as they seek for a new purpose. The new series is supposed to be released sometime in 2021 on Disney+. No specific release date has been given yet.

This is all the info we have at the moment. So we get a sequel, sort of, to The Clone Wars, just like Rebels, only set before Rebels. It may be of note that the Bad Batch team was one of the last things George Lucas actually co-developed, the team was his idea originally. I wonder, given the 1980s action movie tropes the Bad Batch stand for (which was the intention of George Lucas), if the new show will be anything like the A-Team.

So what do you think? Are you excited? Also, how much do you wager that Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex will eventually make an appearance?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

All new series coming in 2021

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While not really related to Star Wars, it may be of interest to some that the new Haslab Marvel Legends campaign has a promising start. The campaign was officially launched a few hours ago and 2,600 out of 6,000 required backers have already made their pledge. Click through for more info!

Update: now that was quick, the Sentinel has reached the required number of 6,000 backers already. Congratulations! Next up, the various stretch goals, which should all be reached. It’s greeat for Hasbro, HasLab and the Marvel collecting community that this campaign is a huge success.

Marvel Legends Haslab Sentinel

Say hello to the $349.99 Sentinel – batteries not included!

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