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At the end of “Aftermath”, the Bad Batch set a course for J-19, the location of planet Saleucami, a place we last saw in The Clone Wars season 2. So it’s time to meet an old friend! But the episode also tackles an issue central to the show, is it ok for a young child to be with a bunch of deserted soldiers who are on the run from the Empire? Click through for my spoiler review of “Cut And Run” and let’s discuss the latest Bad Batch episode!

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May 4th didn’t just give us new toys, the very first Bad Batch episode was released on Disney+. The Bad Batch are not new characters, we all know them from season 7 of The Clone Wars. So how is their own show? Is it any good? I am not spoiling anything when I say yes, the show is quite good. Of course it could be even better, but it’s only the very first episode and the show has a lot of potential. So click through for my spoiler review of the very first The Bad Batch episode “Aftermath” and let’s discuss the adventures of a group of misfit clones that try to find their way in a post Order 66 galaxy.


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Disney's False Promise Of "It's All Canon"

The Bad Batch aired its first episode yesterday and in the first few minutes of the show Star Wars canon is once more rewritten, despite Disney’s claim that everything – movies, shows, books, comics, even games – is canon. This is not the first time canon has been rewritten by a movie or show of course. So the question is, why does Disney still insist on calling certain things “canon”, when in fact they can easily be rewritten by a movie or tv show? Click through for a discussion! And spoilers for The Bad Batch apply, so don’t click if you haven’t seen the show yet and would like to avoid spoilers.

Not canon

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Disney is always working on new tech to improve the experience of theme park visitors. One of these new technologies is an actual retractable, illuminated lightsaber that activates just like you know it from the movies at the push of a button. Guests who will book a stay at the Galactic Starcruiser hotel (scheduled opening is in 2022) will actually get a chance to wield these brand new lightsabers in something like a lightsaber dojo. It is not yet known if an actual toy will be made with that tech that can be bought anywhere or if this is something you’ll only see in parks for the time being. Click through to see a short clip of the new lightsaber in action and find out how it all works!

She is just happy to see you… before she’ll cut you down with her brand new, fully retractable lightsaber!

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Hasbro Fan First Tuesday: The Black Series Reveals

Hasbro’s May 4th Fan First Tuesday livestream just concluded and several new Black Series figures were revealed! A focus was The Bad Batch which will receive three new figures. Click through for all the reveals!

The Bad Batch will get several new figures

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Let's Play A Game!

The official Star Wars Twitter is gearing up for May 4th. And to set the mood a nice piece of Star Wars artwork was posted, announcing some good deals for Star Wars video games to celebrate the occasion.
And this gives us the perfect opportunity to play a game. What is missing from this artwork? What could it be? Try your luck in the comments section! The winner gets 100 Rose Tico 5 POA action figures! Whether you like it or not! 😛

What is missing here? Please click for the full version!

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The Black Series Kitbashing - Ok Or Not Ok?

In recent times a new category of figures is on the rise in The Black Series: Kitbashed figures. Due to the nature of the all-new scale there were hardly any kitbashed figures for the first few years since each figure was all new and no tooling existed. But eight years later The Black Series has accumulated quite a number of sculpts and it seems Hasbro is greatly increasing their reuse of existing tooling for all new figures. So the question is: are you ok with that or would you rather have more figures will all-new tooling again? Click through for a discussion!

Basically Luke Skywalker with a rabbit head

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MAFEX Reveals IG-11 Figure

6 inch collectors get yet another option for an IG-11 action figure. Medicom Toys aka MAFEX have revealed their version of IG-11. This will be the third option for collectors. There already is a really bad Black Series figure that no one should buy and a very excellent S.H. Figuarts version that is not only screen accurate (unlike the TBS version) but comes with a few sensible accessories. MAFEX is late to the game here, but their IG-11 maybe has a few little extras that may convince collectors to pull the trigger even if they may already own the SHF version. MAFEX IG-11 comes with a tray (you see this in a scene with Kuiil) and just like the SHF version IG-11 also comes with an optional detonator part and the carry bag for Baby Yoda. But where SHF would give their IG-11 only the empty bag (you can put SHF Grogu inside the bag), MAFEX adds Grogu, but it appears he’s part of the bag sculpt and non removable.
Head to the Medicom website for more photos! There is no info on availability or price yet, we will keep you posted! Are you interested in the MAFEX IG-11?

MAFEX IG-11, at your service

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New Mandalorian Model Kits From Bandai Announced

Four brand new model kits from The Mandalorian have been announced by Bandai. A chrome plated and regular version of the Mandalorian as well as a chrome plated and regular version of the Razor Crest will be released in July. The non chrome plated regular versions are for people who’d like to paint the kits themselves, since chrome plated parts are not really suitable for that. The Mando kit will be approx. $50, the Razor Crest is approx. $22. The Razor Crest is a rather small model you can display on your desk, whereas the Mandalorian model kit is 1/12 scale of course, so you can display it with Black Series figures.
Are you interested in the model kits? The chrome plated version of the Mandalorian could be a pretty unique option, since neither Hasbro nor S.H.Figuarts really replicate the look of the shiny armor with their respective figures and the Mafex figure is not out yet so judgment is still out for their version.
You can find more images and info on The Modelling News website!

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How Much Fun Is Star Wars Collecting?

Today I want to talk about a very simple thing: fun. On fansites you can find lots of comments by people who sound rather disappointed, sometimes even outright angry, especially after one of Hasbro’s live events. So I wondered: how much fun is Star Wars collecting in this day and age to you? If it’s not much fun or maybe even no fun at all… what makes it no longer fun and why do you still collect? And if it’s fun to you, what exactly makes collecting enjoyable to you? So click through for a discussion about the fun (or lack thereof) of collecting!

Please point at the picture that best describes how you feel about Star Wars collecting

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Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021: The Black Series Reveals

If you followed Hasbro’s last livestream in January you will probably not be all that much surprised by today’s Black Series reveals, because the new figures are all from the “pipeline” shown last time. Click through for more!

Aurra Sing is coming to the Black Series soon!

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What Is The Best 6-inch Scale Kylo Ren Action Figure?

We have looked at 6-inch scale Rey figures before, so it’s only logical to look at the other sequel trilogy main character: Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo. What is the best Kylo Ren 6-inch scale action figure? Is there an ultimate 6-inch scale action figure of him even? Click through for a retrospective of all available Kylo Ren action figures!

Would a Kylo Ren action figure cheer him up?

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Rian Johnson Signs $450 Million Deal With Netflix

While Rian Johnson still insists his Star Wars trilogy is happening he meanwhile in the real world just signed a deal with Netflix for two Knives Out sequels, worth a whopping $450 million. The first Knives Out movie had a very modest $40 million budget and became a surprise hit and extremely profitable as well when it grossed more than $300 million at the global box office.
While this is not directly related to Star Wars fans of The Last Jedi and Johnson’s potential Star Wars trilogy will certainly be disappointed that despite reassurances by Johnson his actual future plans seem to include a lot of things, just not Star Wars. So good luck to Rian Johnson and his future Knives Out movies! Filming for the first sequel begins in June in Greece. Daniel Craig will reprise his role from the first movie.
One final note: I hope the $450 million deal includes the production budget for the movies and marketing. Or else Rian Johnson can buy his own island now. I hear Skellig Michael is a nice place to live where you can enjoy the local fauna and flora undisturbed.

He will subvert your expectations on Netflix now

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Kenobi Series To Begin Production And Full Cast Announced!

It is finally happening! Production for the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series will begin in April! The series will be set 10 years after the events of “Revenge of the Sith”, which means it’s almost a decade before the events of “A New Hope” and Luke is a young child.
The full cast of the series was also announced! Click through for the details!

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Sebastian Stan Would Play Luke Skywalker If....

Actor Sebastian Stan, whom most of you probably know from his Marvel movies in which he portrays “Bucky Barnes” aka “The Winter Soldier”, has been a fan favorite to play a young Luke Skywalker for years. Quite a few fans think Stan looks a lot like a young Mark Hamill and would be a perfect fit to play a young(er) Luke. While on his PR tour for the new Disney+ series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Stan appeared on Good Morning America where he was directly confronted with the question if he would play Luke Skywalker. And Sebastian Stan would be up for it, but only if Mark Hamill gave his blessing.

If Mark Hamill called me, personally, to tell me he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it. Until then, I won’t believe it.

Hamill would certainly give his blessing though, so this no real hurdle. The real question is if Lucasfilm would want a Luke Skywalker project. And what could that project be? Click through for some speculation!

He would totally do it. Yes, he would!

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It’s time to continue the 1/12 scale Star Wars action figure retrospective! Today I want to focus on four prequel characters and their figures. Darth Maul, General Grievous, the Battle Droid and Padmé Amidala. Are any of their figures an ultimate version? Which of the available versions is the best? Click through for today’s battle of the 6-inch action figures!

Should Anakin talk about action figures instead to improve his chances?

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Photos of the brand new Black Series Deluxe Return of the Jedi Boba Fett figure appeared on Reddit a few days ago. And there were early reports of warped helmets out of the box.  But it was not known if this issue is widespread or not. Now several video reviews of the figure have appeared on YouTube and unfortunately each and every figure reviewed has a seriously pinched helmet. What could have been a good figure will now come out of the box with a defect collectors will have to try to remedy by using hot water or a hair dryer. This may be the perfect opportunity now to talk about Hasbro’s new approach to glue helmets on unpainted heads. Click through for more!

$30 will get you a warped helmet

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The Mandalorian is a worldwide phenomenon. Even in Russia the show has passionate fans. A group of fans in Yakutsk (Siberia) was so shocked after the destruction of the ship in the series, that they decided to build their very own Razor Crest. The model is 14 meters (46 ft) long, which means the Russian Razor Crest is roughly in 1:2 scale, almost like the TVC HasLab Razor Crest relative to a TVC figure. The actual ship would be about 26 meters (85 ft) long. The Razor Crest has lights of course, a cockpit and a ramp, so you can access the interior. The model weighs about 1000 kg (2200 lbs) and cost about 8,500 Euro (10,115 USD) to make. 
Would you like to have an (almost) lifesize Razor Crest in your backyard? You’d certainly be the most popular person in your entire neighborhood!
You can check out many more photos and a few videos of the Razor Crest replica on Instagram!

Razor Crest mock up

Fanmade Razor Crest in Yakutsk, Russia

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A user on Reddit has posted first photos of the brand new Black Series Return of the Jedi Boba Fett figure! So how does it look? Click through for several photos of Boba Fett out of the box!

UPDATE: New photo added!

UPDATE 2: Link to a video review added!

This is the rendered mock up by Hasbro, how does the actual figure look? Click through!

Full Story

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Battle Of The 6-inch Star Wars Figures - Next Round

Let’s continue the retrospective of 1/12 scale Star Wars action figures! Just like last time I will take a look at various figures today. What is the best action figure of Anakin Skywalker, IG-11 and Yoda? Click through for an overview of all their available 6-inch scale action figures!

Will Anakin like any of his action figures?

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There will be a Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest on April 9th. You will be able to watch livestreams of various panels, among them Marvel, Transformers and GI Joe. Star Wars will also have a panel of course. The Star Wars panelists will be Patrick, Eric and Chris. New product will be revealed so let’s start speculating what it might be! All the revealed products will be available for pre-order later that day at 5 pm EST, Hasbro Pulse Premium members do get early access for select pre-orders after the end of each panel – but NOT for any revealed Star Wars items.
You will be able to watch the livestream on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel, starting time will be 11 am EST / 4 pm GMT / 5 pm CET.

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Most people here are probably familiar with Adam Pawlus from Entertainment Earth. Adam also has his own blog on which he features Star Wars figures of the day and another feature of the blog is a regular Q&A segment in which Adam answers collector questions. And in Adam’s most recent Q&A from March 14th he does make a very interesting statement about The Black Series and The Vintage Collection sales. Please click through for more!

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Battle Of The 6-inch Figures!

Today I want to continue the 1/12 scale Star Wars action figure retrospective. Previously I focused on single characters. For this article I focus on characters and figures that don’t warrant an article of their own, but which have still various options available and where it makes sense to talk about what is the “best” or “ultimate” version. In this article I cover the characters Count Dooku, Mace Windu, C-3PO and R2-D2! So click through for the battle of their 6-inch action figures!

Count Dooku is very much looking forward to this battle

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What Is The Best 6-inch Scale Rey Action Figure?

Whether you like the sequels or not, whether you like the character of Rey or not, Rey is an important character in Star Wars. There are quite a few 1/12 scale action figures of her. So in today’s retrospective of 6-inch scale Star Wars figures we will look at all the Rey action figures. Which of the many versions is the best figure? And is there an ultimate Rey figure? Click through for an overview of all the 1/12 scale Rey action figures!

Would Finn approve of any of the 6-inch scale Rey action figures?

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The Mandalorian Remains Funko's Best Selling License

Funko released their Q4 2020 earnings report yesterday. Net sales for the full year are down compared to 2019 for apparent reasons, however, Q4 earnings were up year over year. Also, sales for Funko Pops grew in 2020 by 1% worldwide and 12% in the US. Funko’s domestic US sales were the strongest yet, however the pandemic did affect global sales. But let’s not dwell on the numbers too much. More interesting is what Funko’s bestsellers were. Contrary to many other toy companies Funko do provide a detailed breakdown of their top selling licenses in their earnings presentation. And here it is more good news for Star Wars toy sales! Click through for more details!

This Funko Pop! is rising in value

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