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Reva’s lightsaber HasLab was not the only thing that was accidentally leaked by Hasbro on their own Pulse website. A new Black Series “Selfie” line is coming. It’s basically a Black Series 6 inch figure with your own head. The exact details are still unknown  – where and how your head will be scanned – but price will be $59.99. Click through for a few more photos!

Black Series Selfie Series

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You all remember Patrick’s slip of the tongue when he accidentally revealed in a livestream that the Rancor would be the next Star Wars HasLab. Well, Hasbro is at it again and once more accidentally revealed the next Star Wars HasLab, on their own HasLab site of all things, before everyting was pulled down again.

The new HasLab will be for Reva’s Inquisitor lightsaber (the helicopter saber), cost will be $500. Launch is May 27th (the day the Kenobi series premieres on Disney+) and it will end on July 11th. Let’s see if this Star Wars HasLab will succeed again for a change after the Rancor failure. My personal opinion? $500 for an Inquisitor lightsaber is very ambitious. I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Star Wars fans groaned out in pain and rolled their eyes… but what do you think? Do you want a $500 Reva Force FX lightsaber? Or will you just order some popcorn and have yet another countdown party here on JTA on July 11th like last time with the Rancor?

Will it allow you to fly like a helicopter?

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Hasbro Fan First Wednesday: The Black Series Reveals

Today’s May 4th Hasbro livestream was actually quite decent. Five new Black Series figures were revealed, two new quite impressive roleplay items and we got another two pipeline reveals! Click through for all the details!

The new electronic Darth Vader helmet

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Hasbro Announces Yet Another Price Hike

Earlier this week Hasbro released their quarterly earnings report for Q1 2022. Overall revenue is up by 4% compared to Q1/2021, but net earnings declined by almost 50% and profit is down by 19%. You can probably guess what that means.
Nothing specific was said about Star Wars, other than that the Star Wars segment grew in Q1/2022, alongside Marvel and Ghosbusters, this after 70% growth in 2020 and even more growth in 2021. So even though you may never find anything in stores, the stuff seems to be selling online at least. Star Wars is selling!

But Hasbro is already warning that due to the war in the Ukraine and an end to Hasbro’s business in Russia they will lose about $100 million in revenues from everyone’s favorite country. And Hasbro also made an announcement about having to increase prices yet again around mid-year… Click through to read more!

That look on your face when you read the news

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Kenobi Promo Artwork Has Leaked

Kenobi is about five weeks away from release, on top of the usual rumors and potential spoilers some tangible things leak as well, in this case some promo art (via the Star Wars Leaks Reddit) Lucasfilm will use to advertise the series. Check out the Kenobi banner below with Kenobi and Vader on opposing sides. I still wonder how they will explain the fact that A New Hope made it seem as if Vader and Kenobi had not met for a long, long time, probably since Mustafar, something that will no longer be true if the two actually clash in the series, unless it’s all some kind of dream or Force vision. Are you excited for the rematch of the century?
But let’s see how much Kenobi will actually be in Kenobi, or if the series will pull a Book of Boba Fett, Reva, the female Inquisitor, is said to play a very important role in the series… If you want to know more about that you can read very spoilery things about Reva on Bespin Bulletin. Don’t go there unless you want to read spoilers!

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New Star Wars Game Announced

Video games are big. Really big. It’s the biggest entertainment industry worldwide with sales of $160 billion in 2021, outselling the movie and music market combined by a factor of almost 2. But for years Star Wars had very little to offer for gamers, other than a few multiplayer games with loot box controversies every couple of years by EA. But after years of neglect when EA had the exclusive license to make Star Wars games, it seems that Lucasfilm is eager to play catch up and to provide fans with all the Star Wars games they could ask for. We’ve already had a couple of announcements, among them “Eclipse” from Quantic Dream (release is still a few years away), then a game by developer Respawn, the KOTOR remake, and Fallen Order II is also in the works. So the next few years will see plenty of Star Wars games already. But earlier on Tuesday it was announced that yet another Star Wars game will be developed. The game has no title, no release date, almost nothing is known, other than that it will be a “cinematic action-adventure” and that Amy Hennig will oversee development of the game. Amy Hennig was, among other things, responsible for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 and 3. Hennig left the company after those two games and then famously oversaw development of a single player Star Wars game codenamed “Ragtag” for EA (an open world single player Star Wars game), which was unceremoniously cancelled in 2017 because EA actually believed people hate single player games and instead wanted to focus on “games as a service”. Which is of course ludicrous and even EA have changed their minds in the meantime. Amy Hennig no longer works for EA and is with Skydance New Media now, so the new untitled Star Wars game will be released by them. It’s everyone’s guess whether or not the new untitled Star Wars game can reuse concepts from “Ragtag”. But one thing is certain, Star Wars video games will make a return to the market in the not too distant future after years of neglect. Are you looking forward to all the new games coming in the next few years?

Screenshot of Amy Hennig’s “Project Ragtag” Star Wars game

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Lucasfilm operates the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, which is home to various videos and short clips aimed at very young kids. The game show Jedi Temple Challenge hosted by Ahmed Best was moderately successful with about 1 million views per video, Galaxy of Adventures also enjoyed some popularity (a couple hundred thousand views per episode), but other things like Roll Out flopped, later episodes of Forces of Destiny underperformed and most of the other content on the channel gets maybe 10k-30k clicks per video, many videos even have less than 10k views. The channel itself has 283,000 subscribers, of course not all of them are kids. Toylines for both Galaxy of Adventures and Forces of Destiny flopped and every survey known to us (the fans) basically tells us that the average Star Wars fan is 30+ years old, and when we talk about hardcore fans (the people who buy merchandise or are stupid enough to fork over $6,000 for a 48 hour trip to a Star Wars hotel) it’s probably closer to 40+ years. But of course no franchise can survive without a new generation of fans, hence why both Disney/Lucasfilm and Hasbro try again and again and again to engage kids. And now we have the latest attempt at engaging kids: Galactic Pals. A show about a droid nanny that gives advice on how to raise little Wookies, Ewoks and lots of other Star Wars creatures. And it’s another flop. Yet again. Click through for more!

The little Wookie is a bit unhappy…

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Here are the Black Series reveals from today’s fan first livestream. To say there are somewhat underwhelming is probably an understatement. Unless you’ve always wanted an all white Darth Vader figure maybe… Click through for all the reveals!

The most exciting reveal

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About two weeks ago Todd McFarlane gave an hourlong interview to YouTube action figure reviewer Shartimus Prime. And while it’s not really about Star Wars at all, McFarlane Toys has no Star Wars license of course, it’s still a very interesting interview, since McFarlane provides some insight into the industry. So anyone interested in the business of making toys should definitely check out the interview and take the time to listen to it. Among other things McFarlane talks about how insane shipping prices became in 2021, from $2,000 for one container to $20,000. And he also talks in detail about the difference between a privately owned company like McFarlane Toys and the big players who are all publically traded companies with responsibilities to their shareholders. But what made a lot of waves are McFarlane’s comments about female action figures, namely his statement that female action figures simply don’t sell as well as male hero characters and that boys simply prefer the male heroes, even over the villains, and even more so over the female characters and that it would be a bad idea to make a female centric action figure wave, because it would not sell as well. It didn’t take long for the attacks to start, as usual on Twitter, but sites like Bleeding Cool also chimed in and disputed McFarlane’s statements. So today I want to ask you if you are happy with the female characters we have in the Star Wars action figure lines and if you’d like more female characters or think the number we have right now is ok. Click through for the discussion!

Yay or nay?

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When Collecting Becomes A Checkbox

After eons of waiting I received two long delayed figures today: Vice Admiral Rampart and Wrecker from The Bad Batch. I had pre-ordered both ages ago so I should be happy now to finally have them. Only I am not. I look at Rampart and see a cookie cutter Tarkin clone with a new head. The first thing I noticed was the very inaccurate rank insignia. Rampart is a vice admiral, not a Grand Moff. And when I look at Wrecker’s box I feel like an idiot for overpaying for a figure that comes with one backpack, one knife, one blaster and one helmet. The box is ca. 75% empty air. The mouse droid that comes with Rampart is nice to have, sure, but I really didn’t need a Rampart accessory for that. To be honest, I pre-ordered both figures “just because”. So I have a full Bad Batch team maybe. More like a checkbox. But is it fun? Does it excite me? No. And I wonder why. Well, I can tell you why and it’s something we have talked about before. It’s a perfect storm of increased prices and low effort. To the point of cynical laziness on Hasbro’s part. Click through for a discussion!

Is this what Patrick and his team are playing in their free time?

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Christopher Lloyd Joins The Mandalorian Season 3

Great Scott! The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Lucasfilm has hired Christopher Lloyd for a yet undisclosed guest starring role in The Mandalorian season 3! Most if not all of you will know Lloyd as the Addams Family movies. And now Christopher Lloyd joins the Star Wars galaxy. Season 3 of The Mandalorian has a tentative release date of late 2022, so more or less two years after season 2 was first released. Who do you think Lloyd will play? A villain? An eccentric chaotic good character? Will he be friend or foe to Din Djarin? What would you prefer?

Christopher Lloyd as his most iconic character in Back To The Future 2

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Nielsen has finally added the last Book of Boba Fett episode to the streaming charts. So how popular was the series? Did more people watch it than the Mandalorian season 2 finale? Click through for the final update!

King Rancor climbing the Tatooine version of the Empire State Building

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Subscriber growth for Disney’s streaming platform has stalled considerably in recent months. Disney+ has about 130 million subscribers worldwide, but Disney would like to increase that number to 240-260 million in the next two years. To achieve this more than ambitious goal Disney is now changing its strategy. An ad-supported subscription model will be added to Disney+ in late 2022 in the US, other territories will most likely follow in 2023. No further details are known at this moment, i.e. how much this ad-supported subscription will cost and if there will be any limitations. If you are not a subscriber yet… would an ad-supported subscription at a lower price convince you otherwise? Or would Disney need to add a lot more original and new content first for you to reconsider? As things are now Disney has a few tentpole series or movies every few months, but little else to keep fans of Star Wars and Marvel (one major target demographic of the service) entertained with new content. Maybe Disney needs to invest even more in new programming (and a broader variety of programming) to reach the lofty subscriber goals.

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We last talked about the streaming ratings for The Book of Boba Fett two weeks ago, in the meantime Nielsen added episodes 5 and 6 to their charts. So how did the Mandalorian episodes with Luke Skywalker fare? After episode 4 The Book of Boba Fett had less than 600 million minutes streamed, an improvement after the previous decline with episode 3. Episodes 5 and 6 did give the series the much expected boost, but it’s still far removed from what The Mandalorian had. The Book of Boba Fett accumulates 776 million minutes with episodes 1-6, which is about the same as last week when episode 5 was added. Which is less than what WandaVision or Loki had, much less than The Mandalorian (1.34 billion minutes with the season finale added), but still pretty good and a lot better than things like Hawkeye or Falcon & Winter Soldier. But because of the competition The Book of Boba Fett dropped a few places, down to #7 now. The Book of Boba Fett is the only Disney+ series on the charts. Amazon Prime makes a rare appearance on the charts with Reacher, which took the #2 position with 1.84 billion minutes streamed over eight episodes. The charts are otherwise dominated by Netflix as usual. Let’s see if the series finale can improve the numbers. Samba TV reported their numbers several weeks ago and they claimed the finale perfomed much better than the Mandalorian season 2 finale, something which I find somewhat difficult to believe. Let’s see what the Nielsen streaming charts will say about that next week!

Pretty popular characters

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Watch How Adam Savage Custom Paints The Razor Crest

Adam Savage’s (former Mythbuster) Tested YouTube channel received their Razor Crest a while ago. A thorough unboxing video was released the day they got their hands on it, now you can see how Adam Savage and his co-host Norm custom paint the Razor Crest and give it a much needed weathering and more metallic luster. It’s a 40 minute video, so maybe take your time to watch it, but for customizers it may be interesting to see how a pro approaches custom painting the Razor Crest. And this is most likely not the last Razor Crest video on Tested since co-host Norm already said that he will definitely add LEDs to the ship, so stay tuned for more to come! But for now you can see how Adam and Norm paint the Razor Crest to make it look even better! Click on the screenshot below to watch the video! Will you customize your Razor Crest or will you keep it like it is?

Click to watch the video

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Check Out The Leaked Galactic Starcruiser Video! [Updated]

The Galactic Starcruiser officially opens its gates for visitors on March 1st. But in the week before that Disney invited various news outlets, YouTubers and other influencers to a stay at the Star Wars hotel, so the shill access quality media can post their (glowing?) reviews in time. One of those outlets invited was local Floridian news site Click Orlando and they posted videos and images from the Starcruiser ahead of the Disney Embargo which ends this Friday. Of course Disney had the videos / article taken down within a few hours, but you know the saying, once something is out on the internet, it’s here to stay and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. So you can find one of the videos leaked by Click Orlando on Reddit now. Click through for more!

UPDATE: video tour of the Starcruiser cabin and restroom added!

The leaked video shows you Gaia performing her song

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John Williams Returns To Star Wars With Kenobi!

There have been rumors floating around for a while, but now Variety has made it official with an exclusive scoop: John Williams (who just turned 90 last week) returns to Star Wars once more. He recorded the Kenobi theme for the upcoming Disney+ series last week. It is not known yet if the theme is an all new original work or if it’s based on a previous composition. It’s also unknown at this point who will score the individual episodes for the Kenobi series. But with securing John Williams for Kenobi Disney certainly landed a coup, since the composer rarely works for tv / streaming. His last work for tv is from 1985. Quite a few fans may be happy that Williams’ last work for Star Wars will definitely not be The Rise of Skywalker now. Kenobi will debut on Disney+ on May 25th. 45 years to the day after the release of A New Hope.

Once more with feeling – John Williams returns to Star Wars

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The Book Of Boba Fett Nielsen Streaming Charts - Episode 4

The new Nielsen Streaming Charts are out and The Book of Boba Fett maintains its solid 5th place. But what about viewership numbers? It’s not all roses and sunshine here. Click through for more details!

Slave 1 was put to good use in episode 4

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Brand New Cad Bane Black Series Figure Revealed!

Your go to Star Wars fansite io9/Gizmodo (look up sarcasm in the dictionary 😉 ) has an exclusive reveal today: a brand new Black Series Cad Bane figure! The figure is sourced from The Bad Batch, NOT the Book of Boba Fett. This Cad Bane seems to have some new parts, including a new head, torso and arms, but is otherwise based on the previous Clone Wars release of the character.

Release is scheduled for winter 2022. Price tag is an astounding $28. That is without Cad’s droid Todo. The only accessories are Cad Bane’s two blasters. Pre-orders become available tomorrow, February 16th, at 1 pm EST.

Head over to Gizmodo for their write up and a few more photos!

Bad Batch version of Cad Bane is coming. Source: io9/Gizmodo

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Star Wars Rumor Report Roundup

I love spoilers and rumors. Which is probably no surprise to anyone who knows me. Of course there are people who avoid them at all costs, which is perfectly fine, but I always felt that spoilers/rumors actually enhance the experience, it always helps me adjust my own expectations. I either look very much forward to seeing something after reading about a spoiler/rumor or I know that I should probably temper any expectations and brace for impact.

With that out of the way let’s talk about some assorted Star Wars rumors today, specifically, rumors about a few upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series, including Kenobi, which will be released on May 25th. So if you want to learn some rumors/spoilers (which of course, may not be entirely accurate, such is the nature of rumor reports) click through. Everyone else should absolutely stay away from this article!

Spoiler territory!

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The Book Of Boba Fett Viewership Declined With Episode 3

It’s the weekly Nielsen streaming charts update for The Book of Boba Fett! As mentioned previously, the Nielsen streaming charts have a delay of about 4 weeks, so the most recent charts include episodes 1- 3, even though the season finale aired last Wednesday. So how does the series fare after three episodes? There are good and bad news this week. Click through for both!

Apparently people were not too keen on Star Wars Power Rangers

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Watch A 30 Minute Unboxing Video Of The Razor Crest

The Tested Youtube channel by Adam Savage (ex-Mythbuster) got its hands on a Razor Crest and a 30 minute video was posted earlier today in which the Razor Crest gets unboxed and put together by co-host Norm. The Tested guys are huge Star Wars fans, Adam Savage, as you may know, worked for ILM and also on the prequel movies back in the day and he has several videos on his channel about Star Wars, either making impressive prop replicas from scratch or reviewing (high end) collectibles like a $1000 Rancor or a Lego Millennium Falcon. So if you want to know what to expect from your own Razor Crest in all detail or if you want to feel wistful about not buying one from HasLab: click through to watch the full video!

Something to make your Friday a little more pleasant

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Earlier this week, on Monday, Hasbro presented its numbers for the fourth quarter of 2021 and the full year. To make things short: Hasbro presented some pretty strong numbers, the company is doing extremely well.

Overall revenue was up by an impressive 17% to 6.42 billion USD for the full year. And upcoming new CEO Chris Cocks even talked about Star Wars in the earnings call following the presentation! And here Hasbro finally reveals what its profit margins for things like Star Wars are (spoiler: they are terrible). The statements in the earnings call explain everything that has been going on with the Star Wars toylines in recent years, and it’s nothing you will probably like to hear. So even if numbers usually bore you, you should read this, because it will tell you why things are what they are and why it’s not going to change. Click through for more details!

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Today’s livestream had very little to offer for Black Series collectors. Hasbro “revealed” yet more repacks for the Archive line and another Gaming Greats repaint. While it’s certainly nice to make old figures available again for new fans, the fans who have been collecting the line for several years would like to get some new figures as well. The most exciting thing was the pipeline reveal. Figures we will get in mid to late 2023…. And the figures are Aayla Secura, Darth Maul from Clone Wars season 7 and Saw Gerrera from Rogue One. Click through to see the Archive reveals.

Coming in 18 months from now

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Review: The Book Of Boba Fett - Chapter 7 (S01E07) - Disney+

Season finale for The Book of Boba Fett! What could be next after the previous two episodes and Luke Skywalker training Grogu? It turns out the finale was pretty spectacular, but for entirely different reasons than for the previous two episodes. This time it’s all about the action and of that we get quite a bit, and then some more. And more. And then some more. Just for the fun of it. So click here or on the banner to read my spoiler review of “In The Name Of Honor” and let’s discuss the season (or series) finale of The Book of Boba Fett!

The Gaffi stick put to good use

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