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Black Series Deluxe Figures Are A Scam

Let me preface the following discussion by saying that I have nothing against the concept of deluxe figures. If a figure receives many more paint apps and/or accessories, if a figure requires extensive new tooling and many parts (maybe because of size) then a “deluxe” label is deserved. All these things cost money and when production costs are increased because of all the extra effort put into a figure then it’s only ok to ask for more money. However, I argue that Hasbro does nothing of the sort with their Black Series deluxe figures. Let us take a close look at the newly revealed Cobb Vanth figure to see why I think Hasbro’s version of “deluxe” is a scam and rips off collectors by asking for extra money without putting the extra effort in it. Click through for more!

Hasbro’s idea of a deluxe figure

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Hayden Christensen Will Be In The Ahsoka Disney+ Series

It should be common knowledge by now that Hayden Christensen will reprise his role as Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming Kenobi series. However, this is not where things will end. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Hayden Christensen will also appear as Anakin Skywalker in the Ahsoka series, which is set 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. So of course Anakin has been dead for five years. But since death is not even an inconvenience in the Star Wars galaxy chances are Anakin will appear as a Force ghost. Or maybe we will be see Ahsoka clone wars flashbacks and/or visions. Details are not known at this point. The sequels had a disturbing lack of Anakin Skywalker Force ghost scenes, even more puzzling when you consider the fact Kylo Ren was Darth Vader’s biggest fanboy and also his grandson. One of the many oversights of the sequels. But it seems Lucasfilm is willing to rectify that mistake by offering Hayden Christensen various roles in their Disney+ series. Will you be happy to see much more of Hayden as Anakin (or Darth Vader) in the next few years? And who knows, maybe Lucasfilm is gearing up for a proper Darth Vader series that focuses more on the man behind the mask. Hayden is still quite young, only 40 (he was really young in Attack of the Clones), so he’s about the right age to play a late Empire era Vader or post ROTJ Force ghost, he could probably also still play his younger clone wars self with some make-up wizardry. Would you be up for that?

When death is barely an inconvenience

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Weekend Discussion: Are Collectors Just Stupid?

This is not supposed be a rant where someone yells at clouds, but I have been wondering more and more lately if the toy collecting hobby has completely gone off the rails. These days people buy toys that cost $350, $400 or even much more, $500 and even $900. And they do it quite happily so. Why should a toy ever be $350 or even more? Why do companies even still pretend these things are toys, when they are in fact just memberberries for adults and no one else? Will the HasLab Rancor come in a box that says “Ages 4+”? Why do people part with so much money voluntarily and quite merrily even and never bother to ask if that is what toy collecting should really be? Click through to continue the discussion!

The new Hasbro CEO?

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HasLab Rancor Officially Revealed!

Hasbro just officially announced the brand new Black Series Rancor HasLab! We knew about this for months ever since Patrick’s slip of the tongue, but now we have all the details!

Price: $350
Size: 44.45 cm / 17.5 in tall, 30.48 cm / 12 in wide, much more with arms outstretched
Technical details: 45 points of articulation (including fingers) and 900 paint apps

Minimum number of backers is 9,000 by December 6th, more tiers will be made available at 11,000 and 13,500 with tiers 3 and 4 not having any goal lines yet. No stretch goals for any of the tiers have been revealed yet. As of now the Rancor comes without any extra figures, but that will certainly change once the tiers have been unlocked!

You can (if you happen to live in the US, Canada or UK, that is) back your Rancor now! Head over to the HasLab site to order Jabba’s favorite pet!

Hasbro will also partner with retailers in certain select markets to make the Rancor available in other parts of the world. No specifics were given, my guess is that several European core markets may get access to the Rancor.

Will you back the Rancor or ignore the latest Star Wars HasLab?


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Hasbro Star Wars Pulse Con 2021: The Black Series Reveals

Hasbro revealed several new things for the Black Series in their Star Wars Pulse Con panel. Mandalorian fans have more figures to look forward to and Original Trilogy fans get a few more figures in the pipeline.

Mandalorian figures:

  • Mandalorian Maldo Kreist build-up pack with Grogu and Ice Spider
  • Migs Mayfeld Trooper Disguise
  • Boba Fett Nomad Outfit
  • Cobb Vanth Deluxe

There will also be three all new exclusive Galaxy Edge sets!

  • First Order Pack with Hux, AT-AT Driver, Mouse Droid and an Imperial Astromech
  • Droid Depot Pack with a KX-series droid, BB unit, Battle Droid and Babu Frik
  • Creature Pack with two Kowakian Monkey Lizards, Mynok, two Porgs and Bogling

Three figures were revealed for the pipeline, so expect them much later in 2022!

  • Figrin Dan
  • Leia in her Ewok Village outfit
  • Republic Security Droid (Mandalorian)

Check back later for updates!

Star Wars The Black Series

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GTP Toys - The Maker Of Space Walls - Files For Bankruptcy

Many of you will know GTP Toys, the maker of Space Walls, which is one of the most popular modular diorama sets used by toy photographers. When GTP Toys acquired the official Star Wars license many thought that GTP Toys had finally hit it big. With an official license GTP Toys could finally make official Star Wars diorama sets. And GTP toys did reveal the Tantive IV hallway with LEDs lighting up the wall panels. But then Covid caused several factory closures resulting in serious delays and on top of that extremely disappointing sales for the Tantive IV set put an end to all of it. GTP Toys no longer has the Star Wars license (the contract with Disney ended on September 30th). The owner has posted a long newsletter that explains the situation. And it reveals a few interesting facts about how it is to work for Disney as a Star Wars licensor. One might call it a cautionary tale. Click through for the full story!

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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Elder

On to the next Visions short! The Elder is a rather simple tale about a Jedi master and his padawan and their encounter with a Sith, but it’s pretty well done. So let’s talk about The Elder!


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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: T0-B1

T0-B1 is yet another wildly different take on Star Wars. The short revolves around a droid called, you guess it, T0-B1 who becomes a Jedi… yes you heard that right. So let’s talk about T0-B1!

Pinocchio Wars

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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Ninth Jedi

There is almost universal praise for The Ninth Jedi. And for good reason. The 21 minute short is an ideal starting point for a true Star Wars sequel. If you ignored all Star Wars Visions shorts so far make an exception for The Ninth Jedi, it is the Star Wars fans deserve! So let’s talk about The Ninth Jedi!

When not everything turns out the way you expect it

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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Village Bride

After the frantic The Twins, The Village Bride chooses a much calmer, serene tone for its story. But is the short any good? Let’s talk about episode four of Star Wars Visions: The Village Bride!


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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Twins

The third Star Wars Visions short, The Twins, may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not only a huge improvement over the previous short, at its core it’s also actually pretty intriguing. Let’s talk about The Twins!

Cutting a star destroyer in half with a lightsaber is a thing now

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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: Tatooine Rhapsody

Tatooine Rhapsody is the second of the Visions shorts and it couldn’t be any more different than the first episode. But is it any good? Let’s talk about Tatooine Rhapsody!

One Word: No

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Let's Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Duel

Disney released all nine Star Wars Visions episodes early Wednesday morning. Since I am neither well versed in anime (I do watch a few shows and movies – few of the usual ones though – so, I am far from being an expert) and my knowledge of Japanese cinema is limited to the occasional Akira Kurosawa and Godzilla (sorry, Gojira) movie I will not provide proper reviews and a few details and things may go completely over my head. But what I will do is provide a few thoughts here and there and I also want to give you an opportunity to talk about the new series here on JTA! Since all nine episodes were released at once it would be too much and too confusing to talk about them all in one article, instead I will post one article each day, for the next nine days or so where we can talk about Visions! So let’s begin with “The Duel”, the first of the Visions episodes. And yes, there will be some spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled you should stay away from the Visions articles! Click through for the short discussion!

The award for silliest hairstyle in Star Wars no longer goes to Rafa Martez

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Marcia Lucas Really Doesn't Like The Sequels

A book about the Star Wars producer Howard Kazanjian titled Howard Kazanjian: A Producer’s Life by late author J.W. Rinzler was released posthumously last week. For the book Rinzler also interviewed Marcia Lucas, who won an Oscar for her editing work on A New Hope. She was very instrumental back in the 1970s to make the original Star Wars the movie we all love. She also worked on the other two original trilogy movies, but her work was uncredited. In the new Rinzler book Marcia Lucas doesn’t mince words when it comes to the sequel trilogy. She outright says that neither Kennedy nor Abrams “get the magic of Star Wars”. Click through for the full quote.

Marcia and George Lucas

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Rumor: Quantic Dream Is Developing A Star Wars Game

Quantic “Who”, you may ask. Quantic Dream is a French video game studio known for story driven games like Detroit: Become Human, Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit), Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. According to gaming website DualShockers Quantic Dream has been working on a yet unannounced Star Wars game for the past 18 months. With how long the production cycle for these kind of games is the game may not see the light of day for another two or three years.
Would you like a Star Wars game in the mold of Detroit: Become Human, i.e. in the style of an interactive movie with various elaborate set pieces? Quantic Dream games are usually not very action driven and what action there is is usually handled via quicktime events, so I wouldn’t expect lots of lightsaber duels, but a game which has a heavy focus on the narrative with various branching storylines that can result in very different outcomes. Since EA made very little with their exclusive Star Wars license it will certainly be welcome when the franchise will soon get a wide variety of games, from a KOTOR remake to a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order and now possibly even a Star Wars game with a heavy focus on the story by Quantic Dream.

Update: According to Kotaku’s sources the Quantic Dream Star Wars game may not follow at all the mold of previous Quantic Dream games and could instead be open world and more action focused!

A pivotal scene early in Detroit: Become Human

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Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Announced!

Rumors circulated for quite a while, but now it’s official, the legendary Knights Of The Old Republic video game will get a remake. Sony announced at their Playstation showcase that Aspyr Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games are developing an extensive remake of the video game which was first released in 2003. Not many details were provided, but it was announced the game will be remade from the ground up and that it won’t just be the same old game with updated graphics, the game will also get new features, but Sony promises that the integrity of the story and characters will be mantained. This is certainly the way to go, while KOTOR was a fantastic game for its time its game mechanics are very dated and a mere graphics upgrade would certainly not be enough for a new generation of players who never played KOTOR before.
No release date was given, the game is still in early development. In my opinion a late 2023 release date would make sense, in time for the 20th anniversary of the original release. The game will be a Playstation 5 exclusive at launch, a PC version will be launched at a later date, probably a few months later, if KOTOR will have a similar release schedule like games as Days Gone or Death Stranding which were console exclusives at launch as well and launched on PC a couple of months later.
Are you excited about the KOTOR remake? Also, dear Hasbro, you now have plenty of time to release all new KOTOR figures (i.e. not lazy repaints) just in time for the video game launch!

Darth Revan will return

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Hasbro Star Wars Fan First Wednesday: The Black Series Reveals

Today’s livestream offered little new things for The Black Series, instead it would be more appropriate to call it “The Exclusive Repaint & Repack Series”… Click through for all the reveals!

UPDATED with photos and additional info and commentary!

I put a new teaser image here to celebrate the occasion!

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Get Ready For Another Hasbro Fan First Livestream!

Hasbro just announced their new Fan First Wednesday livestream event for September 8th, 11 am ET / 17:00 CET! New toys will be revealed! As usual, the livestream will be available on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel! We will post the link in time!

Will you watch the livestream? What are your expectations? Will Hasbro launch the Rancor HasLab on September 8th as well?

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In recent months the release schedule for the SH Figuarts Star Wars line had completely dried up, to the point that some feared SHF may have either lost interest or the license altogether. But a few days ago SH Figuarts revealed two brand new 6 inch scale Star Wars action figures. Anf of course both are from The Mandalorian! Season 2 Din Djarin with unmasked head and rearmored season 2 Boba Fett (meaning his armor has the fresh coat of paint) will come in January 2022! Pre-orders open on September 3rd! Click through for more details!

Boba, Din and Grogu the dynamic trio!

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The Marvel HasLab Is Yet Another Huge Success!

The Black Series Rancor HasLab is about to be launched very soon and the general feeling among Star Wars collectors seems to amount to a mere shrug, it’s very much wait and see here. Meanwhile our dear Marvel friends have reason to celebrate today. Hasbro’s latest Marvel HasLab ended just moments ago. And it’s apparent that Marvel collectors have deep pockets and love their HasLabs. Galactus was off to a relatively modest start, only a week ago he had only about 14,000 backers. But as expected the past few days and hours gave Galactus a huge boost. In fact, Galactus has just become the most successful HasLab yet! Click through for more!

Nuked from orbit by Marvel’s Galactus

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Who Is The Best Disney Era Female Star Wars Character?

Ever since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise back in 2012 a major focus were women. Not only did Lucasfilm try very hard to engage more female fans, the movies as well as books & comics emphasize the role of women in the Star Wars galaxy much more than ever before. So the question is: did Disney actually succeed? Are there interesting and engaging female characters in Disney Star Wars which were not originally conceived in the Lucas era? Click through for a ranking of Disney era female Star Wars characters and let’s find out who the best one is. The results may be somewhat surprising (or not)!

We focus on the Disney era

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What Are Your Desert Island Star Wars Figures?

In the past 43 years a myriad of Star Wars figures have been released, so to pick your favorite one will always be a next to impossible task. But still, I wonder what would be your 10 desert island Star Wars action figures? Do you pick figures because of their emotional value or do you select figures because of their play value, aesthetics and number of accessories (accessories will be included in your desert island trip)? Click through for my 10 picks and then post your desert island Star Wars figures in the comments!

Your new playground

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We have made it! The Bad Batch ended its first season with episode 16: “Kamino Lost”. Was it good, was it bad, was it just… “meh”? Read my spoiler review and then let’s discuss both the current episode and all of season 1! Just click here or on the banner to join the discussion!

Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye

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“Return to Kamino” continues the three episode mini arc which began last week. Last time Hunter was captured by Crosshair and brought to Kamino. Now Omega and her buddies Echo, Wrecker and Tech are en route to Kamino to rescue Hunter. Will their plan succeed? Read my spoiler review for the latest episode and let’s discuss “Return to Kamino”, just click here or on the banner!

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We are nearing the end of the season 1 of The Bad Batch and finally things get going again after a few detours and pointless episodes. “War-Mantle” is a much better episode again. This week Captain Rex asks a favor of the Bad Batch, they are to rescue a fellow clone. But then things turn out to be much more than the Bad Batch bargained for. Read my spoiler review of “War-Mantle” and let’s discuss the latest episode by clicking here or on the banner!

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