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Visual Guide Update - IG-11 - Retro Collection

Up next for the Retro Collection Visual Guide updates is IG-11. Get the full Visual Guide by clicking below, and read our full review by clicking here.

IG-11 - Retro Collection

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Review: IG-11 - RC - Basic

The Retro Collection’s third was is based on The Mandalorian. And it gives us our first 3.75-inch IG-11. How backward is that?. Check it out! (more….)


Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 12!

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Retro Collection Found All Across The USA At Walmart!

We’re getting MANY reports of The Mandalorian wave of the Retro Collection found at various Walmart stores throughout the country. We also found them in the Kentucky area. We also have reports from Philadelphia and Massachusetts and Texas. Special thanks to Chad R. for this image from an unknown location.

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MAFEX Reveals IG-11 Figure

6 inch collectors get yet another option for an IG-11 action figure. Medicom Toys aka MAFEX have revealed their version of IG-11. This will be the third option for collectors. There already is a really bad Black Series figure that no one should buy and a very excellent S.H. Figuarts version that is not only screen accurate (unlike the TBS version) but comes with a few sensible accessories. MAFEX is late to the game here, but their IG-11 maybe has a few little extras that may convince collectors to pull the trigger even if they may already own the SHF version. MAFEX IG-11 comes with a tray (you see this in a scene with Kuiil) and just like the SHF version IG-11 also comes with an optional detonator part and the carry bag for Baby Yoda. But where SHF would give their IG-11 only the empty bag (you can put SHF Grogu inside the bag), MAFEX adds Grogu, but it appears he’s part of the bag sculpt and non removable.
Head to the Medicom website for more photos! There is no info on availability or price yet, we will keep you posted! Are you interested in the MAFEX IG-11?

MAFEX IG-11, at your service

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Battle Of The 6-inch Star Wars Figures - Next Round

Let’s continue the retrospective of 1/12 scale Star Wars action figures! Just like last time I will take a look at various figures today. What is the best action figure of Anakin Skywalker, IG-11 and Yoda? Click through for an overview of all their available 6-inch scale action figures!

Will Anakin like any of his action figures?

Full Story

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After just hearing about these “pipeline” figures in a recent Hasbro livestream, we’re rather surprised to see prototypes already! They look incredible! Head over to our friends at for more pictures! I’m very excited for these releases. IG-11 being all-new is shocking in a really good way. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Image courtesy of

Full Story

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Hasbro added a new segment to their livestream this time: Pipeline reveals. There’s no product to show, but just giving us a look at what’s coming this fall and into 2022. For The Vintage Collection we were shown two upcoming figures: 

  • IG-11 (The Mandalorian)
  • Lando Calrissian (The Empire Strikes Back)


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Some of the figures from The Black Series Credit Collection are making their way to collectors. Tonight we are adding IG-11 to our Visual Guides. Click below for a look at the concept art version of this figure. You can also read all about him in our review database.

IG-11 - The Black Series (Credit Collection)

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Review: IG-11 - TBS6 [CC] - GameStop Exclusive

The GameStop exclusive “Credit Collection” IG-11 is interesting, and strange, and confusing. What’s the point of this line? And why are they put on vintage Kenner-inspired packaging cards? (more….)


Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 12!

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The Black Series Credit Collection IG-11 BACK IN STOCK!

This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, JTA may receive a commission if you click and make a purchase.

The pre-orders are live for The Black Series Credit Collection. Click below for the pre-order pages!

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S.H.Figuarts Officially Reveals IG-11!

Tamashii Nations (a Bandai brand) revealed a brand new website today, dedicated to “western style” action figures. By this Bandai is referring to action figures based on Hollywood movies and American TV shows. And to celebrate this new website Tamashii Nations is also teasing several brand new figures! The DC line will apparently get a new Wonder Woman, Marvel’s new figure is still a mystery to be unveiled on May 27th, and Star Wars will get IG-11! That’s at least what the brand new website is teasing.
It was almost guaranteed that S.H.Figuarts would officially reveal IG-11 sooner or later, a promo photo of him was used in the recent solicitations for Baby Yoda aka The Child. Since Hasbro offered collectors a rather lazy version of IG-11, a repainted IG-88 with new bandolier, which is not at all screen accurate, the SHF version of IG-11 could very well be the version of the bounty hunter you need if you demand screen accuracy.
It’s not known yet when exactly pre-orders for IG-11 are available, but it will probably be soon. We will keep you posted!
Check out the brand new Tamashii Nations Cinema website (it’s in Japanese with only some English headlines)!

IG-11 with Baby Yoda

SH Figuarts IG-11 with carry bag and Baby Yoda

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SH-Figuarts seem to be on a roll. We only got official announcements for the Mandalorian and the Emperor today, when brand new photos of various (!) Knights of Ren, IG-11 and a repainted Scout trooper and Stormtrooper (from the Mandalorian, with weathered armor!) appear in the wild. The photos were taken at a showroom. Now these are all just prototypes, nothing was announced, but IG-11, for example, is actually an accurate representation of the droid, which means he has the proper claws! Now if only IG-11 has a good height, SHF is usually not so keen on giving tall characters an accurate height, while all the human characters usually have perfect scale. But chances are this IG droid will use very sturdy plastic! And after the lackluster IG-11 from Hasbro a screen accurate IG-11 from SHF could be just what collectors need! It remains to be seen if the KoR will go into production, maybe SHF is waiting for fan response to TROS; so far SHF only has Rey, Kylo and one Sith Trooper for TROS lined up, not very much. SHF love to reveal prototypes of figures that sometimes go into production next month, two years later or never. It remains to be seen what applies here! Click through for a few more photos!


Click for larger version

Full Story

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Tonight we start a run of Visual Guide updates featuring figures from The Black Series [Phase III]. First up, check out the Best Buy exclusive IG-11. Click below for our full Visual Guide, and click here to check out our full review.

IG-11 - The Black Series [Phase III]

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Review: IG-11 - TBS6 [P3] - Best Buy Exclusive

Next up is the Best Buy exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] IG-11 6″ figure. It’s cool. Check it out in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.


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New "The Mandalorian" Character Posters Revealed!

Check out these new character posters for The Mandalorian that was shared on the Star Wars official facebook. We can see The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Greef Carga, IG-11 and Kuiil. We’re getting so close and if you’re not quite sold, we’ll be doing reviews of each episode so you can check it out and those who watched can have a discussion. Disney+ begins streaming The Mandalorian on November 12th! Click each one to get a closer look.

The Mandalorian

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Pre-Order The New Hot Toys The Mandalorian Figures!

Head on over to Sideshow Collectibles to pre-order the new IG-11 and Mandalorian Sixth Scale figures from Hot Toys! Direct links for each figure are below!


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Hot Toys has revealed an all-new 1/6th scale IG-11 figure and now it’s up for pre-order!


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