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Name: Darth Maul

Collection: DX Series (DX18)

Status: Darth Maul is an all-new fully articulated sixth scale figure.

Source: Solo

Availability: October 2020

License: Hot Toys (Sixth Scale)

Retail: $274 USD

Accessories: 4 left hands, 4 right hands, 4 black wrist joints, 2 gauntlets, 2 wrist guards, pendant, double-bladed lightsaber hilt, 2 red-colored detachable lightsaber blades, 2 red-colored in-motion lightsaber blades, interchangeable LED-lighted lightsaber/forearm, interchangeable forearm, split-sided right gauntlet to use with LED light-up lightsaber, seat, Darth Maul hologram, Qi'ra hologram, eyeball adjustment tool, specially designed dynamic figure stand (3 parts), keychain pendant

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Image Composite: Chuck Paskovics
Photography: Chuck Paskovics
Graphics, Page Layout & Design: Chuck Paskovics
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