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MAFEX Reveals IG-11 Figure

6 inch collectors get yet another option for an IG-11 action figure. Medicom Toys aka MAFEX have revealed their version of IG-11. This will be the third option for collectors. There already is a really bad Black Series figure that no one should buy and a very excellent S.H. Figuarts version that is not only screen accurate (unlike the TBS version) but comes with a few sensible accessories. MAFEX is late to the game here, but their IG-11 maybe has a few little extras that may convince collectors to pull the trigger even if they may already own the SHF version. MAFEX IG-11 comes with a tray (you see this in a scene with Kuiil) and just like the SHF version IG-11 also comes with an optional detonator part and the carry bag for Baby Yoda. But where SHF would give their IG-11 only the empty bag (you can put SHF Grogu inside the bag), MAFEX adds Grogu, but it appears he’s part of the bag sculpt and non removable.
Head to the Medicom website for more photos! There is no info on availability or price yet, we will keep you posted! Are you interested in the MAFEX IG-11?

MAFEX IG-11, at your service

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What Is The Best 6-inch Scale Kylo Ren Action Figure?

We have looked at 6-inch scale Rey figures before, so it’s only logical to look at the other sequel trilogy main character: Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo. What is the best Kylo Ren 6-inch scale action figure? Is there an ultimate 6-inch scale action figure of him even? Click through for a retrospective of all available Kylo Ren action figures!

Would a Kylo Ren action figure cheer him up?

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Battle Of The 6-inch Figures!

Today I want to continue the 1/12 scale Star Wars action figure retrospective. Previously I focused on single characters. For this article I focus on characters and figures that don’t warrant an article of their own, but which have still various options available and where it makes sense to talk about what is the “best” or “ultimate” version. In this article I cover the characters Count Dooku, Mace Windu, C-3PO and R2-D2! So click through for the battle of their 6-inch action figures!

Count Dooku is very much looking forward to this battle

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What Is The Best 6-inch Scale Darth Vader Action Figure?

You would think that making an action figure of the most iconic Star Wars villain would be a pretty easy task. Darth Vader wears a helmet, you don’t really have to sculpt a human likeness, all you need is access to helmet replicas (or access to the Lucasfilm archives) or reference photos of all the various Vader helmets used throughout the movies. But as it turns out sculpting a great Darth Vader figure is not all that easy. So is there an ultimate 6-inch scale Darth Vader action figure? You may think there is an easy answer. But maybe there’s not… So click through for a retrospective of all the various 1/12 scale Darth Vader figures you can get and let’s find out if there really is THE ultimate Darth Vader action figure!

Darth Vader with his asymmetric Episode IV helmet

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It’s now been confirmed that the upcoming Mafex Beskar armor Mandalorian action figure will not come with a jetpack. However, the figure comes with Baby Yoda aka “The Child” instead. Check out the photo of the figure below (make sure to view the larger version). You can see here where the Mafex figure excels, extremely lifelike and fluid posing is possible, helped by the fact that the proportions are perfect. This is the figure you need if you want a true to life 1/12 scale Mandalorian! Click through for one more photo!

Mafex The Mandalorian

The dynamic duo

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Mafex The Mandalorian Action Figure Revealed!

Now that’s a surprise. Mafex haven’t released or announced a Star Wars action figure in ages. But now their version of The Mandalorian action figure has leaked. The reveal is a quick photo of some magazine page, and in true leaker fashion a potato camera was used, oblique angle as well, I tried my best to make the photo somewhat better. Based on the leaked magazine it could very well be that Mafex knocked it out of the park once again. Their Boba Fett action figures (both TESB and ROTJ) are the best you can get, and it seems the Mandalorian may continue that tradition. Not much else is known at the moment. It’s also unknown if Baby Yoda aka The Child will come with the figure. Baby Yoda is shown, he’s appropriately tiny as well, but in the photo with the accessories Baby Yoda is missing. Price for the Mandalorian could be 8900 Yen (based on what is barely legible in the photo of the magazine page) – which is ca $83 / 77 Euros – which is in line with previous figures. We’ll keep you posted! Click through for a few more photos of the figure, inckuding a shot with Baby Yoda and a comparison with the SHF version!

Mafex Mandalorian and accessories

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