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The Mandalorian Season 2 Special Look!

A short while ago the Mandalorian season 2 special look aired in the US and is now also available on YouTube! I suggest you check it out! And while the special look doesn’t really reveal all THAT much, it does however clarify a few things and adds a few teasers here and there. You can watch the video on YouTube or after the break when you click through. You will also find several screenshots that feature the new things spotted in the footage! And yes, there will be spoilers! So if you want to remain ignorant, please stay away. Everyone else, please click through!

The Mandalorian Season 2 Banner

This is the special look video, it’s about one minute long:

So even though the special look didn’t really give away any real plot details we learned a few new things. The biggest reveal is that the Mandalorian is probably not on good terms with the New Republic at one point in the story, since two X-Wings are pursuing the Razor Crest and tell the Mandalorian to stand down.

And then we find out that the crashed ship on the ice planet (which may or may not  be Ilum) is indeed the Razor Crest, probably as a direct result of the pursuit by the X-Wings.

The Razor Crest is sliding across the ice

Then the video jumps to Tatooine, where we see the sad remains of an unfortunate Bantha with the Mandalorian speeding through the dunes on a speeder bike in the background.

The Bantha has seen better days

And then we’re back on the snow planet, you can see that the Razor Crest sustained some major damage when it crash landed.

Mandalarian Season 2 Special Look

Who will trash their HasLab Razor Crest to make it look scene specific?

But apparently the damage is nothing some spit and duct tape can’t fix, you can see the Mandalorian doing some repair work. My guess is that the scene from the first trailer, which opened with the Razor Crest limping through space badly damaged follows the scene(s) on the snow planet.

Mandalarian Season 2 Special Look

Do it yourself Star Wars style

Next up are several new scenes which probably show how the Mandalorian, Greef Carga and Cara Dune infiltrate some Imperial facility. And one of the scenes features a rather daring Troop Transport launch.

Mandalarian Season 2 Special Look

Yes, they fly now

Now the big question is what that blue alien is doing on the Troop Transport (I guess it’s still the Troop Transport). He is most likely the same blue alien the Mandalorian was after in the pilot episode. The species is called “Mythrol” and is a new creation for the Mandalorian, the blue alien has no name yet. Is it possible the Mandalorian needs something from him and freed him from an Imperial prison?

The Mythrol with the gang

And the footage jumps around some more, I suppose the scene with the Mandalorian, Greef Karga and Cara Dune entering the base is from before the daring Troop Transport escape, but I could be wrong.

Mandalarian Season 2 Special Look

The dynamic trio (who’s looking after Baby Yoda?)

And that’s basically it. We get to see the confrontation between the Mandalorian and the thugs in the boxing club again.

Are you excited for season 2 of the Mandalorian? Do you think the Razor Crest will make it through season 2? Will Baby Yoda meet his parents? Will the Mandalorian remove his helmet even once?

It’s only 10 more days before the premiere of season 2. So all questions we do have will be answered pretty soon.



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