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An Almost Perfect Run Of Undamaged Walmart Deliveries Dies

I just got back home from Christmas vacation to a plethora of packages from online purchases. I have to admit that I have had GREAT luck with Walmart the past couple of months, but this delivery was a setback. Click the image below to see how a sale TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) arrived. What’s odd is that I added to my cart as an extra to meet minimum FREE delivery requirements, yet, my main order and this arrived in two separate boxes. That’s penny-wise, pound foolish, friends.

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This TVC Jabba's Palace Shipment Is Purely Ridiculous!

Well, I guess every delivery couldn’t be perfect. JTA reader Lord Bodega eagerly anticipated the arrival of his Jabba’s Palace Adventure Sets, only to receive the two he ordered taped together and with shipping labels attached to the outside of the product boxes. There was no shipper box at all! We are trying to figure out which warehouse his items were shipped from, but in the meantime, please let us know if you experienced something similar. Overall, the shipping experiences for this item have been incredibly positive.


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Packages From Walmart.com Arriving In Great Condition!

As you know, the Walmart exclusive TVC Jabba’s Palace (Adventure Playset) is arriving to homes all across America. And many of you have noticed that the items are well-packed with air pillows and properly-sized boxes. That isn’t a coincidence. Walmart is aware of the shipping issues and has begun taking steps to rectify this. Mine arrived perfectly, and the image below, courtesy off JTA reader and friend Russ T., show proof that his merchandise came unharmed and in beautiful condition. Let us know how your shipping experiences are.

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BBTS Begins Shipping 40th Anniversary Wave 2!

BigBadToyStore.com has begun shipping their Black Series 40th Anniversary Wave 2 cases! YES! They’re ACTUALLY shipping! If you need these, they still have some in stock. Who knows how long they’ll be around this time!

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Amazon Exclusives Already Arriving!

Wow! Readers are already receiving the Amazon exclusive Elite Praetorian Guard (With Heavy Blade) and the First Order Stormtrooper [Ultimate Trooper Pack] on their doorsteps! If you haven’t ordered yours, be sure you do! Special thanks to JTA reader Frank B. for the image.

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As you have heard already, Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) is arriving across the USA. Reports of flawless packaging to absolutely horrid packaging are coming in as well. Some collectors are even getting different items than original ordered. Is it safe to say that GameStop is the nest retailer that needs to lose exclusivity rights to The Black Series 6″ line? Special thanks to JTA reader and friend Danny R. for the image.

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Another Gamestop Blunder For The Books

JTA Reader Alexander F. sends us in this report of his latest purchase from Gamestop.com. He originally ordered two Artoo-Detoo 40th Anniversary Black Series figures, but when they showed up, he got a big surprise. He opened the large box to find two Supreme Leader Snoke (throne) instead of the Artoo’s. The receipt even says Artoo 40th Anniversary. This seems to happen more than it should. Have any of you had a similar mistake happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) FINALLY Shipping!

We are receiving a flood of reports that the GameStop exclusive Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room) figure is finally shipping despite one delay after another. (It’s out fo stock now, but the product page is RIGHT HERE if you’re interested.) If you haven’t placed your order yet because you need more persuading, be sure to check out our full review and gallery on this nice release HERE.

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Gamestop Exclusive Inferno Squadron Pre-Orders Now Shipping!

After all the confusion of charging cards and changing dates, shipping confirmation notices have begun making their way to customers for their The Black Series [P3] 6″ Gamestop Exclusive Inferno Squadron Agent. Now we just all need to cross our fingers and hope they arrive in one piece! Have you received your confirmation yet? Let us know! 

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That’s right…after many, many, MANY delays and date changes they have FINALLY sent out shipping confirmations for the Gamestop Exclusive Supreme Leader Snoke Throne. Phew…what a wait that was! If you haven’t gotten one yet, I highly recommend that you do! It is currently sold out at Gamestop.com, but you might be able to start checking stores this next week. It’s an awesome piece and that has great diorama potential with Kylo Ren (Throne Room). If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out our review of Snoke and see why he’s a must have.

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TBS 6" First Order Stromtrooper Deluxe Shipping Overseas

JTA Reader Kam wrote to us to let us know that he received his Black Series 6″ figures from his “E-tailer of choice.” Now, I am not sure where exactly he ordered from, so when we find out we’ll let you know. He received Snoke Throne Room, Guards of Evil 4-pack, and the First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe. My Gamestop exclusives are on the UPS truck as we speak, so you should be seeing yours soon as well (if you haven’t already). Have you received any of these? And if so, where did you order from? 

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Gamestop Shipping For Guards And Snoke Throne Have Begun

I have just received my shipping notifications for my Guardians of Evil 4-pack and my Snoke Throne Room Exclusives from Gamestop.com. Be sure to keep an eye out for yours as well! If you still need them, you can still order them below.


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SDCC Already Arriving From HasbroToyShop.com

Somehow, someway, my orders from HasbroToyShop.com always come the very next day even though I choose the cheapest, standard shipping. Obviously, it’s due to my proximity to them in Jonestown, PA, but I was also impressed with how well they actually packed them this time around. I typically NEVER get any packing materials in my shipments, but this time they came nicely packed. Be on the look out for yours soon!

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That New Toy Has Already Arrived From This Morning's Order

You probably remember our click bait article from this morning, I just got it delivered to my door. Wow.

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Clone Commander Gree NOW SHIPPING From ToysRUs.com

The Toys R Us exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] Clone Commander Gree figure is NOW SHIPPING. Special thanks to JTA reader Mark for the news!

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Baze And Chirrut Making An Appearance?

The Baze and Chirrut TBS 6″ figures may arguably be some of the most difficult to find. The fact that they were single packed in a case with 4 carry overs did NOT make it easy for people to find them. Heck, I STILL haven’t seen them in a store and I only have them because I got lucky on Amazon early on. Good news may be on the horizon for those still searching for these retired Guardians of the Whills. JTA reader Anthony reports that his Entertainment Earth April pre-orders are due to ship out Monday. Hopefully that means more solid cases are making the rounds. Might be time to get your orders in from EE!


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Talk About Lazy Packaging!

JTA Reader Danny sends us some images of his latest order of 40th Anniversary figures from Walmart.ca. And i thought I got some bad packaging! Has anyone else received some horrible packaging like this from Walmart.ca?


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They Showed Up In 23 Hours, But In This Condition

My recent order from HasbroToyShop came so very very fast, even with standard shipping. This is how they showed up. No packaging material to protect them. No bubble pillows or even wrapped up paper. What a shame. Hope everyone else has better luck!


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HTS Already Shipping TBS6 [Phase III] Wave 11

HasbroToyShop.com is already shipping the orders from this morning for The Black Series 6″ [Phase III] Wave 11. Some will be arriving as soon as Tomorrow! Keep an eye out!


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