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Hasbro, there are some collectors who like the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary The Power Of The Force “2” packaging. That’s fine. But if you must release figures in it, can you please get it right? Princess Leia (Ceremonial Outfit) (not “Yavin IV”) came in the final unique packaging of the Kenner/Hasbro The Power Of The Force “2” line, in “starburst” FlashBack and CommTech packaging, not the original red/green card backs. This version of Leia was also part of  “The Princess Leia Collection” but that was different packaging too. Are you familiar with the different original modern toy line looks? Do you perform the appropriate research? It’s probably too late to fix, but you should, at the very least, know the error of your ways.


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Hasbro Debuts TBS Princess Leia On Green POTF Card Back

Our friends at Fanthatracks have a first look at one of today’s upcoming announcements: Princess Leia Organa (Yavin 4) on a Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary commemorative The Power of the Force green card back. Head over to Fanthatracks for more images. 

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The second wave of The Vintage Collection Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary 3.75-inch figures are arriving from Walmart, and we’re getting many reports that they’ve continued to ship them one per box or envelope. And the envelopes are sometimes padded, and others times not. How do they afford all of these shipping costs? (Mine arrived one per box and envelope too, and the ones in the envelope were in better condition than those shipped in a box! Special thanks to JTA readers Ken P. and Matt R. for the images!


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I know I see more positive reports than negative one when it comes to Hasbro Pulse. Still, JTA reader Jason A.’s recent delivery of The Black Series [Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary] POTF2 (one of their worst exclusives ever) arrived shoved into an ill-fitted box by their shipping department. This has been the norm for me. I’ve literally had better encounters with Walmart’s shipping than Hasbro Pulse. Oh well.

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We are looking at SE7EN new 3.75-inch The Vintage Collection action figures! The Vintage Collection Death Star Droid epitomizes “bittersweetness.” It’s so nice to see this figure in vintage Kenner packaging, but it’s a lousy action figure based on a Kenner figure instead of the on-screen character. (more….)

Death Star Droid

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We are looking at SE7EN new 3.75-inch The Vintage Collection action figures! It only took 15 YEARS and MULTIPLE re-releases for Hasbro to update the 2006 VTSC Sand People action figure. And Hasbro’s press images of the updated release had collectors worried as it left a lot to be desired. We’re happy to report, however, that The Vintage Collection Tusken Raider is a pleasant surprise with a new portrait and new arms with enhanced articulation. And while imperfect, it takes the lead by quite a bit! We’re certain you’re going to like this one a lot! (more….)

Tusken Raider

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 13!

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We’re wrapping up our Visual Guide updates from the first Walmart exclusive TVC Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary wave with the AT-ST Driver (VC192). Click below to have a look at the full guide page. Make sure to also check out our full review of this figure in our review database.

AT-ST Driver - The Vintage Collection - Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary

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The next wave of Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Figures have been revealed, this time featured on the card back that restarted it all. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Greedo are all featured on 6″ TBS The Power of the Force “Red” card backs. These will be available to pre-order tomorrow (Friday) at 1 PM Eastern exclusively on both Hasbro Pulse and ShopDisney.


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We’re receiving emails from readers asking us if we’ve sectioned off a place in our RDRs and VGs for the Lucasfilm 50 collection of Hasbro Star Wars action figures. Because the products marked with this logo are from across various lines, the best we could come up with was a search option. If you click HERE or type “Lucasfilm 50” in our RDRs search bar, you’ll be taken to a list of all the products released to date that sport the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary logo. We hope that helps you out for those that are looking for this.

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Review: AT-ST Driver - TVC - VC192 [Walmart Exclusive]

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ShopDisney.com is having a tiered sitewide sale this Memorial weekend where you can get 20% Off $100 / 25% Off $150 purchases. They currently have 3 of the 4 The Black Series comic packs in stock to help take advantage of the big discount. Click below for direct product pages!

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The Black Series TCW Exclusive Figures Arriving In Stores

The Target Exclusive TBS Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary commemorative The Clone Wars figures are starting to arrive at brick and mortar. Daniel from the Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors found these at his local Flowery Branch, GA Target. 

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The Black Series LFL 50th Jawa Back In Stock On Amazon.com

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If you missed it the first time, you can grab it right now. The Black Series Lucasfilm 50th Jawa is back in stock on Amazon.

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Here are some quick pics of the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary line of Kenner-inspired The Black Series 6″ figures, something Hasbro said they would never do for 3.75″ collectors despite constant begging, but have done it for 6″ collectors. Whatever. Enjoy the pictures courtesy of friend and JTA reader Alientek. They’re awesome figures!


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Hasbro Fan First Friday: The Vintage Collection Reveals

Today’s Fan First Friday livestream gave us 5 new The Vintage Collection reveals, broken up into the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary themed releases and mainstream releases. Click through for the full discussion! Look for some pre-orders to go live at 1 PM Eastern.

Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary

  • AT-ST Driver (Walmart exclusive)
  • Paploo (Walmart exclusive)
  • Princess Leia (Endor) (Walmart Exclusive)

Mainstream releases

  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Darth Maul

Full Story

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