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Did those YouTube reviews catch everything? Did others speak honestly whether this was the right version of the Millennium Falcon to release? And what about that price? What about those pack-in figures? And what’s new here? Is this better or worse than previous efforts? The review of the Millennium Falcon (Smuggler’s Run) TARGET exclusive vehicle is ready, and we speak freely about its pros and cons. Also, this gallery is only the beginning. We will be adding a lot more images across the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy as we move ahead, so stay tuned for more! (more….)

Millennium Falcon (Smuggler's Run)

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 12!

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The review is just moments away, but you can check out the full Photo Gallery and Collector Notes for the Millennium Falcon (Smuggler’s Run) TARGET exclusive vehicle RIGHT NOW in our Research Droids Reviews!

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Toy Run Tuesday #60 - TVC and TBS Clone Wars and Galaxy's Edge

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Toy Run Tuesday! I’m excited to share a couple of this week’s acquisitions. They are related to the clone wars/prequel era so if you like clones, this may be of especial interest to you! Click here to see more…

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How Did Your TVC Millennium Falcon (Smuggler's Run) Arrive?

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The Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run vehicle is NOW ARRIVING! What condition did you receive it? Leave images and your experiences in the comments! Let us know how you made out!

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How Did You Make Out Today With The Galaxy's Edge Exclusives?

How did you make out at TARGET with the Galaxy’s Edge exclusives? Some have commented already that the Droid Depot 3.75″ figures were the hardest to find. Let us know and show your pictures in the comments!

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This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, JTA may receive a commission if you click and make a purchase.

How many people cancelled their preorder for the Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon at Target? One JTA reader was able to preorder it during the second wave with a 10% coupon, but after weeks of contemplating, he decided to cancel his order. He’s gone from fear of missing out to buyer’s remorse. (more….)

Full Story

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And it’s getting worse. As if the debacle of TARGET’s Galaxy’s Edge exclusives wasn’t enough, JTA reader blueharvestcollector tagged us on Instagram, showing what the few who secured the TVC Millennium Falcon are doing with their pre-orders. It’s salt in the wound. Now, the irritation doesn’t come from an anti-capitalist attitude. Scalpers can do what they want, but only after the demand is met. This item lasted a mere moments online. Hasbro, you have to meet the demand for these exclusives better. All we hear is how you can’t price anything out. Then you finally release what collectors have begged for years to have another opportunity to purchase, and you make it limited. Why do you make these exclusives IMPOSSIBLE to secure? You need to work with TARGET ASAP and get more units available for pre-order. You’ve essentially ticked off most of your customers who wanted this, the TVC community that still remains. This is not how a relationship works. If there are more coming, then please let us know immediately. Because right now, people are walking away angry.

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Coming soon: Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge, a new action-adventure virtual reality experience, announced by ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm is in development in collaboration with Oculus Studios. Click through for the full press release!

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We talked about the original plans for Galaxy’s Edge a few months ago. Back then it was reported that the Star Wars theme park was to be about the Original Trilogy, and that Bob Iger changed his mind when The Force Awakens was released, when he saw first footage. Now it turns out that this is not the whole story. Former Walt Disney World Vice President Dan Cockerell was a guest on the WDW Radio podcast and there he talked about how events unfolded. And it turns out that the reports from a few months back left out one important detail: a meeting Bob Iger had with Kathleen Kennedy. Click through for more!

Galaxy's Edge with the Millennium Falcon

Galaxy’s Edge with the Millennium Falcon

Full Story

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It’s official (and not unexpected), there will be a special Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite during this year’s Star Wars Celebration. It’s not clear if this will be reserved for Star Wars Celebration attendees, or open to the public. From what I can tell, this will be open to the public, but might possibly have a limited number of tickets reserved to purchase by Celebration attendees. Read all about it right here. Are you attending SW Celebration this year? And if so, do you plan on also buying a separate ticket to this event? Let us know in the comments!

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Visual Guide Update - BB-19H - Droid Factory

Merry Christmas from JTA and BB-19H! Check him out in our latest Visual Guide update! And, read all about him in our latest review!

BB-19H - Droid Factory

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Review: BB-19H - Droid Factory [Merry Christmas 2019!]

Merry Christmas! Let’s check out the latest Disney Droid Factory “holiday” astromech! BB-H19 is the focus of our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.


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Rise Of The Resistance Sneak Preview

Disney invited a few people to check out the brand new “Rise of the Resistance” ride at Galaxy’s Edge (Walt Disney World). YouTube Channel Ordinary Adventures captured their tour on video. And while not the whole ride could be filmed, the 20 minute video will show you most of the ride, including highlights from the part that is set on the First Order Star Destroyer. Click through for the video and a few more details!

Rise of the Resistance Hangar Bay

Rise of the Resistance Star Destroyer Hangar Bay

Full Story

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President Of Disney Parks West Leaves Company

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story yesterday: Catherine Powell, who oversaw Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Disneyland, is leaving the company, her position will be eliminated altogether and her staff will now report directly to Bob Chapek, the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences & Products. The Hollywood Reporter article implies that Howell’s departure may have something to do with the drop in theme park attendance, following the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. Click through for some more details!

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World – Source: Bryan Perri, Instagram

Full Story

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Galaxy's Edge Opening Today In Orlando

Last night saw the dedication ceremony for Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando. And today the park is officially opening to the public. So people on the east coast now have a chance to check out Galaxy’s Edge as well!
It remains to be seen if the Walt Disney World addition will attract more visitors than the counterpart in Anaheim. Also, just like in Anaheim, the Rise of the Resistance ride is not ready for prime time yet. The ride will be opened in early December, until then the only ride will be Smuggler’s Run.
You can watch the dedication from last night on the Disney Parks YouTube channel by clicking on the photo below. You also get to see one scrapped feature of Galaxy’s Egde in action: remote controlled droids. On stage you can see R2-D2, BB-8, Hondo Ohnaka, Vi Moradi (that character on the right, featured in the Black Spire novel) and the Disney Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products, Bob Chapek.

Will you visit Galaxy’s Edge in Florida?

Galaxy's Edge Orlando Dedication Ceremony

Click to watch the video (20 mins) – it contains a lot of promotion however

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TSA Bans Galaxy Edge's Grenade-Shaped Coke Bottles

It looks like the TSA has mistaken the Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles for thermal detonators and now they’re banned on any flights. Esquire has the full story!

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It’s an all-new PLAYSET in the new Droid Depot category! It feels like Disney took the medical wing of Echo Base and mixed it with the 1979 Kenner Droid Factory playset and came up with this. See how 2019’s The Droid Factory works in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

The Droid Factory

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Learn What Was Cut From Galaxy's Edge

In yesterday’s article you learned that Galaxy’s Edge was originally meant to feature the Lucas era, but that was changed about a year into the development phase, when Bob Iger said Star Wars land needs to be about the new content. But this is not where the changes stopped. A lot of things were planned for Galaxy’s Edge that were cut as late as 2018, and once you find out what the cut content was about you have to wonder if removing the features was the right decision. So click through to learn what other features and attractions Galaxy’s Edge was supposed to have!

Galaxy's Edge

Full Story

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Now this is somewhat of a surprise. Former Disney Imagineer J Daniel Jenkins was interviewed for the Dreamfinders podcast and revealed that Galaxy’s Edge was originally supposed to be about the Original Trilogy, featuring one or two planets from those movies. But then all things changed when Bob Iger saw dailies for The Force Awakens and decided that the new Star Wars land must be about the new trilogy and feature the newly created Disney content. Click through for more info!

Galaxy’s Edge Artwork

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Pricing For A Stay At The Upcoming Star Wars Hotel Leaked

Website WDNT, which reports on all things Disney theme parks in the US, revealed pricing for a stay at the upcoming Star Wars hotel in Florida. According to the article a stay at the Star Wars hotel is meant to resemble an immersive trip on a space ship, so think of the Star Wars hotel less as a hotel and more like a cruise ship, complete with a view into space from your own cabin and high-end dining in the evening. For this all windows will be virtual reality displays. A unique bus shuttle that completey shields you from the real world, and which is meant to resemble a space capsule / shuttle, will transfer guests from the “hotel” to  Galaxy’s Edge, the bus, too, will not have windows, but displays, similar to the Hogwarts Express at Universal, so you can completely immerse yourself in Star Wars and pretend you are no longer on Earth.
However, since this experience is not a hotel like any other, you have to book at least for 3 days / 2 nights. Single nights will not be available. But this all inclusive trip (you don’t need to pay extra for dining and beverages) doesn’t come cheap. According to WDNT’s sources price for one person starts at $3,300 for the 3 day / 2 night trip. If you max out cabin capacity with 5 passengers it makes the stay more affordable, price per person comes down to $1,440 then. So if you plan on traveling to a galaxy far, far away, it’s best to ask some friends as well to come along. A more expensive first class cabin will also be available, but pricing for it is unknown. Head over to WDNT to read more about the hotel and to check out a lot more concept art and photos. This experience will certainly be very unique. However, you have to be patient, it may still take several months or even a few years until the hotel is finished. It’s still under construction.

Star Wars Hotel

Each cabin will have its own view into space


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Galaxy's Edge "Action Skit" In Need Of Some Fine Tuning?

Our good friends at Rebel Force Radio has posted an action skit from Galaxy’s Edge. Wo. Watch it and see what you think it’s missing. There’s no action, no relevant dialogue, no explosions, and no duels just to name a few things. They got to spice this up a bit, no? Let us know in the comments.

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What exactly is going on at Disneyland Anaheim and Galaxy’s Edge? We talked about an alleged lack of visitors to the theme park before, when several YouTube videos were released that showed a surprising lack of people in the park. Some commenters here on JTA pointed out how the YouTube videos were taken early in the morning, when the park is more empty than later in the day. But on Twitter several people also pointed out how empty both Galaxy’s Edge and Disneyland Anaheim seem to be this summer, and one mother of a theme park employee even posted that Disney is cutting down working hours for some employees, due to a lack of visitors.
But now AZ Central has posted a story on their website using aerial photos of company Nearmap. The photos were taken on July 4th and show Galaxy’s Edge from above, with individual people clearly visible. And the park is more or less empty. These photos were not taken early in the morning, but in the afternoon, as you can tell by the shadows. Click through for more info!

Galaxy's Edge Empty

Galaxy’s Edge on July 4th – Click for larger version!

Full Story

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Website Slashfilm posted a story yesterday about suprisingly few people at Galaxy’s Edge. On top of that there are also reports about Disneyland being unusually empty and having very few guests, resulting in surprisingly low wait times for the various rides and attractions, less than 5 minutes. So what is going on here? Click through for possible explanations!

Galaxy's Edge

Full Story

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Review: Droid Depot - TBS [P3] - Galaxy's Edge Exclusive

Meh. The Droid Depot set from Galaxy’s Edge is a bit boring. And why did they do what they did to RX-24? See more in our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Droid Depot

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A quick search for “Star Wars Black Series Galaxy’s Edge” on eBay will show you several sellers already offering either single sets or all three sets of the Black Series Galaxy’s Edge exclusive figures. It may well be that eBay will be the only source for international collectors (and those who will not or cannot go to Disneyland) to get a hold of the all new Hondo, DJ-R3X, Commander Pyre, Mountain Trooper, a Mouse Droid and two all new Porgs. On top of that you will also get C-3PO with the new 4-LOM style elbow joints and a photo real The Last Jedi Rey, and she does look quite nice, the sculpt really comes alive with photoreal.

Price for a single set begins at $90, there are offers for all three sets beginning at $160, but another seller wants $370 for three sets in “near mint” condition.

Will you resort to eBay to get these figures? Or will you wait and hope Hasbro might eventually release the new figures in the mainline? Another question is if photo real The Last Jedi Rey will see an Archive release or if she will only be available in the exclusive Smuggler’s Run set. In my opinion it would be a wise choice by Hasbro to make only the packaging exclusive, but to offer the all new (and repainted) figures to all collectors worldwide eventually. But there is no official word yet.

Black Series Hondo Ohnaka

Shared Galaxy’s Edge and eBay exclusive?

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