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Toy Run Tuesday #116 - Bang For Your Buck

This last week was a good collecting week! I got some great toy deals for both new and old toys. I’d love to see what you collected this week. Please take a look and comment by clicking here.

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BREAKING NEWS: GameSpot Reveals TBS and TVC Droids Figures

GameSpot has revealed four new figures available for preorder on September 24th, 2021. Check out their article for the main reveal. What do you think of these repaints? As far as gimmicks go, this one is pretty good!

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Toy Run Tuesday #99 - Tucson Swap Meet and Toy Stores

Hello Toy Runners! This week I visited a few more toy stores and found a few good fodder figures for cheap at the Tucson Tanque Verde swap meet. Click here for some photos as well as an announcement about the theme of TRT #100. 

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Toy Run Tuesday #15 - AT-ST Raider

Good evening Toy Runners. It’s still Tuesday where I am, so I’m letting this one slide. This week was pretty fun when it came to collecting. Please click through and find out why!

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Toy Run Tuesday #11 - Republic Gunships

A couple weeks back I posted that I got a grail piece in my collection: the Black Series Shock Trooper Helmet. This week I’m pleased to say that I was able to add another grail piece to my collection. The title is your answer, but there is more to the story. I also received an awesome photo from the client who I made those 2 ARC troopers for. Click through for my week in Star Wars, and let us know what you added to your collection this week in the comments!

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Toy Run Tuesday #10

Hello, fellow toy runners. A small update from me this week. We are getting ready to move so much of my collection is starting to get packed away! Any big additions to your collections this week? Let us know in the comments.

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Toy Run Tuesday #9 - Toys, Toys Everywhere

This last week was fantastic for toy running! I have a ton of photos to share with you. My father and I went to several collector shops in the Phoenix area over the weekend. There were tons of Star Wars toys to look at and some great deals to be had. Click here to see what I mean! 

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Toy Run Tuesday #8 - Black Series 6" Captain Fordo

Welcome back to Tuesday everyone. At least it’s not Monday! Just a minor update from me this week. How about you? Did you work on any new dioramas or custom figures? Get anything in the mail? Load up on $2.50 Snokes and Jyn’s from Walmart? Let us know how your week in Star Wars went in the comments!

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Take a Comparative Look at The Many 6" Vaders

I’ve started down the rabbit hole of Marvel Legends figures recently, so I’ve started following The Fwoosh for news in that regard. They write the occasional Star Wars article as well, and today they posted a wonderful video about all the various 6″ Darth Vader figures on the market. In addition to reporting the news of an upcoming Figuarts Vader, we have reviewed several Darth Vader figures in great detail, so click through for The Fwoosh’s video as well as links to our reviews.

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A thanks to Disqus commenter TopMonkey for this heads up. We initially reviewed Han, Lando, and Qi’ra from Solo back in April. So far these figures have not sold through everywhere, and their Amazon values attest to their diminished popularity. So, in an attempt to reignite some interest, Hasbro sent GeekTyrant some promo figures for review. The reviewer is a collector himself,  so he has some valuable thoughts regarding these figures… Full Story

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Council of Collectors: Common Issues in Varying Toys

Action Figure Junkies (AFJ) posted an article yesterday with an interesting idea. What if Hasbro produced a 6″ line of GI Joe figures? Click through for some Star Wars related commentary… Full Story

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What Clone Wars Figures Do You Want?

Last October, we posted an article in conjunction with Peakob1 Customs about the ideal list of figures from The Clone Wars you’d like to see in The Vintage Collection. Steve Evans has posted a similar question on instagram today. We want to hear your top figures you want to see from The Clone Wars, now that it is returning for one last season! Click through to leave some comments…

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The Black Series Mimban Stormtrooper Sneak Peek!

A full review with all details by Paul will follow, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the Mimban Stormtrooper who is, in my opinion, a fantastic figure! Click through for a first look!

Mimban Stormtrooper

UPDATE: This figure is now officially in our RDRs database! Check it out HERE.

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Dear Hasbro, Why?

The Black Series line is rich with exclusives in 2018. We have Chewbacca, the Mimban Stormtrooper, the Gamorrean Guard, Commander Wolffe, hopefully Zuckuss will be sold somewhere too.
There may be some need for exclusives, from a business standpoint, however, for anyone not living in the USA exclusives are what sucks the joy out of collecting. Some exclusives never make it to other territories, and when they do, they come at a price… Read more after the jump!

Chewbecca Exclsuive Figure

That’s 48.15 USD

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If you missed out on these figures, Amazon has them in-stock for just about retail price. Make sure to follow the links to pick up these really great figures. Be sure to check out the Research Droid Reviews as well!
Death Trooper Amazon RDR
Emperors Royal Guard Amazon RDR

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