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Toy Run Tuesday #30 - Phoenix Toy Shows

This last weekend I was able to attend two different toy shows, and an additional collectible store in Phoenix. Since I moved, I haven’t been able to go to collector stops near as often as I used to because I live so far away, so it was a real treat being able to attend this weekend. Check out my small haul after the jump!

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Krazy D's Kustoms - 1:18 and 1:12 Scale 3D Printed Dioramas

I just wanted to make a special post about the wonderful work done by Krazy D’s Kustoms. A few weeks ago I received an item from them, and finally had a chance to put it together. Click here for some photos of my new toys!

Image taken from Krazy D’s Kustoms webpage

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Toy Run Tuesday #13 - Cheese and the Rise of Boba

Hello toy runners! Thanks for coming back to another Toy Run Tuesday. I have a figure and a ship to share with you this week, so please click through for some photos! Once you’ve taken a look at my finds, please share yours in the comments!

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Toy Run Tuesday #4 - Imperials and Droids

Welcome back, toy runners! It’s our fourth week and I’ve got some really good finds I wanted to share with you. SDCC was rather a bust for new reveals, but did you get any of the exclusives? I didn’t get any of the current ones, but I did find an older SDCC exclusive this week. Post some pictures of your recent finds in the comments here!

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Walmart Exclusive Mimban Stormtrooper In-Stock!

Walmart is not fooling around today with their exclusives. The Mimban Stormtrooper (TVC) is in stock now!

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Funny of the Day

All these Black Series Mudtroopers showing up at Target have me like… Full Story

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Mudtrooper TVC Cardback by Karbonite Kustoms

I am in the process of building a Mimban Lieutenant costume, and am therefore in a dedicated mudtrooper builders group on Facebook. One of the members recently finished their costume and was approved by the 501st. As a final touch for his build, he commissioned a custom cardback through Karbonite Kustoms using himself as the image. Not only would it be awesome to have a Kenner card of myself, it’s basically the coolest trooper around. When I saw this I was stunned. Hasbro, please. Give us this figure ASAP! Special thanks to Ricky R. and Karbonite Kustoms for sharing the images!

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A thanks to Disqus commenter TopMonkey for this heads up. We initially reviewed Han, Lando, and Qi’ra from Solo back in April. So far these figures have not sold through everywhere, and their Amazon values attest to their diminished popularity. So, in an attempt to reignite some interest, Hasbro sent GeekTyrant some promo figures for review. The reviewer is a collector himself,  so he has some valuable thoughts regarding these figures… Full Story

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Some Clear Direction for Hasbro

Hi Hasbro, here are some figures that I want made. Just so there is no question as to what figures people want made, I thought posting these photos may be of assistance. Readers, do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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Nerf Tobias Beckett Blaster... And Something Else?

I found this image floating on Facebook. It was sourced from another group entirely so as of yet I don’t have the original source for this image. As a big fan of the Star Wars Nerf line (not added to ships…) I think this is a great set. If you look a little closer you may find something else of interest to TVC collectors. A little more to the left… a little more…

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I've Been Thinking About Battle Packs

To be honest, Battle Packs were hit or miss. Ones like the Mandalorian Warrior pack (please send more Mandos) were much more popular than ones like the Battle of Geonosis. Would a few battle packs of articulated figures be a bad thing? At least with these characters, I think a couple battle packs might do us some good. More…

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Get a Piece of that Solo Action (Figures)!

Solo was a great film. It was a fun movie to watch. One thing that it did very well was the dense and diverse population of each planet and cantina visited throughout the story. Click through to see how we think Hasbro should take advantage of this new treasure-trove of characters in The Vintage Collection…

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Another Solo Cameo from Rogue One

A few days ago, I posted about how Tam Posla would be making a cameo appearance in Solo. Apparently there is another character that is in Rogue One making a background appearance. Or at least it looks the same… Click through to check it out for yourself.

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Solo Toys Dated Later At TARGET Than Anticipated

If you’ve been having trouble locating the newest Solo toys at your closest TARGET brick and mortar, you may not be surprised to learn that when given the DPCI a TARGET employee informed me that the Solo product launch was dated for a 4/15 reset, which is after the 4/13 street date. Patience is the way of the Jedi, friends, and we may have to wait a couple days yet…

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Rogue One Cameo in Solo - Tam Posla

Amidst the toy reveal commotion, here is a bit of movie news. I was looking at images from the most recent Solo trailer and spotted a white and grey helmet in the background… Click through to find out more!

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Enfys Nest Swoop Bike IN STOCK NOW!

The brand new Solo: A Star Wars Story Force Link 2.0 Enfys Nest swoop bike is in stock now! Hurry you can get it a whole day early!

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