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Review: Grogu - EHS - Basic

Hasbro produced another 4-inch action figure line, but this time, these figures are “different enough to make you mad” compared to the standard 3.75-inch scale. Find out more about Grogu from the Epic Hero Series line. (more….)


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Review: Grogu - Retro Collection

Let’s look at the latest batch of Retro Collection figures based on The Book Of Boba Fett. The final figure in this case assortment is Grogu. It’s a repaint of the same figure from The Mandalorian lineup. (more….)


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Review: The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter - TVC - Vehicle

The Vintage Collection The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter is a remarkable release. The all-new addition to the line has features and details that set a new standard for a mid-size-range vehicle. However, what isn’t so mid-size is its MSRP. That said, Hasbro went above and beyond to create an authentic, screen-accurate, and gorgeous vehicle to complement the action figures they make from The Mandalorian. (more….)

The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter

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Review: Speeder Bike/Scout Trooper & Grogu - TVC - Vehicle

Review: Grogu - TBS6 [P4] - TM26

Yay! It’s another Grogu, but this time for almost triple the price! Check out this new addition to The Black Series [Phase IV] line. (more….)


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Our next The Vintage Collection Visual Guide features the Walmart exclusive The Mandalorian & Grogu (Maldo Kreis) (VC211) set. Click below for our full Visual Guide. You can also check out a review of this figure right here.

The Mandalorian & Grogu (Maldo Kreis) - The Vintage Collection

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The Vintage Collection The Mandalorian & Grogu (Maldo Kreis) Walmart exclusive set is visually the most horrifying thing we’ve seen for packaging to date in The Vintage Collection. But the contents inside are pretty awesome. It’s still overpriced and the value feels light. But what about those knobby white ice spiders? (more….)

The Mandalorian & Grogu (Maldo Kreis)

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Pre-Order All Of Today's Hot Toys Reveals

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Sideshow Collectibles has all of today’s Hot Toys reveals up for pre-order:

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Hot Toys is giving us more Baby Yoda, now known as Grogu. Check out their Grogu set (TMS043), which also includes a Loth Cat. Get all the details and gallery images after the jump!

Full Story

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The 2nd stretch goal for the Razor Crest was just revealed. And it’s none other than Baby Yoda aka The Child! He comes with his 2nd crib he had towards the end of season 1! In his left hand Baby Yoda is holding his favorite toy in the world, the metal knob from the control lever. Which was absent from the cockpit renders. How do you like that stretch goal? Also, do you think Baby Yoda might also see a single release (with his first crib) later in 2021? You can back the Razor Crest here to get Baby Yoda in TVC!

HasLab The Child Figure

Click to enlarge!

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Now Shipping: The Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

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Looking for something to decorate your Echo Dot in your Star Wars room? Check out The Child stand for the 3rd Generation Echo Dot. Mine arrived today and it’s a great addition to the room! You can pick this up on Amazon right here

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It’s now been confirmed that the upcoming Mafex Beskar armor Mandalorian action figure will not come with a jetpack. However, the figure comes with Baby Yoda aka “The Child” instead. Check out the photo of the figure below (make sure to view the larger version). You can see here where the Mafex figure excels, extremely lifelike and fluid posing is possible, helped by the fact that the proportions are perfect. This is the figure you need if you want a true to life 1/12 scale Mandalorian! Click through for one more photo!

Mafex The Mandalorian

The dynamic duo

Full Story

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Toy Run Tuesday #43 - The Mudhorn and Captain Vaughn

This week’s edition of TRT is purposely posted late because I had a package just delivered and I wanted to share it so bad I took the time to take it out for a small photo shoot. I also finished a custom Captain Vaughn from last week’s Clone Wars episode! Click here to check out the photos from this last week in Star Wars.

Full Story

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We reported about rumored SHF figures from The Mandalorian a few days ago. Some details were still scarce, but now S.H.Figuarts have officially announced the new figures, yes, you read right, figures, “Baby Yoda” is indeed a single release and NOT an accessory. Also, very important, it seems the Beskar armor Mandalorian has a normal sized helmet, and doesn’t suffer from pinhead syndrome after all! Click through for all the photos and some details!

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda

The cutest toy ever?

Full Story

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Pop culture magazine “Exclumagazine” posted a photo of two new SH Figuarts Star Wars figures that may or may not come later this year. A Beskar armor Mandalorian and the “Child” aka Baby Yoda (which would most likely be an accessory). Please take this with a heavy dosage of salt. Nothing is confirmed, but the Beskar Mandalorian looks legit, he even has the SHF pinhead syndrome that many of their helmeted characters suffer from. There has been a conspicuous absence of announcements from SH Figuarts in recent times, so some new figure reveals would be welcome. Would you add the SHF version of a Beskar armor Mandalorian to your collection? Or would you rather wait for the inevitable Hasbro version? 

Rumored SH Figuarts Beskar Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

These two may or may not come soon

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Photo Of Black Series Baby Yoda In The Box Has Leaked

A photo of the Black Series Baby Yoda, officially “The Child”, has appeared on Twitter. And in true leaker guild fashion the photo was taken by a potato camera. So you can barely see anything, but it appears to be the real deal! Thanks to Steven U for the alert!

The Black Series Baby Yoda

Click for larger version

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Hot Toys Is Teasing Their Baby Yoda Merchandise!

Earlier today Hot Toys teased their upcoming Baby Yoda (officially “The Child”) products.

The adorable Child with big ears and large eyes is expected to arrive, joining Hot Toys as the incredibly accurate life-size collectible, quarter & one sixth scale collectible and brand new Cosbaby figures that will capture the hearts of many! Stay tuned to our upcoming announcements for the acclaimed line-up inspired by The Mandalorian, Star Wars first live-action series.

So it seems you will be able to choose from several scales. And “Cosbaby” refers to the Hot Toys version of a Funko Pop style cute collectible figure. Stay tuned for more!


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Do You Want A Life-Size Baby Yoda? Sideshow Has You Covered!

Sideshow Collectibles just opened up pre-orders for a live-size The Child figure, and it’s pretty amazing! Click here for the pre-order page and full gallery!

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Baby Yoda Meets His Grandfather!

And now something fun and lighthearted for the weekend! Jon Favreau posted the following photo on his Instagram yesterday:

Baby Yoda and George Lucas

Baby Yoda and George Lucas

This is from the season 2 set of The Mandalorian! Everyone loves Baby Yoda! Click on the photo for the large version! Now all we need is a Mandalorian episode directed by George Lucas!

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We all knew this was coming, and here they all are! From The Black Series to plushies, to mugs, Baby Yoda merchandise is here. Check out everything over at Entertainment Earth!

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BREAKING NEWS: Hasbro Baby Yoda Toys Announced!

Dork Side Toys just released their new newsletter and out of nowhere they announced new Baby Yoda toys from Hasbro! Click through for all the details and photos!

Hasbro The Black Series Baby Yoda

Hasbro The Black Series Baby Yoda banner from Dork Side Toys

Full Story

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"Baby Yoda" Merchandise Showing Up For Pre-Order

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Get used to this one folks! It’s time to start the Baby Yoda merchandise train! Walmart.com has the new Pop! figures up for pre-order, and the newly announced plush toy does show up in the search results, but when you click on it the page doesn’t yet work. Thanks to JTA reader Craig for the alert! Update: The Plush Yoda pre-order is now also live on Walmart.com. 

Update: Entertainment Earth has pre-order pages ready to go too:

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Mattel To Release "Baby Yoda" Plush Doll In 2020

Mattel will release a “Baby Yoda” plush doll with vinyl head on June 1st 2020. Price will be $24.99. The toy looks just as adorable as the character. And in my opinion this Mattel “Baby Yoda” is superior to the very stylized Funko Pop version – and even cheaper.
However, all of that raises the question if the fact that Mattel is making “Baby Yoda” could be a sign of things to come.
A quick reminder: the Hasbro Star Wars license expires in late 2020. And we’ve had no news at all regarding a license renewal or extension, which is highly unusual, because previously these extensions were announced years in advance.
That being said, it’s not unusual that various other companies are making Star Wars plush dolls. Porgs were made by a number of companies, for example. So it may well be that Hasbro has an electronic “Baby Yoda” toy in the works that can move and make sounds, just like the electronic Porg made by them. It’s therefore not about the fact that Hasbro has no exclusive license to make Star Wars plush toys. But that Mattel is making “Baby Yoda” is certainly interesting, because they didn’t make any plush Porgs back in 2017. So maybe Mattel wants a bigger slice of the Star Wars merchandise pie. And perhaps they want even more.

Mattel Baby Yoda

Mattel Baby Yoda

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Funko Beats Everyone To The Punch Yet Again

This was inevitable. Fans have been asking for Baby Yoda merchandise ever since the first episode of The Mandalorian was released. And as usual, Funko will be the first to release something, it seems. Funko themselves posted a teaser on their Twitter, but a photo of the actual toy also leaked on Instagram. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of several entries in Target’s database showing two different Baby Yodas: a 10 inch and most likely a regular 6 inch version which both look the same. Price is $29.99 and $8.99 respectively. Expect Baby Yoda early in 2020. Now we wonder when Hasbro and/or Disney will release something, either an action figure with a Baby Yoda accessory or a lifesize doll. Will you get the Funko Pop version?

Funko Baby Yoda

Funko Baby Yoda


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Baby Yoda Merchandise To Hit Stores Soon!

Many fans wondered why there is no merchandise for one of the breakout characters from the Mandalorian. Of course I am talking about the cutest infant ever seen in Star Wars. Now Variety has an article on their website saying that Jon Favreau is actually the one to “blame” here, he specifically asked Disney to withhold merchandise for Baby Yoda so that viewers would not be spoiled. Now while most of the world still cannot watch the show legally, the cat is out of the bag. Not only do mainstream newssites (even here in Germany where the show won’t be available before April 1st 2020!) report about Baby Yoda, the official Star Wars twitter posted a photo. So the character can hardly be considered a spoiler anymore. Which is why merchandise can finally hit stores. But I digress, fans of the show and the character can be happy that merchandise will hit stores before Christmas. Some t-shirts are already available but of course everyone is waiting for that plush Baby Yoda. What other merchandise do you want? Leave your suggestions in the comments! Read the Variety article here!

Baby Yoda T-Shirt

The cutest t-shirt print ever?

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