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Check Out This Rise Of Skywalker Walmart Endcap!

Jeff M. was with his son at a Walmart in Camden, Delaware and look what he has found! A Rise of Skywalker Endcap. You can also see the brand new “Scream Saber” on display which not only has prerecorded lightsaber sounds, but lets you record your own sounds. Walmart wouldn’t sell the toys, they won’t even let Jeff or his son hold them. Why break the street date then and display these toys? Another questions is if this Endcap will be all there is for the movie at Walmart. Absent here are some of the Galaxy of Adventure toys, so you will probably also find Star Wars toys in the toy aisle. Also, it seems as if the Black Series First Edition boxes may be all you will get when you buy a figure on Triple Force Friday. Someone who prefers the standard box may have to wait a bit until they are available. Thanks to Jeff for sending us the photo!

Walmart Rise of Skywalker Endcap

Walmart Rise of Skywalker Endcap – click for larger version

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Has The Hasbro Star Wars Brand Jumped The Shark?

With all that’s slowly getting leaked and revealed for Triple Force Friday, I can’t help but be reminded of a Season 5 Happy Days television episode whose plot point became a universal line of demarcation for something that changes so drastically from its original intent it becomes unwelcomed.

Full Story

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New Star Wars Insider Rise Of Skywalker Cover!

Check out this cover for Star Wars Insider! It shows the First Order side of things, with a good look at some ties, a treadspeeder in the background (and yes, it seems the GoA toy would scale quite nicely with TVC figures), the Knights of Ren and a Snowtrooper wearing a cape. Thanks to Matthew Cohen for the tip!

Star Wars Insider Cover

Click for much larger version

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Up next for our The Vintage Collection updates is Zorii Bliss (VC157). Click below to check out the full Visual Guide page, and then head on over to read our full review.

Zorii Bliss (VC157) - The Vintage Collection

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Updated The Rise Of Skywalker Promo Image

You certainly remember that leaked poster/promo image from a while ago that some people considered fake and suspected to be fanmade? In the meantime, it was proven that it was not fake at all and now a slightly updated version of the poster has appeared in the wild. Someone took a photo of the updated image (source is unknown) and posted it on Reddit. Please click on the image below for the full version.

The one real difference I can see? Instead of that odd alien, the image now shows Rose next to Finn. Still conspicuously absent is R2-D2. Is it time to start a #wheresR2 campaign yet? JJ, don’t you dare kill him!

Rise of Skywalker Merchandise Material

Click for larger version!


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Wo! Hold the phone! You can order The Black Series [Phase III] general release Sith Trooper for only $9.99 at! Special thanks to JTA reader Bill T. for the alert! When I visited the page, there were only four left. Then I refreshed, and it showed seven left. It must be a marketing ploy, but I was successfully able to order two! Time will tell if this is a mistake or an incorrectly listed product. But I took the chance and ordered it.

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Review: Zorii Bliss [The Rise Of Skywalker] - TVC - VC157

NEW THE VINTAGE COLLECTION FIGURES! Let’s continue with the mysterious Zorii Bliss. She’s not perfect, but she’s got it where it counts!. Discover more in Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Zorii Bliss

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We are adding more new The Vintage Collection figures to our Visual Guide database. Next up is the all-new Sith Jet Trooper (VC159). Click below to check out the full Visual Guide. Make sure to also check out our full review for this figure right here.

Sith Jet Trooper (VC159) - The Vintage Collection

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12 Inch Sith Trooper And Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Have Leaked

The “Heroes & Villains” Facebook page has posted photos of two upcoming 12 inch Rise of Skywalker figures. The Sith Strooper and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. It seems these figures are bought by someone? Or is Hasbro just fulfilling contractual obligations here? Anyway, the duo was spotted at Walmart, who, like Meijer, don’t really seem to care about embargos and street dates, at least when we talk about putting top secret toys that no one must know about on shelves for us mere mortals to see.
Will you buy these figures? How long do you think it will take until you find them at Ollie’s / Ross / 5 Below?

12 inch Sith Trooper and Kylo Ren

Source: Heroes & Villains Facebook Page, click for larger version!

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Review: Sith Jet Trooper - TVC - VC159

NEW THE VINTAGE COLLECTION FIGURES! Let’s start with the Sith Jet Trooper. It’s a new take on the Sith Trooper. Find out more in Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Sith Jet Trooper

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The Official Star Wars Website Lists The Top 10 Luke Quotes...

… and Mark Hamill appends an 11th quote on Twitter…

Mark Hamill Tweet

Click to see original tweet

It seems Mark is still not all too happy about the extent of his role and number of lines in The Force Awakens, even after all those years. Chances are he will talk more in The Rise of Skywalker again, being dead is barely an inconvenience for a Jedi, after all. And who knows, maybe the movie will even add another timeless Luke Skywalker quote. What could it be? “Rey, you are my aunt?!?! That’s not true! That’s impossible!”? “Don’t call me Shirley!”? or “If only I had picked up those power converters at Tosche Station!” What do you think could be a great Luke quote for Episode IX? Leave your constructive thoughts and helpful suggestions (JJ is still editing the movie, maybe he needs some inspiration for last second pick up shoots!) in the comments! Let’s have some fun!

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The Rise Of Skywalker Spoiler Discussion

In the last few days a lot of new leaks and spoilers for the Rise of Skywalker were released on Reddit. Maybe not all of you know of the spoilers yet, and even if you know of them, we still haven’t really talked about them. So in this post I will summarize the most important spoilers, that should provide us with a basic idea what Episode IX will allegedly be about. The ultimate question is if Episode IX will be a satisfying conclusion not just to the sequel trilogy, but also to the Skywalker saga as a whole. So click through for the latest round of spoilers. And of course, if you want to know nothing then absolutely stay away from this post!

The Rise of Skywalker

Spoiler territory

Full Story

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Sith Jet Trooper Design Has Leaked

It’s leak season. While Disney insists on an embargo things leak left and right. We know of the regular First Order Jet Trooper. Not a leak for a change, the costume was on display at D23. And now the red Sith Trooper variant of the Jet Trooper has leaked. It’s safe to assume that we will get a figure of him eventually. The Sith Jet Trooper was revealed on a t-shirt, actually, but the print is pretty detailed and also provides a first glimpse at the actual jet pack itself! I appears the Sith Jet Trooper, while very similar in design to the regular Jet Trooper, shares some design elements with the regular Sith Trooper, which makes sense. It seems all Sith Trooper variants will feature the grooves on the armor.

Would you add the Sith Jet Trooper to your collection?

Click on the image below for the full version!

Source: DMN-Store

Star Wars T Shirt

Click for full version!



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Google Trends For The Rise of Skywalker And The Mandalorian

It’s the weekend, not much to do, we have time, we can have some fun. Before the next figure leaks on ebay or Instagram we can take a look back at last week when at D23 trailers for both The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker (not technically a “trailer”, but still providing new footage) were released. How has the reaction on the internet been so far? Google Trends is a useful tool to gauge online popularity of search terms, the rationale here is that the more people search for something, the more it is talked about or the more interest in something exists, both positive and negative. So how do the Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker compare? Click through to find out!

Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker poster

Coming to a galaxy near you very soon

Full Story

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Topps has listed a Star Wars: The Mandalorian Trailer 10-card Set, as well as a poster card for both The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian. These sets expire in less than 4 days. Click here for details.



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The Rise Of Skywalker D23 Sizzle Reel Has Been Released

This morning the official Star Wars YouTube channel released the much talked about D23 footage for The Rise of Skywalker! Click through to watch the video, for screenshots of several highlights and a short analysis! If you want to know nothing, then please stay away from this article. Some potential spoilers and rumors will be discussed!

The Rise of Skywalker

Spoiler territory

Full Story

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A user on Reddit found out an interesting detail about the newly released The Rise of Skywalker teaser poster. The shadowy image of Emperor Palpatine is not a photo of actor Ian McDiarmid in makeup! Instead the artist(s) who created the poster used a Hot Toys figure of Emperor Palpatine! Is that a first that an official Star Wars movie poster uses an action figure instead of the actual character? Are there no decent promo photos of Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker? Either way this is certainly flattering for Hot Toys. Lucasfilm must have thought that the figure looks so convincing that it can stand in for the real character. However, several people had remarked – before it was known that a figure was used – that something seems to be off about Palpatine in the poster. At least now we know why.

Rise of Skywalker Palpatine

Click for full verson! The figure on the right is a 100% match for the looming Palpatine in the poster!

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It seems we all missed a crucial detail about the leaked Galaxy of Adventures Kylo Ren figure. It does give away something we didn’t know before. Click through for more!

Update: it has been suggested that I may be seeing things. Graphic added, you decide!

The Rise of Skywalker

Spoiler territory

Full Story

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You Want To See Something That Doesn't Exist Officially?

Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year! It seems street dates and embargos don’t mean very much when stores put product on shelves which we are not supposed to know about yet.

But TRU Canada put yet unannounced The Rise of Skywalker Galaxy of Adventures figures on shelves! And of course a Star Wars fan found them, took a picture of the figures in the box, and posted them, on Facebook of all things.

You will see Kylo Ren, Rey and the Jet Trooper, and the product packaging for the new Galaxy of Adventures line is revealed as well. The tubes are gone. And once more, these figures were found at Toys R Us Canada, in the wild, so the figures can no longer be considered top secret. Maybe they live in a different time zone up north and it’s already October 4th in Canada 😉 Thanks to JTA regular Matthew Cohen for the tip! So click through to see the three all new Galaxy of Adventures TROS figures, that you need to forget about again as soon as you see them!

Triple Force Friday


Full Story

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The Rise Of Skywalker Teaser Poster #2 Revealed At D23

Check out the latest teaser poster from The Rise Of Skywalker, just revealed at D23…

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Upcoming Triple Force Friday Star Wars Sets Have Leaked

There was an article here originally… that discussed and showed all the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets for Triple Force Friday. We received a friendly email from LEGO about a previous article that showed photos posted elsewhere already and they asked us to remove the content. Which we did, of course.

If you want to see the photos of the sets, both the box and loose, google for they have high res photos of everything on their homepage!

Also, once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back, these photos are on the internet, easily found. But LEGO has to abide by Disney’s rules as well, and the embargo exists, we have to respect that.



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You can now pick up the teaser poster for The Rise of Skywalker on Disney Movie Rewards. They finally dropped the point price compared to previous posters. This one will only cost you 750 points. If you need points you can always pick some up on eBay, which will put the poster at about $10-$12. 

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Black Series Line-up For Triple Force Friday Leaked

Begun the leaks have! Over on Reddit a list of the upcoming Black Series figures for Triple Force Friday was posted. Since Disney won’t allow Hasbro to promote anything, let us try to step in and show you what’s coming for TFF. Click through for more info!

Triple Force Friday

Full Story

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What Are Your Plans For Triple Force Friday?

A comment for one of the recent JTA articles made me think. A reader said this, and I paraphrase here: ” I am not buying a single thing on Triple Force Friday. I will find all of that merchandise at 80 to 90% off early to mid next year”.

So I wonder… what are your plans? Do you plan on buying everything at full price on October 4th and the days and weeks following that? Or will you patiently wait for the toys to get the usual huge discounts at Walmart or to eventually show up at Ross, Ollie’s and dollar stores for even less?
I think the trend of recent years, to see that again and again expensive sets are inevitably discounted to ridiculuous levels (the TVC Assault Tank for $12.99? Really? TBS Rex figure for less than $5?) may convince more fans than Hasbro would like not to buy anything on Triple Force Friday and to wait until everything is much cheaper.
So what are your plans? Buy everything on release? Or patiently wait until 2020 to find most or even all the toys for cheap? I think both Hasbro and Disney need Triple Force Friday to be a huge success. I believe this could make or break Star Wars toys or at least shape the future of the toyline. Hasbro still hasn’t announced anything concerning the license. We can only guess what keeps Disney and Hasbro from announcing the extension. So Triple Force Friday and toy sales for The Rise of Skywalker may be the deciding factor here. But if many fans decide to play the waiting game revenue may be seriously affected. So tell us your plans in the comments!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Force Friday

Crowds buying toys on Force Friday 2015 for The Force Awakens

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Bloomberg Thinks Star Wars Is Struggling To Win Over Kids

Bloomberg released an article earlier today that talks about a lof of the things that have been discussed in the fandom for quite a while now. One of the things the fandom has talkes about is the apparent lack of appeal of Star Wars to kids. The article cites declining toy sales and underwhelming theme park attendance as symptoms. They even call fans who are critical “dedicated fans”, this seems to be a new and different tune, especially from mainstream media outlets that usually paint fans who are critical of the sequels in a somewhat different light. Please click through for more details!

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Full Story

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