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There has been an awakening to the reality of the horrible state of Star Wars (which has been this way for quite some time). Even Thomas, the man in perpetual denial about the state of the IP and merchandising, wrote two recent articles, finally admitting how dreadful things are. They were so accurate and sharp that readers thought they were mine. I digress. In one of those articles’ discussions, I mentioned that Star Wars is metaphorically Bernie Lomax from “Weekend At Bernie’s.” Then, for fun, I began Googling images of the film and became astounded when I found a still which allowed me to create the most flawless meme of the condition of the IP and hobby. This is the next “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, y’all. (more….)

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As we continue living through the unending hellish nightmare of Disney Star Wars, I do my best to look for whatever glimmer of hope, ray of light, or saving grace that will keep me engaged. Sadly, it doesn’t work nearly as much as it should or could. But the other day, I unintentionally channeled the Grinch in the scene where he cracked a maniacal smile, and his heart swelled. (more….)

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JTA has just received intel of the next two Tiers: Tier 3 for 15,500 backers, and Tier 4 for 20,000 backers. Click the image below for the reveal! These next two tiers are bound to reduce the number of current backers further to a much lower number, as evidenced by what Tier 2 did to the backer count today!

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Disney announced about 7,562 new Star Wars shows recently. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as more shows are soon to follow. The Babylon Bee have a Star Wars insider (they’re not saying it’s Gina Carano, but it might be Gina Carano). They asked her — or him, or them — what shows have yet to be announced, and they were able to tease these upcoming shows. They sound amazing! Click through for more!

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The prestigious Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films held their 45th annual Saturn Awards Ceremony last weekend. And Star Wars Resistance won the award for Best Animated Series on Television, other contenders were Archer, Duck Tales, Family Guy and Simpsons. Congratulations to Filoni and team! Click through for a bit more info and details!

Saturn Awards

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Sainsbury’s (a supermarket chain in the UK) have Star Wars [The Last Jedi] 3.75″ figures for sale. What’s interesting at this particular location, however, is that the male characters are on the shelf with a full £11 price tag. But the female characters are ‘reduced to clear’ at £7.33! Someone needs to do something about this. The female characters of Star Wars deserve the same higher MSRP as their male counterparts. Special thanks to JTA reader Shoretrooper for this disconcerting turn of events.


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Script For Star Wars Episode IX Is Finished

JJ Abrams revealed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert yesterday that the script for Star Wars Episode IX is complete.

It is a very dark and stormy night indeed

Imaginary re-enactment of the script writing process

Now, whether that is just the first draft or the actual shooting script is not confirmed. Filming for Episode IX is scheduled to begin in July 2018. So there would still be enough time to tweak the script.

One quote from Abrams’ interview stands out: “Having a script in advance is something we haven’t always been lucky enough to have.”

What are your hopes and fears concerning Episode IX? Do you think JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio can bring the sequel trilogy to a satisfying conclusion? What’s your wishlist of things you’d like to see, or maybe you’d rather not see at all?
And: will JJ Abrams somehow include a scene with a sail barge in the script?

Watch the clip with Abrams here.


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