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Amazon's Delivery Estimate Update Emails Are The New "Thrill Of The Hunt" Store Finds

As we continue living through the unending hellish nightmare of Disney Star Wars, I do my best to look for whatever glimmer of hope, ray of light, or saving grace that will keep me engaged. Sadly, it doesn’t work nearly as much as it should or could. But the other day, I unintentionally channeled the Grinch in the scene where he cracked a maniacal smile, and his heart swelled. (more….)


I received an unexpected “Delivery Estimate Update” email from Amazon that The Vintage Collection figures I preordered about seven years ago would ship four months earlier than anticipated. And I got excited about it for exactly ten seconds. How sad is that? It nearly felt like I had just turned the corner of the Star Wars aisle at Target or Walmart and found pegs full of new figures. Trying to collect in this period when Disney develops shows of nothing I want to see, and Hasbro manufactures little of what I want to buy, I found it humorous that I still had that drive buried deep inside which got me excited over the new 3.75-inch action figures.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. Most of the figures were nothing I wanted for my collection anyway. Still, I couldn’t help but remind myself what it was like about a decade ago, waking up early Saturday and Sunday morning and nearly always be guaranteed to find a wave of five to ten new action figures from Hasbro, themed, beautifully packaged, and with an assortment of characters that made you want to buy them all. And then I got sad again because the “high” only lasted ten seconds. And it’s not like I could skip to the register and then to my car with action figures in hand. It’s hard to fathom what the line has become as of late. I know Star Wars is at an all-time low, but we’re also concurrently experiencing the retail apocalypse. Things will never be as they once were. And that is something I have to process. I have been processing it, but it’s been tough to do despite more than ten years of finding next to nothing at retail anymore. It’s tough facing the music. Not too many humans like or embrace change. But we’re living in transition, and more is coming. There are lots of rumors about the fate of the Hasbro Star Wars brand. I still hear from my sources, and although I can’t repeat much here (as they’ll track back to who revealed the tidbits of news to me), things are not as good as they could be for both Hasbro and us. Until Hasbro gets back to basics, limits its focus on characters no one wants, and produces the stuff we’ve been begging for forever, it seems, they shouldn’t expect to meet those laughable goals demanded by the suits. Oh, how Star Wars collecting has changed for the worse!

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