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The Results Of The Star Wars Fan Survey Are In!

You will certainly remember the post from a few weeks ago where we asked you to participate in a Star Wars fan survey. Social scientist Mark H. White wanted to find out more about Star Wars fandom, how we tick, so to speak. If you left your email address in the survey Mark will already have contacted you, he released the results late last night. His analysis of the results spreads over five parts, each part dealing with a different topic, ranging from the general make-up and demographics of fandom to sexism. And while most of the results will probably not really be a surprise to many, some results may ruffle some feathers here and there. So it’s time to look at Mark’s results and to discuss them. Click through for  more!

What fans think of Star Wars movies

What Star Wars fans think of the movies

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YouGov released a brand new survey in late April. For this representative survey 27,171 US adults were questioned on April 29th. YouGov wanted to know what the most favorite Star Wars movie from the three trilogies is (so Rogue One and Solo are missing) And while you may already guess what the most popular movie among adults is, it is still something different if you ask a representative sample of all US adults or just hardcore fans. So click through for the results!

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Consider this a spoiler

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Your Most Favorite Star Wars Battle!

The results of the poll are in and we have a winner! Jedi Temple Archives readers have voted for their most favorite Star Wars Battle. Click through to find out which battle won!

Storntrooper hits door

Stormtrooper vs Door – an often overlooked battle

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Pick Your Favorite Star Wars Battle!

After voting for your favorite lightsaber duel it is now time to pick your favorite Star Wars battles! Click through for the candidates you can vote for and some basic instructions!

Star Wars Battle

Kapow! Biff! Bang!

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Your Most Favorite Lightsaber Duel - The Results!

The JTA readers have voted for their most favorite Star Wars lightsaber duel. The results are in and for a good while it was a close call. But in the end one duel won. Click through for the results and learn what the most popular lightsaber duel is!

Star Wars lightsaber duel

Luke vs training remote, probably Luke’s favorite duel

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What Is Your Favorite Lightsaber Duel?

I think it’s high time to have some fun 🙂 Today I would like to know what your favorite live action lightsaber duel is. Click through for the candidates you can choose from!

Update: it’s a very close call at the moment. Actually, one vote could change the results. So I encourage everyone who hasn’t voted yet to vote! I will announce the winner tomorrow!

Emperor Palpatine

This is probably not Emperor Palpatine’s favorite lightsaber duel

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The JTA Movie Poll 2018 - Results!

Rank The Star Wars Movies, Now With Solo!

Solo has been in theaters for some weeks now, time for a fun JTA survey where you can rank all the live action Star Wars movies! Click through to post your list!

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Where Do You Buy Your Star Wars Toys?

Hello everyone! Today is audience participation time!
I would like to know where you buy your Star Wars action figures, vehicles and various other merchandise. This survey is meant to shed some light on various important details. Click here to read more!

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