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Your Most Favorite Star Wars Battle!

The results of the poll are in and we have a winner! Jedi Temple Archives readers have voted for their most favorite Star Wars Battle. Click through to find out which battle won!

Storntrooper hits door

Stormtrooper vs Door – an often overlooked battle

You had 11 battles to choose from. Each of you (apart from a few who just hate rules) listed your top 3 favorite battles. I awarded 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd place. In the end I added up all the points. So without much further ado let’s look at the results!


11th place – Battle of Takodana: 0 points

Rey on Takodana

0 points? And it’s not a typo? But I am a woman! You misogynistic bleeps of bleeps!

The Battle of Takodana was on no one’s list.


10th place – Battle of Starkiller Base: 1 point

Ello Asty

We hardly knew you

Good for 1 point – the Starkiller Base battle.


9th place – Battle of Naboo: 3 points

Jar Jar Binks

Ouch time, indeed!

The Battle of Naboo didn’t find too many fans. One 2nd place and one 3rd place was all it got.


8th place – Battle of D’Qar: 3 points

General Hux

That face when you have to tell your superior why you lost a dreadnought

One fan voted this for his most favorite Star Wars battle. So, 3 points it is and this first place puts it before Naboo on the list!


7th place – Battle of Crait: 7 points

It's salt

Yes, it’s not snow on not Hoth!

The Battle of Crait does not fare much better than the other sequel trilogy battles but is the most favorite of them all!


6th place – Battle of Geonosis: 35 points

Shaak Ti and Luminara

Hasbro: we need these two as Black Series figures! Thank you!

The Battle of Geonosis has a lot more fans than any of the previous battles on the list, but it’s still far, far away from the really popular battles, despite Jedi, Clones and Droids fighting for about 5 hours of screentime!


5th place – Battle of Coruscant: 40 points

Obi Wan Kenobi

Another happy landing indeed!

The other huge prequel battle is the most popular, but keeps barely ahead of the Geonosis battle.


4th place – Battle of Yavin: 102 points


Porkins: A Star Wars Story, soon in theaters?

To the surpise of some perhaps, the Battle of Yavin is not in the top 3. But it’s still miles ahead of all the previous battles with 102 points!


3rd place – Battle of Scarif: 147 points


Isn’t it ironic?

The most favorite Disney era battle is the Battle of Scarif.


2nd place – Battle of Endor: 157 points

Han Solo

I have not won? Whatever…

The Battle of Endor and the Battle of Scarif fought for 2nd place, and Endor won! Han does not care either way…


1st place – Battle of Hoth: 197 points

General Veers

That fabled time when enemy officers were actually competent

And the Battle of Hoth is your most favorite Star Wars battle! It was not even close. Almost 200 points secured 1st place with a healthy lead.


So, these are your favorite Star Wars battles! Are there any surprises for you? Do you feel Hoth deserves first place? Are you outraged that the Battle of Takodana did not get a single vote by anyone?
Anyway, the Battle of Hoth was something we had never seen before in 1980 whereas the eleventeenth CGI battle can hardly surprise anyone anymore these days. That may explain why the – mostly older – fans here on JTA think this is the bast Star Wars battle ever! Congratulations to all the people who made this fight real, the model builders, special FX people, cameramen, actors and of course writer George Lucas and director Irvin Kershner!

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