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Experience The Smuggler's Run Ride In This Video

Anyone who wants to check out what the Smuggler’s Run ride in Galaxy’s Edge is all about should watch the embedded video. The video will give you an almost complete walkthrough of the ride, the (very long) queue, your meeting with Hondo, how you enter the Falcon and finally the ride in the cockpit. If you plan on going to the park anytime soon and don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t watch this video. If, however, you want a good look at what Smuggler’s Run is all about, then definitely watch this video. It will not show the entire ride, there are some jump cuts, but enough that you get a good idea of how the ride itself works and what it’s all about. Click through for some more details after the jump!

Update: Video of the cockpit view for the full 5 minute run has been added!

Now that the park is open to the public some more videos are posted. The following video shows you the entire ride, no jump cuts:

So it seems the two pilots have the most fun. One pilot apparently steers left to right, the other up and down and that pilot is also responsible for making the jump to lightspeed. The other people on the ride mostly mash buttons wildly, to fire the guns etc. Also, the ride seems to have a few slight variations. For example, you can experience a hyperdrive failure en route to Batuu (not seen in this video), but the overall length of the ride always seems to be about 5 minutes.

Yet another video posted on YouTube shows you how long the queue was on Friday… and it was: long! But you can move around freely in the park, without bumping into other people all the time. It’s not claustrophobic.

As seen in the video Hondo Ohnaka guides you all the way through when you’re in the cockpit and basically tells you what to do, so you’re not completely lost.

The Hondo animatronic you encounter before you board the Falcon is very, very good in my opinion, very lifelike, but I have to admit, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the video footage of the ride itself. It doesn’t necessarily look photorealistic, more like a video game, it’s very, very hectic and unless you are a pilot you’re wildly mashing buttons all the way through. Now, of course, sitting in the cockpit is part of the fun and the cockpit does look very nice and it will move all the way through, giving you a thrill ride.
The Falcon hallways also look very authentic and overall the ride gives you the feeling of being on board the Millennium Falcon. While waiting for your turn to enter the cockpit you will have the time to admire the props, the holochess table, the training remote, blast helmet etc.
But ultimately you will have to stand in line a very long time for 5 minutes of high adrenaline fun. If mashing buttons is your kind of fun, that is. Before a crew of six enters the Falcon you decide what role you want to play, pilot, gunner or engineer, so it’s best you talk about that before you go on the ride, prepare for some arguments perhaps if some strangers are with you on the ride and expect kids to always be the pilots while you, the adult, sit in the back, mashing buttons when they flash.

So, what do you think? Do you like the ride? Is it what you expected? Are you looking forward to flying the Falcon one day? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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