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Pick Your Favorite Star Wars Battle!

After voting for your favorite lightsaber duel it is now time to pick your favorite Star Wars battles! Click through for the candidates you can vote for and some basic instructions!

Star Wars Battle

Kapow! Biff! Bang!

So here’s how this works: please pick your top three (please, pick three, not just one) Star Wars battles from the canditates below. I will then count all the votes and present your most favorite Star Wars battles in a few days from now.

So, let’s dive right into it! The battles are listed in chronological order! Also, please don’t take things too seriously, this is all just fun 🙂


01 – The Battle of Naboo

Battle of Naboo

It’s ouch time!

  • extensive ground battle
  • extensive space battle. And a child who has never flown a starfighter before accidentally blows up the droid control ship which gives the battle a decisive turn
  • a group of fighters infiltrates the palace and captures the enemy leader

Outcome: Decisive victory for the Republic! The Droids prove to be inefficient in battle. A key enemy fighter is killed in combat, however, the Republic loses a valuable Jedi Knight, but a new Jedi is already in training that will bring balance to the Force!


02 – The Battle of Geonosis

Battle of Geonosis

Please count the number of pixels

  • the battle starts with Jedi Knights who try to free captured allies
  • the Jedi are defeated when the new Army of the Republic sweeps in and engages the enemy in a huge ground battle
  • the droid army is decimated and the enemy has to retreat

Outcome: a military victory for the Republic but the strategic goals were not reached. All leaders escape and a secret plan for a massive battle station is never even discovered!


03 – The Battle of Coruscant

Battle of Coruscant

Whoever finds the kitchen sink may keep it

  • the Separatists have captured the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
  • the Navy of the Republic engages the enemy in orbit around the capital planet
  • two Jedi try to rescue the President and accomplish their mission

Outcome: decisive victory for the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor is rescued, however, the military leader of the Separatists can escape!


04 – The Battle of Scarif

Battle of Scarif

That day you wish you had stayed in bed

  • the Rebels have finally gathered intelligence on the secret battle station that had been in development for two decades now
  • the Rebels reluctantly engage the Empire
  • an extensive ground battle and massive space battle occurs
  • the fighting stops when the Rebels successfully retrieve the plans for the battle station and an elite fighter of the Empire boards the flagship of the Rebels, killing countless Rebel troopers
  • a leader of the Rebellion can escape with the plans to the Death Star

Outcome: a strategic victory for the Rebels. It can be argued whether or not it was also a military victory. An entire squadron of X-Wings lost, ground troops on Scarif perish when the Death Star obliterates the base, the flagship gets destroyed and Admiral Raddus is killed. But the Empire also suffers heavy losses. An entire base is destroyed, several Star Destroyers are lost, along with countless ground troops. However, much of this damage is self inflicted.


05 – The Battle of Yavin

Battle of Yavin

No models were harmed in the filming of this scene

  • the Empire has pursued the Rebels after the Battle of Scarif and have found their base
  • the Rebels launch everything they have left to destroy the Death Star
  • a farmboy who has never flown an X-Wing before in his life manages to exploit the single weakness of the Death Star and successfully destroys it with a one in a million shot, and some help from the Force

Outcome: one destroyed Death Star, more than 1,000,000 casualties. The biggest threat to  planetary safety has been disposed of!


06 – The Battle of Hoth

Battle of Hoth

Do AT-ATs suffer from cold feet?

  • the Rebels are incredibly bad at keeping the locations of their bases a secret
  • since Admiral Ozzel is not only a fool, but also clumsy, the arrival of the Imperial fleet was advertised and the Rebels raised their planetary shield
  • Darth Vader ordered a ground campaign and deployed several AT-ATs that successfully destroyed the shield generator, the base was infiltrated and captured
  • there are vehement fights on the ground, Rebel Snowspeeders try to stop the AT-ATs but can only destroy a few before General Veers successfully destroys the shield generator

Outcome: decisive military victory for the Empire! But their strategic goals were not reached. Most Rebel personnel could flee the planet, key members of the Rebels escaped as well, among them the most important high value targets. Also, Admiral Ozzel mysteriously suffocated and was promptly replaced by Admiral Piett who received a field promotion.


07 – The Battle of Endor

Battle of Endor

Deja Vu, that strange feeling we sometimes get that we’ve lived through something before

  • the Empire is a one trick pony and can’t think of something else but building an even bigger and badder Death Star, now with even more Death
  • once more the Rebels get the plans to the space station
  • once more the Rebels engage the Death Star
  • this time there is also some planetary action as the Rebels need to disable the shield generator. Some furry natives help them with sticks and stones
  • the shield generator is destroyed. The reactor of the Death Star receives a few blasts from a laser which sets off a chain reaction and blows the whole thing up
  • at least 2.7 million casualties

Outcome: a decisive victory for the Rebels and a crippling blow to the Empire which not only loses its leader, but also the the Death Star II along with the flagship, the Executor.


08 – The Battle of Takodana

Battle of Takodana

Sometimes we fly so close…

  • a relabeled Empire occupies some illegal cantina on the planet Takodana that hosts many shady people and other criminals
  • a squadron of X-Wings engages the enemy in atmospheric combat, taking down not only ground troops but several TIE-Fighters as well

Outcome: this rather small skirmish ends with a military victory for the Resistance but the enemy captures a high value target for further interrogation!


09 – Battle of Starkiller Base

Battle of Starkiller Base

Deja Vu, that strange feeling we sometim…..

  • the relabeled Empire found some dusty plans in a drawer somewhere and decided to build an even much more bigger Death Star. Only they call it Starkiller Base since their chief propagandist feels that “Starkiller” sounds much more smashing than “Death Star”, also it kind of makes people forget that the previous two Death Stars were all destroyed
  • the relabeled Rebels don’t have the plans for the gigantic battle station but they have someone who once cleaned the toilets on Starkiller Base, so of course he’s their source of information
  • there is a trench run, some X-Wing once more shoots at an reactor and once more the gigantic planetary killer gets blown to tiny bits and pieces

Outcome: a huge victory for the Reb… Resistance, since the most imminent threat to planetary safety has once more been disposed of! However, many key members of the First Order can escape and their fleet is ready.


10 – Battle of D’Qar

Battle of D'Qar

The disadvantages of keeping a tight formation will soon manifest themselves

  • after several decades the Rebels are still bad at hiding their bases and the First Order has tracked them down
  • a disastrous attack on the First Order dreadnought does remove the imminent threat but most Rebel fighters and all their bombers are lost

Outcome: the leader of the attack gets demoted. The Rebels successfully escape. For about 2 minutes – before the First Order successfully tracks them down again through hyperspace. All in all this was a pyrrhic victory for the Rebels at best.


11 – Battle of Crait

Battle of Crait

Deja… Vu… that… strange feeling…

  • on the not snowplanet of not Hoth the not Empire deploys some not AT-ATs to destroy the no longer secret and forgotten Rebel base to once and for all wipe out all resistance in the galaxy
  • the Rebels deploy some rusty not Snowspeeders and get ultimately decimated one by one
  • a possible secret agent of the First Order, Rose Tico, successfully sabotages the single promising attempt to disable the bunker breaking superweapon the First Order has deployed and thereby dooms the remaining Rebels to certain death
  • Luke Skywalker decides to prank the new leader of the First Order and successfully delays them so that the dozen remaining Rebels or so can escape through the backdoor

Outcome: decisive military victory for the First Order. But key strategic goals were not met. Key members of the Rebels are on the run. Also, the new leader of the First Order was humiliated in front of his troops.


So, that is it! All in all you have eleven battles to choose from.
Please list your top 3 picks! And to provide an example I will list my three favorite battles in decending order from 1 – 3:

  1. The Battle of Scarif
  2. The Battle of Hoth
  3. The Battle of Yavin

Now it’s up to you! We will reconvene as soon as enough votes are in and I have counted the results! Have fun! Feel free to discuss things but remember that we can and will discuss things in more detail once I present the outcome of the poll!

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