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Visual Guide Update - Stormtrooper Commander (VC254) - TVC

Our next Visual Guide update adds the Stormtrooper Commander (VC254). Click below to check him out. Make sure to also check out our full review on this figure.

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Review: Stormtrooper Commander - TVC - VC254 [Gaming Greats]

Today you’ll get a fascinating history lesson. Hopefully, you’ll also shed a tear of joy with us for the glorious release of the definitive The Vintage Collection Stormtrooper Commander. After years of Hasbro’s abuse, they finally make things right with longtime collectors. (more….)

Stormtrooper Commander

Thank you for reading Research Droids Reviews: Season 14!

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Pre-Order All Of Today's Hot Toys Reveals

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Sideshow Collectibles has all of today’s Hot Toys reveals up for pre-order:

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Hot Toys kicks off their product reveals with the Stormtrooper Commander (TMS041) from The Mandalorian (and check out that Morter Trooper soon to be announced). Click through for the full details and gallery!

Full Story

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There are many paint operation variances that can be chalked up to a one-off factory mistake. This may or may not be one of them. JTA reader Morgan K. sends us a possible variation on the GameStop exclusive Gaming Greats Stormtrooper Commander figure. If you look carefully at the belly armor, you’ll notice a unique application of blue color flashes there. It’s a little too “perfect” to be a mistake, but anything is possible. The sample in our RDRs mimics the version on the right. If you have a sample that looks like the one on the left, can you let us know so we have a better idea of how common this is, if at all?

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GameStop Exclusive Stormtrooper Commander Arriving!

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The GameStop exclusive The Black Series [Phase III] Stormtrooper Commander is arriving at doorsteps! If you want to learn more about this classic Expanded Universe action figure, we reviewed it back in March HERE. It’s currently SOLD OUT at GameStop online.

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This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, JTA may receive a commission if you click and make a purchase.

Head over to GameStop.com to pre-order the Gaming Greats Stormtrooper Commander! You can also pre-order Commander Bly.

GameStop.com has several deals in place for today only: 

  • Get 20% off Star Wars Collectibles and Apparel
  • Buy 1 Star Wars Black Series Figure and get another half-off
  • Get the Star Wars Force Pack for $90


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Starting tonight we are adding the new Gaming Greats The Black Series GameStop exclusives to our Visual Guides. Click below to check out the Stormtrooper Commander six-inch figure. You can also read all about this figure right here in our full review.

Stormtrooper Commander - The Black Series (Gaming Greats)

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More new figures! Let’s check out the unannounced 6″ Stormtrooper Commander figure. It’s the focus of our Research Droids Reviews today! Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comments section, vote in the poll or comment about it on our Facebook page. Click the banner below for the direct link to the review! As always, you can also send your review requests via email if you’d like to see something that we didn’t cover yet.

Stormtrooper Commander

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Check out our sneak peek of The Black Series [Phase III] 6″ Stormtrooper Commander which is a GameStop exclusive. Always a favorite character of ours, the Stormtrooper Commander action figure was a focus of highly publicized controversy if you were a collector of the 30 (77-07) line in 2008. One of the worst-handled exclusives between Hasbro and GameStop, the complaints from the collecting community and the inability to acquire the 3.75″ version of this figure caused Hasbro to re-release it. However, instead of using the fan-favorite packaging of the original release, they used the new and boring “Legacy Collection” packaging. This action upset collectors further. Why do we bring this up? Well, right now, this is the best Stormtrooper Commander that money can buy. This figure might forgive the sins of the past. Of course, we hope Hasbro gives us a super-articulated 3.75″ version using the VC140 tooling. But until they do, this is not a figure to miss. The review coming soon, but enjoy a rough gallery now! Oh, and how wonderful that “Legends” is finally getting its day in the sun.

Stormtrooper Commander

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Gamestop will get yet another “Gaming Greats” Black Series figure. This time it is a Stormtrooper Commander from Force Unleashed with some battle damage and blue deco. Which means this is a legends figure, technically speaking. The photo was posted on Reddit, the figure should be available in North America very soon. Canada has a confirmed release date of March 1st! The US will probably not be far behind and other territories will certainly get the figure as well.
Hasbro is really making the most of their Original Trilogy Stormtrooper sculpt. Will you add this latest paint variant to your collection? Do you think more Force Unleashed figures may follow? What about a 6 inch scale Starkiller figure? And: why did Hasbro not reveal this figure at toy fair when the release is imminent? Thanks to “Cadesky” for the alert!

Black Series Storm Trooper Commander

Black Series Stormtrooper Commander (click to enlarge)

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