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Hasbro Imperial March Livestream: The Black Series Reveals

Well, that was a very pleasant surprise and probably the best Hasbro Star Wars livestream in literal ages! Not just when it comes to the number of reveals, but also the presentation felt much more alive this time, less scripted, less teleprompter reading and actually, just like five people having fun with the reveals… Anyway, much to my own surprise Hasbro revealed a ton of The Acolyte figures, which will all be released in Fall 2024!

  • Jedi Master Sol
  • Padawan Jecki Lon
  • Jedi Knight Yord Fandar
  • Jedi Master Indara
  • Mae (Assassin)

ALL figures come with their robes and each has a unique lightsaber! Only Mae comes with various knives/daggers instead, but she too has her purple cloak. All the figures are mainline items in the US and Fan Channel / Amazon / Pulse items in Europe and everything revealed today will be available for pre-order on March 21st at 1 pm ET!

On top of that a new Darth Maul holocomm figure was revealed as well and there will also be a new Moff Gideon roleplay helmet

There are also quite a few exciting pipeline reveals! Stay tuned for the update coming very soon with all the photos and some discussion!

Click through for all the photos and a discussion!

So much new stuff!

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What The Acolyte Action Figures Could Hasbro Make?

Hasbro will make action figures for The Acolyte. Now the only question is what figures they should or could make…. based on the first trailer I have some suggestions for Hasbro. So click through for my take on what Acolyte figures Hasbro should make.

So many Jedi

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Watch The Star Wars: The Acolyte Trailer

The new trailer for The Acolyte has dropped. Click through to watch it and also for an analysis and discussion of the trailer! You can also check out the second teaser poster. 

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The Acolyte Teaser Poster Drops And Reveals June 4 Release

The Official Star Wars Social Media team has released the teaser poster for The Acolyte, and hinted the trailer debut is set for tomorrow. The poster reveals The Acolyte will premiere on June 4th.

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The Acolyte Has A Tentative Release Date

Collider has learned that the tentative release date for The Acolyte is June 5th 2024. This would be about a month after the 3rd and final season of The Bad Batch concludes. We have yet to see an official trailer for the show, because the footage shown at Celebration in 2023 was never officially released to the public, only leaked videos with very bad quality exist. So I wonder when the marketing and promo work will begin if the series is really coming to Disney+ in just a little over three months from now. I would expect Lucasfilm and Disney trying to ramp up hype soon. Click through for more!

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As usual Star Wars Celebration also revealed several things not meant for the vast number of fans out there who could not afford a ticket or the trip to London! But as usual very kind people do post the spoiler material on Reddit and other places! So let’s talk about the Acolyte trailer that was screened at Celebration and the first few minutes of The Mandalorian Chapter 23 screened at one of the panels that heralds the return of a very important character and name drops someone very important. A first glimpse at Skeleton Crew was also provided! And we also got a short Andor season 2 teaser! Only read this article if you like spoilers! You will be absolutely spoiled if you click! So only proceed if you want to know more!

Updated with some additional info, Skeleton Crew trailer also added!

Carrie Ann Moss in The Acolyte in true potato cam leaker guild style

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Lucasfilm Officially Announces The Cast For The Acolyte

Not all that much is known yet about The Acolyte. The lead star Amandla Stenberg was announced previously, several leaks and rumours revealed several other cast members, and today Lucasfilm officially revealed who will be the main stars in the upcoming series. Click through to find out who the main cast is!

The Acolyte Logo

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The Acolyte is one of the many Disney+ Star Wars series announced a while back. Back then it was labeled as a “female-centric” Star Wars series set in the final days of the High Republic era. Pre-preduction for the series is ongoing and now Variety reports that the lead actress for the series by showrunner Leslye Headland has been found. The yet unnamed “Acolyte” will be played by Amandla Stenberg, 23. Stenberg, who according to Variety identifies as non-binary, has some tv and movie experience. Her genre experience to date is a role in Sleepy Hollow and in The Hunger Games when she was still a teenager, other than that Stenberg starred in several tv shows and a handful of movies. She played alongside co-stars such as Anthony Mackie, Gwendoline Christie and Christopher Ecclestone.
Tentative release date for The Acolyte is 2023. Are you interested in this High Republic series about what could be a Sith apprentice?

Cast as the titular “Acolyte”: Amandla Stenberg


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Star Wars Gets A Mystery/Thriller Series: The Acolyte

Probably one of the more intriguing new show announcements is The Acolyte. Not much is known other than this quote:

The Acolyte is a mystery-thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.

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