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Brand New Toys For Young Jedi Adventures Revealed

In case you forgot, yet another new Star Wars series will be released shortly. Young Jedi Adventures will be released on May 4th, it’s a series set in the High Repulic era targeting pre-schoolers and it features Yoda and a roster of brand new kid characters.

Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks said Hasbro is “bullish” about the new show, which means they will invest quite a bit into a new toyline. And in the first wave of toys revealed by Gizmodo today there are also various Hasbro offerings. But also toys from Lego and Mattel.

In fact, a sneak preview of the series was released in the form of three shorts (all less than three minutes long) on YouTube earlier this week. So what exactly will Hasbro be offering and what is my first impression of Young Jedi Adventures? Click through for the details!

Mattel plushies of the three young Jedi

Ok, this is what Hasbro has on offer for the series:

Kai is the only male human Jedi on the show.

The female kid Jedi Lys.

And Kai with a fighter.

And the cuddly alien Jedi kid Nubs with a fighter.

What do you think? Do you like the toys, is that something you would buy for your very young kids? It does look cute enough, if you ask me, but all will hinge on the popularity of the show of course.

The series will be released on Disney Jr. and Disney+.

You can watch three shorts on YouTube already, that introduce most of the characters and should give you a good idea about what the show is like.

You can find all the videos on the Disney Junior YouTube channel.

I embed only one of the videos here, you can watch the other two shorts on YouTube if you like.

It’s the second of the three shorts.

My general impression… well I am not a preschooler anymore thus deciding whether or not preschoolers will like the series is difficult to say for me. The messages are the typical wholesome kid-friendly messages you expect from a series like this, with Yoda usually providing the morale of the story towards the end, like “Jedi help people in need” etc.

The animation is basic and simple, like most shows for preschoolers are, the designs are cute.

Still, I feel everything is pretty lackluster and by the numbers. Also, I find it troubling that one of the kid characters apparently has a regular job, so is Star Wars condoning child labor now? I am kidding, but still, it’s odd. Parents apparently do not exist in this series, well, the Jedi were all snatched from the parents anyway, but even the non Jedi don’t seem to have any parents.

When we look at the number of clicks the numbers are not very promising. All shorts were released on the same day (three days ago). Short #1 has 58k clicks, #2 has 25k clicks and #3 29k clicks. On a channel with 15 million subscribers and well below what other content on the channel has, various videos featuring other characters have 200+k clicks, a few even close to a million, one short with Spider-Man characters has close to a million clicks for example. 59k clicks for the Young Jedi Adventures short seem awfully low. About on par with what Star Wars Roll Out had on the Star Wars Kids channel.

I would not be surprised at all if “Young Jedi Adventures” will share the fate of Forces of Destiny, Galaxy of Adventures or Roll Out: failure. But I sure wish the people behind the series much luck! The question is if Star Wars really needs a preschooler series and if regular content wouldn’t be perfectly fine. How many preschoolers watched A New Hope on home video back in the day I guess?

What do you think? Will this series enioy some success or will it be buried and forgotten like all previous attempts at targeting young kids? Do you like it?

Look at the other toys on Gizmodo! Among them a Lego set.

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