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BREAKING NEWS! Unicron HasLab Perk Added: Digital Comics!

Hasbro, clearly desperate to ensure Unicron’s success, has added a perk to the Unicron HasLab campaign. Just Revealed! In addition to this once-in-a-lifetime figure, HasLab: Unicron backers through will now receive an EXCLUSIVE digital comic bundle, made in partnership with @IDWPublishing and available only through @comiXology! The numbers did jump up quite a bit, but will it make the target of 8K backers by the deadline?

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So what about that white “unicorn” in the room? If you don’t know, the Unicron HasLab project got a whopping 30+ day extension (obviously done with the hopes that the extra time will push the required target over the threshold). But how do you feel about this? I have heard opinions from ALL sides on this. Some feel it’s “cheating.” Some feel it DESTROYS the urgency and participation of future HasLab projects (people will think Hasbro will continue to extend projects if they don’t have the money then and there to back a project or within the timeframe to order.) Does it also make the Jabba’s Sail Barge HasLab campaign unfair to those that needed a little more time to raise $499.99 for it? I am sure many Star Wars collectors only needed 30 more days to save, or order, or whatever. Yes, Transformers is Hasbro’s IP. They might have leeway that we don’t understand with this project. But what are your thoughts about changing the parameters of a HasLab campaign in the middle of it? I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but I feel the potential of a dangerous precedent is being set here.

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The Outlooks For Both Current HasLab Projects Are Grim

We’ll have a final update on this once the campaign ends, but unless an eleventh-hour miracle takes place, and I believe in miracles, you sexy thing, the Cookie Monster HasLab project is a bust. Now, forgetting about your opinions on whether this HasLab idea was a good one or not, how are there not 3000 eager Sesame Street collectors out there to meet the rather modest target of 3000 units? In a related matter, Unicron is not faring too well either. But until the campaigns end it’s too soon to judge their fates. It’s important to note that I haven’t seen too much promotion for either current HasLab projects either. There were daily fan site posts encouraging readers to get Jabba’s Sail Barge over the threshold. If both projects end up failing, it should speak volumes to Hasbro about who their HasLab market is, and what they should focus on for future HasLab projects. (They’ll probably disregard this too.) Based on the performance of the three licensees represented in their first three projects, it appears that Star Wars is the only license that has an engaged and eager fan base that votes with its wallet as evidenced by the success of Jabba’s Sail Barge. If there were more numbers on the Unicron, I might include Transformers, but there isn’t enough interest to make me see this differently.

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Haslab: It's The Final Countdown

With Cookie Monster nearing the finish line, only a little more than 6 days are left, it’s time to take yet another look at this year’s two Haslab projects! So click through for a quick look at what’s going on and a few thoughts that go beyond current Haslab projects!

Debbie Downer

Imaginary Hasbro Haslab Manager Deborah D. earlier today

Full Story

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Haslab August Update

Two weeks after SDCC the two current Haslab projects seem to be in the doldrums. While that is normal for most crowdfunding campaigns (anyone remember all the angst about the Barge which was absolutely unnecessary?), it seems the Transformers and Sesame Street Haslab project are facing a somewhat steeper hill than most other campaigns that succeed. Actually, most successful campaigns reach their funding goal in the first few days.
As of now, Unicron is lagging the Barge. Now, the Barge had this huge, huge boost on the finishing line that elevated the project close to 9,000 backers. So Unicron might still make it, but it seems like it will be a close call, the project is at 27%. But the Cookie Monster seems to be dead. I really doubt it’s going to make it in the remaining three weeks. The project gained 73 backers in the past 9 days, which is the last time I posted an update. He still needs another 2,607 backers, or 86.7%. There must be some overwhelming love for Cookie Monster in the final hours of the project for it to be successful, in my opinion.
Which leads to the question: what happens if both projects fail? I certainly hope both will succeed, both projects are fun, Unicron is actually impressive even. But what would it mean for future Haslab projects should both the Transformers and Muppet collecting community fail to support their Haslab project? Click through for a few thoughts!

Haslab Projects August 2019

Full Story

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A Quick Update On The Two Current Haslab Projects

Even though the two current Haslab projects are not about Star Wars, I thought you might still be interested in learning how the two projects are doing. SDCC is now behind us, and with that a lot of talk about upcoming toys, shows and movies. So how do the Cookie Monster and Unicron projects fare after SDCC? Well, I venture a guess and say that the Cookie Monster project might actually fail. Right now he has 317 backers out of 3,000 required after two weeks – or about 10% of the number required. Unicron has 1,845 backers after a bit more than a week or so, almost 25%. If Unicron sees a similar boost in the last few days as the Sail Barge then Transformers fans have reason to celebrate. But it might be a close call here. So far the Unicron project is behaving similar to the Khetanna from last year. But the Unicron is even more expensive. Also, Transformers fans have other manufacturers (from Japan) as well that produce very expensive collector oriented items, an Optimus Prime for almost $500 will be released in August, let’s see how deep the pockets of Transformers fans are! I will keep you posted about the projects!

Cookie Monster Hasbro Haslab

He needs love



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