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Pre-Order Yesterday's Imperial March TBS & TVC Announcements

Pre-orders are now live for yesterday’s Imperial March The Black Series and The Vintage Collection announcements. Click below for pre-order options:

The Black Series

Note: The Last Command set will also be available at Disney Store at a later date.

The Vintage Collection


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This Week's Imperial March The Vintage Collection Reveals

We also have a few reveals from The Vintage Collection to close out Imperial March. Both of these will be mainline releases and available to pre-order starting tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern.

  • HK-87 Assassin Droid (Arcana)
  • Dark Trooper

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It’s the end of Imperial March, and the last week of reveals start with The Black Series Phase II Clone Trooper & Battle Droid set, exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and Disney Store. Click here for the other reveals from today. Pre-orders at Hasbro Pulse start tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern.

UPDATE: And apparently also available on Amazon

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This Week's Imperial March Reveals

Along with pre-orders, we also get some reveals today. The Imperial March Campaign has revealed several The Black Series exclusives:

The Masters of Evil 3 Pack is available to pre-order right now, and you can check out the official reveal of that set over at Collider.com.


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Pre-Order Yesterday's Imperial March Fanstream Announcements

Pre-orders are now open for yesterday’s The Vintage Collection and The Black Series announcements from yesterday’s Imperial March Fanstream. Click below for pre-order pages.

 The Vintage Collection

The Black Series

Full Cases Via Entertainment Earth

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Hasbro Imperial March Livestream: The Black Series Reveals

Well, that was a very pleasant surprise and probably the best Hasbro Star Wars livestream in literal ages! Not just when it comes to the number of reveals, but also the presentation felt much more alive this time, less scripted, less teleprompter reading and actually, just like five people having fun with the reveals… Anyway, much to my own surprise Hasbro revealed a ton of The Acolyte figures, which will all be released in Fall 2024!

  • Jedi Master Sol
  • Padawan Jecki Lon
  • Jedi Knight Yord Fandar
  • Jedi Master Indara
  • Mae (Assassin)

ALL figures come with their robes and each has a unique lightsaber! Only Mae comes with various knives/daggers instead, but she too has her purple cloak. All the figures are mainline items in the US and Fan Channel / Amazon / Pulse items in Europe and everything revealed today will be available for pre-order on March 21st at 1 pm ET!

On top of that a new Darth Maul holocomm figure was revealed as well and there will also be a new Moff Gideon roleplay helmet

There are also quite a few exciting pipeline reveals! Stay tuned for the update coming very soon with all the photos and some discussion!

Click through for all the photos and a discussion!

So much new stuff!

Full Story

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Hasbro’s next Fanstream will celebrate the Imperial March Campaign. Tune in on March 20th at 11 AM Eastern. 

Roll out the red carpet for a special Star Wars Imperial March Fanstream, coming to you on March 20th at 11:00 am ET! The team will be kicking off an Imperial celebration for your favorite Hasbro Star Wars lines, including reveals from Star Wars The Black Series and The Vintage Collection, and more! Catch it all on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel next Wednesday.

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Pre-Order Yesterday's TVC & TBS Imperial March Reveals

Pre-orders are now open for The Vintage Collection and The Black Series Imperial March Campaign reveals from yesterday. Click below for the pre-order pages:

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