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UPDATE: as promised Ubisoft released a 10 minute video with actual gameplay footage today! I added the video! Click through to learn more!

This is where the fun begins?
The Star Wars You Tube channel dropped a story trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft open world Star Wars game ‘Outlaws’, scheduled for release in 2024! And a gameplay trailer is going to be released tomorrow, meaning the game must be pretty far into development!

You will play as Kay Vess, a female scoundrel. But she’s not alone, she has an animal companion named Nix and chances are you will meet other friends in the game. While there are no details yet it seems there won’t be the option to create a custom character, which is usually standard for most open world games, one prominent exception is Red Dead Redemption and of course the Assassin’s Creed games by Ubisoft. Chances are also that you won’t even be able to change Kay’s appearance, similar to how Cal Kestis is a fixed character in the Repawn games. Also, since everything is canon, according to Lucasfilm, they may have wanted Ubisoft to create a canon character they can, in theory, also use for other media like books or shows.

Outlaws will be set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Are you excited for an open world Star Wars game? Say about Ubisoft whatever you will but their open world design is usually pretty great, now they only have to rein in their usual shortcomings like map markers for 1,000,000 chests and 500,000 fetch quests.

You can watch the trailer after the jump!

Kay Vess with her animal companion Nix

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Now that will shake things up for Star Wars gamers quite a bit! After years of exclusivity EA will lose its exclusive license! EA will continue developing Star Wars games, but Ubisoft will now develop an open world Star Wars game. So I suppose we can expect something in the vein of Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs to come to Star Wars. The new game will be developed with the help of Lucasfilm Games! Nothing else is really known about the game, but more details will certainly follow!

So, what do you think about this big news for Star Wars games? EA has a mixed track record when it comes to Star Wars games, Fallen Order received praise, but its game mechanics felt somewhat outdated and it was not an open world game, EA scrapped various open world games in the past and was unwilling to develop a huge open world game for Star Wars. Now it seems Lucasfilm finally wants a piece of the open world (single player) gaming market, a genre that is still immensenly popular despite EA’s statements from a few years ago that people no longer like these kind of games. Red Dead Redemption 2m Ghost of Tsushima or even the somewhat maligned Cyberpunk 2077, plus all the Assassin’s Creed titles etc prove that there is much demand for open world games. Of course it’s also possible, that the open world game will be an online game, i.e. without a real offline single player campaign, the exact wording Ubisoft uses is “story driven open world game”. We will have to wait for more details to emerge!

Read the official news on the Star Wars website!

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