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[UPDATED] Trailer For New Ubisoft Open World Star Wars Game 'Outlaws' Released!

UPDATE: as promised Ubisoft released a 10 minute video with actual gameplay footage today! I added the video! Click through to learn more!

This is where the fun begins?
The Star Wars You Tube channel dropped a story trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft open world Star Wars game ‘Outlaws’, scheduled for release in 2024! And a gameplay trailer is going to be released tomorrow, meaning the game must be pretty far into development!

You will play as Kay Vess, a female scoundrel. But she’s not alone, she has an animal companion named Nix and chances are you will meet other friends in the game. While there are no details yet it seems there won’t be the option to create a custom character, which is usually standard for most open world games, one prominent exception is Red Dead Redemption and of course the Assassin’s Creed games by Ubisoft. Chances are also that you won’t even be able to change Kay’s appearance, similar to how Cal Kestis is a fixed character in the Repawn games. Also, since everything is canon, according to Lucasfilm, they may have wanted Ubisoft to create a canon character they can, in theory, also use for other media like books or shows.

Outlaws will be set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Are you excited for an open world Star Wars game? Say about Ubisoft whatever you will but their open world design is usually pretty great, now they only have to rein in their usual shortcomings like map markers for 1,000,000 chests and 500,000 fetch quests.

You can watch the trailer after the jump!

Kay Vess with her animal companion Nix

And here is the trailer!

There is also an as of yet pretty barebones official website for the game!
Go to to keep up to date, Ubisoft will certainly post more news in the coming weeks.

And here is the 10 minute gameplay trailer!

So what can we say after the gameplay trailer?

  • it appears there are some kind of enemy bases similar to what we get in other Ubisoft titles such as Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed, though chances are you can’t conquer them and free a territory and you merely decide how to take out enemies, i.e. the sneaky way or the loud way
  • combat seems to be somewhat similar to Mass Effect, i.e. Outlaws seems to be a cover shooter and Kay’s blaster has special abilities, but she does not seem to have any special powers
  • there is vehicular combat with some kind of bullet time
  • there is also space combat which is nice
  • the transition from planet to space is seamless, which is a great thing, it enhances immersion
  • as expected Nix is the animal version of BD-1, he can click buttons or distract enemies, but Kay also has a droid companion, however, based on the footage, it seems Kay is a lone wolf who goes on missions alone, with Nix
  • cutscenes are apparently rendered using the game engine
  • there are some dialogue choices that may (or may not) affect the outcome of a mission, although some games present you with false choices where both options result in the same outcome, so it’s not clear here if Kay could have successfully bribed the Imperial officer
  • Kay seems to be of the more chatty variety, but this is very common with modern games, she will basically narrate the game for the player, at least based on what we see in the trailer, let’s hope she won’t give away puzzle solutions (if there are any puzzles) immediately though
  • Kay seems to be a fun character, with that typical roguish charm scoundrels are supposed to have
  • there is a workbench on the ship, so you will certainly be able to upgrade your gear, and it would make sense to also have an upgrade system for the ship

Questions that are still left unanswered: how large are the individual planets? How many planets will there be? Is space something you can explore, i.e. can you fly to space stations, starship wrecks and find loot or treasure? Can you, to a degree, customize how Kay looks? And here I mean clothing (almost certainly yes), but what about things like hairstyle or tattoos? Kay has a tattoo in the footage, it would be nice if you could at least customize all of that, similar to what Ubisoft did with Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where the two characters (male/female option) are pre-determined, but you can customize hairstyles and tattoos (and for the male option beards too).

In my opinion the gameplay footage looked fun and Ubisoft are usually pretty great at making compelling great looking, immersive worlds. Now the big questions is what the gameplay loop will be and how the upgrade system works, will you need to grind for resources like in virtually any other Ubisoft game, for example?

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