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Charles Soule Discusses His New Darth Vader Series

Recently, I shared my review on the new Marvel Darth Vader comic which is written by Charles Soule. I thought it was a fantastic start to a new series that explores an area of Darth Vader we have yet to see and are eager to see; his first steps as the mechanical, maniacal apprentice of Emperor Palpatine. In a recent interview with, Charles shared his thoughts on the Emperor, Darth Vader, and where this comic series is going. caught up with Charles Soule to ask him some questions about his newest comic. He had previously mentioned to Marvel his interest in Palpatine as a character.

Palpatine has an uncomplicated goal—ultimate power!—but he goes about it in an extremely complex, subtle way. His greatest power is his ability to manipulate, and you can’t manipulate without—and this word will seem strange when describing Palpatine—empathy. You have to truly understand what makes a person tick in order to move them in the direction you want without them realizing it, and The Emperor is a master.                                                                                        –Charles Soule

Marvel also discussed Order 66 with Charles and his thoughts on whether it was a one time initiative or if it was a standing order.

I think it was a hard-coded part of the Clone Troopers’ “operating instructions,” if that makes sense. That said, it’s certainly emblematic of the Empire’s policy towards Jedi, which is basically: kill ‘em all. Whether the few Jedi survivors end up going from a literal application of Order 66 or another way—such as a certain brand new Sith with a grudge—the end result is the same.                                                 -Charles Soule

Charles shared his thoughts on what he believes makes Darth Vader so effective in hunting Jedi. He explained simply that Darth Vader WAS a Jedi, which means he knows their tactics, weaknesses, and their training. He thoroughly understands the mindset of a Jedi. Marvel also asked Charles what he would do if he was in the position of a Jedi on the run from Order 66.

I would never use the Force again, for one thing. But what’s the point, then? If you’re a Jedi, you are a living vessel for the Force. This might sound harsh, but I think most Jedi would rather die fighting than renounce the Force forever.   –Charles Soule

I don’t know about you, but that panel above makes me excited for future issues. I can’t help but keep commenting on how much I really enjoyed the debut issue. After talking with a bunch of you, I know you feel the same way.

Be sure to check out the full interview at and keep your eyes peeled for more comic reviews.

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