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All The Hasbro Toy Fair Black Series Reveals! [Updated]

After the three hour long Marvel Legends presentation that showed off what felt like 10,000,000 new figures the Star Wars team took the stage. And while many Star Wars collectors will probably feel let down by the scarcity of actual new things we didn’t know about already, Hasbro did show off at least a few nice things for The Black Series! So click through for all the things that were revealed at Toy Fair for the Black Series!

TBS Snowspeeder

The Black Series Snowspeeder, coming later this summer

Let’s make this real quick, because not all that many actually new things were revealed.

The focus of the presentation was the 40th anniversary line for The Empire Strikes Back. The two waves for the Black Series figures on ESB vintage cards were shown.

To reiterate:

Wave 1 will be:

– Yoda
– AT AT Driver
– Hoth Leia
– Bespin Han
– Bespin Luke

The Bespin Luke figure comes with an all new headsculpt with a separate hair piece. And of course all figures will have photo real paint apps!

Black Series Bespin Luke

Black Series Bespin Luke

Wave 2 will include:

– Bespin Lando
– TIE Fighter Pilot
– R2-D2
– Hoth Rebel Soldier
– Snowspeeder Luke

R2-D2 comes with muddy Dagobah deco.

R2-D2 Dagobah style

R2-D2 Dagobah style

The Hoth Rebel Soldier comes with an alternate faceplate! There are several configurations possible, since he comes with two blasters, a removable backpack and the alternate face plate, so most collectors will probably want a couple of the figures to troop build.

Black Series Hoth Rebel Trooper

Black Series Hoth Rebel Trooper, with the alternate bearded face

Black Series Hoth Rebel Trooper

Black Series Hoth Rebel Trooper with the clean shaven face plate

Snowspeeder Luke is an all new figure and shares no parts with X-Wing Luke!

Black Series Snowspeeder Luke

Black Series Snowspeeder Luke

And there will be an additional deluxe Empire Strikes Back figure, the previousdly leaked Imperial Probe Droid.

Black Series Imperial Probe Droid

Black Series Imperial Probe Droid

And here are all the Empire Strikes Back Black Series figures on cardback:

Black Series The Empire Strikes Back Line

There are two all new figures, one figure with a new headsculpt, R2 with new deco and six repacks, with Lando coming with photo real paint apps for the first time.

But the big news was the rumored vehicle for The Black Series. And it’s the Snowspeeder!

The Snowspeeder will come with an exclusive Dak Ralter figure, and he will only be available with the Snowspeeder, no single release is planned. Hasbro said nothing about price, but the size of the Snowspeeder will probably mean it will be on the pricier side!

UPDATE: the price is $120! Which sounds somewhat reasonable for a somewhat larger vehicle that comes with a figure. The TVC Slave 1 is $140 in comparison, and it comes with no figure at all.

Black Series Snowspeeder

Black Series Snowspeeder

Black Series Snowspeeder

Black Series Snowspeeder

It comes with a grappling hook of course.

Black Series Snowspeeder

Black Series Snowspeeder with Dak Ralter

And this is the figure exclusive to the set, Dak Ralter with removable helmet.

As mentiones, nothing was said about the price. International collectors will probably be happy that the Snowspeeder will available as a shared Amazon exclusive, this means ordering directly from the USA to save some money will be an option.

And that’s it for the Black Series! The Hasbro team said that, like last year, they will keep revealing new figures throughout the year at various events. But as far as Toy Fair New York is concerned not too many all new things were revealed. But the Snowspeeder is certainly the big highlight and will probably make Black Series collectors very happy.

So what are your thoughts? Are you happy with what you saw? Will you add the Snowspeeder to your collection?



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