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The Nielsen Streaming Charts For Ahsoka Week 3

I was a bit busy the past few days so I get to report the latest Nielsen numbers for Ahsoka a bit later than usual. And while some people may have you believe the ratings for the show are a complete disaster they are not really. But they are certainly not great either. So how did Ahsoka in week 3 perform? Click through for the important numbers!

In Ahsoka’s 4th episode Shin put on her Neko ears and went to the local Disneyland on Peridia to unwind from a long day of intense staring, glowering and lightsaber dueling. She had a great day!

So how are Ahsoka’s numbers?

Ahsoka is not found in the top 10 overall charts, and the series is in 7th place on the original series charts with 459 million minutes.

But how does that compare to the other shows?

Ahsoka: 459 million minutes / ep 4 length 38:36 = 11.89 million people
Obi-Wan Kenobi: 682 million minutes / ep 4 length 36:20 = 18.77 million people
Andor: 356 million minutes / ep 5 length 43:10 = 8.25 million people
The Book of Boba Fett: 467 million minutes / ep 3 length 37:16 = 12.53 million people
The Mandalorian S3: 795 million minutes / ep 3 length 56:11 = 14.15 million people

So as you can see Ahsoka is performing worse than all the other shows, other than Andor, and Andor is trailing the competition by quite a bit, in fact, in week 3 Ahsoka performs on the level of The Book of Boba Fett, both are, what I would call “b-tier” characters, they are not the big names like Obi-Wan, Luke or Leia, but have their dedicated and devoted fanbase. However, The Book of Boba Fett’s ratings would soon skyrocket when it transformed into The Mandalorian season 2.5, which means Ahsoka will likely be ahead of Andor but trailing everything else by quite some margin. Also, the 11.9 million people seem to be much closer to Ahsoka’s “true” numbers, i.e. this week’s numbers are not as much impacted by people watching previous episodes as before or people not watching all episodes in the first week of release. Both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor, the other shows that released more than one episode in week 1, had this effect and ratings only stabilized in week 3. With week 1 underperforming and week 2 overperforming (because in week 2 Nielsen counts all the people who catch up with the first couple episodes).

Only Lucasfilm and Disney know if they are happy with 11.89 million people for Ahsoka in week 3. As mentioned previously I am not sure these numbers boost confidence in the potential success of an eventual Filoni Star Wars movie about whatever his version of the Thrawn trilogy will be.

And while the numbers for Ahsoka are not an absolute disaster as YouTube may have you believe, they are certainly also no reason to celebrate. With these numbers Ahsoka is the 2nd worst performing Star Wars series. But what you see here is how massively The Mandalorian season 3 lost viewers with its third episode. Now the third episode here was the random segue to Dr Pershing getting on a date with an Imperial spy on Coruscant and getting his mind scrambled by the oh so benevolent New Republic, something that was not relevant at all for anything really in this season. The ratings recovered after that however.

You can also see that Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan, despite the less than stellar writing and less than great plot, had massive appeal. In week 3 the show had almost 19 million “views”, which puts it more or less in The Mandalorian territory.

As mentioned before I feel we can learn one thing from all this: Ahsoka is popular, but maybe her absolute popularity was somewhat overestimated. Of course another issue may be that her series is almost exclusively for fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels, a somewhat limited audience to begin with, because both of these shows, even at their respective heights, only had a small fraction of the audience a live action series and of course the movies have. So the overall fanbase is just a subset of all Star Wars fans, especially the more casual fans are probably not really familar with the animated shows.

We will have to see where Ahsoka’s journey on the Nielsen charts will go. There is also a chance it may drop off the charts, which always depends on how the competition is doing. However, the show in 10th place only has 298 million minutes, if this won’t change in the coming weeks Ahsoka should not drop out of the original series top 10, unlike Andor, which faced some stiffer competition and dropped out of the charts for one week mid-season.

What else: the usual. Disney+ is woefully underperforming given its subscriber base. Netflix is wiping the floor with the competition with its hit shows Virgin River and One Piece, nothing comes even remotely close here. Even if Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is #1 on the movie charts, at least for this week, the movie will probably drop off the face of the earth pretty quickly, leaving evergreen Moana once again the only Disney movie on the charts, but Moana is very, very consistent.

Addendum: Shin was not really in Disneyland on Peridia. This is a Stable Diffusion AI generated image of Shin having some well deserved downtime created by me. In the actual episode Shin was fighting in a dark forest, cutting down trees, glowering and intensely staring as usual. And Sabine gave up the map to Thrawn and Ahsoka kind of not died. In case you forgot.

The Nielsen Streaming Charts

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