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Star Wars Rumor Report Roundup

I love spoilers and rumors. Which is probably no surprise to anyone who knows me. Of course there are people who avoid them at all costs, which is perfectly fine, but I always felt that spoilers/rumors actually enhance the experience, it always helps me adjust my own expectations. I either look very much forward to seeing something after reading about a spoiler/rumor or I know that I should probably temper any expectations and brace for impact.

With that out of the way let’s talk about some assorted Star Wars rumors today, specifically, rumors about a few upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series, including Kenobi, which will be released on May 25th. So if you want to learn some rumors/spoilers (which of course, may not be entirely accurate, such is the nature of rumor reports) click through. Everyone else should absolutely stay away from this article!

Spoiler territory!

There are several (Star Wars) rumor sites out there. Bespin Bulletin (a major outlet with many Star Wars Rumors), Illuminerdi, Latino Review and even the big names like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety or Deadline. So I am not talking about the usual YouTube channels, but more or less credible outlets with actual industry contacts. Despite all that rumors can be wrong, so don’t necessarily believe everything you read.

With that out of the way let’s talk about Kenobi first.

Rumors say that Kenobi will indeed leave Tatooine, and the reason for that will be young Leia. An actress for young Leia was cast, according to reports, her name is Vivien Lyra Blair (9). Something involving Leia will lure Obi-Wan into an offworld adventure. And since Leia will be in the series (as well as a young Luke on Tatooine), Jimmy Smits returns as Bail Organa, his wife will also be in the series, but it is unknown if the original prequel actress will reprise her role.

Vivien Lyra Blair will be young Leia

Hayden Christensen / Darth Vader is supposed to appear in episode 3 for the first time and then in every episode after that. Vader is said to be similar to his appearance in Rogue One, only even angrier though. Hayden also filmed scenes as Anakin Skywalker according to Ewan McGregor himself, so we may get a few Book of Boba Fett style flashbacks?

Rupert Friend (he portrayed Agent 47 in Hitman) will portray the Grand Inquisitor, the same Inquisitor we saw in Rebels. Remember that Kenobi is set before Rebels, so the Grand Inquisitor is still very much alive and searching the galaxy for survivors of Order 66. He won’t be the only Inquisitor of course, similar to what we saw in Rebels. Once again, Bespin Bulletin reports that, with Latino Review getting it confirmed from their sources (which may very well be the same sources). We may also get a few more Order 66 survivors, since the stuntman performing in the Vader suit is also supposed to play a Zabrak Jedi.

If you connect the dots it may very well be that the Grand Inquisitor is on the trail of Leia. But we’ll see!


Then there are reports about an all new, yet unanounced, Star Wars series modeled after Netflix’ “Stranger Things”, with mostly younger main actors. This show will be set in the High Republic era. Filming is scheduled to begin in June. Nothing is known about the plot really, but Illuminerdi say they got their hands on the casting call for the show:

Lucasfilm is looking for a young man to play 11 years old of any ethnicity to play “Wyatt”. Wyatt yearns for great adventures, but finds his attention easily diverted. He wishes to be the hero in any situation he finds himself in. Wyatt is described as a series regular.

Lucasfilm is looking for a young man to play 11 years old of any ethnicity to play “Ned”. Ned is described as Wyatt’s bashful best friend. Ned is kind with a massive heart, but also tends to be a rules follower. That being said, Ned often finds himself pulled into Wyatt’s adventures. Ned is described as a series regular.

Lucasfilm is also looking to cast a young actress or non-binary actor of any ethnicity to play 12 year old “Faye”. Faye is described as rebellious and extroverted, but at 12 years old they already have a chip on their shoulder. Faye is described as a series regular.

Lucasflim is also looking to cast a young woman to play 12 years old of any ethnicity to play “Kylie”. Kylie is Faye’s best friend and is described as serious, intelligent, and keeps her emotions guarded, behind a wall. Kylie is also a series regular.

It looks like this mystery Star Wars series is also looking to cast a man in his 30s to 40s as a series regular, but we haven’t been able to learn much more than that about this character.

As usual, this casting call sounds very generic, since only the most obvious traits are listed. I only wonder how any pre-pubescent child can actually be “non-binary”, but that’s modern Hollywood /Twitter-opia for you.

It looks as though this series will be geared towards a much younger audience. So chances are it’s nothing for the average cynical JTA adult who complains about action figures. Star Wars needs a new generation of fans, the few kid-centric shows Lucasfilm released all more or less failed, with Star Wars Resistance making a resounding belly flop with abysmal ratings, this was just before Disney+ was launched. But the various YouTube shorts also didn’t leave much of an impression and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel is mostly a wasteland where the average video gets a couple thousand clicks. So a big budget Disney+ series may be the way to go for Lucasfilm to attract younger audiences primarily. The adult Star Wars fans will have Kenobi, Andor, Mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka of course.


And then one final tidbit… Lucasfilm is apparently gauging the possibility of a new movie trilogy. One focus of said trilogy could be the new Jedi Order (founded by Rey). Some outlets immediately jumped on that and invented additional details, not at all to be found in the original report. Several outlets (mostly YouTube channels) claimed Lucasfilm is thinking about a new trilogy with Rey Skywalker. Nothing like that was actually said, and this is pure speculation and as usual it has to be pointed out that Lucasfilm is developing things and pitching ideas all the time, many of which never see the light of day. So anyone who watched a few YouTube videos or read about it elsewhere… no need to take your blood pressure medication just yet, no Rey Skywalker trilogy has been confirmed. It is said that Daisy Ridley was approached by Lucasfilm, but no one really knows for what. Could be animation. Could be a Disney+ series, no one knows yet.

So, what are your feelings about Kenobi after reading about the rumors? Are you happy that Kenobi will not be yet another series set almost entirely on Tatooine? Are you looking forward to seeing young Leia and her adoptive father Bail Organa, possibly even Alderaan in its prime, before it became space dust? What about potential Clone Wars live action flashbacks?

And do you think your kids (if you have any) could be interested in a High Republic Star Wars series with child actors? Maybe we will follow the adventures of young padawans, so it could be something kids may really enjoy.

Would you be ready for a sequel sequel trilogy focusing on Rey Skywalker’s (that sounds so wrong…) Jedi order? Or do you think Lucasfilm would dig their own grave with a movie trilogy based on the sequels, with sequel characters starring in it? In my own opinion Lucasfilm should avoid the sequels at all costs and a future movie trilogy should much rather follow what Star Wars Visions did, which had an episode set in the far future, with Jedi and Sith both forgotten, but both about to be getting reformed with the ancient art of making lightsabers rediscovered as well. It was one of the best episodes and showed much promise.

Here are some spoiler news outlets that regularly feature Star Wars rumors/spoilers:

Bespin Bulletin
The Illuminerdi
Latino Review


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