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Rogue Squadron Movie Delayed - Probably Indefinitely

The history of troubled Lucasfilm Star Wars productions just got another entry! The Hollywood Reporter has learned (and rumors were making the rounds before that) that the Rogue Squadron movie which is supposed to be directed by Patty Jenkins will be delayed, for several years at least, maybe even indefinitely. Click through for more!

Rogue Squadron Teaser

Screenshot from the Rogue Squadron teaser

According to the Hollywood Reporter the reason the movie will be delayed is Patty Jenkins’ schedule who will make a third Wonder Woman movie and is supposed to work on a Cleopatra movie for Paramount.

One might wonder why and how any of this information was not available when Rogue Squadron was announced and how Lucasfilm found out about Patty Jenkins’ schedule only now. Or did Patty Jenkins take on these jobs after being hired as the director of Rogue Squadron? And if so… why would she take on other commitments when she is supposed to make a Star Wars movie? Something does not compute here. Other sources on Twitter say that the reason for the delay is not just Patty’s schedule, but that the production was not going well at all (probably to the surprise of no one) and that the movie would never have been ready to begin shooting in a few weeks from now. Which is a roundabout way of saying that the script was probably trash.

As things are now Rogue Squadron is delayed for good. It is unknown whether Patty Jenkins’ extremely busy schedule will allow her to return.

If you are a cynic (and of course you are) you might say this is just a very gentle way of cancelling a movie project that probably would have ended in yet another box office disappointment for Lucasfilm and Disney.

The idea of making a movie about X-Wing pilots in the sequel trilogy timeline (i.e. no Wedge, no Luke, but completely new and unknown characters) was met with a lukewarm reception by fans at best. Maybe someone at Disney finally remembered how the last Star Wars movie without Jedi, the Force, lightsabers or epic conflicts performed at the box office and said “Maybe we shouldn’t do that Top Gun in space movie after all!”.

Either way, Patty Jenkins is off the project for now, she will apparently make at least two other movies before an eventual return, and with how production schedules are this means her movie would probably get released after Taika Waititi’s movie (which has not been cancelled yet).

Some other – unverified! – rumors say that Lucasfilm has been preparing an entirely new project for a December 2023 release behind closed curtains, a movie based on The Old Republic. There were rumors about an Old Republic project several years ago. We will see if Lucasfilm and Disney will fill the 2023 hole in the release schedule with a new Star Wars project or if they will focus even more on Disney+ series now and wait a few more years before they bring back Star Wars to movie theaters.

It’s certainly not a good sign that yet another Star Wars movie production is extremely troubled. And it gets even worse when you consider that that other Lucasfilm movie, Indiana Jones 5, was just pushed back a full year a short while ago. Kathleen Kennedy may have set a new record here with delayed, cancelled or troubled productions. Also, how many directors and writers were either fired from Star Wars projects or left of their own volition now?

So, what do you make of all this? Are you happy Rogue Squadron is delayed (probably indefinitely) or were you looking forward to seeing the movie? What Star Wars movie project should Lucasfilm pursue in your opinion? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments!

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