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A Digested Look at The Vintage Collection

by Paul Harrison & Chuck Paskovics
July 21, 2013


It's hard to believe that The Vintage Collection basic figure line has fully wrapped and that we're moving onto a completely different line look now as well as all-new products. As a tribute, Jedi Temple Archives is commemorating The Vintage Collection's long duration and stunning basic figure assortment by gathering our friends from across the web to come together and rank our favorites from the line. What follows is an intense ranking of the Top 25 The Vintage Collection figures and the next 10 runner-ups as deemed by our wonderful panel.

But that's not all. We have reached out to Hasbro and asked if we could feature them in an exclusive section of this Special Report and they eagerly obliged. We are ecstatic to welcome Derryl DePriest (VP, Boys Marketing, Hasbro, Inc.), Jin Han (Design Director, Star Wars Brand, Hasbro, Inc.) and Dave Vennemeyer (Senior Product Design Manager, Star Wars Brand, Hasbro, Inc.) to our Special Report and thank them for their participation. It's so nice to see the makers of our action figures reflect on their own body of work. Make it a mission to click the "Hasbro's Picks" tab and see what those responsible for in The Vintage Collection basic figure line think are the best. (It's interesting to say the least!)

Each Star Wars fan site member of the panel was asked to provide a list of his or her Top 25 TVC action figures. A list of all the candidates was provided to each member, but simply put, an eligible action figure candidate had to labeled with a "VC" number. This meant that Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) (VC61) and Salacious Crumb (VC66) and Mouse Droid (VC67) were also eligible. However, any VCP exclusive figure was not eligible. All repacked and/or retooled/refreshed figures were also eligible. We were curious to see how the packaging would influence a panel member's ranking. Case and point would be Boba Fett (VC09) who received an inordinate amount of points (and just missed the 35 figures featured in this Special Report by a couple of votes in fact).

Despite all of the great choices that did win, Jedi Temple Archives was particularly surprised that some of our personal favorites didn't even come close to making the final cuts. Some examples include Darth Vader [Anakin Skywalker] (VC13), R2-D2 (VC25), Zam Wesell (VC30), Fi-Ek Sirch (Jedi Knight) (VC49), Darth Maul (VC86), Ahsoka (VC102), Nien Nunb (VC106) and Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit) (VC111). Again, these great figures didn't even have a chance. Conversely, we were pleasantly surprised to see a few of the very heavily criticized figures shoot right to the top, namely See-Threepio (C-3PO) (VC06) and peg-warmer Dengar (VC01).

Sure to be controversial to some, but heartwarming to others, see what action figures from this amazing line faired in the final Top 25 ranking. And also be sure to check out the 10 runner ups as well. As always, leave your own personal comments (and maybe even your own Top 10 lists) about this Special Report at the bottom of every tab in the very popular Disqus module. Lastly, please remember, this ranking is based on a cumulative total ranked by our peers and nothing more. These are our collective opinions summed up for you to enjoy.

But before we begin, let us introduce the panel one by one. Please warmly welcome (in alphabetical order by site name):

Bantha Skull

Bantha Skull

Bret Diaz, Chris Swanski

Jedi Temple Archives

Jedi Temple Archives

Paul Harrison, Chuck Paskovics

Curto Burns Collector's Cast

Curto Burns Collectors Cast

James Burns

Mint In Box

Paul Bragard

Frank Diorio's Diorama Workshop

Diorama Workshop

Frank Diorio



D. Martin Myatt





Dan Curto

Galactic Hunter

Galactic Hunter

Mike Sullenger

Sir Steve's Guide

Sir Steve's Guide

JediTricks, Sir Steve

Imperial Holocron

Imperial Holocron

Eric Franks

Star Wars Collector

Star Wars Collector

Dan Emmons

Imperial Shipyards

Imperial Shipyards

Shawn Groves

Star Wars Action News

Star Wars Action News

Arnie Carvalho, Marjorie Carvalho

Jedi Business

Jedi Business

Chris Bortz

Star Wars Figuren

Star Wars Figuren

volker c

Jedi News

Jedi News

Matt Booker

Toyz Mag


Julien Metifeux



Yak Face


Justin Cook, Jayson Krebsbach


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The battle to make it to the Top 25 was extremly intense. With each response we received from various members of the panel, the results shifted dramatically. Figures that hung in tightly suddenly disappeared from sight, and figures that appeared to have no chance of breaking the Top 50 even soon skyrocketed to the Top 10. Unpredictable best describes the overall voting process, but we finally now have the definitive ranking. Without further adieu, we present you with the Top 25 action figure of The Vintage Collection as determined by your friends at the various Star Wars fan sites that participated in this Special Report, a seasoned team of enthusiastic journalists with a deep knowledge of what makes a great action figure. Will your own picks make the list?



MagnaGuard (VC18)VC18 – Wave 2 – September 2010
Source: Revenge of the Sith

Throughout its appearances in the Hasbro line, the MagnaGuard really didn't start getting the proper attention until 2010. That year gave collectors two amazing versions: one from The Clone Wars and one from The Vintage Collection (both in white). But without a doubt, the collector-focused VC18 figure brought the character to new and exciting levels and shines above all other versions. It didn't ship in nearly enough quantities despite constant pleading from Star Wars collectors to get Hasbro to reissue it. We still need the blue and gray flavors, so hopefully they're on Hasbro's radar first before a straight re-release. After all, isn't it clear to them by now that we always want them all?

JediTricks ( A droid take on our Jedi heroes and nearly keep them in check? Only two in the movies have done so: the Droideka and the Magnaguard. This Magnaguard figure is a worthy update with very nice detailing from its a layered design, good poseability, a slick metallic worn deco, a more accurate staff weapon, and a removable hood and soft-goods cloak. The cloak may not be fully accurate in its cut, but it looks good and scales well on a figure that might be otherwise plain without it, and once you get the "mouth" through the hood it's a pretty accurate look to the figure -- one ready to menace any prequel-era Jedi.

Eric Franks ( For me, soft goods always makes a figure better and the MagnaGuard is no exception, with his cape and molded head piece, he looks fierce. The articulation is improved over the Revenge of the Sith release, he has excellent accessories, including well-done electrostaff “energy” effects, and paint apps.

Dan Curto ( Grievous' Bodyguard was an early favorite from the second wave, I'm honestly surprised just how good this figure really is...especially when compared to previous versions. Gone are the gimmicky action features, and in are multiple points of articulation that allow for really dynamic poses, a soft goods cape, and a cool electrostaff accessory that includes a neat removable energy effect on each end.

Paul Bragard ( Guardian of Grievous, and guardian of your collection, this droid is one of the most realistic droids in the action figure lines we have ever seen.



Sandtrooper (VC112)VC112 – Wave 15 – August 2012
Source: A New Hope

After a lackluster VC14 release, Hasbro superseded collectors' expectations with the VC112 release. While the same sculpt, a glorious all-new paint job was given to the sculpt and a dedication to the squad leader ranking just added extra gravy. The card back art was phenomenal and Star Wars collectors everywhere finally got a character in glorious "vintage styled" packaging that even Hasbro claims should have been released in the original vintage Kenner lineup from long ago. Hasbro has now reached definitive status on the Sandtrooper. While we want an updated version to the corporal (and even a new dirty version of the sergeant), this one will likely remain the most impressive version of them all!

Dan Emmons ( Hasbro has finally created a Sandtrooper that most would be proud to own. The Vintage Collection's Sandtrooper VC112 figure just looks great. First off, Hasbro has finally given us a Sandtrooper with a Orange Pauldron, making him a Squad leader. This Sandtrooper figure has been seen previously, but what sets this figure off is the new paint application. It just looks amazing. This Sandtrooper figure has 14 points of articulation and includes a blaster pistol, sentry droid, sentry droid stand, backpack, and blaster rifle.

Justin Cook ( Another winner! I love the sculpt and paint scheme. Hasbro nailed this one and it's so much better than the previous Sandtrooper that was all white. Same sculpt, but wow - what a difference! Well, the belt is better on this one too. The first VC Sandtrooper suffered from belts that weren't sculpted cleanly, and a lot of them had weird yellowing. But this really won me over and I bought most of these that I saw. Hasbro can continue to carry this sculpt forward here and there with slight variations in deco like they are doing with The Black Series version and I will reach into my pocket and buy more. I also dig that these don't have removable helmets because Hasbro has botched a lot removable helmets up (see Joker Squad, for example).

Julien Metifeux ( What could have been a mere repaint of an already quite good figure (VC14) has become a fan favorite thanks to amazing accessories (even though one of them comes from the dreaded Special Edition) notably a blaster with movable stock. How cool is that ? Of course, proper articulation and the unique paintjob seal the deal.

Bret Diaz ( Until I actually got my hands on this, it just made me really angry that we have the 73rd version of this character already. I'm still angry, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this figure. Anyway, the sculpt is excellent, and unlike some people I know whose name sounds like Al Pacino's "hoo-ah" in Scent of a Woman, I don't have a problem with his screen-inaccurate belt buckle. It looks great, has a bunch of neat accessories, and comes with a stunning E-11 with collapsible stock. Now Hasbro, for the love of all that is good and holy, NO MORE SANDTROOPERS!



(Skiff Guard)    

Nikto (Skiff Guard) (VC99)VC99 – Wave 14 – June 2012
Source: Return of the Jedi

You know you're getting "up there" in age when you're pushing nearly three decades waiting for Hasbro to update a character from the original vintage Kenner lineup. Jedi Temple Archives included Nikto (Skiff Guard), which seemed endlessly, in our popular annual "Vintage Versus Modern" analysis as a character that needed a modern replacement.We're proud of Hasbro for allowing us to move him out of that "needed" spot and right into "definitive" status instead. It was a long-awaited figure, but the wait paid off. Nikto (Skiff Guard) is one of the greatest aliens Hasbro has ever produced in plastic. And what better way to release it in replica packaging of the way it originally arrived in 1984. This one warmed the hearts of "collectordom," Hasbro. Thank you!

Chris Bortz ( I love it when Hasbro releases secondary alien characters! The details sculpted in Nikto's facial area are fantastic and Hasbro managed to capture the clothing and the color of the outfit as closely as possible compared to the movie counterpart. This figure is a truly wonderful update to the real vintage figure and well worth getting!.

Chris Swanski ( Despite many worthy candidates, the brave souls on the second skiff at the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon are under represented in the action figure line. Thankfully one of the first ones we have received since Pote Snitkin in 1999 is absolutely brilliant. In Nikto Hasbro delivers a virtually flawless action figure representation of the on screen counterpart. Figures like this ensure the line will quit me long before I quit the line.

Mike Sullenger ( Hasbro did a bang up on last year's Skiff Guards, and this Nikto is the definitive version. You can't really improve much on this figure, because it excels in this scale and almost looks organic and alive, aside from some slightly visible articulation joints.

Chuck Paskovics ( We really racked up on skiff guards in The Vintage Collection, and as well-made as they all were it’s no surprise that 4 of the 5 different skiff guards made the top 25! It took years for Hasbro to give Nikto ‘back’ to us, and they didn’t disappoint! Modern update, modern card, modern sculpt and features… WIN!

James Burns ( Another figure from Return of the Jedi which has been a much requested collectors release and at last an update to the 1984 version. Nikto (Skiff Guard) has 14 points of articulation and comes equipped with a blaster, rigid force spike and a removable helmet. This is an all new sculpt. The sculpt is fantastic and the figure is very representative of the character we see on screen. This is another must buy figure from the Vintage line, it’s as good as it gets – of course we can always find reasons to complain but I don’t think we’ll ever see a better representation.



Weequay (VC107)VC107 – Wave 16 – October 2012
Source: Return of the Jedi

Although Weequay was one of the earliest modern updates by Hasbro, it was one of the most overused figures of all time. In fact, Hasbro utilized a repainted version of the 1997 figure as recently as 2008 for The Legacy Collection's The Battle At The Sarlacc Pit Battle Packs set. Sadly relegated to an online exclusive wave, Weequay still exceeded collectors' expectations and gave us all a figure that itched us in all the right places. Aside from a few mismatched joint issues, the sculpt, paint job and ability to attain almost any pose possible makes Weequay a high ranking candidate for many who collect Star Wars figures. It's a shame that many may never get the opportunity to find this gorgeous action figure in a retail store.

JediTricks ( Part of the final wave of The Vintage Collection figures that ended up an online-exclusive, Weequay here was one of the most long-awaited POTF2 revisits, waiting 15 years for his super-articulated debut. Weequay doesn't sport the sharpest sculpt or most exciting paint scheme - he even still has the plastic hair over the shoulder - but this quiet figure earns props for being all-new parts and not abusing steroids. With his empty black eyes and wrinkled permanent scowl, this Follower of Quay can finally strike poses and push people around with his vibro-axe.

Dan Curto ( I've always loved the Weequay. The original Kenner ROTJ and POTF2 figures were always some of my favorites, and this figure is a wonderful addition to that legacy. This is actually the second Weequay figure in The Vintage Collection: roleplaying games have identified the first figure from wave 3 as "Skiffmaster" and this one being the "Hunter". I've always preferred the idea from the novels that Weequay are all named the same, but I digress...

Rich Alot ( Seeing store pegs overflowing with POTF2 Weequay figures in the late ‘90s, you’d be taking a big risk betting that Hasbro would ever revisit this character in the future. As time passed and wounds healed, Hasbro’s second attempt at Weequay in the modern era, as part of The Vintage Collection, was a significant improvement to its pre-posed, statuesque predecessor. The figure demonstrates the importance of super-articulation and its flexibility in achieving a character’s iconic pose(s), while not restraining a figure to a pre-determined stance.

Chuck Paskovics ( No The Vintage Collection run would be complete without the original skiff guard! Weequay’s modern counterpart squeezed his way in in the final wave of The Vintage Collection, thrilling collectors! Weequay was one of the gems of wave 16, a wave already full of great figures! With SO many great figures to choose from, it’s easy to see why this figure is in the top 25!

James Burns ( This was the second Weequay we got in the Vintage line, the first was a Skiff Master #48 released over 18 months earlier. This was part of the last wave which was not available at retail and quite difficult to obtain – I was only able to get one case. This is a huge improvement over the first release and features a brand new sculpt. This is yet another fine example of an almost perfect sculpt and features 14 points of articulation and comes with a blaster and force pike. This is another figure we can tick off as not needing to be revisited again in the future – practically perfect in every way! Grab it whilst you can, you won’t be disappointed.

Chris Swanski ( Despite being the most prominent skiff guard, Queequeg (as the character is officially named) had not been visited in the action figure form since 1997. With fifteen years between releases, this is likely the last time Hasbro will address Weequay. Fortunately for collectors, Hasbro delivered the definitive version. Perfectly expressive, the figure begs to be placed on the plank of your skiff forcing Luke toward becoming a victim of the almighty Sarlacc.



Wicket (VC27)VC27 – Wave 3 – November 2010
Source: Return of the Jedi

Many closeted Ewok lovers came out in 2010. (For the record, we feel that also includes Hasbro.) While there has always remained a proud and defending facet of fur ball philes, accepting Ewoks for who they were and loving them unconditionally became en vogue and all the rage with The Vintage Collection. One of these highlights was Wicket, who came with an interchangeable outfit so you could recreate his appearance from the scenes in Season 2 of the Ewoks cartoon too. Wicket comes with a healthy dose of articulation, including ball-jointed hips, a first for an Ewok sculpt. With awesome scale, plenty of accessories and a great likeness, it was finally time to retire the overused POTF2 sculpt that stayed in the line for much too long.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( Wicket was originally intended to be a two-pack, also with Ewok Kneesa. While Hasbro cut costs by dropping Kneesa from the package, the Wicket they delivered almost made up for it. First, he is properly scaled to the other figures. This is a step up for an Ewok, as their species seems to have had scaling issues in the past. But while small, Wicket has a decent amount of articulation. And while it's no Kneesa, the green hood you can put on to represent his animated past helps to make up for it.

flyguy ( Who can resist this cute (but deadly) little guy? The most famous Ewok we know, with an eye for the princesses comes of course on his gorgeous ROTJ vintage card, with the recent and solid articulation we have come to expect on Ewok's from Hasbro. Add in an alternative Ewok cartoon headpiece, great paintwork and his spear and this is collector Ewok heaven. Nyub Nyub!

Matt Booker ( Most fans favourite Ewok finally overhauled and brought up to scratch yes we wouldn't expect anything less but what stands out for me with this figure is the bonus content we get... the animated cowl and bag from my childhood the Ewoks cartoon.

Eric Franks ( Once Hasbro started cranking out Ewoks with modern articulation and better scale, Wicket rose to the top of the list for characters needing a new version and, in 2010, he arrived in the 3rd Vintage Collection wave. Wicket has as much articulation as could be packed into a figure smaller than an astromech, the paint apps were well done on both the figure and accessories and he even came with a hood and pouch from his 80’s animated series appearance.

Julien Metifeux ( Wicket is a great TVC figure. Not only the picture remembers you the real vintage one but also the figure comes with the Caravan of Courage accessories. On the blister, you can notice the single name "Wicket" instead of "Wicket W. Warrick" and the photo is no more soft focus like its 1984 conterpart. For a so small action figure, you can't find more articulations and accessories. Really a must have... even if you hate Ewoks!


See-Threepio (C-3PO)

See-Threepio (C-3PO) (VC06)VC06 – Wave 1 – August 2010
Source: Expanded Universe (During the Events of Clone Wars Volume 2)*
*C-3PO's features are directly inspired from The Empire Strikes Back

Many collectors were quick to dismiss the all-new See-Threepio (C-3PO) sculpt, but it was an action figure that you warmed up to the longer you held it in your hands. The first super-articulated version for C-3PO ever, many finally were able to see why this version of him is so good with time. Sure, there are more Expanded Universe qualities to See-Threepio (C-3PO) than you may be comfortable with, but if you give it a chance, you may just see the light on why this figure is as good as it is. Overlook the smaller scale and overlook why Hasbro avoided vac-metallization here and illuminate yourself to the brilliant design that went into this sculpt (and all of his fun play features)!

Jayson Krebsbach ( Personally, I think this figure gets a bad wrap due to its shorter stature, but the design and intricacies of the sculpt are so awesome, it's hard to deny its superiority to previous versions. Sculptor Jay Kushwara dedicated an inordinate (and much appreciated) amount of time sculpting the back side of every removable panel. It is simply a wonder of what is possible in the 3-3/4" scale. If this figure had a vac-metal finish, it would rank as one of my favorite action figures of all time.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( For all the releases we've had of Threepio it seems he's hard to get perfectly right. Vac metallized releases are usually my favorite (harkening back to the vintage days) but there are trade-offs in terms of articulation and durability. But for a non-metallic 3PO this The Vintage Collection offering does well. He has tons of removable parts to see the Phantom Menace 3PO hidden underneath the golden armor. Plus the paint used has a truly metallic sheen that serves this droid well. With the removable limbs and the detail on the silver leg, he was a great upgrade to the figure line.

Paul Harrison ( Forgive me See-Threepio (C-3PO) for I knew not what I did. When this figure was first released, I indignantly went off the deep end and criticized Hasbro for taking the approach they did with this action figure. Then I fully gave it my attention and discovered I made a terrible mistake. While the only true correct source you can give this figure is the Expanded Universe, I love how his break-apart features are directly inspired from The Empire Strikes Back, up to and including the removable back panel (so you can have Chewbacca work on him).

D. Martin Myatt ( If ever there was a figure that needed to be opened and played with to be appreciated, this is the one. Hasbro knocked this one out of the park by infusing playability with screen-accuracy. Here's hoping this is the sculpt they use or reference for every protocol droid going forward. Heck, go back and do up a 4-LOM like this and we'd all lose it.

flyguy ( Now we know as many have discussed this figure is too short and Hasbro acknowledged that it is a side effect some times in the manufacturing process, so lets get that out of the way. This is an ESB card so we get Threepio's silver leg which is removable and this makes for a great diorama on board the falcon. Great card, articulation, and I think a spot on likeness make this essential. The paintwork may be a bit off colour for some but vac metallised figures are hard to make with articulation and cracking paint. I'd rather give up the shiny coat of paint for a more screen accurate ability to pose, but the hidden gem is the features Threepio comes with. A removable back panel, thigh, head and waste and you have something ready for Chewies back pack. One expensive figure to track down these days.



Dengar (VC01)VC01 – Wave 1 – August 2010
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Collectors have argued since the release of wave 1 of The Vintage Collection about what single figure was the best. While it was popular to say Boba Fett or Darth Vader, the fact of the matter was that the greatest figure in the inaugural wave was Dengar. While Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) ultimately attained a higher point score than Dengar in this particular ranking, there is no denying that the likeness, paint job and sculpted details are impressive, most impressive on Dengar moreso. Whatever your stance, there is no denying that Dengar is action figure perfection. Why he warmed the pegs at retail pains collectors who discovered his magnificence. It was a terrible shame, but if you own him, at least you know how much others are missing out.

D. Martin Myatt ( When the Saga version came out most of us thought it was beyond improvement, but let's face it, as the first figure in The Vintage Collection it set a tone and raised an already high bar.

flyguy ( Not sure many will have this guy up there but for me this was a huge hit. Gorgeous cardback-check. Super articulated figure-check. Great paint job-check, Great accessories-check. However the real knockout was that facial sculpt. Rarely in such a scale can a  figure look so like it's card image. Truly lifelike, Dengar's swathed in bandages look, is almost more 'alive' than any other figure I can recall. Plus lets face it, who the hell else do you know in the Star Wars Universe comes packed with a removable codpiece?

Rich Alot ( Six years isn’t a long time in the update cycle of a D-class citizen in Hasbro’s Star Wars line—*ahem Ree-Yees *cough Yakface. Hasbro’s decision to update 2004’s Star Wars "Saga" Dengar, which many collectors considered definitive at the time, in 2010 was a head scratcher… until we saw the figure. The face sculpt, inset in the head-wrap / hood, is some of Hasbro’s best work and the proper mix of articulation and aesthetics make this a solid figure for a character with only a few seconds of screen time.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( It's easy to get jaded about the first wave of Vintage Collection figures...all that built-up excitement for a return to Vintage card backs dashed by the fact that these figures hung on pegs for over a year in some areas. But in hindsight, with the sting of pegwarming now passing, Dengar should be seen as a standout figure; an original trilogy figure that finally got the plastic treatment he deserved. Often a bounty hunter derided for his turban, this Dengar has a take-no-guff facial expression, articulation to pose like a man of action, and a removable backpack so you can have him in Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi mode!

Dan Emmons ( The Vintage Collection's Dengar VC01 figure sculpt looks amazing. It is highly detailed and is a excellent example of the character as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. He has lots of articulation 14 points to be exact, which allows you to pose him pretty much any way you want. He includes a backpack, blaster rifle, removable cod piece, and pistol. This figure is a definitive version of Dengar.


Rebel Fleet Trooper

Rebel Fleet Trooper (VC52)VC52 – Wave 7 – June 2011
Source: A New Hope

After The Vintage Collection's first year at retail, one of the most anticipated figures for 2011 was the Rebel Fleet Trooper. This character saw multiple releases throughout the modern line, but it wasn't until The Vintage Collection update that Hasbro meant serious business. Arguably possessing a better than average likeness to Pello Scrambas, the only details Hasbro missed with this figure were the missing holster (but some of the RFTs don't have holsters though) and the avoidance of giving us running change variants. The figure exceeded expectations and Hasbro released it multiple times throughout The Vintage Collection's duration. It could go for another spin, but we would ask that Hasbro add a different head sculpt going forward.

Justin Cook ( This figure is very special to me not only because it's a well made figure, but it's an army builder that represents the Rebellion's struggle against the Empire and we see these guys right off the bat in ANH... and I remember as a kid back in the early 1980s wanting these guys. A huge step forward from the POTF2 and POTJ version, this figure sports very good articulation and has a generic enough face to build an army of them. I think the only drawback for me is he lacks a holster. He also wasn't too hard to find fortunately so I was able to get quite a few and I believe most collectors were able to grab a handful if they chose to. I'd like to see him released again with a head variant for even more variety, and a holster. We needed armies of this guy and Hasbro delivered.

Chris Bortz ( We don't get a holster for the blaster and the vest is a bit too short, but Hasbro makes up for these shortcomings with a fantastic super articulated and detailed sculpt, tons of accessories and a very nice looking cardback! I would love to see some head variants on future releases!

Bret Diaz ( HE HAS A BASEBALL HAT!  Does anything more need to be said? Here's another figure that would have benefited from ball jointed hips, but I'll give it a pass because he is allegedly Pello Scrambas. Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete I've ever seen, and his career was ended by a hip injury. This guy's old, and probably shouldn't be doing anything extreme with his hips. Anyway, he's got a quality sculpt, a face with nice character, and an array of interesting accessories which allow for great variety (if you can get over the fact that he's not a true army builder). But did I mention the baseball hat is a baseball hat?

Shawn Groves ( He is an all new figure that also comes with a ton of extra accessories including another hat, tracker, ammo leg-belt, etc. and he can achieve the poses we see in the movie. Also, with very small paint touch up or head swaps and you can have a veritable rebel army on your hands in no time. Heck, you can get four variations with just the standard figure. Now that is diversity.



(Vader's Apprentice)    

Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice) (VC100)VC100 – Wave 14 – June 2012
Source: The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed was welcomed by even the most discriminating collectors, perhaps due to the source's close ties to the Original Trilogy. Hasbro was fervent in releasing some of the greatest characters from the video game, but one character they constantly took shortcuts with.... until now.... was Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice). It's a testament to Hasbro's ability to do things 100% correctly. This action figure is stunning. The head sculpt is a dead ringer for the model who posed as Starkiller for the video game and there are so many accessories here that you may not know what to do with them all. Sadly, to date, Starkiller has not made a big splash at retail and has remained very hard to find (even online for a reasonable price).

Bret Diaz ( I'm no EU lover, but this figure is ball-jointed hips away from being one of the greatest offerings Hasbro has ever put out. Unfortunately, this missing element relegates Starkiller to the category of "Fatally Flawed, But Still Good Enough to Make My Vintage Collection Top 20". It's an unwieldy category name, so let's just call it the FFBSGETMMVCT20 for short. Anyway, the face sculpt, attention to detail, and upper body posability are excellent. But this figure shines due to the abundance of accessories that not only amplify the play value, but essentially give you the ability to have at least 2 figures in one. I wish I had two, so I could display this figure in all its glory.

Mike Sullenger ( My only complaint about this figure is the 100th designation. That honor would have been more appropriate for a classic OT or Kenner figure, like Grand Moff Tarkin for example. But you can't beat the play and display ability of two outfits, and the super-articulation is boss on this figure. Probably in the top 20, if not the top 10 in The Vintage Collection.

Chris Bortz ( I think Starkiller is an extraordinarily well done figure, which basically comes with two outfits and a ton of accessories. This is the kind of character I want to display in more dynamic poses to re-create some of the battle scenes from the game, and thanks to tons of articulation and nicely stiff joints, this is easily possible. A must-have figure if you are a fan of The Force Unleashed!

Paul Bragard ( One of the last series of TVC figures [that focused on] a lot of Expanded Universe characters. [We have been] waiting for the return of Starkiller since 2010. Hasbro heard collectors' [wishes]and [now] Starkiller is back again.

JediTricks ( Based on The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller stands out in The Vintage Collection by having a lot of accessories and the ability to create 2 separate looks from the game. Very nice articulation, good paint, 10 accessories stuffed into a tiny bubble coffin tray, and the best sculpted likeness of Starkiller actor Sam Witwer, this figure isn't flashy but it is accurate and gets the job done well -- two jobs, in fact. It's too bad this ended up a difficult figure to find on shelves, it does justice to a character that's gotten lost in the shuffle since his debut.


Boba Fett

(Prototype Armor)   

Boba Fett (Prototype Armor)VC61 – Mail-away Exclusive – October 2011
Source: Expanded Universe (Screen Test Prototype)

Releasing Boba Fett in any format is pretty much a safe bet for Hasbro. But releasing him in an exclusive format always creates more demand than usual. For The Vintage Collection, Hasbro gave us four versions of him, 50% of which were relegated to mail-away exclusives. This exclusive, complete with its own odd "VC" placement number was a long-awaited release for fans of the Original Trilogy, but especially Boba Fett fans. The figure doesn't have that many new parts at all, but Hasbro doesn't have to do that much to make great sculpts appear new again by way of a fantastic paint job. Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) is a wonderful release. If you missed out on the mail-away special, then make sure you find one on the aftermarket because you need one.

Shawn Groves ( They used parts from the 2004 Boba that I think we all love and kit-bashed the rest from equally good parts. It also has over 15 points of arty and makes a perfect Mando base figure should you want to customize it. If they had included the beach towel cape I would have ranked it even higher!

volker c ( A milestone in the development of the character and made into an action figure. Can it get any better? Yes, if they wouldn't have messed up on the holster, and would have incorporated the beach towel. Costume worn by Duwayne Dunham and later used and repainted to The Empire Strikes Back colors. Definitely a worthy addition to anyone's collection.

Paul Bragard ( [This was] one of the exclusives which was really difficult to get in Europe. A lot of collectors want [this white version of this] guy in his collection.

Chuck Paskovics ( I tended to lean towards OT figures when making my top 20 picks, but I also have a love for anything behind-the-scenes! The fact that we have footage of this particular version of Boba Fett in his ‘prototype armor’, and the vintage throwback method we had to use to obtain him with the mail away premium makes this an easy pick for a top 20 figure from The Vintage Collection!

flyguy ( Who knew back then that a beach towel would help form the birth of one of the most enigmatic characters in the Star Wars universe? Somewhat thankfully we don't get that towel here, but we do get a small hat tip to it, with a star flare on the cape. A solid enough repaint of an earlier VOTC Boba, this is a good figure with great weapons which sadly he doesn't grip too well. Not the best Boba Hasbro have made, but then again, you have to be primarily buying this for the card and that fact it's Boba, right?


Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura (VC58)VC58 – Wave 13 – April 2012
Source: Revenge of the Sith

It's more than fair to say that Hasbro made us wait way too long for a proper Aayla Secura update. But that's because the 2005 Revenge Of The Sith figure was so good that it held its own years after its release. But Hasbro pulled out all of the stops for The Vintage Collection Aayla Secura which has a beautiful sculpt and even more appealing paint job. For those of you that missed this, Hasbro mercilessly delayed her in 2011 and she didn't see store shelves until nearly a year later (especially depending upon where you lived at the time). While the card back references her to Revenge Of The Sith, Aayla Secura's first appearance was in Attack Of The Clones, but she was never seen with a Jedi robe. Consider it a bonus! This is absolutely the definitive update to the sexy Jedi Knight.

Eric Franks ( In the case of Aayla Secura, third time’s a charm. While the Saga and Revenge of the Sith releases weren’t terrible, the Vintage Collection release finally hit all the right notes; articulation, face sculpt, paint apps and accessories. Even though the soft goods cape can sometimes overwhelm a smaller figure such as Aayla, the added value (perceived or otherwise) along with the inclusion of the unlit saber hilt arguably make this the definitive Aayla Secura figure.

Bret Diaz ( This figure looks great, with a tremendously well done translation from screen to 4" piece of plastic. The colors are what is to be expected, as are the accessories, although it's always nice to get an unlit hilt that can attach to the belt. But this figure is remarkable (according to Cris Collinsworth) because of the poseability. My bare minimum requirement for any Star Wars figure is that it can stand up unassisted, and it can interact with its accessories. Aayla is barely any thicker than a battle droid, but the poses you can set her up in are nothing short of astonishing. I swear I can get this figure to stand on one leg. Even her Jedi mind trick hand is still useful to hold the lightsaber. This one made my VC Top 5.

Dan Emmons ( Hasbro has out done themselves with The Vintage Collection's Aayla Secura VC58 figure. Its hard to believe that so much detail can be crammed into a 3 3/4 figure, not to mention that Hasbro has finally got the skin color correct. She has 14 points of articulation which is great for posing her in just about any stance. She includes a lightsaber, soft-goods robe, and lightsaber hilt. Another great example on how to make a great figure.

D. Martin Myatt ( This figure puzzles me a bit. I'm not certain why the last couple of Aayla articulated releases have come with a Jedi robe. In the films she never wore one, and when it comes to the packaging of this TVC figure, the soft goods cloak takes away from the presentation. That said, what is revealed under the cloak is awesome!


Bom Vimdin

(Cantina Patron)   

Bom Vimdin (VC53)VC53 – Wave 7 – June 2011
Source: A New Hope

Bom Vimdin was a character that received a ton of attention in the Hasbro Fans' Choice Polls they ran for collectors, but it wasn't until 2011 that Hasbro realized they never made this character either and released him proudly in The Vintage Collection. If you want to see just how talented the artisans are at Hasbro, then just gaze upon this figure. There isn't a single issue or problem that exists with Bom Vimdin. In fact, he is done so well that it will make you pine for Hasbro to go back and update all of the previous Chalmun's cantina aliens they made before him so that they can equal his excellence. If you don't own this figure that you are really shooting yourself in the foot.

Julien Metifeux ( Being a huge fan of the various Cantina creatures, I was highly anticipated the few the vintage collection series had to offer. And Bom Vimdin did not disappoint me. The intricate sculpt on both his head and outfit is matched by an impressive paintjob showing even more details. Even though the articulation does not compete with the new level achieved by Hasbro recently, it is still fairly decent and more than enough for this kind of character.

Chris Swanski ( When Hasbro is on their A-Game they are without rival in the 3.75” action figure category and this Bom Vimdin figure proves they can flirt with action figure perfection. When you've been collecting the modern line since its inception, getting wowed by a figure becomes increasingly rare, but that's exactly how I found myself when I first opened Bom Vimdin. This figure would be impressive if it were a statue, but considering it's a fully articulated action figure makes it a masterpiece.

Frank Diorio ( Having Hasbro make figures for Diorama Lovers and Builders like myself is pure JOY. I know kids probably prefer a Clone Trooper, but to me, having a NEW Cantina alien and one that is SO AMAZING to boot, tons articulation of the TVC line and awesome sculpt details in the clothes and a superior paint job, I am THRILLED to have him
displayed with his fellow Cantina friends.

Jayson Krebsbach ( Major points awarded here for being a character never offered before in figure form. Hasbro made sure that they didn't leave any room for criticism or improvement. The sculpt is fantastic and is really bought out by the various paint colors and final wash apps applied which all culminate in to a dead on head/face sculpt. This was one of my most favorite releases of 2011 and thankfully it re-emerged in 2013.

volker c ( Impressive action figure. Looks so real, as it just jumped out of the movie.



(Skiff Guard)   

Kithaba (Skiff Guard) (VC56)VC56 – Wave 13 – April 2012
Source: Return of the Jedi

Many collectors surprisingly never understood the fact that although Hasbro gave us Barada multiple times in the modern line (the same sculpt however), they never gave us the modern equivalent to 1985's The Power Of The Force Barada figure. This 1985 release also suffered a name mix-up and should have been identified as Kithaba instead of Barada. But all was resolved in 2012 when it was released in the 2011 delayed wave and marked one more figure off of our "Vintage Versus Modern" checklists. There are solid arguments about the differences in the costume, but this figure should be good enough for the time being. And if Hasbro never fixes the one or two issues it has, this figure will still age very well: brown or red bandanna.

James Burns ( Kithaba was an all-new sculpt and shipped with a blaster, bandolier and force pike. There were two versions of this figure available featuring a red and dark brown/black bandana. I’ve only very recently been able to add the red bandana version to my collection as most cases in the UK featured the dark brown/black variation. I’ve been wanting this figure for a long time and Hasbro did their job well with a fantastic sculpt which is very representative of the figure we see in Return of the Jedi. Kithaba has 14 points of articulation.

D. Martin Myatt ( Kithaba (or Barada as I can't stop myself from calling it) is an excellent figure. Well sculpted with points of articulation that respect the silhouette perfectly. But what I love most about this figure is how it kept me rifling through the pegs to find the red bandanna. Even now, after having a loose and carded RB Barada, er, Kithaba, my heart skips a beat when I find one on the shelves.

Eric Franks ( Setting aside the difficulty some had in finding the red bandanna variant of Kithaba, the figure itself is a solid entry in Jabba’s posse of henchmen. Head sculpt, articulation and accessories are all well done and his paint applications are subtle yet really add to the figure’s character. While he’s not a household name, collectors have been asking for this character for quite a while and Hasbro didn’t let us down when they finally slotted him into the line in 2012.

Dan Curto ( Hasbro finally corrected an error with this figure...the original Kenner Barada figure was released with the color scheme of this character. Barada was corrected in the POTF2 Cinema Scene line, but it wasn't until now that the character that inspired the mistake was made. To further complicate matters, the card back photo was altered so that the photo of Barada is now in the colors of Kithaba. Confused? well, no matter. Bottom line, this figure is a great addition to the line, with attention paid to even the smallest details...including a red bandanna variant that was neglected on the first release. One of my pet peeves with Hasbro is very obvious with this figure...the elbow joint colors are mismatched. It's a small detail, but it really bugs me!

Chuck Paskovics ( While I would love to have seen Hasbro delve into the POTF card backs with figures like Kithaba, I’m not going to complain about the fact that another vintage figure makes a modern The Vintage Collection debut! Hasbro even went as far as to correct his bandanna color mid-run to give collectors an even more screen-accurate version for their displays. Kithaba is well-deserving of his top 20 ranking!


Han Solo

(Bespin Outfit)   

Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) (VC50)VC50 – Wave 7 – June 2011
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

You probably weren't in sync with the Force if you didn't feel some disappointment when we found out that 2010's The Vintage Collection Han Solo (VC03) wasn't going to be the famous Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) figure. Hasbro had mercy on us all and decided to get to work almost immediately after the VC03 to produce the definitive Bespin Han Solo action figure. They succeeded with 2011's VC50 figure which gave us our first Han Solo figure with ball-jointed hips. The figure is a complete triumph of a success and we're not sure what else Hasbro can do to perfect him. He should see many subsequent releases in the future. Hasbro needs to keep him in the basic figure line up somehow.

volker c ( [We] waited long for a well made Bespin Han. No better time than to release him on a Vintage card. Fans still argue if the jacket was gray or blue. His left hand sculpt is the only thing that hurts the overall appearance.

Matt Booker ( Loved this figure as a kid he was the best vintage Han and my childhood one is staring right down at me as I write this so this new modern update hits all the right notes for me a better than normal likeness and enough articulation to swing a womprat at and then some plus two key scene specific accessories that work rather well with this scruffy scoundrel. The only glaring omission is the holsters leg strap as its shown plain and simple on the packaging art and is a real shame as it could have been done with a line of paint and skipped the sculpting to at least give it a passing resemblance maybe if its reissued this could be addressed like they did with the corrected colour on the Boba from wave one. but that to me is a minor niggle as the rest of the package is so well put together with the beautiful vintage card art that seals the deal for me.

Chris Bortz ( The original Bespin Han from the eighties was among my favorite figures as a child, so it was nice to see that Hasbro went ahead and recreated the vintage card back, and updated the figure with modern sculpting sensibilities. The figure looks great aesthetically and all the accessories fit well. I am really digging this guy!.

Rich Alot ( If you’re a long time collector, I need not remind you of how disappointed you were when Hasbro revealed that the Han Solo figure in the first wave of The Vintage Collection was Han Solo in Echo Base gear and not the Han Bespin figure so desperately in need of an update. Fast forward a few waves and the wait was well worth it. The Han Bespin figure’s face sculpt is in perfect likeness to Harrison Ford and the articulation and proportions are also among Hasbro’s best. Sure, maybe the jacket is a little too wrinkly, but it’s something many of us are willing to look past.

Justin Cook ( This is a nice, solid figure of everyone's favorite smuggler.  Great articulation and sculpt and was a wise choice for a carry forward.  I actually don't like ball jointed hips too much personally on non-army builders, but it seems to work okay here.  I also think the head sculpt makes him look a little wimpy/younger than he should look.  Hasbro could easily clean that up and offer this figure in a Bespin Battle Pack or something later and I'd buy another. 


Shae Vizla

(Old Republic Bounty Hunter)

Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter) (VC101)VC101 – Wave 14 – June 2012
Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

She's smart, sexy, athletic and a bounty hunter. Is there anything more you could want in an action figure? Shae Vizla, the beautiful redhead from The Old Republic video game is pure action figure art. Some collectors weren't completely enamored of her likeness, but if you could let that go, you'd discover an action figure with an amazing sculpt, an unbelievable paint job and interchangeability that seemed to be a dream until now. The manifestation of the Expanded Universe in glorious TVC packaging is a true blessing and we never expected to look as good as it does. Sadly, Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter) didn't see the full distribution she should have, like so many other TVC figures, but hopefully Hasbro will make it right to collectors one day soon.

flyguy ( From the Old Republic 'Deceived' trailer that we all wished was a movie, we got a short glimpse of the hottest redhead this reviewer has ever seen. Hot being the emphasis, she comes packed with twin flame accessories, twin blasters, (and working holsters) and the most gorgeously articulated and lovingly well made, to proportion figure, I think Hasbro have ever made. The card back continues the hot theme with a stunningly deadly but sexy picture of Shae showing her BBQ skills. It all goes stone cold however, when you see the face sculpt, instead of accurate hotness we get Shae's Russian, shot putter's grandmother... in drag. Simply swap the head sculpt for the cool Mandalore style helmet and all can be forgiven. Whew!

Dan Emmons ( Hasbro kind of dropped the ball on this figure, distribution wise. Personally I had only seen this figure once at a local Walmart. If you were lucky enough to purchase one of these figures you will not be disappointed. Some people may not know who she is, but she was a character in the The Old Republic video game. As most of The Vintage Collection figures, the sculpt is very detailed and looks awesome. The paint scheme used, really brightens up this figure. She includes a interchangeable head, two blaster pistols, jetpack, and two flame effects.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( For 35 years we have gotten figures of characters from the Star Wars movies. The coverage has been so comprehensive that there are few film characters we at Star Wars Action News still pine for in plastic (though Wald's omission is unforgivable). We are more often excited for a new figure than an update or reissue, and the majority of those come from the EU. But Shae Vizla, a character who only existed in trailers for The Old Republic video game, was not high on our list. But the impressive sculpt, the paint detail on the armor, and the articulation made this figure a stand-out in the line. Plus the flame accessories that attach to her wrists mark the first time a fire-effect has not looked ridiculous in plastic.

Paul Bragard ( Beautiful and a secret bounty hunter of The Old Republic, Shae Vizla is an extremely detailed action figure. It was also very hard to get it in Europe.

Shawn Groves ( We have an armored Female Star Wars Figure, need I say more? And with flame effects! And with two heads! I don’t know if I have seen a better factory paint job on a figure either. Too bad I couldn’t find more of her!


Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious (VC12)VC12 – Wave 2 – September 2010
Source: Revenge of the Sith

The most anticipated figure from the second wave of The Vintage Collection was unequivocally Darth Sidious. Not only did this wave of figures introduce the collecting community to how Prequel Trilogy characters would look in classic vintage Kenner packaging, it also brought very few "all-new" figures so our attention was instantly drawn to Darth Sidious as a result. After one horrid action feature ridden Episode III Sidious/Palpatine "figure" after another, Hasbro finally produced a sterling version of Mr. Cranky Pants in all his Sith-raged anger. While some criticized the expression on his face and likened it to some form of constipation, many more collectors felt it was a scene specific freeze-frame right out of Revenge Of The Sith.

Justin Cook ( Evil personified! This is such a great figure... at least the head sculpt is. That's what makes this figure so amazing. I also like the overall sculpt, and I bought a lot of this figure for custom fodder (and he's my favorite Star Wars character). But I think Hasbro could have done better on the legs. None of mine really stand all that well. But I can look past that because he's so evil and twisted looking and captures the essence of the character so well. He was also not hard to find... but commands top dollar now on the secondary market. This figure would be a solid choice for a repack.

D. Martin Myatt ( Man, what can be said about this figure besides 'wow'? We waited six years for a 3 3/4-inch figure based on Sidious at his [toughest] in ROTS and Hasbro brought it! Sure it would be nice to have a neutral switch out head, but I'm happy with the figure we got.

James Burns ( This was one of the most wanted figures following Revenge of the Sith from the scene were Sidious is seen fighting Yoda in the senate towards the end of the film. This was an early release in the Vintage line and this particular figure was quick to disappear from shelves. This figure boasts 14 points of articulation and is a menacing representation of Sidious and one of my favourite figures from the Vintage line. He comes with an ignited lightsabre, detachable force lightning, a removable hood and also includes soft goods (removable cowl). In my opinion the soft goods have been done reasonably well although there was room for improvement in this area. This was a brand new sculpt and is quite hard to find today, commanding high prices on the secondary market. This was also one of the figures that was released as a foil variant.

Bret Diaz ( Sue me. I love this figure. I don't care that he's wearing a fur bolero. In fact, I love it. I think the face is phenomenal, and if you set it with the hood covering the eyes just right, this is one of the best figures in my currently imaginary display. I don't know. It just makes me happy. This is also one of my VC Top 5. Screw you for judging me! I am who I am! (Editor's Note: He is addressing his derision towards site-mate Chris Swanksi.)

Matt Booker ( Never before has such a key character from a truly memorable scene taken so long to come out. Fans had this on their wish list for so long and man was it worth the wait, just a shame he wasn't a repack in later waves over damn Naboo guards, etc. A killer sculpt and shows that when done right the cloth goods really can make a figure work so well, he may look daft bare bones but when he is all dressed up he is ready to unleash [harm] on Yoda and show off why he is the ultimate power in the universe. Best part of the figure is the face and hood thou, push the hood right down to cover the eyes and just show the lower half of his face and it really shows off that nasty evil look that we all remember from ROTS, a superb execution on a long overdue character where most other incarnations have fallen so short of Palpy this one can stand tall above the rest and claim the #1 figure of the puppet-master of the whole saga in my book. I really hope they one day make a ROTJ version of the Emperor that is this good. Luckily those who missed it will be able to get it this Fall in the Rise of the Sith Battle Packs, lets hope they don't cut any corners on him as is so often the way with battle packs.


Dr. Evazan

(Cantina Patron )    

Dr. Evazan (Cantina Patron) (VC57)VC57 – Wave 13 – April 2012
Source: A New Hope

Sometimes Hasbro tortures us, whether they intend to or not. It's more likely the latter, but one perfect example is Dr. Evazan (Cantina Patron). He may have been the most anticipated figure for 2011, but Hasbro decided to pull him and the four other figures from his wave out of the lineup and delay them until 2012. As with any long wait, it always pays off because Dr. Evazan (Cantina Patron) is an action figure that brings collectors elation, happiness and overall contentment. In a hobby where we expend so much of our time securing these plastic treasure, it's nice to see the pay-offs. For those unaware, Evazan comes in two versions also. The first version comes with a pink scar. But it was quickly changed and Hasbro removed the pink paint and the remaining injury looks more realistic as a result.

Chris Bortz ( It's amazing how nicely detailed this version of Dr. Evazan is. He has his scar, the lazy eye and even chest hair! I mean, come on, chest hair! The figure has 14 points of articulation, no balancing issues, is able to hold his blaster, and most importantly, it looks just like the character we all remember from the Cantina! This is pretty much the definite version of this character and probably will be for a very long time. And, did I mention chest hair?

Jayson Krebsbach ( What a difference 15 years make. Back in 1997, I was (to borrow from another Lucasfilm property) "giddy as a school boy" to receive my first Dr. Evazan figure, but man has it suffered over the years. Hasbro remedied that in 2012 and again made the definitive version - a couple in fact if you found the "scarred" or "unscarred" variants. The sculpt portrays a dishevelled look that is enhanced by the perfect face sculpt - he may not like you, but I sure like this figure and the TVC card back seals the deal. It's a must own figure.

Frank Diorio ( What can I say, Star Wars is my favorite film, and the Cantina played a big part of this as a 13 year old in 1977. Plus, as a Diorama builder, I get so giddy when Hasbro makes figures that are PERFECT for display. A HUGE improvement on past Dr figure, he looks great. AND, when placed next to his pal Ponda, they really Rock the Cantina Diorama. Thank you Hasbro. Oh, if you don't agree with my choice, well too bad, Dr. Evazan doesn't like YOU either :P

Chris Swanski ( Ever since the Star Wars line expanded from 12 to 20 figures, I've been asking “where's Dr. Evazan” except that in 1979 I just referred to him as the scary guy. After getting delayed a year and accomplishing the unthinkable task of being revealed at two consecutive Toy Fairs, my thirty plus years of waiting were over (ignoring the cinema scene version and it's retool). The interminable wait resulted in a definitive figure that will anchor any cantina display from now until the end of the line.


Emperor's Royal Guard

Emperor's Royal Guard (VC105)VC105 – Wave 16 – October 2012
Source: Return of the Jedi

Emperor's Royal Guard didn't fully resonate with all of the hardcore collectors, but he was a mainstream success in that people attempted to army-build him like the Gamorrean Guard. It was also an action figure wrought with controversy. Hasbro changed the card back artwork which was deemed completely unnecessary by longtime collectors and then the figure itself felt more Expanded Universe first and Original Trilogy second. That being said however, it still remains popular on the aftermarket and it was very popular with our panel, ranking in at an amazing 8th position overall. There are definitely some aesthetics issues with the oversized soft-goods outer robe, but this is absolutely the most definitive version of this character that your dollars can buy.... at the moment.

Shawn Groves ( Talk about a cool character that needed a revamping that was done right, the figure not the distribution as this was an online wave figure. The figure was true to its OT roots as well as its EU description with Crimson Empire where they really see some action. I don’t think there is a pose he can’t maintain either.

Julien Metifeux ( The TVC Emperor's Royal Guard is a nice modern take on a classic figure. Soft goods are usually more miss than hit at this scale. Same goes with this particular figure, as many collectors would agree the soft goods on the vintage version display better than today's version. And the helmet could have been (should have been?) glossier. Yet the overall appearance remains very pleasing to the eye, and the 14-point articulation is a massive upgrade. Don't discount the Crimson Empire accessories, providing you with a second figure for the price of one!

Dan Emmons ( Hasbro has pretty much made a 2 for 1 figure with this VC105 Emperor's Royal Guard, First off you get a Return of the Jedi Emperor's Royal Guard, which most people can associate with. But remove the ROTJ robe and helmet and then swap out the accessories and you will get a Expanded Universe Royal Guard from the Crimson Empire comics. This figure looks great, which ever way you decide to display him. He includes a removable Emperor's Royal Guard helmet, soft-goods robe, force pike, shoulder armor, Royal Guard helmet, battle staff, and blaster pistol. He also has the typical 14 points of articulation found in most The Vintage Collection figures.

Justin Cook ( I like this a lot but this figure is not perfect by any means.  I think the drawback for me (other than being an online exclusive) is his robes.  The quality of fabric used doesn't hold up to the companion blue Senate Guard.  If it did, this would be perfection.  But it's not.  I do like the removable helmet and am glad it isn't oversized like all the Phase 2 clones.  Also I found it a little odd that Hasbro threw in the EU helmet too (though I know someone at Hasbro high up is a fan of Crimson Empire... I personally am not) - not that I complain about extra accessories, but I saw some carded collectors who like the old school vintage look be upset about the cardback used - I think if I was a carded collector, I'd think the added helmet looked odd on the card and takes away from the true vintage feel more than the different photo used on the card.  This figure needs to be released again.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( It's all about the robe. On the vintage Royal Guard action figure that soft goods robe looked fantastic, felt soft, and was just the right color to spark imagination. Numerous Royal Guards have been produced in the modern line and we thought the Episode III Royal Guard would stand to be the best incarnation, but we were wrong. The Vintage Collection brings back the soft goods to the Royal Guard with a cut that perfectly recalls the actual vintage figure. Plus if you remove the helmet and robe you actually get an EU figure from the Crimson Empire comics.


Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar (VC22)VC22 – Wave 3 – November 2010
Source: Return of the Jedi

Collectors waited over a decade for a definitive update to Admiral Ackbar. As a classic Original Trilogy character, and a near college team mascot, Admiral Ackbar has been warmly embraced by almost all Star Wars collectors and fans. Hasbro likewise warmly embraced the collecting community with the release of an almost perfect update of the Mon Calamari in The Vintage Collection. He doesn't have ball-jointed ankles, but you won't care. The attention to detail and the mind-blowing deco on his head will force you to thank the Maker that Hasbro takes such great care of us. There is no need for Hasbro to ever feel the need to rework this figure at a later date (unless the purpose is to bring us a unique Mon Calamari commander).

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( There have been more T-Shirts of Admiral Ackbar than action figures. No, seriously. There are countless variations on It's A Trap, but this The Vintage Collection figure is only the third time this Mon Calamari has been realized in plastic. But the third time's the charm as this figure is a standout of The Vintage Collection. Rather than "macho up" Ackbar with an oversized gun, his accessories are the movie-accurate baton and control panel. And the paint app of the mottling on his head is perfectly defined. It's no trap, it's a great figure!

Eric Franks ( Ackbar’s status as a fan favorite has grown in recent years and The Vintage Collection release not only made him available to collectors again, but the sculpt was a much needed update to the 1997 Power of the Force version. Ackbar has an excellent head sculpt and paint job, just enough articulation for play and the included accessories are useful for display. And you can’t beat seeing an Original Trilogy character on the classic Kenner style packaging.

Chris Bortz ( This was a much needed update from the 1983 vintage and the 1997 POTF2 versions. Now we have an Admiral Ackbar figure with spot-on likeness, which is nicely articulated and very well painted. The figure can hold the accessories well and stands nicely on display without balancing issues. I especially love the vintage card back on this one!

Rich Alot ( It’s hard to believe that a character as ingrained in pop culture as Admiral Ackbar went nearly 13 years before getting an update. From potentially being the mascot at Ole Miss (before Lucasfilm put the kibosh on the movement) to having his own fictional cereal with imitation crab meat (courtesy of Robot Chicken) Ackbar was relegated to POTF2-era, five-point articulation for far too long. Hasbro’s TVC updated shows just how far paint applications have come since 1997 while giving us hope that one day we’ll be able to plug his command console accessory into a command chair from which he can shout “It’s a trap!”

Justin Cook ( I love this character and Hasbro nailed it. He looks better than most of Hasbro's aliens in my opinion and is a great representation of what we see in ROTJ. His articulation is very good (could use articulated ankles too but that's okay). Great candidate for a repaint and added helmet gear and weapons to make some Mon Calamari troopers – I assume that's on Hasbro's radar! If not, it should be. It was also nice that this wasn't hard to get at retail.


Darth Vader

Darth Vader (VC93)VC93 – Wave 12 – April 2012
Source: A New Hope

At 2011's New York Comic Con, Hasbro didn't know that the Darth Vader (VC93) action figure would be coming on a "Star Wars" card back. Thankfully their ignorance on this information was bliss because collectors ended up receiving a long-awaited definitive modern update to a mock 12-back Darth Vader Kenner figure. If you don't know what makes a Darth Vader from A New Hope unique to his appearances in the other films, it's about time you learned. But the easiest way to find out is to buy this figure because it is absolutely the greates Episode IV Darth Vader action figure you'll ever purchase. Many collectors have droves of these. Consider this one of Hasbro's gifts to us. It's that good.

James Burns ( Towards the end of the Vintage line we were treated to an all new version of Darth Vader from A New Hope which came with an ignited lightsabre and removable cloak. This is probably one of the most accurate versions of Darth Vader form A New Hope we’ll ever see. Of course as collectors we’re always seeking for perfection but this really is as close as we’re going to get (more ball joints were needed to make this perfect). The inclusion of ball jointed hips in Vader is a first and long overdue. As with the a lot of other figures in this line Vader also comes with 14 points or articulation. Never have I seen a more perfect incarnation of Vader – well done Hasbro!

Dan Curto ( There have been a lot of Darth Vader figures over the years. A LOT. After using pretty much the same 2-3 figures as bases over and over again for several years, Hasbro went back to the drawing board with a brand-new design for a new version of the Dark Lord of the Sith in the outfit he wore in the original film (now known as A NEW HOPE). Hasbro really pulled out all the stops in the articulation department, allowing the figure to sit, kneel, or get into some dynamic action poses. The use of soft goods is pretty near perfect. The sculpting details are also well-done, making a taller figure than the rest.

Frank Diorio ( Another Darth Vader? Really? If you know me, I just LOATHE cloth figures. Usually they look like colored Kleenex stuck to the figure. But when he's in your hands and you realize the variety of TRUE movie poses the excessive articulation gives us. Now THIS is a Darth worthy of any Death Star Diorama !!! :) LOVE HIM.

volker c ( Easily the best Vader ever made. Height, proportions, poseability,
top notch.

Julien Metifeux ( We have waited for a long time but Hasbro did not disappoint us with the last ultimate version of Darth Vader. Two words : balljointed hips. That is all it takes to tell how awesome this Darth Vader figure is. The sculpt is spot on, so is his Episode IV decoThe perfect Vader IMHO. Don’t forget the interesting material used for the cape. Hasbro is really getting better with soft goods these days.

Chuck Paskovics ( It was essential that we received Darth Vader on a Star Wars card back before the ‘end’ of The Vintage Collection, and this version is a perfect fit. Featuring beautiful poseability and scaling, he fits perfect in any scene you put him in! His straight ‘bland’ pose also makes him look great sitting on that card back.


Luke Skywalker

(Bespin Fatigues)  

Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (VC04)VC04 – Wave 1 – August 2010
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

There are few Hasbro Star Wars action figures that can choke you up, but Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) is one of them. When the announcement of this figure's pending released became public, most felt that 2007's VTSC release was adequate and if Hasbro could sculpt a new head sculpt all would be fine in the world. But once we all gazed upon the 2010 TVC figure, we couldn't believe our eyes. The likeness to Mark Hamill was eerie, and the inclusion of ball-jointed hips (as well as an all-new sculpt with incredible proportions) gave "Bespin Luke" all of the mojo he always needed. Even his belt and holster raised the standard of quality. A popular choice for most of the panel, it makes sense why this figure ranks so high in the overall count.

JediTricks ( A risky figure to release just 3 years after The Saga Collection's vintage-style figure led the pack on a half-dozen versions spanning the decades, The Vintage Collection's Luke Bespin zigged in every vital way where the previous ones zagged. Likeness was significantly closer, proportions were more in line, everything from the boots on up was addressed, and articulation was improved with ball-hinge hips and more expressive range of motion throughout. At the time this figure hit the streets, it was easy to take "just another Luke Bespin" for granted, but Hasbro made sure this one did its level best to be the ultimate version collectors might ever need.

Shawn Groves ( Another all new figure that actually looks like Mark Hamill, I have seen so many cool customs created with this figure I can’t count. Those Bespin fatigues make the perfect Imperial or Mandalorian character and the articulation in this figure is excellent. I also thought this was about the first time we had a really functional belt with a great blaster holster. This one is so good they can stop right here. No more new Bespin Lukes molds are needed.

Rich Alot ( This figure is as near to perfect as you can get in the 3-3/4-inch scale. The figure is well proportioned, the articulation points are seamless and Hasbro may possibly have given us the best resemblance to Mark Hamill they’ve ever done in 3-3/4 scale. I particularly like the removable belt / holster combination and was hoping Hasbro treated all of its figures the same way moving forward. The holster / belt combo looks so much better this way and it seems like an evolutionary step in the figure development process, but alas it wasn’t to be as we’re still getting on-body sculpted belts and holsters to this day.

Chris Swanski ( "Posability" might not be a spell checked acknowledged word, but The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) figure is the first figure that would argue for the word's inclusion in every lexicon. All of the ample points of articulation work effortlessly to strike a myriad of dynamic dueling poses or allow your pose the figure aiming from the hip while expectantly peering around a corner. The inaugural wave of The Vintage Collection delivered one of the best figures of the entire run.

Jayson Krebsbach ( There have been several "Bespin Lukes" over the years, but none hold a lightsaber to the 2010 version. I think most collectors were content with the VTSC version from 2007, but Hasbro found a way to improve upon it. The design of the TVC version excels in sculpt, deco and articulation. Going forward, this should be the "go-to" buck, especially if/when we see a new "Dagobah Training" version.


ARC Trooper Commander

ARC Trooper Commander (VC54)VC54 – Wave 7 – June 2011
Source: Clone Wars (Volume 2: Chapter 21, Chapter 23)

You probably call him Captain Fordo too, but Lucasfilm Ltd. made Hasbro change his name to a very generic "ARC Trooper Commander". Who cares, right? Well, that's very true because you can't waste any time taking in the magnificence of this action figure by complaining with trivial stuff. Essentially two figures in one (make sure you buy two openers so you can pose Fordo in his phase I and phase II appearances), ARC Trooper Commander utilizes most of the Clone Trooper (VC45) sculpt but you'll find he's full of surprises. With completely interactive and interchangeable accessories, ARC Trooper Commander is a triumph as far as we're concerned, and a testament that Hasbro still has bottled-up love for characters from Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars micro-series.

Jayson Krebsbach ( As a fan of the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series, "Fordo" is one of my all-time favorite clone designs, and by judging by the final product, it was the design team's as well. The figure does an amazing job of blending the realistic and animated source material into a figure that is not only fun, but customizable thanks to the inclusion of a nice assortment of accessories.

Eric Franks (Imperial Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars” Microseries still has loyal fans so when Hasbro announced that the ARC Trooper Commander would feature the deco and accessories of Captain Fordo, he was destined to became an instant hit. When Hasbro used their new Clone Trooper body, with plenty of articulation, included both Phase 1 and 2 helmets, blasters and replaceable accessories, not to mention solid paint applications, he became a must-have for all collectors.  I’d argue that the ARC Trooper Commander is the best Trooper release of The Vintage Collection.

Dan Curto ( Inspired by the Clone Wars micro-series from 2003, Hasbro finally gave us the DEFINITIVE ARC Trooper Commander action figure. Lucasfilm lifted the ban on this series for long enough for Hasbro to create the definitive version of the character now known as Captain Fordo. Using the fantastic Phase 1 Clone Trooper (one I eventually removed from my list in favor of this one), Fordo has his iconic armor seen in the first season of the series, but they even went the extra mile here and included alternate accessories to bring us the Phase II seen in the third season. Possibly the best deal in the entire line!

Matt Booker ( Two figures in one with so many interchangeable parts and fully posable and from my favourite arc of the Genndy series of clone wars whats not to like I also really dug the card art it stood out amongst all the other figs at the the time, so many different combinations with one package and combine it all for a Fordo who is ready to battle the "clankers" and save the day.

Paul Harrison ( If you happened to read my review on this figure, you probably felt like telling me to get over the fact that Hasbro decided not to name him Captain Fordo. But whatever ridiculous reasons Lucasfilm, Ltd. gave Hasbro to give him the generic "ARC Trooper Commander" moniker, the action figure turned out beyond my expectations. The figure could be transformed into both his Volume 1 and Volume 2 appearances from Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars micro-series. While it's a fantasy to think that I had some culpability in getting this figure made, I can tell you I (like others) begged Derryl DePriest at Hasbro for years to get this figure made and we even posted on JTA many times for readers to champion for its production too. I hope that the begging had some influence on making what is one of Hasbro's greatest action figures of all time.



Wooof (VC24)VC24 – Wave 3 – November 2010
Source: Return of the Jedi

Hasbro cried "Wooof!" to collectors in December 2008. You may not recall the details, but they erroneously told us that Wooof was to be part of 2009's Legacy Collection Return Of The Jedi wave, but then clarified that a different green Nikto was coming instead. (That figure ended up being Giran – another phenomenal action figure by the way.) At the time, collectors didn't know The Vintage Collection was imminent, but Hasbro graciously held back Wooof to release it for the first time in the modern line in replica vintage Kenner packaging. It is one of Hasbro's finest accomplishments in their entire catalogue. It's flawless in every way and wholly worthy of winning one of the Top 3 spots in this ranking.

Rich Alot ( Part of arguably one of the best waves in The Vintage Collection—and maybe ever under Hasbro’s domain--Wooof was often overlooked in favor of case-mates like the Gamorrean Guard, Admrial Ackbar, Wicket and a definitive final duel Luke Jedi. That, however, is indicative of why the 2010 TVC Jedi wave was so spectacular because a figure as perfectly interpreted as Wooof—with amazing head sculpt, seamless articulation and flawless soft goods skirt--can be overlooked..

D. Martin Myatt ( I don't understand how Wooof could have been a peg warmer for as long as it has. It is still available at retail where I live, and I can't figure out why. Sure Wooof isn't a main character, but he's still offing Klaatu from the classic Kenner line, and they did him up perfectly. A Star Wars collection without a Wooof figure is not Star Wars collection!

Paul Harrison ( I will NEVER forget the day that presented the collecting community with THIS IMAGE that showed how Hasbro was approaching the development of the long-awaited Wooof action figure. Much like the Greedo reveal that Entertainment Earth has done for The Black Series 6" Greedo figure, it made me see just how much time and effort goes into the development of one single Hasbro Star Wars action figure. I will also never forget the day I saw this figure in person for the first time in Langhorne, PA in TARGET and held it in my hands (November 2010). While there were some amazing figures in the first two waves, I knew that Hasbro had risen to a whole new level and that The Vintage Collection was going to deliver some stellar action figures. And it did.

Matt Booker ( Just a total work of art one of the best upgrades and improved leaps and bounds over all previous versions with insane attention to detail on a background character, removable bandoleer, working holster and removable helmet plus a well chosen material for the soft-goods I don't think that Klaatu Skiff guard can ever be improved on.

Bret Diaz ( Like Starkiller, here's another near-perfect figure that lacks ball-jointed hips. However, unlike the Jedi, I'm not particularly interested in having this guy do much more than stand there and look freakin' sweet. The sculpt is outstanding. The face has an incredible amount of detail and character. The colors are somehow appropriately vibrant and muted at the same time. The skirt material was nicely done. Woof interacts excellently with the accessories, which sadly isn't nearly as common for figures as it should be. And, c'mon, it's a Jabba denizen, so I would have happily purchased this if he looked like a peach pit.


Ponda Baba

(Walrus Man)  

Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) (VC70)VC70 – Wave 9 – October 2011
Source: A New Hope

The Vintage Collection was instrumental in affording Hasbro multiple opportunities to get out a ton of background and main character aliens from the Original Trilogy that they normally wouldn't release thanks to it being an adult-focused line. Hasbro could take multiple risks bringing collectors Jabba's palace denizens and Chalmun's cantina aliens without reservation. Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) had an advantage in possessing off the charts popularity anyway, all thanks to the 1979 Kenner figure, so a modern definitive update of the character is a win no matter how you slice it. The figure is loaded with interchangeability – arms, hands, you name it – to recreate the many iterations that you see him in A New Hope. With a much needed revised card back art design, Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) is a modern classic.

Frank Diorio ( What kid didn't laugh when first seeing a giant BUM on an alien's face when seeing the Cantina scene for the first time :) I just LOVE this figure because he looks AWESOME in a Cantina Diorama, has GREAT articulation but more importantly, the Love Hasbro gave us on movie accuracy for the first time, including the ACTUAL CUP hand he taps Luke
on the shoulder with in the film. Kudos to Hasbro for this DEFINITIVE version of him.

Chris Swanski ( Hasbro stared down a gaggle of continuity errors in A New Hope and didn't blink by delivering a Ponda Baba figure that can be configured to match whichever frame of film you choose to recreate. The only thing missing is the correct DL-21 blater pistol (Hem Dazon) to appropriately arm Walrus Man pre-amputation. It's a shame this figure wasn't more widely available because it's exactly the type of home run offering that would bring lapsed collectors back to chapel and get active collectors invigorated enough to testify!

flyguy ( Why this dude was short packed is the stuff of much debate, but this is one that HAS to come out again. Collectors need this! Finally the most accurate and well made and articulated figure Hasbro can make, and they have poured the love in here as we get great paint application, an accurate blaster and holster, a choice of 'hands' or more screen accurate flipper like alternatives, plus a severed arm with blood! Top it all off with a drink for our friend, add in the gorgeous and updated Star Wars cardback and you have to 'hand' it to Hasbro. It's one of their finest.

Chuck Paskovics ( Any time you can get an original Star Wars figure definitively reproduced in The Vintage Collection is a win. And, the fact that we get some bells and whistles with this one with a nod to his continuity issue scenes/and the other character from The Star Wars Holiday Special with flipper hands, break-apart arm and his full arm is a total win! The options available allow you to use him in any movie scene, pre- or post-bar fight.

JediTricks ( A difficult-to-find figure, this Ponda Baba is the culmination of nearly 15 years of patience after the POTF2 figure got reused several times to collector frustration, but at last Ponda Baba enters the 21st century looking like a new walrus man. Sporting an entirely new sculpt, 2 sets of right arms (sliced and unsliced), 2 sets of hands (paws and flippers, since he draws his gun with furry paw hands, yet when Kenobi "disarms" him, the hand shown on the ground is a flipper design), a blaster with working holster, and a clear beverage, Ponda Baba is ready to push around hick-punk kids with impunity. And he doesn't look like he has a baby's bottom sticking out his mouth anymore, either. His "mouth" does have an overly thick paint job which doesn't entirely hold up its end of the bargain, but the rest of the head sculpt - as well as a surprisingly detailed and subdued paint job - pulls this figure together smartly.


Gamorrean Guard

Gamorrean Guard (VC21)VC21 – Wave 3 – November 2010
Source: Return of the Jedi

And the #1 action figure from The Vintage Collection is....
Did you really expect it to be any other figure? Hearty congratulations goes to the Gamorrean Guard, a figure that beat out the next highest ranking action figure with a 2:1 advantage. None of us are probably surprised by this result. After all, it may have been the #1 chase figure of the entire line too.... and that's an ironic statement because it was re-released multiple times. The Gamorrean Guard remains a hunted, sought after and generally hoarded action figure. Some criticized the loose helmet and others criticized the bushy soft-goods. But as far as collectors were concerned, the collecting world couldn't get enough of him. If Hasbro is smart, they should make variations of this figure, like Gartogg for example, to make re-releases a little more interesting.

Paul Harrison ( The Gamorrean Guard is the best action figure Hasbro has ever made, and that is said knowing completely that it has a couple of imperfections. Why the paradoxical imperative statement then? The Gamorrean Guard is a testament of love Hasbro has for adult collectors. The time that clearly went into the engineering of this figure coupled with a perfect portrait and what I consider an excellent use of soft-goods (even if they are too bushy) are just some of the traits that gives this action figure an overload of charm. I love this figure and always will. If Hasbro wants to find a way to secure the helmet to the head a little bit better, then I am game for that too. But if they never attempt another Gamorrean Guard again, this one will always rock the house.

Dan Curto ( This massive figure is simply amazing. Detailed sculpting, a wonderfully ugly deco (for Star Wars aliens, that is a GOOD thing!), a great use of soft goods, and multiple accessories (the Kenner-style axe, the POTF2-style axe, and an all-new spear that is easily confused with someone else's weapon!) for a variety of guards in Jabba's palace. Note: there were 9 Gamorreans in the it's good get a few extra figures. I have always loved the alien figures in Star Wars, and this figure is the biggest, "baddest" of them all. He certainly topped my list, and I'm sure he was a high-ranking choice on others' as well. I wouldn't be surprised if he took the top spot. This figure is THAT GOOD!

Frank Diorio ( This MUST be THE BEST figure of ALL the TVC line. Not because it's massive scale or because it SOARS beyond any past guard figures ever made, but hands down the SCULPT. Not often I look at a figure and do a double take and think wow, this isn't a toy sculpt but the actual movie creature. Having all his accessories removable and tons of joint articulation don't hurt either. He really stood out to me like no other figure has in a long time. BRAVO Hasbro.

Jayson Krebsbach ( I think that the Gamorrean Guard boils down into one figure what we wished and hoped the entire line of TVC figures would be from its inception. Its execution from sculpt and paint to soft goods and accessories are unmatched and really may be one of the greatest Star Wars figures of all time.

Paul Bragard ( The Gamorrean impressed many collectors by his size and details. It makes it one of the [absolute] must-haves [from The Vintage Collection].


While there was feverish competition for the Top 25, we would be remiss if we didn't let everyone know about The Vintage Collection action figures that just narrowly missed the final cut. In a line where there are so many brilliant figures (over 100+), it's truly difficult to whittle down one's favorite list to only 25 candidates (just ask the panel). What follows below however are action figures that frequently made the panel's picks, but ultimately were wedged out by the final Top 25 champions. As you'll see, there are some incredible action figures listed here. You may still find some of your own favorites still didn't even make it here. Don't get upset because it doesn't mean that your favorites aren't great figures. It's a testament to our versatility and diversity as collectors. These "runner-ups" have been listed in alphabetical order.

Clone Trooper

Clone Trooper (VC45)VC45 – Wave 6 – March 2011
Source: Attack of the Clones

After one non-stop re-release after another, the 2003 Clone Wars Clone Trooper (Super Articulated!) ('03 #50) sculpt finally received a much deserved retirement in 2011 with the fabulous all-new Clone Trooper (VC45) figure. Clone Troopers could now do things that they couldn't do previously, and also came with a heightened level of screen accuracy. This figure made the cut on a large portion of our panel's top picks, but just missed the cut by a hair as far as total score. It had good competition amongst the great candidates in The Vintage Collection, but sadly just missed the boat. Hopefully you had multiple opportunities to army-build this figure because this is one fantastic sculpt. You can't get enough of him.

Shawn Groves ( If there is ever a figure that needs to be made in the thousands this one is it. It is just a super-articulated marvel that includes ball jointed hips and aside from wanting a Phase II bucket I don’t think a thing would be said if they offered this in every case going forward. It is literally an army builders dream and a great blank base for any realistic style Clone Trooper. There ain’t much prep work needed to transform this one.

JediTricks ( The clone trooper in its "sad puppy" phase I helmet has been done to death, what could possibly be so special about another one? Oh, perhaps an all-new, far more accurate sculpt that shames every previous clone trooper figure. This AOTC clone is often too-easily dismissed for having his helmet set too far down on his shoulders in the bubble tray, but out of the package with that helmet lifted up slightly this is an impressively accurate  figure. The sculpt is sharp and the color crisp white leading to armor that outclasses all other clones, especially in the chest and shoulder armor sculpts; and he also sports a keen undersuit sculpt to boot. Super-articulation rounds this clone out, notably the ball-hinge hips which allow him to, you know, move his legs and stuff so that he can actually hold his included DC-15S blaster and DC-15A rifle in cool poses.

Paul Harrison ( I have found that resisting change has become an albatross around my collecting neck. When I found out that Hasbro was developing an all-new Clone Trooper sculpt from the ground up, I got irritated that it would look differently than the multiples I had purchased from various Saga Legends lines for army-building purposes. When the figure was released I advertised how incorrect I thought it was to the appearance of these characters from Attack Of The Clones. And then I watched the film again. The Clone Trooper (VC45) is the absolute definitive phase I clone action figure that will probably ever be created. The bonus for me is that it has properly fuctioning ball-jointed hips and it couldn't have better screen accurate proportions.I stand corrected.

Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus (VC96)VC96 – Wave 12 – April 2012
Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Love it or leave it, the Expanded Universe is chock full of amazing storylines and rich characters. One character from The Old Republic video game caused such a splash that the ripples can still be felt today. The Darth Malgus action figure is toy engineering at its finest. A stunning sculpt with excellent use of soft-goods, a healthy dose of accessories and a paint job that will take your breath away are just some of his memerizing highlights. He wasn't nearly as rare as some of the other figures in The Vintage Collection, but due to his sheer awesomeness he commands a higher than average premium on the aftermarket today. Darth Malgus is an action figure you should ensure is in your collection. Make it a mission to find him.

Paul Bragard ( For the fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Sith Lord Malgus is a must-have. For the action figure collector, it's one of the most beautiful action figures of The Vintage Collection series.

JediTricks ( Sure Darth Malgus is a Vader-wannabe, but he achieves a striking design and is the face of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hasbro delivered with Malgus a well-sculpted, well-painted figure with a truly imposing physique and presence. Removable parts allowing for the cape to be swapped out and a hooded cloak added on was another step beyond. Yes, the T-crotch design looks a tad dated and the cloak is a challenge to work with, but overall Darth Malgus commands attention on any Star Wars shelf, so it's too bad this wasn't an easier figure to track down.

Chris Swanski ( Cloaked and imposing, this figure is sure to menace the other figures in your display. The character design is a little too on the nose. Instead of creating a new vision of a Dark Lord, the game makers just took Vader and made him more Vadery. But that is hardly something that Hasbro can be faulted for. Their mandate is to create the character in action figure form as faithfully as possible and that they have done here. It's a must have in your The Vintage, but the limited range of motion brought about by the bulky design places this figure just outside of The Vintage Collection cream of the crop.

Jayson Krebsbach ( When the "Deceived" cinematic trailer dropped for Star Wars: The Old Republic I immediately said "I. Want. That. Figure." It took a couple years to finally reach the market but the resulting figure was an amazing example of Hasbro's work. The sculpt is impressive capturing every nuance of the armor and the use of soft goods make this figure one of the greatest in years. The deco too is fantastic, mixing matte and glossy paint apps to give the figure a lot of depth. Darth Malgus is what The Vintage Collection is all about.

Kit Fisto

Kit Fisto (VC29)VC29 – Wave 4 – February 2011
Source: Revenge of the Sith

As far as most hardcore collectors are concerned, The Vintage Collection Kit Fisto may be one of the most underrated action figures Hasbro has ever manufactured. He should have been revered as much as Wooof or ARC Trooper Commander, but Prequel Trilogy characters sadly often don't get the deserved attention that their OT and EU counterparts do. It is an exact replica to the onscreen character and will remain the definitive version of this character forever . Hasbro cannot improve upon it. Or can they? Well, depending upon who you ask that answer might be yes. Hasbro erroneously sourced this version of Kit Fisto to Attack Of The Clones instead of Revenge Of The Sith. Sadly, Hasbro's intentions to correct the card back art went into motion but ultimately never came to full fruition.

Paul Harrison ( I am not usually an emotional man, but when I bought my first (yes, I bought mutiples) Kit Fisto (VC29) action figure I noticed a salty discharge coming from my eyes. After many failed or "not so great" attempts of my favorite Prequel Trilogy character, I could now proudly say that Hasbro gave me a definitive release of Kit Fisto. I think a large part of the collecting community took this figure for granted. It sold well, but it didn't have the virality of some of the other action figures in The Vintage Collection. And even in this site-wide ranking, he didn't even make the Top 25. But for me, it may just have the best portrait of any figure Hasbro has ever made with a dead to rights likeness of the Nautolan Jedi Master. And I am also proud to say that he falls within my own personal Top 5 too.

Chris Swanski ( When Hasbro takes a prominent character and absolutely nails it there is nothing more gratifying as a collector. Forgoing the easy gimmick of a smiling Kit Fisto, Hasbro delivers a scene-agnostic expression and supreme articulation making this the indisputably definitive version of the Nautolan Jedi Master. Every once in a while a figure will come and pass and I find myself saying “I wish I bought a few more when I had the chance”. Count this Kit Fisto figure in that category.

Lando Calrissian

(Sandstorm Outfit)   

Lando Calrissian (Sandstorm Outfit) (VC89)VC89 – Wave 11 – February 2012
Source: Expanded Universe (Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene)

Lando Calrissian (Sandstorm Outfit) may be a little short for a scoundrel, but many collectors looked the other way because this action figure is one tremendous success in every other way. Inside of that tiny bubble are two full outfits for Lando Calrissian: the complete skiff guard disguise and the first-time available outfit he wore to travel through the sandstorm during a deleted scene in Episode VI. He's a little pale, but the other details are incredibly impressive and redirect your attention to what's positive here. Collectors are still patiently waiting for Hasbro to update this figure with a revised paint job and release it on a classic "Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)" Return Of The Jedi card back and we hope we see that one day soon.

Jayson Krebsbach ( Hasbro wins major points with me as it pulls double duty as a definitive resculpt for "Tamtel Skreej" (aka Lando in skiff guard disguise) as well as being a figure based on the infamous sandstorm cut scene. The combination of soft and plastic goods works well together but where it shines is the underlying body. The previous "modern era" version were good, but this one renders them obsolete by a mile..

flyguy ( A blu ray deleted scene figure that again like several vintage figures (Ponda Baba, Sandstorm Leia, Fordo etc) packs two looks in one. The Sandstorm look of the card is great but doesn't translate all to well for the figure. A plastic and cloth cape and Goggles, just get in the way of the underlying excellent Jabba's palace figure. With his 'falcon remote' and skiff guard helmet, blaster, holster and staff, great paint work and articulation, make this another must have figure.

Dan Curto ( Not only did we get the final figure in the "Sandstorm scene" with this figure, but with a few extra accessories we also got the most detailed "Skiff Guard" Lando figure ever! The sculpting on Tamtel Skreej's outfit is top-notch, and the articulation is above and beyond all previous versions. This figure is a bit shorter than earlier versions, and the skin tone is much lighter than Billy Dee Williams, but all of this is covered up with the soft-goods and plastic wrappings.

Luke Skywalker

(Dagobah Landing)   

Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) (VC44)VC44 – Wave 6 – March 2011
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Hasbro has the uncanny ability to find the most unique "blink and you'll miss it" iterations of various Star Wars characters. For The Vintage Collection, they found a way to make 2009's LC Luke Skywalker [Snowspeeder Outfit] (BD51) figure unique once again. While that seems like an oxymoron, they did just that. And they did a fantastic job with the new version. Based on Luke's appearance when he exited his X-wing starfighter after he crash-landed into the Dagobah swamp, Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) came with a revised paint job and a new and very accurate head sculpt. Variation hunters: this figure can be found with two different lightsaber colors. Keep your eyes open for this little nugget of detail. This is a great figure even if the newly tooled forearms are a bit too long.

D. Martin Myatt ( This is a figure I've wanted since 1980. Sure the colours are off a bit and the arms have a certain monkey quality to them, I'm very happy to finally have this version of Luke in my collection. The figure Hasbro based it on was my favourite figure in its debut year, and that made for a great starter point. The card art for this one is top notch!

Rich Alot ( Like the Han Solo Echo Base figure, this one had many of us guessing what scene the figure was based one since sleuths discovered its existence in a retailers inventory system prior to Hasbro releasing photos of the figure. The combination of great parts use and a dead-on Mark Hamill resemblance in the face sculpt negate Hasbro’s odd treatment of the arms on this figure, particularly the forearms. The figure also looks fantastic displayed next to the swamp-mucked Dagobah landing X-Wing.

Chris Swanski ( If you're a fan of action figures that represent wardrobe combinations of major characters that exist in only a few frames of film, then this is your automobile action figure. Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) is essentially a retool of the Snowspeeder Pilot Luke Skywalker from the Legacy Collection, but it's a mighty nice retool. It looks fantastic and makes me regret passing on the mucked up Dagobah X-Wing from the Saga Collection. This figure is purpose built to be displayed standing on the nose of that X-Wing aimlessly pointing his blaster at the creatures going bump in the Dagobah mist.

Luke Skywalker

(Endor Capture / Jedi Knight Outfit)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) (VC23)VC23 – Wave 3 – November 2010
Source: Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker in his Death Star II outfit was a figure that was attempted multiple times throughout the line, but never came close to being definitive. That all changed in 2010 when Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) was released in wave 3 of The Vintage Collection. There was one problem though: the figure wasn't Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit). So Hasbro revised the card back art and renamed the figure Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture) which seemed to make many collectors happy. Some have wasted their breath complaining about the thicker ball-jointed wrists and others have criticized the portriat, but no matter how you feel overall, you know Hasbro got it right.... finally. Now we need the one with the chest flap down. Come on Hasbro, that's a simple running change!

Julien Metifeux ( Even with the card title mix-up, Hasbro hit a home run with this Luke figure. The articulation as well as the cool accessory (the handcuffs are pretty cool) make it one of our favorite Lukes from the modern line.

D. Martin Myatt ( In a lot of ways, this figure is the perfect example of what an apology figure is. The Legacy version (as well as all previous versions right back to 1985) have stunk. There is nothing Hasbro could have done to make this figure better than what was released. They will be hard pressed to improve on on Luke in this costume.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( This is the latest in a long line of Luke figures sporting his black outfit from Return of the Jedi, but once again Hasbro produced the definitive version of this figure. The articulation on the figure allows a variety of poses--the only other Jedi Luke that can achieve the  "chopping off Vader's hand" pose had an action feature with a large peg sticking out of his back! But what makes this figure especially noteworthy is the head sculpt. Avoiding the blank expression often found on Hasbro Luke figures, Endor Capture Luke is one of the finest they've done. Some of our listeners have told us they bought extras of this Luke to swap heads onto other Luke bodies.

Dan Curto ( This is THE definitive Jedi Luke Skywalker in his Jedi Knight outfit. The figure itself is a vast improvement over all other versions with ball-hinged wrists and hips and allows for some pretty dynamic poses. The accessories includes both in "lit" and "unlit" versions of his lightsaber, and there's also a pair of binders to capture him with. This led to a complete change on the card: both the name and photo changed over time. "Jedi Knight Outfit" became "Endor Captive", which is the scene this figure represents. Of course, we were all expecting a normal "Jabba's Palace" figure in the future, but that never materialized. Still, this is certainly the very best Luke figure in this outfit we're ever likely to see.

Luke Skywalker

(Hoth Outfit)  

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit) (VC95)VC95 – Wave 12 – April 2012
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

If there was one figure out of all our Top 25 winners and 10 runner-ups that surprised us the most, it would unequivocally be Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit). It's not that the figure is bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it's missing some important pieces should you choose to pose him with the cold weather mask "off" of his face. Some have commented on his pointy shoulders (which honestly look like something the Kardashians would have added to their Fall couture lineup – not that we know) and how they look a bit askew with the rest of the figure. But overall it was a much needed update and the packaging makes it look a whole lot better than the figure by itself. He is just one of four Luke Skywalker figures that just missed the Top 25 ranking in this Special Report.

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho ( When the Hoth Luke was announced we were initially frustrated that Hasbro was again redoing a character that has been released twice before in the modern line (POTF2 and Saga).  So how did that frustration change to make this figure one of our favorite Vintage Collection figures?  It's simple--he's got legs, and he knows how to use them!  The articulation on this figure makes it the definitive Hoth Luke.  You can hang him upside down in your Wampa Cave diorama, or actually have him straddle a Hasbro Taun Taun. Putting it over the top for us are the many nice accessories, one of which gives us a "new" version of Hoth Luke with his scarf covering his face.

Frank Diorio ( If only this figure had come out for our Celebration V Hoth Diorama build :) I just LOVE Hoth Rebels, and this new Luke is a cool figure. The details in the costume sculpt and having those transparent goggle option, I just LOVE stuff like that. But place him on a TaunTaun and WOW, It just makes me smile. :D.

Jayson Krebsbach ( For me, this figure holds a special spot in the collection as one of my favorite figures and toys as a kid was the Hoth Luke and Tauntaun. Those two toys spent many-a-winter with me in the backyard in the 80s. Fast forward 30+ years and again we had a Hoth Luke and Tauntaun available at retail - and both with Vintage packaging. Previous versions of Hoth Luke in the Hasbro line were great figures in their own right, but where this one excels is in the articulation. Whether riding his cold weather steed or battling the Wampa, virtually any pose is achievable thanks to the inclusion of ball jointed hips. The sculpting of the figure is pretty faithful to the onscreen wardrobe, but what I really like is the execution of the scarf and goggles. It succeeded where VTSC Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) failed miserably.

Luke Skywalker

(Lightsaber Construction)   

Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) (VC87)VC87 – Wave 11 – February 2012
Source: Expanded Universe (Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene)

Between the oversaturation of The Phantom Menace wave and the horrid distribution that ensued because of it, there was little hope at all for the waves of new TVC figures that followed it would ever see the light of day. By some stroke of luck, but more likely the Force, a few cases of the unbelievable Deleted Scenes wave made it out and brought us five solid figures. One of them, Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) was the highlight of the wave and gave collectors the best modern update to the 1983 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Kenner figure as well as an all-new deleted scene specific accessory. Hasbro released a running change to the figure which appeared exclusively in wave 14, but very few made it out because of the issues outlined above also.

Mike Sullenger ( Despite some criticism from the more scrutinous about the part on the hair, this version of Luke Skywalker is pretty strong, and you gotta love the details on the "in construction" lightsaber accessory. My only complaint is the soft goods cloak, which doesn't fit as well as one would optimally like, and to be fair to Hasbro, there have only been a few soft goods cloaks that have worked in the past (Darth Malgus immediately comes to mind.)

Jayson Krebsbach ( Upon viewing the lost footage at Celebration V, it was only a matter of time before Hasbro added this scene specific version to the annals of figure collecting. The new torso and head sculpt serve as the best representation of Luke so far capturing his slight frame and contemplative expression. Hasbro also provide a great assortment of accessories the best of which include a unique "work-in-progress" hilt and adjustment tool. As part of the Deleted Scene wave of TVC figures, Hasbro provided us something new as well as definitive for the line.

Rich Alot ( Hasbro nailed this figure even going as far as distinguishing the difference in the hair part between Mark Hamill’s on-screen appearance in the Sarlacc Pitt Battle and Death Star Duel. If you want to drive yourself mad, watch ROTJ and see how many times you can spot scenes with Luke being flipped / reversed. While the figure included a joke of a cloak, the rest of the figure was perfect with a slim, well-proportioned torso, and ball jointed wrists and ankles to compliment the obligatory super-articulation.

James Burns ( This version of Luke from the deleted scenes in Return of the Jedi features a new torso, head, a mix of plastic and soft goods skirt, soft goods cloak, a wrench, ignited lightsabre, lightsabre hilt (which can be opened) and a repainted right hand. It’s loaded with accessories. This is not an all new figure and was based on Luke Death Star Escape (also from the Vintage line, #23). It was a shame this figure was released later than planned but I was pleased when it finally did arrive – Hasbro did a fantastic job with the new head and the sculpt is awesome, if you excuse the hair parting on the wrong side (one of the few complaints here). This figure features 14 points of articulation. This is a must have figure from the line and one that I was really impressed with. I’m a little biased as the Jabba’s Palace scene may just be my favourite ensemble scene from the whole original trilogy.

Paul Harrison ( As collectors, and I am periodically guilty of this too, we tend to let entitlement get in the way of appreciating Hasbro's action figures. I remember when the first images of this figure started hitting the web and instead of being wowed by it, complaints started ringing out from collectors that his hair was parted on the wrong side. You all were fixated on that! You could find just as many arguments on either side of the issue whether it's really incorrect or not, but I would rather spend my time enjoying what, for me, makes the definitive Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) modern replacement to the classic 1983 Kenner figure.

Rebel Soldier

(Echo Base Battle Gear)  

Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear) (VC68)VC68 – Wave 9 – September 2010
Source: The Empire Strikes Back

We were very happy to see two figures from one of the hardest waves of The Vintage Collection to locate at retail make it on so many of the panel's lists (wave 9). The Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear) action figure was narrowly edged out of the Top 25, but he is without question a solid action figure that is a necessary addition to every Star Wars collector's collection. A modern replacement to the 1980 vintage Kenner figure, Hasbro did a fantastic job to make a character specific likeness while giving enough ambiguity so that he could be army-built in collections (if and only if he made prominent appearances at retail – he didn't). He came with awesome accessories and remains a favorite from The Vintage Collection. This one is in need of a re-release badly.

Matt Booker ( I'd just started college in 1993 and through some mates I rekindled my love for the Wars and then purchased the Steve Sansweet "Concept to Screen to Collectable" book read it cover to cover and started collecting all over again. The vintage Hoth rebel soldier was the first figure I bought from a little basement collectors toy shop in Brighton UK along with an AT-ST as Id never had one as a child just played with best mates one with envy as he had way more SW toys than me. So this lovely little modern rework means a lot to me personally and its executed so well all the clothing folds hide the super articulation so well but I wish I could have found one with a tidier paint op on the goggles thou at the lines around the lens is a little sloppy. Could have some with some more accessories to make it more of an army builder with variation thou thankfully I don't army build so I'm happy with just the one in my collection.

Chris Bortz ( As a fan of the Battle Of Hoth this figure was a welcome addition! I think it compliments any Hoth inspired display nicely and it adds some variety to the Hoth Rebel Forces! Unfortunately I know several people who were never able to find this figure at retail, so let's hope Hasbro brings this one out again!.

Shawn Groves ( Not seen since the true Kenner Vintage Line this one was a favorite because it shows how far we have come technologically with sculpting and artwork since we started playing with Kenner action figures. With removable goggles that finally seem the right size this is another figure that we need more of to stock our Echo Bases. This one also serves as the perfect base figure to make any other Base figures (not much pun intended).

Republic Trooper

(The Old Republic)    

Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (VC113)VC113 – Wave 16 – October 2012
Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

He was feverishly pre-ordered/purchased when he went up for sale at, all thanks to being delegated as an online exclusive. Collectors panicked. The sixteenth and final wave of The Vintage Collection brought some amazing figures to collectors, but the Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) figure took Star Wars figures to an unprecedented level thanks to his coolness and Expanded Universe status. Loaded with accessories and beautifully decorated (even if the the paint job is too clean), this figure really impressed the collecting community in multiple ways. We hope that Hasbro finds ways to get this figure out again because right now there are just too many people that desperately need this awesome action figure.

Dan Curto ( One of the final figures in the line, Hasbro REALLY pulled out all the stops with this one. Although I have never played The Old Republic game, I always thought the trailers looked stunning, and I could not wait for the inevitable action figures it would inspire. This is the third such figure, following Darth Malgus and Shae Vizla, and it is just stunning. The super-articulation is well-done and hidden by the armor, and there are more accessories than you'd think could fit into the bubble, including a blaster cannon that is almost as big as the figure itself! It is a shame that this figure did not see a wider release...many collectors missed out on troop-building this figure. Here's hoping Hasbro can find an opportunity to re-release it again in the future.

James Burns ( This was also part of wave 16 that was not available at retail. The Republic Trooper comes from The Old Republic game and is a brand new sculpt built from the ground up. This is one of three figures from the game we saw released during the Vintage line and included Darth Malgus #96 and Shae Vizla #101 which are both fantastic figures in their own right. This figure feature 14 points of articulation and a vast array of accessories that add lots of value. The accessories include a removable helmet, removable shoulder armour and bandolier, removable ammo, blaster, heavy cannon and a knife – so much for one figure! This is another example of a fantastic figure from Hasbro that’s only likely to increase in value over time. With so many accessories I recommend buying multiples – if you can find him!

Paul Bragard ( A massive and aggressive trooper made especially for fans of The Old Republic.

Chris Swanski ( As I am honored to have received this write-up as a special assignment, I write it with full knowledge that the Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) has placed out of the top 25. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? This figure has the accessory count of a GI Joe figure and the coolness of a Star Wars trooper. When equipped with the two-handed heavy cannon the figure leans backwards as if compensating for the weight of the weapon and still manages to balance effortlessly. This by itself is brilliant and argues for automatic entry on your action figure shelf. The blaster, knife and removable helmet are all gravy on one of my top 25 figures of The Vintage Colllection.


We must make it a point to express how excited we are to have three (3) members of the Hasbro Star Wars team participate in this Special Report alongside with us. We have put them on their own special section where they provide readers with their own top picks and the reasons for their choices, some inside information on how the figures were approahed, as well as never-before-known details on the wonderful action figures they produced in The Vintage Collection. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Hunter PR for faciliating us in this collaboration. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Derryl DePriest, Jin Han and David Vennemeyer from Hasbro!

Derryl DePriest

Vice President, Boys Marketing, Hasbro, Inc.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC16)

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC16)Obi-Wan is my #1 choice primarily because of the importance of the figure – he was in the first wave that proved Vintage could span all aspects of the saga, Original Trilogy and Prequel Triology, as if the Star Wars line had never ceased with the original great black & silver. While there are many PT figures in TVC, Obi-Wan is my favorite PT character so he gets the nod.

Rebel Fleet Trooper (VC52)

2. Rebel Fleet Trooper (VC52)Long, long overdue, and after several other attempts, we finally have a killer Rebel Fleet Trooper. He's one of the original five or so figures that should have been made for original Kenner vintage but never were (along with Sandtrooper, Grand Moff Tarkin, Biggs Darklighter, and Imperial Navy Commander among a few others).

Sandtrooper (VC14)

3. Sandtrooper (VC14)Long, long overdue, and after several other attempts, we finally have a killer Sandtrooper. He's one of the original five or so figures that should have been made for original Kenner vintage but never were (along with Rebel Fleet Trooper, Grand Moff Tarkin, Biggs Darklighter, and Imperial Navy Commander among a few others).

Imperial Navy Commander (VC94)

4. Imperial Navy Commander (VC94)A brand new never-been-done-before Imperial troop builder? Heck yeah!

Ahsoka (VC102)

5. Ahsoka (VC102)One of the greatest characters from The Clone Wars shows that the boundaries of Vintage don't just cover the movies, but all great characters and stories.

Bom Vindin (VC53)

6. Bom Vimdin (Cantina Patron) (VC53)Some of my favorite Star Wars characters are the Cantina denizens – for me the most iconic scene of all time and proof that we were transported to a galaxy far, far away. Bom is a cool character we actually thought we had done years before, but hadn't. Glad to see him in the line at last.

Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) (VC87)

7. Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) (VC87)This is a great figure, and Luke is by far my favorite Star Wars character, but the reason he ranks so highly for me is that I first saw the deleted scene footage in a special showing at the Presidio at Lucasfilm. A special time, special place, and we had to do a special figure.

Gammorean Guard (VC21)

8. Gammorean Guard (VC21)This guy could not have turned out better (well, maybe if his helmet stayed on better). What a great figure.

Colonel Cracken (Millennium Falcon Crew) (VC90)

9. Colonel Cracken (Millennium Falcon Crew) (VC90)There aren't enough Rebels to go around, and I was glad to see this one in the deleted scenes, flying the Millenium Falcon no less!

Rebel Pilot (Mon Calamari) (VC91)

10. Rebel Pilot (Mon Calamari) (VC91)Rebel Pilots is one of my favorite collection sub-genres, and seeing this one in the deleted scenes had me scrambling to see how fast we could get him in the lineup. He turned out great and is one of my favorite figures.

Emperor's Royal Guard (VC105)

11. Emperor's Royal Guard (VC105)A fantastic and defiinitive update, he also ticks off a key modern figure we finally have on a Vintage cardback.

Orrimaarko (VC114)

12. Orrimaarko (Prune Face) (VC114)Another key update on a modern Vintage card, this figure truned out terrific. I could have a whole squad of these commandoes.

Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit) (VC03)

13. Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit) (VC03)This is a great figure that shockingly had never been done before. These key "anchor" figures help add some core character strength to our waves, effectively allowing us to add a little more less recognized figures elsewhere.

Leia (Hoth Outfit) (VC02)

14. Leia (Hoth Outfit) (VC02)This figure is a great companion to Han; I really like the way she turned out.

Aayla Secura (VC58)

15. Aayla Secura (VC58)I thought we really needed a great version of Aayla and I am very happy the way she turned out.

Jango Fett (VC34)

16. Jango Fett (VC34)The Vintage Collection would not have been complete without Jango making an apearance.

Wooof (VC24)

17. Wooof (VC24)I can't get enough of the Jabba's henchman. While there are other great ones in The Vintage Collection, this guy started the process of finally straightening out who was who and correcting some of the Kenner errors.

ARC Trooper Commander (VC54)

18. ARC Trooper Commander (VC54)This is a terrific figure – really two figures in one, and checks off a key original Clone Wars [character] to boot.

Clone Trooper (501st Legion) (VC60)

19. Clone Trooper (501st Legion) (VC60)A sensational definitive version of this guy is a critical addition to the Prequel Trilogy contribution to TVC.

Nikto (Skiff Guard) (VC99)

20. Nikto (Skiff Guard) (VC99)One of my favorite species of alien, this guy just turned out fantastic.

Jin Han

Design Director, Star Wars Brand, Hasbro, Inc.

Darth Malgus (VC96)

1. Darth Malgus (VC96)One of the most sinister-looking Sith Lords in the SW Universe, now has a phenomenal figure to accompany the character! While I didn’t have a chance to play the [TOR] game, the game trailer they created for it was enough to make me a fan of that moment in SW history! Alas, I am still missing this guy from my collection. (Editor's Note: So are many collectors! Get him out again, Hasbro!)

Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) (VC61)

2. Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) (VC61)As a HUGE fan of the Bounty Hunters, but an even bigger fan of Ralph McQuarrie, seeing this figure was equivalent to opening that last, completely unexpected gift on Christmas Day, that your parents saved for last!

Darth Vader (VC115)

3. Darth Vader (VC115)I have more than enough Vader figures in my collection, but this was one figure that I wasn’t able to truly appreciate until I broke down the way it was developed and manufactured. It is one of the coolest concepts for the character, and makes for a truly unique figure!

Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice) (VC100)

4. Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice) (VC100)I’m a big fan of SW EU! In the years leading up to my mid-20’s, I must have read just about every SW novel released, from SOTE, to The Hand Of Thrawn. Once SW video games started getting more sophisticated, I was drawn in, but didn’t have the time to play them, so, I watched from afar, with Starkiller’s story being one of my favorites.

Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (VC113)

5. Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (VC113)Again, for the same reasons as Malgus above, this character was an instant connection for me, based on the [TOR] trailer. The figure was so well-executed, that it became an instant add to my collection!

Stormtrooper (VC41)

6. Stormtrooper (VC41)SW Toy collectors know what it means to find an original vintage Kenner SW figure, with the card unpunched. Hasbro made a great move by shipping all the new The Vintage Collection cards unpunched—I was able to relive a unique mix of my fond childhood memories of finding a figure I loved, and the adult toy collector, giddy that he found an unpunched card! While the figure’s value won’t be enough to retire on, it was a special find.

Dengar (VC01)
Admiral Ackbar (VC22)
General Lando Calrisian (VC47)

7. Dengar (VC01)
7. Admiral Ackbar (VC22)
7. General Lando Calrisian (VC47)

These three figures are really tied for #7. My reason for this three-way tie? First, it’s DENGAR! Second, “IT’S A TRAP!” Third, it’s Billy Dee! Add to the fact that these are the BEST action figure representations for each character, and it’s a great day for guys like me who don’t just collect the guys named Luke, Han and Vader.

Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) (VC87)

10. Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) (VC87)Opinions may vary, but as far as I’m concerned, this deleted scene was an incredibly special treat to watch and I let the kid in me take over on this decision—Luke…building…his…Lightsaber… ‘Nuff said. I snatched this figure up as soon as I found it!

Anakin Skywalker (VC92)
Ahsoka (VC102)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC103)


11. Anakin Skywalker (VC92)
11. Ahsoka (VC102)
11. Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC103)

Again, a three-way tie. I am a die-hard The Clone Wars fan, so when I saw the Cinema Style version of these figures, I was sold!

(Twin-Pod) Cloud Car Pilot (VC11)
R5-D4 (VC40)

14. (Twin-Pod) Cloud Car Pilot (VC11)
14. R5-D4 (VC40)

No, this is not a typo, and again, a tie for me. The quirky and/or odd SW characters remain some of my favorites—as a kid, the Power Droid and 2‐1B were played with just as much as Luke and Vader. So, when I saw these two figures, I was instantly five-years old again and I think, “Look! The guy who drives the ice cream cone plane, and the robot that R2‐D2 used magic to make him break!” Plus, the figures just look cool! (Editor's Note: Then get out and Episode V-specific 2-1B and the blue Gonk Droid released to collectors then!)

Shae Vizla (VC101)

16. Shae Vizla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter) (VC101)Going back to my love of SW EU, this was another figure that just looked way too cool to pass up! Like Malgus, though, I was never able to add her to the collection. In case you’re wondering, I try to acquire all my figures at retail, as it adds to the “treasure hunt.” Great figure, fantastic sculpt and detail!

Barriss Offee (Jedi Padawan) (VC51)

17. Barriss Offee (Jedi Padawan) (VC51)I’m not necessarily a fan of Barriss or her Jedi Master, Luminara. What I really enjoyed about this figure is the way the entire figure was handled in production. Particularly the soft goods cloak and the way it sat with the sculpt and deco; everything fell harmoniously into place. Perhaps it sounds a little goofy, but when I saw this figure, it just has great shelf presence!

Emperor's Royal Guard (VC105)

18. Emperor's Royal Guard (VC105)Plain and simple. One of the coolest-looking characters in the SW universe! Anytime Hasbro updates this figure, I’m in!

Odd Ball (Clone Pilot) (VC97)

19. Odd Ball (Clone Pilot) (VC97)I’m a big can of the various Clone armor types that are out there, so this is definitely among the top of my favorite Clone designs!

Jar Jar Binks (in carbonite) (Exclusive)

20. Jar Jar Binks (in carbonite) (Exclusive)Strictly speaking as an adult fan of SW, I was never a big fan of Jar Jar. But when The Solo Adventures went viral and it ended with the Jar Jar in Carbonite scene, it was pretty funny. The fact that Hasbro and LFL made that nod to the fans and collectors was a great moment to witness, as a fan of action figures. (Editor's Note: While not a valid candidate technically, we allowed Mr. Han to keep this figure in his ranking.)

David Vennemeyer

Senior Product Design Manager, Star Wars Brand, Hasbro, Inc.

See-Threepio (C-3PO) (VC06)

1. See-Threepio (C-3PO) (VC06) This figure is fantastic, a great new version fully articulated C-3PO with a ton of features. The removable face plate, chest panel, thigh and rear panel offer a lot hidden detail. These all fit seamlessly in place without sacrificing any screen accuracy or inhibiting articulation.

Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (VC04)

2. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) (VC04)This has always been one of most iconic versions of Luke. This figure is tricked out with plenty of articulation and gear for any Star wars fan.

ARC Trooper Commander (VC54)

3. ARC Trooper Commander (VC54) A simply awesome figure, the [ARC Clone Commander] trooper has a lot of interchangeable parts and gear. I could have a whole squad of these guys.

R2-D2 (VC25)

4. R2-D2 (VC25)This is the ultimate R2, with out a doubt! The clincher has to be Luke's Lightsaber tucked away ready for Luke. This R2 has everything!

Ahsoka (VC102)

5. Ahsoka (VC102)A lead character from The Clone Wars that we were able to work with LFL and Dave Filoni to bring into the VC world. The added detail and articulation make this figure a must have!

Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) (VC70)

6. Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) (VC70)One of my favorite Star Wars characters from the classic Cantina scene! The interchangeable arm helps to relive the movie. A great Figure!

Rebel Fleet Trooper (VC52)

7. Rebel Fleet Trooper (VC52)An awesome Rebel Fleet trooper with plenty of gear and articulation.

Gammorean Guard (VC21)

8. Gammorean Guard (VC21)Everyone Loves Gammorean Guards, and this guy lives up to the expectation. A great classic figure that turned out great. With all of the weapons choices, this is a true army builder.

Wicket (VC27)

9. Wicket (VC27)You can't say enough about the little Ewok. Adding just enough articulation to make him versatile, and keeping him still the cute guy that everybody loved.

Clone Commander Cody (VC19)

10. Clone Commander Cody (VC19)Cody is a must in the line, and this is from the dramatic turning point in the film. The holo Darth sidious completes this figure.

Wooof (VC24)

11. Wooof (VC24)A great figure that adds a lot of depth to the Star Wars line. This guy turned out Fantastic!

Sandtrooper (VC112)

12. Sandtrooper (VC112)This Sandtrooper is Awesome, the addition of the sentry droid and the articulated blaster pistol, this is a must have Troop builder!

General Grevious (VC17)

13. General Grevious (VC17)This was one of the most difficult figures that we have ever done. The complexity of the arm articulation alone was a tremendous effort. The addition of the cape with the lightsaber pockets, really did complete this figure.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC103)

14. Obi-Wan Kenobi (VC103)Obi-Wan Kenobi is a must!

Padmé Amidala (Peasant Disguise) (VC33)

15. Padmé Amidala (Peasant Disguise) (VC33) This is one of the most highly detailed figures that we have done to date. Padmé has layer upon layer of highly intricate textures throughout her robe and accessories.

Jango Fett (VC34)

16. Jango Fett (VC34)A fantastic execution of Jango with plenty of accesories and play!

Zam Wesell (VC30)

17. Zam Wesell (VC30)This is a great figure, a lot of care went into the level of detail. Lucas Film Archives opened up their doors to the props and costume dept, to ensure as much accuracy as possible for her.

Darth Vader (VC08)

18. Darth Vader (VC08)No collection is complete without Darth Vader. The removable sectional helmet really makes this figure a must in any collection.

Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (VC113)

19. Republic Trooper (The Old Republic) (VC113)This guy is great. This is the elite clone trooper at his best. Armed to the teeth and ready for action.

Bom Vindin (VC53)

20. Bom Vindin (Cantina Patron) (VC53)This is one of my favorite aliens from the film, he just has a great look to him!


The Vintage Collection Card Back Tribute

by Chuck Paskovics

When The Vintage Collection first launched, we made sure to take special care with regards to the photography of the beautifully done card back art. As we added them to Jedi Temple Archives, we made sure every last detail was captured to the best of our abilities. From the beginning I had plans to put this collection together for something really special. I didn't know exactly what that was at the time, I just knew that when this collection was complete it would be an incredible sight to behold in an image that showcased them all in retrospective glory! So, Paul and I continued shooting each and every card back as it came out (I give Paul credit for photographing 90% of these card backs for me). Each photograph was diligently cropped and we made sure all sides were straight and as perfect as possible! Once we completed and added each figure to both the Research Droids Reviews and Visual Guides, we tucked away each single carded image for future use one day. Well, the time is now and the result is what we're calling JTA's tribute to The Vintage Collection: A massive guide featuring all 136 different card backs, beautifully laid out in a whopping 31 megapixel layout!

Because of its large file size we have a couple of different smaller sizes for you to choose from. The largest size is a downloadable printable PDF (future JTA poster exclusive? – hmm!) and it will produce a full resolution image where the card backs at about 1 inch wide each. Please enjoy this thoroughly and also continue to uphold the phrase "long live The Vintage Collection!"

Please be respectful of the hard work and time spent that we put into producing this. And please don't alter the image in any way or post it elsewhere. If you want to share it on Facebook then please use this image to share it. If you want to pin this on Pinterest you can do that right here! Thanks and may the Force be with you!

Chuck Paskovics

Additional Sizes Available (JPG)
2000x1650 (3MB) | 3000x2200 (6MB)

Ultimate SPECIAL Edition (31 Megapixels – 78MB PDF)
(We highly recommend that you download this directly to your hard drive!)
(This may be only printed for personal use)

The Vintage Collection Action Figure Tribute

by Dan Curto

Back in 2007, I had an opportunity to work behind-the-scenes with Hasbro to get fan input into the line that became known as The Vintage Collection. After a limited run in 2004, 2006, and 2007, there was interest in bringing bringing back the classic Kenner card back designs. But exactly what did fans want out of such a line? The fan input was incorporated into The Vintage Collection, a line of super-articulated figures that were the "best of the best", definitive versions of the characters they represented.

When the line first started up in 2010, I was a little disappointed in the back of the cardback, because it not only used the same 2004 design, but in several cases, the information on the back was inaccurate. I thought it would have been nice to include a cardback design much like what Kenner had done, showing off the entire line to date. This isn't done with toys today, and that's a shame. When photographing the first wave, I started to pose the new figures in the same exact poses as their very first figure originally appeared on the cardbacks, which was usually the very first time we saw the figure. Not only is this a nod to the classic Kenner lines, but since the line included Prequel Trilogy and Expanded Universe characters, I followed the same pattern with the modern line. Sadly, I was never able to complete the I set aside the project and moved on.

When I was invited to participate in JTA's special project, I immediately thought of bringing the concept back again, this time with a few changes. Instead of a single-colored background, I decided to bring the idea to the next level and incorporate the color of the background bubble for each figure's card. I also changed the layout from a vertical cardback/menu image to a horizontal wallpaper/poster image. Time was limited, so I literally dropped everything else to complete this image for your viewing pleasure!

Many, many thanks to Paul and Chuck for not only giving me an opportunity to complete this project, but for wanting to host it here exclusively for the fans. Enjoy!

Dan Curto

Additional sizes coming!

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News, Reviews and Special Reports


We thought you would be interested in learning a little bit more about all the great minds that participated in this Special Report. For each panel member, we have provided you with a brief Q&A that gives you a better idea of who they are and what their background is and what qualifies them to participate in this Special Report. Please set some time aside to check out their respective informative fan sites that they manage and read the plethora of information they constantly provide for Star Wars collectors like yourselves. Links for their sites have been provided under their names. Just hover over them and click away!

Rich Alot


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

My favorite Star Wars movie is Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) because the story can stand on its own and doesn’t require a prequel or sequel to support it.

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

In 1983 I can home from Bradlees with a Han Solo Hoth Gear courtesy of my parents (and a little in-store begging).

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Even though I never owned it as a child because I could never find it in stores, I spent many hours staring at the POTF cardback that included the Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguse figure. Ironically, I still refer to that cardback photo hoping to own the figure photographed in the lineup, which is a prototype that has a significantly different headsculpt than the production figure.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

I have fond memories of Caldor because it was close to the house and it’s where most of my figures were purchased, but the Star Wars action figure aisle at Toys R Us was a sight to behold. I swear it was 25 pegs high by 75 pegs across with figures on the pegs going 20 deep—at least it seemed that way to me at the time, being 5 years old.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I definitely feel a nostalgic tie between Hasbro’s super-articulated figures and Kenner’s original figures. The properly proportioned anatomical forms and the relaxed poses of Hasbro’s super-articulated figures harken back to Kenner’s original line.

Matt Booker


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back always! The hoth battle, Boba Fett and so much more just make this the #1 pick every time for me.

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1982 Break apart C3PO man I played with that figure so much loved him to bits, Ive still got him but my original packpack has long gone. but I was only 5 when I got him.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Boushh just dug that [awesome] outfit, the rubbery removable helmet to reveal leia and her insanely long weapon just so cool.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Hamleys Bath UK, My dad worked opposite in the Bank and on saturdays mum used to take us in before we picked dad up from work and I always remember the life sized Ewok glider hanging from the high celing of the massive star wars toy section and the arms of the ewok were animated so that he was about to drop some rocks on you.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

As a Boba Fett Focus collector with over 3,500 items of the main man its so hard to choose a Fett item but overall, so I'd have to say my 1995 Star Wars Executor VHS boxed set limited edition script book as this was where my autograph collection and convention travels started and I now have over 130 in person OT autographs in it and so many memories of meeting so many fantastic people all over the world and that book has been with me thru it all and its off again with me on the road tip of a life time on the 19th of June on the Caravan of the force the road to SWCE2.

Chris Bortz


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Return Of The Jedi

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1983 Jedi Luke

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Jedi Luke

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Hertie, Munich, Germany

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

ESB life-size Vader (as screen accurate as possible, thanks to

Paul Bragard


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strike Back, of course….

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

I didn't collect Kenner action figures [when they were first released]. I was born in 1988 and started my collection in 1999.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Don't have one, but actually the BMF is one of my favorite Hasbro Toys.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

[There aren't many stores in my area so I didn't get many toys when I was younger for my brthday.] [But] I [did] buy my first Star Wars Toys here.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

My Darth Vader ROTS Master Replica Helmet. I got it for my 20th birthday as a surprise gift. It is awesome!

James Burns


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1978 - Luke Sykwalker and Darth Vader (same day)

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Luke Skywalker

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?


What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

As of today, it’s the eFX Luke Skywalker Reveal Lightsabre from Return of the Jedi. Ask me tomorrow and you might get a different answer!

Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Arnie - The Empire Strikes Back

Marjorie - A New Hope

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

Arnie - I begged my mom for a Greedo when I first saw him. I didn't know who he was at the time but I had to own this green alien man. He was the pinnacle of the green spaceman to me with his laser gun. I had no idea he was even in a movie at the time.

Marjorie - I had to have a Luke Skywalker figure. Like every other girl in my kindergarten class, I had a mad crush on Luke.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Arnie - The AT-AT. I had so much fun with that toy, as big as my torso when I got it.

Marjorie - Mine was the Falcon. It was my brother's. But we had some great times flying it around the basement full of Star Wars, He-Man and GI Joe toys.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Arnie - I used to go to Toys Plus a lot. Saturdays were toy days. Even then, I used to call ahead to make sure they had the figures I needed before I went.

Marjorie - I remember buying a Wicket nightshirt with my mom at K-Mart. It was baby pink and had a glittery Wicket iron on. My mom was a huge sci-fi fan and she actively encouraged our love of Star Wars. Since my mom is deceased, this memory means a lot to me.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

Arnie - My Master Replicas Millennium Falcon. It's an amazing piece. The lights make it truly stunning. The massive size alone is impressive. I had to buy a special table to do it justice. Plus a rare Harrison Ford signature plaque made it a must-buy direct from Master Replicas to avoid eBay forgeries.

Marjorie - This is a rotating honor. I'm a huge Jar Jar fan and I love the 4 foot tall stuffed Jar Jar that I picked up super cheap. I think the seller was happy to be rid of it.

Justin Cook


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

A New Hope

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1980, and it was R5-D4 (I thought it was R2-D2 and cried when I realized I had picked out the wrong figure).

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

The AT-AT, but I wanted the Death Star.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Toy Chest

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

Modular Death Star custom playset made by Owen Driscoll

Dan Curto


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back (is there REALLY any question?)

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1979...probably some action figures or a landspeeder.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

The Millennium Falcon vehicle/playset....although the Death Star would be a close second. When I was young, the other kids in my neighborhood and I got together and figured out a way to get the entire collection by getting our parents to buy us a specific item. Put our toys together, and we had the entire collection! I had the Falcon of course! When we all grew older (notice I did not say grew up! :)), I ended up getting all the figures and vehicles because I was still collecting them.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Child World. I still think of that store as a magical place from the 1970-80s, where you never knew what would be hanging on the pegs waiting for you to purchase. You never knew what you'd find, because you didn't know what was coming!

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

Not really a single item, but I would have to say my Marvel Comics Star Wars comic books. Not only were they fun to read and collect, but for me, those comics WERE STAR WARS. In between films, we waited for each issue to come out to see what happened next. I learned to draw from those old comics, and I reenacted the storires from the comics with the action figures.

Bret Diaz


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Clone Wars Movie. Nah, The Empire Strikes Back.

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1980-ish? I'm pretty sure it was stormtrooper, or maybe it was a jawa. I'd like to think it was a jawa. Yeah, it was a jawa.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

The AT-AT. I was staring at it in the store for 30 minutes, and my dad bought it for me, even though it was like 4 million dollars.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Child World. I think they were kinda big in the Northeast for a while, but apparently they were terrible. I just remember enormous end caps with Star Wars figures, and I would spend long periods of time flipping through the huge number of figures on pegs, looking for something new. I remember finding a Logray, and not having any idea it even existed. In retrospect, it was neat not knowing about new SW toys until I actually saw them in person.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

I have a large banner of a ROTS 501st clonetrooper in action, which I acquired from the Master Replica's booth at Celebration III. My wife and I had some neat conversations with the MR folks, and guy allowed us to purchase the banner, which was one of several decorating the booth. It was the inspiration for my famous 501st focus collection, which nobody knows about.

Frank Diorio


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

A NEW HOPE 1977 – What a SUMMER for a 13 year old. Like many my age, it's THE FILM that sparked my current career in movie vfx. And to have had the privilege to work at ILM, the circle became complete – I can die a happy fan :)

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1978 – The mail away EARLY BIRD kit figures – Best present my mom gave me as a kid.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

The HUGE Death Star Playset !!! A subconcious link to why I love making Dioramas today maybe ? :)

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

The BAY Rockland Shopping Center, Montreal. My mom would give me $5 every friday when I was 14 and I would bike 5 minutes to the mall and run directly to the toy floor. I remember vividly searching through the Hasbro box display on the cash counter (this is before pegs we see now) like index cards looking to see if they got the NEW figure I was missing.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

My Illusive Concepts Frozen Han Solo in Carbonite. A gift to myself with the overtime pay I collected on an early TV open I worked on WAY back then.
I hang him proudly in my home cinema next to my career poster wall.

Dan Emmons


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Return of the Jedi

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1978. Star Wars Darth Vader action figure.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Death Star Space Station

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Toys R Us

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

501st approved Return of the Jedi Darth Vader Costume.



What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back! What else packs Hoth, Bespin, Bounty Hunters, Boba Fett, AT-AT's, Yoda, & Dad issues!

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

It was 1978, May, Palitoy (as I was born in the UK) and it was a Stormtrooper. Changed my life.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Death Star playset. I only got parts of it in a trade but man the Palitoy version with gunner station and trash compactor was amazing. Funny how we were fully content with imagination and bits of printed cardboard!

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

A small UK toy store in a placed called Ayr in Scotland had a treasure trove of toys, near all of the 21 first figures just swinging on thier pegs... if only I had a Delorean...

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

Been with me since I recievd him in a cardboard box and baggie, Mr. Boba Fett still looks as good as the day I got him.

Eric Franks


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

In 1978, for my birthday, I received Luke, R2-D2 and C-3PO along with a Landspeeder.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

I always loved the AT-AT Driver for his cool look and unique weapon, he always led my Imperials into battle.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

My Star Wars toys came from a lot of different discount and department stores but Jamesway, a now-closed Northeast chain, is one I have the most memories of; spending my own allowance money on a Dewback and Land of the Jawas and countless carded figures and toys all the way through the release of Empire.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

I have a lot of favorites, but the item I’m most proud of is my multiple signature lithograph. I’ve been working on it since Celebration II and with the exception of Harrison Ford, it has all of the main OT actors along with lots of minor actors, producers and ILM employees.

Shawn Groves


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back as soon as I saw those walkers.

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

It was a Sandperson (Tusken Raider)in 77 where I found out I didn’t like tax. My brother got one too and he said he only wanted the figure and not the tax so the cashier was so moved she gave it to him at cost. I felt cheated, but wore that figure out.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

My favorite toy I had was the vintage snowspeeder. I don’t know how many make believe walkers I made runs on, but it was a lot. I never got that walker, but I never got tired of pushing the fire button. It made snow days so much fun. I had a readymade environment right out the front door. And we had a lot of snow days when I was a kid. Matter of fact one year we got a whole month off of school (the radio station told everyone that school was cancelled until further notice). I think I blew up all of Hoth that month with my snowspeeder.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

We had a mom and pop pharmacy called Ben Franklins that had an upstairs section all for toys. They always carried the new star wars toys and whenever we went to town my mom knew where to find me. I don’t know how many hours I spent in there, but it was many. I am surprised they didn’t run me off because I am sure I picked up ever box and AF they had.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

I think my favorite item in my collection now is my AT-AT Driver Costume. It received 501st approval this past spring (TA51506) and I think I like it so much because it really took me outside of my comfort zone to put some of it together. I think I pretty much drove everyone at ISY insane by asking so many questions and quite a few awesome customizers contributed to it. I also created its own mannequin out of pvc pipe of all things and really met a lot of cool people and made new friends in the hobby as a result of getting it. For me the memories and great friends I have made are really what drives my collecting. I am not a completist by any means and love all the different SW lines out there, but I think this is one collectible that will allow me to give back to the community that has made me feel so welcome.

Paul Harrison


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

I proudly acknowledge Return Of The Jedi as my most favorite Star Wars film, Ewoks and all. I know it's most popular with the resulting peer pressure that exists to follow the rest of the lemurs off of the cliff and say The Empire Strikes Back is the best, but I can't get past the timing issues.... (wow, am I bitter or something?) :)

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

Although I played with my friends' Kenner action figures in kindergarten class (1979), I didn't get my very own until July 31, 1980 (my sixth birthday) where I received Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker: X-wing Fighter Pilot on 21 backs sitting next to an awesome Wonder Woman Carvel ice cream cake.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Without a doubt Christmas 1983 was the best Christmas ever and everything I received that year remains the most memorable for me. These items include: the Ewok Village, Jabba The Hutt playset, and the entire wave of 1983 ROTJ basic figures. I clearly remember being obsessed with Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise), Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit), Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise), Emperor's Royal Guard, Ree-Yees and Biker Scout. I also prayed that Kenner would make more Ewoks to populate the beautifully huge Ewok village. Chief Chirpa and Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) just weren't enough.... with or without their cowls. Over the next couple of years, I saw them grow from two to eight. I was a happy boy.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

I have to rank three in order of importance for me: 1. Funtown – Freehold, NJ; 2. Two Guys – Manalapan, NJ; 3. Toys R Us – East Brunswick, NJ. While TRU is clearly still in business today, I can say that all three of these particular locations either went out of business Two Guys and Funtown) or have since relocated (TRU). Not one location is still "as is" which makes me feel a tad melancholy.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

My recently acquired Sideshow Collectibles' Darth Vader Life Size Bust. It is the greatest replication of Darth Vader I have ever seen. The helmet is asymetrical just like the real prop and the likeness to actor Sebastian Shaw with the alternate portrait is eerie. It was much too expensive however and I will likely never spend this much money on one item again. Thank goodness it was for a Darth Vader collectible.

Jayson Krebsbach


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

XMAS 1978 R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke, Darth Vader and Vinyl Cape Jawa

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

The Millennium Falcon, I vividly remember getting it for Christmas in 1980. My dad helped me put on all the decals and I used the box as a makeshift landing pad from Cloud City on one side, the carbon freezing chamber on the other.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Pamida and Kmart

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

The one that is most dear to me is the life-size Blockbuster Yoda my wife gave me on our first date in 2000. Right then I knew she was the one.

D. Martin Myatt


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

PT+OT=SW. I don't expect to change my opinion in 2015, but I won't close my mind to change...

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

April 27, 1978. Darth Vader Kenner Canada 12BK A. It was a birthday present. On the same day, my parents gave my sister a Princess Leia figure, which (after a possible knuckle sandwich?) became my second SW figure.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Tough choice, but the one that I blame for changing me from a kid with toys to a kid hellbent on collecting SW is Bespin Luke. Even at seven years old, I was clone away at the figure's details. The fabric folds on the back of his jacket blew my mind and here I am 33 years later… I also have an odd appreciation for the 21BK characters especially Hammerhead.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

I had no store loyalty when I was little. I went where the new figures were and dragged whatever adult was with me to every toy aisle I knew of. Same is true today.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

A five way tie between the eFX Legend ANH Vader helmet, the Master Replicas ROTS Vader helmet, the SSC 1/2 Darth Maul, the Sigma Yoda ceramic bank and my entire Kenner Micro Collection. I can't get more specific than that. Like the films, my admiration for my collection can't focus too closely on any one item, even though I have stuff far more rare and sought after than what is listed here. :)

Chuck Paskovics


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back... with A New Hope a very close second!

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1979, 12-back Luke Skywalker

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

While I never owned it, most of my friends did and it monopolized our time when playing! The Death Star Playset!

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Being an army brat and moving around a lot, I spent most of the OT years living in Germany (1977-1981). While the military PX did manage to get figures in, most of my drooling (and fond memories) came from the JC Penny and Sears Christmas catalogs—the only way to get Star Wars toys en-masse!

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

While I have quite a few beautiful collectibles on display, my favorite is the original Luke I got in 1979. Well played with, missing lightsaber tip, plenty of scuff marks and proudly displayed in the front of my Vintage display case!

Sir Steve


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Return Of The Jedi because I remember seeing that in the theater as a kid.

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

Christmas 1980

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

I really liked playing with the Hoth Playset.

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?


What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

My favorite item is my newest one. :) Besides that it would be my Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Harrison Ford signed Artist Proof.

Chris Swanski


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Return of the Jedi

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1978. Tie between a 12 back Luke and 3PO.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Death Star Playset

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

Bradlees. I can still remember the wall of Star Wars figures.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

AFA 85 12 Back-A Luke Skywalker

volker c


What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

The Empire Strikes Back, the original not messed up version, as found
on VHS and Laserdisc

What year did you get your first Kenner Star Wars toy and what was it?

1978 shortly after I saw the movie in the theatre. Not sure if it was Obi-Wan or a vinyl-caped Jawa. Either way, I still own them.

What was your overall favorite Kenner Star Wars toy as a child?

Hmm, tough one, I'd say Slave I. Always like the box art, the ship, and hey,
it's Boba Fetts ship. ;-)

What brick and mortar retail store holds your fondest childhood Star Wars memories shopping there as a youngling?

A small toy store by the name of Redman. Store kept getting all the cool Star Wars toys in. Owner liked the movies as well, so he even imported himself
in those days.

What is your favorite Star Wars item in your collection now (not necessarily restricted to just toys)?

Hmm, another tough one. I love each any figure/toy. If I had to name one, I couldn't. I really like my sample Bespin battlepack, the one where Han's Blaster is packaged closer to Vader, followed by a sample 30 AC Boba Fett. Non Toy, my real Boba Fett Webley blaster.


by Paul Harrison & Chuck Paskovics (with commentary by our wonderful friends from across the web)

Special Report Layout "Vision" and Concept: Paul Harrison
Web Development and all graphics (the really hard stuff that brought the "Vision" to gorgeous fruition): Chuck Paskovics
Report written by Paul Harrison
Photography by Paul Harrison & Chuck Paskovics

Extra Special Thanks:

Hasbro – thank you for working so hard on this for us during a very busy time for you. Your additions to this Special Report are priceless and we appreciate your willingness to participate alongside the many fan sites that love and promote the products you make for us. We are truly indebted.

Special Thanks:

Dan Curto – for your suggestions, profuse Star Wars toy knowledge and ALL the extras you provided to this Special Report.

Chris Swanski – for developing the Panel Bio Q&A, for proofreading and for your general camaraderie and humor.

Jayson Krebsbach – for your friendship, your undying assistance, your mind-blowing attention to detail and your willingness to do the per diem assignments.

Arnie Carvalho – thank you for our longtime affiliation and for writing up the extra "needed spots" for the Special Report. You saved me!

Thanks goes out to all of our friends who came back from the "A Digested Look at the Legacy Collection" Special Report also. We are very happy to see you again! Thank you for participating in this one too.

And thank you to all the new participants who joined us in a Special Report like this for the first time this year. We hope we can do this again with you in the future!


Paul Harrison

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