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A Jedi Temple Archives Special Report

by Paul Harrison & Chuck Paskovics
Design by Chuck Paskovics & Paul Harrison
June 8, 2010

Ah, the Legacy Collection. It was a collection of figures that literally blew collectors away. But it was plagued with the worst distribution woes of any Hasbro basic figure line to date. With a lot of finger-pointing from Hasbro directed at a significant loss of collectors, many of us quickly pointed back because we couldn't find the figures to purchase (and we definitely wanted them). Once the blue phase of The Legacy Collection finished up in June of 2009, collectors were chomping at the bit to see what Hasbro had in store for us for the following fall of the same year. When we saw all of the beautiful products previewed in July at Comic Con, we waited, and waited, and waited some more for the stuff to reach retail. And it disappointingly came a lot later than any of us expected (and also later than what Hasbro even forecasted). All that most collectors could find was The Clone Wars and the now-dreaded repeat Saga Legends figures. (Ugh, remember the days when Saga Legends used to be exciting? But we digress.) Depending upon your area, you may have seen The Phantom Menace wave in dribs and drabs, but it wasn’t until the tail end of October 2009 that the floodgates started opening for the new Legacy Collection product. But even then, distribution was extremely spotty and some collectors started seeing the Blockbuster Value sets even before the individual waves of figures. It was a frustrating time for all, but eventually there was ample opportunity to grab most of the figures. And many figures were purchased at a discounted price (and many of those purchases were the first time those figures were found at retail). However, the aggravation and difficulty finding them was well worth the wait. The red phase of Legacy Collection is quite an impressive collection indeed!

Some of the best Star Wars action figures of all time were included in the red phase of the Legacy Collection. From phenomenal sculpts to super articulation, the collection provided a vast array of cool characters. There was something in it for everyone. What’s more, each of the figures came with a bonus droid part (just like the blue phase of TLC) that enabled collectors to get more astromech and protocol droids into their collections at no extra charge (depending upon your point of view). Clearly the best pack-in to date, the "Build A Droid" program will be sorely missed and we hope it will resurface soon whether in Battle Packs, exclusives or basic figures. Almost a year ago, Jedi Temple Archives did a Special Report entitled A Digested Look At The Legacy Collection (in November of 2009) where we ranked our own ultimate 10 favorite action figures from the blue phase. We basically asked ourselves what figures we would absolutely need if we were stranded on a deserted island. It was a huge success, so we decided to do it again for the red phase. However, we have stepped it up into Super-Deluxe status and have asked our friends and colleagues from around the web to join in the ranking with us to create, for lack of a better term, an "All-Star" critics poll of our collective favorites. The panel includes your most favorite Star Wars sites on the web!

Please welcome warmly (in alphabetical order by site name):

Dewback Patrol
John Fagan
Jedi Temple War Room
Nick LaBate

Galactic Hunter
Adam May, Adam Pawlus
Rebel Scum
Dan Curto
Imperial Shipyards
Shawn Groves, Pat Newell
Chris Spice, David Syczylo
Jedi Business
Chris Bortz
Star Wars Action News
Arnie & Marjorie Carvalho
Jedi News
Adam Lamping
Yak Face
Justin Cook, Jayson Krebsbach
Jedi Temple Archives
Chad Cobain, Paul Harrison, Chuck Paskovics

We are so proud and honored to have join us a seasoned team of journalists and colleagues (and probably the most eager Star Wars fans you will ever meet) for this unprecedented event. While so many sites have their specialties and niches, we wanted to do something special to break down the four corners of each of our sites (and the healthy competition that comes along with it) and do something together to share our love and passion for Star Wars and Star Wars collecting. Most of the sites were eager to hop along for this ride and we couldn't be happier to work with them. (And please, if you are from an another Star Wars focused fan site and would be interested in participating in something like this again, e-mail us of your interest. We believe we have reached out to everyone but if you weren't included, we will be sure to grab you next time!)

Now on to the ranking and how we did it! Just like last time, the rules were simple. Each candidate had to be from the red phase of the Legacy Collection and had to come with a droid part. Because 10 of these figures were just released in the blue phase of The Legacy Collection, they became ineligible this time around. These figures include:

Luke Skywalker [Stormtrooper Disguise] (BD01), Han Solo [Stormtrooper Disguise] (BD02), Spacetrooper (BD03), Jawa & Treadwell Droid (BD04), Obi-Wan Kenobi [EII] (BD13), Anakin Skywalker [EII] (BD14), Jango Fett (BD15), Saleucami Trooper (BD25), ARC Trooper (BD26) and Clone SCUBA Trooper (BD27).

And even the cancelled General Grievous (BD24) would not be a viable candidate if it saw release since it was to be a straight repack of TLC (BD 25). While all of these figures are incredible, we just didn't want them double dipping in this ranking. This left the final tally totalling 51 action figure candidates. This remaining pool included new repaints (like Darth Maul and Boba Fett) as well as running changes like the Cloud City Wing Guard in addition to all the "new" figures in the line obviously. Unfortunately, "Build A Droid" figures were excluded much to our chagrin for the simple fact that they didn’t come on a basic card with a BD number. We may just one day do a separate ranking on all those figures alone. Also, if a candidate came in a two-pack, the two-pack was ranked as one. (This rule would apply to the Ewoks (BD18) set for example.)

Of the 51 total possible candidates in this “competition”, 43 topped the "favorites" lists of the websites that participated, which left only 8 figures with no votes. (Can you guess which ones?) If you’re a statistics fan, you may find some of these points fascinating: the number 1 and number 2 spots were separated by only seven (7) points. (One vote could have changed this.) All figures in the Top 10 received at least 50% of the votes of the winning figure. Of the top 20 winners (all of which are included in this report in one fashion or another), 25% were from The Empires Strikes Back, 25% were from the Expanded Universe (including Concept Art), 20% were from Return Of The Jedi, 15% were from The Phantom Menace, 10% were from Revenge Of The Sith and 5% were from A New Hope. Also, for ease of reference, we are calling The Phantom Menace wave, "Wave 1" and the Expanded Universe wave, "Wave 6". We know many of you refer to these as Wave 8 and Wave 13 respectively and this is techinically correct. But we just want to make things simple and more organized here. (The Phantom Menace wave was the first wave in the red phase, the Return Of The Jedi wave was the second wave in the red phase, et. al.)

In addition to the ranking (10 all the way down to the number 1 absolute most favorite figure), we have provided links to the Research Droids Reviews and Visual Guides for each figure for your easy reference. We hope you will take some time to check out these features, exclusive to Jedi Temple Archives, too. If you're not already familiar with them, we believe you will be in for a real treat. And at the end of the Top 10 ranking, we also listed another ten, but this time they are the top 10 runner-ups that were just narrowly edged out of the Top 10 winning spots. Surely they deserve some sort of recognition too!

Extra special thanks to our colleagues and friends who participated with us! It was a great collaborative effort and we thank them all for their time to contribute to this Special Report. We just felt that having a broader range of voting this time around would give our top 10 a stronger meaning, and the community was exceedingly glad to assist us with this! We all have an undying love for everything Star Wars and to work together cohesively on something while still putting in your own two cents was something that was fun and enjoyable. We look forward to providing you with our summarized opinions again of other topics in the near future. And be sure to let us know if you have appreciated this post via e-mail or in the forums. And thank you, our readers, for allowing us to serve you in this capacity as well! We hope you enjoy our Special Report, A Digested Look at the Legacy Collection (Super-Deluxe Edition)!

The Top 10 Countdown

10. Gungan Warrior (BD07)
The Phantom Menace
Wave 1 September 2009

Collectors tend to have a love/hate relationship with characters in The Phantom Menace, especially Gungans thanks to a screwball named Jar Jar Binks (sorry Jar Jar Binks lovers). But if given the time of day you will find just how intricately detailed the species is and how cool they are as a standout Star Wars alien. Hasbro took some risk and released the finest Gungan to date (albeit he is missing his distinct skin pattern) in the form of the Legacy Collection Gungan Warrior. While some collectors lamented the non-removable belt that holds his battle horn in place, there is no denying how creative and accurate this action figure is indeed. This figure will certainly be the template for future Gungans and this is fine with us! Calling Captain Tarpals and Jar Jar Ninks please!

 Gungan Warrior (BD07) Review    Gungan Warrior (BD07) Visual Guide

Marjorie Carvalho ( Gungans are awesome. Due to the Gunganism in this country, we don't get too much from "down under" anymore. I think a Gungan vs Battle Droid diorama would be a great chance to get really creative. There is so much possiblity in that scene.

Adam Pawlus ( A worthy upgrade in sculpt with lots of articulation and gear, but, unfortunately, Hasbro dropped that too-cool skin texture paint job from earlier figures. If they weren't in such short supply, this would be one Gungan you'd want to have in big numbers. How many other figures come with giant alien trumpet things, anyway?

David Syczylo ( I love the Gungans and it is not [just] because I really, really like the character of Jar Jar Binks. The Gungans are cool looking overall are a really neat species. I am glad that this version of the Gungan was made. Having both the battle horn and atlatl gives this figure lots of play value.

Justin Cook ( This figure is so well done that it prevented me from selling off my entire TPM collection… the jury is still open as to whether I’ll end up doing that, but this figure alone is so great that I actually find myself wanting to watch the movie again (which I have not done in several years). I have about eight of them now, and it appears that this figure sold rather well at retail. Hasbro even repacked it later on, and again they moved off the pegs quickly – not bad for a species a lot of fans detest! He was sort of hard to find in my experience. Thought I do wish he was also packed with a spear of some sort. Oh well. Articulation, sculpt, etc. on the Legacy Gungan Warrior illustrate just what Hasbro should be doing with army builders, and especially characters like this that aren’t loved by the community like some others are. If Hasbro can continue this sort of quality with Gungans, I say it’s time we see a new Captain Tarpals… and dare I say… Jar Jar?

Nick LaBate ( This is a figure that didn't get anywhere near the exposure that it deserved. It saw release in the TPM wave as well as some refresh cases, but nowhere near the time on the pegs that other figures got. Perhaps there's still some TPM resentment circulating. But truth be told this figure seemed to sell well. As it should, since it was well articulated and included some great accessories, including the Gungan horn. This figure will be a fine addition to any Battle of Naboo dioramas. Especially since it's a serious upgrade to the POTJ Gungan Warrior which is almost a decade old.

Jayson Krebsbach ( Hands down the best Gungan figure ever released, possibly the best TPM based release thus far and dare I say it, worthy of being placed on a Vintage (TVC) card back in the future. From articulation and paint apps to accessories and character likeness, this Gungan is the definitive version by which all future Gungans will be measured (I'm looking at you Jar Jar). Acquiring multiples of this figure is highly recommended.

Dan Curto ( I don't really like Jar Jar Binks, but for some reason, I have always loved the Gungans. I always dig underwater tales, and the Gungans always had such a cool organic look to their technology and I wish we could have seen more of them in The Phantom Menace. While the sculpting and accessories are great on this figures, the lack of detail on the skin deco knocks him down to a lower rank.

Paul Harrison ( The Gungan Warrior was a pleasant surprise for me. I always adored the look of the Gungan species and I thought their design was vey unique and engaging, but I fell for the anti-Jar Jar campaign very early and very easily. But knocks at Jar Jar Binks aside, the Gungan Warrior is expertly crafted and loaded with all the necessary articulation you could ever need for this species. I really think Hasbro leaving off the skin pattern was a huge mistake and I hope one day when this figure gets revisited for another Gungan character that Hasbro ensures it gets included for the next round.

9. Rum Sleg (BD09)
The Phantom Menace Wave 1 September 2009

Background aliens will undoubtedly always be a mainstay in the 3.75" Star Wars line. But within the last five years, we have received more "blink and you'll miss it" Star Wars characters as action figures than ever before. Rum Sleg, another surprise figure of the Legacy Collection wowed collectors to unbelievable levels. A bright red space suit coupled with cool weaponry and other accessories is always a guarantee that it will be popular with collectors....and he was. Despite his striking resemblance to Jason Voorhees (which many hardcore collectors are sick of hearing), Rum Sleg is definitely one of the coolest aliens in The Phantom Menace and definitely one of the best action figures in the Legacy Collection. He may not have ankle joints, but he is complete in every other way and has it where it really counts. We hope that Hasbro looks again soon to Mos Espa for some more bizarre inhabitants to make their way into the basic figure line.

  Rum Sleg (BD09) Review    Rum Sleg (BD09) Visual Guide

Chris Spice ( When you see what an incredible job they did on Rum Sleg, it will only make you question why Hasbro didn’t make a bigger deal about it being the tenth anniversary of Episode I. For many of us, the Episode I line would really excel or re-ignite our love for the 3-¾ line and collecting. Even though he was a simple background character, it’d be great to see Hasbro continue to develop a line dedicated to obscure characters.

Pat Newell ( I don't know how to describe this one, but I just really like it. I love the helmet and flight suit, the detail is fantastic while it's simple.

Adam Pawlus ( Now here's one I don't think anyone really expected to see. Cool suit, freaky mask, and a bright red color make this one stand out in a sea of earthtones and just plain white.

Dan Curto ( Easily the biggest surprise hit of the entire line...this blink-and-you'll-miss-him character getting a figure never even showed up on anyone's radar until Hasbro announced him (NOT an easy thing to do with us news-scoops)! But they knocked it out of the park with a fantastic sculpt, working holsters, and surprise, surprise!...a removable helmet that revealed a spooky detailed alien head sculpt underneath, complete with dreads!

Chad Cobain ( I didn't have any idea who the heck this guy was and I most certainly had no idea that I wanted him as an action figure. Way to prove me ignorant Hasbro! With an amazing design, great deco and some incredibly unique accessories, this one was definitely the surprise hit of the line.

David Syczylo ( The Boonta Eve Classic Podrace draws a huge crowd of spectators including bounty hunter Rum Sleg. What is not to like about this character? He is a bounty hunter who wears a helmet and Hasbro was kind enough to make it removable so we could get a glimpse of his face though a mask hides it. Lots of accessories and great play value.

John Fagan ( Talk about a background character I really never thought I would see swinging on the pegs. This is one of those blink and you miss it kind of characters, but wow this figure is fantastic. Even collectors that focus on the OT only were picking this guy up as he fits in to cantina scenes like he was there. I loved the figure so much that I bought two of him. Fantastic addition to the bounty hunters!

8. K’Kruhk (BD57)
Clone Wars/Expanded Universe Wave 6 April 2010

K’Kruhk was a figure than many fans and collectors wanted for years. We clamored year after year for Hasbro to give this character the action figure treatment he deserved. It finally happened, but he was relegated to a "last minute" Toys R Us exclusive wave of figures which most collectors never even saw in the stores. This is quite a terrible shame because K’Kruhk is perhaps one of the best designed action figures our collections have witnessed in a long time. While he appeared in countless Expanded Universe stories with a magic hat (or something like that), most fans will probably remember him fondly for his rather brief appearance in Tartakovsky’s original Clone Wars micro-series. Tall and mysterious, powerful and cocky, K’Kruhk is one Jedi that we love knowing has a bad and/or cranky attitude. Do what you can to get this figure into your collections!

  K'Kruhk (BD57) Review    K'Kruhk (BD57) Visual Guide

Chuck Paskovics ( The detail on this figure is awesome! It's nice to have a truly unique Jedi made, and not just another "humanoid" with a different head.

Justin Cook ( It’s not every day that we get a Jedi this good. It seems like so many these days are resculpts or just straight up repacks… to get one of an alien that is this cool is something collectors were clamoring for. This EU character is very popular, and spans more than just one era of the saga – appealing to a broad base of EU fans. Other than him being a scarce figure, there are no drawbacks with K’Kruhk whatsoever. Hasbro did not disappoint at all with the quality of the figure… superb articulation and sculpt, and pretty good painting (though I suspect at some point we’ll see some customizers repaint his fur to add some depth to the sculpt)… also on a side note, I bet this would be a good base for some sort of custom Wookiee Jedi.

Chad Cobain ( Not only is K'Kruhk a great character that spans multiple eras in the Star Wars universe, but he's also really big. And let's be honest, you just feel like you're getting more bang for your buck when you've got a big honking figure in your hands.

Dan Curto ( For Expanded Universe fans, Master K'Kruhk was one of the most anticipated figures in...well, pretty much EVER! This massive beastly alien sports a highly-detailed sculpt, super-articulation, soft goods Jedi robes, and of course a lightsaber. A great representation of the character whose adventures have spanned across the comic books and cartoons. The only thing keeping him out of the top spot was the lack of his straw hat that he normally wears.

Jayson Krebsbach ( K'Kruhk made my list because he's not only a cool looking, non-human Jedi but he also has a vast backstory that spans hundreds of years in the Star Wars universe with direct ties to the Skywalker story. The included articulation allows for some great combat poses while the head sculpt is one of the best in the LC and looks right at home amongst the other alien Jedi we've received over the years.

Paul Harrison ( Any new action figure that comes from Hasbro that can be sourced to the original Clone Wars by Tartakovsky receives the highest praise from me. K'Kruhk blew me away from the weight I felt holding him in the package, to the unbelievable details on every part of his frame. He is long overdue but I am thankful that he is finally here. He is done so well that it makes me wish for a modern redo of J'Quille. Hasbro really has come so far with their action figures. This figure should not be overlooked by anyone. K'Kruhk is one of my absolute favorite action figures....period.

Nick LaBate ( This one is admittedly a personal favorite. Much of that has to do with my own Expanded Universe reading which has centered around Dark Horse comics like JEDI COUNCIL - Acts Of War; JEDI - MACE WINDU; and STAR WARS LEGACY. All of those titles featured K'Krukh and he became something of a fan favorite, myself included. He also made a brief appearance in Tartakovsky version of CLONE WARS on the planet Hypori. K'Krukh the figure is pretty cool. He's got all of the articulation that we've come to expect in most post-ROTS Jedi figures. The sculpting is very true to the character as seen in the comics. And K'Krukh includes the trademark Jedi cloak that has become so familiar. The only downside to this figure? First, that it's seen such limited release. Second, that he's unfamiliar to a number of people who are buying figures. And last, that we didn't get K'Krukh with his uber-cool hat! But considering all of the Jedi that were released this year, K'Krukh stood out as the best of the bunch in my book.

Pat Newell (Imperial This is a figure I've been waiting for since I first saw him in the pages of the Dark Horse comics. Such an interesting species, and his character in the comics really spoke to me, in some way. I've been wanting to customize this one for so long, but just didn't have it in me to do him right.

7. Shaak Ti (BD61)
The Force Unleashed Wave 6 April 2010

Probably the sexiest figure in the Legacy Collection, Shaak Ti was represented in a very liberal way when she battled on Felucia in skimpy garb. Her scantily clad outfit of course raised eyebrows in the most positive of ways and she immediately became a requested figure on the various Hasbro wish lists in many forums. Suffering the same fate as poor K’Kruhk since they shared the same case assortment, Shaak Ti also became a Toys R Us exclusive (and yet-to-be-released shared exclusive online). Criticisms aside that Togrutas wear conservative clothing, Shaak Ti thrilled nearly all collectors and quickly became a favorite. You won’t find a better likeness of her than on this figure and we are extremely impressed with how well Hasbro made (and NOT how they distributed) her. For those of you who may have missed her, some online stores have it on pre-order and/or shipping their quantities now, but we don't believe demand will be satisfied. But if the figures don't make a big presence there either, here is hoping that Hasbro will find it in their hearts to rerelease her soon one day.

 Shaak Ti (BD61) Review    Shaak Ti (BD61) Visual Guide

Chris Bortz ( Personally, I think it's great to see Jedi in different outfits other than in their usual "monk-like" clothes. It's just more interesting to see a Jedi's personality shine through a bit more. Shaak Ti from The Force Unleashed is one of those characters, and I think Hasbro did a fantastic job translating the video game version into an action figure. Not only is the figure super articulated, but it captures Shaak Ti's look from the game very well! It’s just an overall very interesting and exotic looking figure.

Dan Curto ( First of all, I love the Force Unleashed series of action figures that have been coming out over the years, and I'm excited by possible future figures from the game. It's hard to get a good-looking female figure in this scale, but Hasbro not only delivered with a super-articulated female figure, but they also managed to make her pretty hot! Add in the complex detailed deco the character has, and you've got a winner.

Adam May ( I always thought of Shaak Ti as a very uptight Jedi Council Leader, but I guess she sometimes moonlights as an exotic dancer. (Seriously, the figure is practically a strip of "fabric" away from Oola, and could easily take on Ayy Vida.) That said, I like to think of myself as an evolved man with some grasp of feminism, and any female (alien, human, or... friend on FaceBook) can dress any way she wants. Getting back to the actual FIGURE, she's pretty rockin'. She's got the moves (articulation) and she has that je ne sais qua that makes even a guy like me (ahem!) do a double-take. So she's not uptight. That makes me like her even more. Excellent figure, but it TOTALLY SUCKS that it (and the rest of the EU wave) was made "exclusive" to a pretty unreliable retailer (thus far).

Jeff Gouse ( Kudos to Hasbro for making a Shaak Ti figure that doesn’t suck and can also complement the Felucian Rancor.

Pat Newell ( She looked wicked in the game, and all of her concept art looked very nice, and this figure represented all of that well. The articulation is awesome, and she really stands out as a figure.

Justin Cook ( Again, another outstanding effort – to me this is a close second to the ROTJ Leia. The only thing that pushes Leia out ahead of Shaak Ti is the alternate base she is packed with. On this figure though, Hasbro paid so much attention to detail and articulation that the final result is amazing. When the TFU game first came out, along with previews of her in the game, there was a lot of fan interest in seeing her made. Add to it that we haven’t even seen a re-release of the ROTS Shaak Ti, it just makes this one all the more fun to finally get her back in the mix. We even did a customizing group project at with this rendition of Shaak Ti as the theme, which helps illustrate the fan interest in this version of her. It’s a true shame that this figure is not going to be as available as most others in the modern era due to it being in an exclusive wave. Perhaps if Hasbro looks at more TFU box sets, they can repack her into one. Fans who missed out certainly deserve another shot at her.

Arnie Carvalho ( While I initially dismissed this figure as being all [sex] appeal, getting it in my hands and being able to appreciate the paint app and the sculpt really made me appreciate this figure all the more.

6. Nikto Gunner (BD23)
Return Of The Jedi Wave 2 October 2009

What else can be said for a flawless action figure interpretation of one of Jabba’s henchmen? Nikto Gunner (formally known as Nysad) was a breathtaking action figure in every way. While the prototype that was presented at Comic Con was a little bit better painted, Nikto Gunner was confirmation that Hasbro was intent on making the collectors the priority with their collector-focused figures. They practiced what they preached here and created a Nikto species action figure with the greatest of detail and some really cool functionality. The large cannon he came with attaches to the Tatooine Skiff (if you own one) and even started up all new rumors that a sail barge would be coming one day. It is certainly nice to dream. But the reality is here now with this completely unbelievable action figure. This is one action figure to thoroughly enjoy.

 Nikto Gunner (BD23) Review    Nikto Gunner (BD23) Visual Guide

Adam May ( I love all things related to Jabba The Hutt, and this Nikto Gunner is a welcome addition (and a figure that could provide parts for other figures down the road). Despite what some forum commentators say, the addition of the cannon does not mean that the Khetanna (Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge) is ever going to be made. Believe me, I'd love it, and I'd probably have my ashes placed in it when I die, but for some reason, Hasbro doesn't see the "aggressive" quality of the Khetanna. Back on track... the cannon is just a cherry on top of the icing. This was clearly a GREAT time for Jabba The Hutt fans, and a lot of us are looking forward to the big guy's official unveiling.

Shawn Groves ( The figure itself looks spot on, but the big thing that pushed this up my list was the fact that it included a weapon to attach to a desert skiff, let alone a hopeful Sail Barge in the future. That is great thinking. Give us weapons and accesories that we can use with things we already have!

Adam Pawlus ( This was particularly notable not just for its great sculpt, but its accessory. His large cannon was specially designed to clip right on to the Tatooine Skiff railing, which is a great little bonus for vehicle collectors.

David Syczylo ( How can you not like the aliens who protect Jabba the Hutt and this one was a long time overdue. With his removable headgear you get a nice look at the Nikto species. Armed and dangerous, Hasbro included a Skiff Cannon that attaches to the small skiff vehicles. Now if we could only get Jabba’s Sail Barge. Watch out Luke, he is aiming at you.

Paul Harrison ( Wow! Talk about an exact match! It seems as if the costume of Nysad has been shrunken down into 3.75" scale. Nikto Gunner is another example that shows just how far Hasbro has come in their action figure technology. Instead of just painting the various straps going across his body, they are separately molded parts. While they could have gone the cheap route and just painted them on, they treated us to some brilliant engineering which only aids in making the figure more authentic to the reference materials and his appearance in the film. Nikto Gunner should serve as a sign that Hasbro has a lot of character ideas from Jabba's palace and sail barge in mind. We hope they focus on more skiff guards and denizens from Jabba's palace because they clearly strike a chord with collectors. And once they build those "armies" for us, we WILL need a sail barge to house them. Do you hear me Hasbro?

John Fagan ( After picking up the Battle Above the Sarlacc Battlepack on clearance I wanted something to really jazz up my skiff. The Nikto Gunner filled that void in spades. The fact that his gun clips onto the railing is just fantastic. The attention to detail on this figure was fantastic as well. This was yet another figure I was so happy with that I bought two!

Nick LaBate ( This figure is one of the sleeper hits of the LC RED line. First, it's a skiff/sailbarge guard. As Hasbro has made their way through almost all of the aliens from the Mos Eisley cantina, it seems that the shift in focus for new alien figures has shifted to Jabba's palace & sail barge. Enter the Nikto Gunner. It's somewhat reminiscent of one of the vintage Kenner skiff guards, but it's a new character. As for the figure? First off, it's a great sculpt. Next, it's surprisingly well articulated. And the paint apps are very true to this character from RETURN OF THE JEDI. Add in some cool accessories like the removable helmet, blaster pistol and rail cannon? And it's a very cool figure. Especially since the rail cannon is compatible with the railings on the Tatooine skiff. Also, Hasbro admittedly stated that *IF* they were to make a sail barge, they wanted the Nikto Gunner to have a place to fix his weapon. You've got to love forward thinking.

Dan Curto ( I'm a big fan of the background aliens...the more obscure, the better! When you give me an alien from Jabba's Palace, I know we're in for something special. The ROTJ wave had all kinds of great aliens in the wave, including this guy. What's so great about him? Take your pick: a detailed sculpt, great deco, removable helmet, working holster, or an added deck cannon accessory (which may or may not be a hint at future toys!)

Chris Bortz ( Just like Giran, I think this Nikto Gunner is a fantastic addition to the Jabba’s Palace line-up. It just looks spot on! I am usually not big on accessories, but the mobile heavy gun Hasbro included is pretty awesome (they even weathered that baby nicely!)! Now all we need a Sail Barge where we can attach it to! But, besides the weapon, the figure looks absolutely awesome!!

5. Concept Art IG-88 (BD40)
Expanded Universe Wave 4 November 2009

Many of us were changed people with the release of all the McQuarrie concept action figures of 2007. And as with anything we like a lot, we wanted more and more of them. Hasbro didn’t give us too many McQuarrie based designs since, but IG-88 from the Legacy Collection was certainly enough to whet the appetites of most for a character that absolutely needed to be included in the group. To have another concept bounty hunter (and one that fought against the notorious Boba Fett no less), Concept Art IG-88 is such a joy to add to any Star Wars collection. With a stunning paint job, loads of articulation and an impressive rendering of 2D into 3D by the sculptors who made it, IG-88 scores high marks in ever category for collectors. All that we need now is an Episode V Concept Leia and an Episode V Concept Lando (both from The Illustrated Star Wars Universe book) to help round out the concept art from The Empire Strikes Back.

 Concept Art IG-88 (BD40) Review    Concept Art IG-88 (BD40) Visual Guide

Paul Harrison ( The 30 (77-07) action figure line remains one of my most favorites so far in Hasbro's rich history. And a big reason for my big love of it was because of McQuarrie's and Hasbro's collaborative involvement with the "chase" concept figures. Of course these weren't "chase" figures in the true sense, but they stood out from the rest in the line because of their unique packaging. But they are totally amazing action figures and I am so thankful that McQuarrie's version of IG-88 can now join the ranks with its release in the Legacy Collection. A retro-inspired (and rather humorous but incredibly awesome design), IG-88 has a kitchy look that somehow borrows pop culture from the 50s, 60s and 70s all wrapped up into one figure. And the super-articulation is just gravy (and very well hidden I must add)!

Shawn Groves ( I think we all like concept figures, but match it up with a droid and you call that a win win. While just looking plain tough, this one appealed to me because it would fit it any sci fi scenario, not just Star Wars. Lets hope we continue to get more concept figures.

Dan Curto ( No Ralph McQuarrie Concept figure collection is complete without this IG-88. I love the "What if?" (or "Infinities" if you prefer) designs of the characters from the movies, and this figure hits all the right points: a deceptively detailed sculpt with hidden articulation points, working holsters, and a look that captures an older science fiction sense of style.

Jayson Krebsbach ( The concept art for the entire saga is such a fertile area to pull figures and Hasbro's team probably didn't have a lot of reference material to work with but the sculptor sure did right by Ralph McQuarrie with this forerunner to what we've all come to know as IG-88. The final product turned out fantastic with its incorporated thigh holsters and primo articulation. To me he also has a cool Gort from War of the Worlds / Maximillion from The Black Hole essence about it while still being uniquely "Star Wars". Definitely one of my favorites this year necessitating repeat purchases.

Chad Cobain ( First off, the design of this character is gorgeous, even on a piece of paper. Then Hasbro comes along and turns a 2D pencil drawing into a three-dimensional masterpiece. The perfect end to an amazing sub-line of some of the best figures Hasbro has ever produced.

Justin Cook ( This figure is high on my list not just for the quality here, but for the original concept design. It just screams Star Wars concept, and is a very welcome addition to the line. I like this one so much that I purchased several of them for a fan fiction army of droids to be used at some point in a diorama or a photonovel… it has a lot of potential to be any sort of droid force one could imagine. Also, Hasbro also did not let anyone down with the quality here. It probably is the best detailed and articulated of all the concept figures to date. He was, as expected, kind of hard to find however.

Jeff Gouse ( The Ralph McQuarrie series showed that, by and large, Hasbro can do justice to the various concept art designs in the Star Wars universe, and it’s a pleasure to see that they are willing to continue the concept figures beyond the core characters.

Adam Pawlus ( Most of the early Bounty Hunter concepts weren't as visually distinctive and retro as IG-88, who looks like a refugee from another era of filmmaking. The holsters, blasters, and bulky torso make this an IG-88 like no other.

Chuck Paskovics ( This figure takes us back to the 50's with it's old sci-fi look! While I'm glad it didn't make it into the movie, this concept figure is a great addition to the concept art line!

4. Episode V Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48)
Expanded Universe Wave 5 December 2009

Ralph McQuarrie wasn’t the only artist to give his two cents to George Lucas. Joe Johnston also provided his awesome sketches to many things including the Snowtrooper which has now been captured in action figure glory forever for collectors. Slightly reminiscent of a regular Stormtrooper, the concept Snowtrooper has many unique elements of his own on the armor as well. The action figure is loaded with articulation, has very cool spiked snow boots and came with a soft-goods skirt, just to name a few of his standout traits. Flashed with blue color on the chest and helmet, this is one figure that elated fans and became a solid favorite simply because of how cool it is. Apparently art isn’t dead and we hope that the concept figures remain in the basic figure line. And now it seems that collectors are hankering for more concept figures based on the work of Joe Johnston.

 Episode V Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48) Review    Episode V Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48) Visual Guide

Arnie Carvalho ( I've not been able to get my hands on one personally so I'm judging on the internet photos, but what an amazing looking sculpt and a cool design. I still think the final on-screen version is cooler (no pun intended), but this figure tops my list as my second favorite concept figure ever (first is McStormtrooper with sword and shield)

Adam Lamping ( Providing an alternative concept figure to that of Ralph McQuarrie's designs of the Empire's troops, suitably attired for cold-weather conditions, this version is significantly different to the final result. However, despite incorporating some pretty cool designs reminiscent of Samurai armour (where have we seen that before?), it's still hard to imagine anything other than the look of the Snowtrooper that we have come to know and love being the definitive article.

Adam Pawlus ( Since appearing in the various sketchbooks from back in the day, this was a design that always stood out as being unique-- even in front of a concept AT-AT that looked like a Turbo Tank! The nifty silver blaster and bright white armor are accented by just enough blue to make it interesting.

Chris Spice ( The concept series was a great way to do something new with Star Wars figures vs. putting out just another version of particular characters. Fans are always interested in seeing behind the scenes designs, and while they’re not much use for dioramas, it’s good to see Hasbro continue the concept series. It never hurts to not forget where you came from! I really did like the Ki-Adi Mundi and IG-88, but the Snowtrooper was my first ever Empire Strikes Back figure, and it was a thrill to have this figure added to my collection.

Jeff Gouse ( You can never go wrong with having another concept Imperial trooper among your ranks, and this is one of the more visually interesting trooper concepts.

Jayson Krebsbach ( While the McQuarrie version is a bit closer to the final design of the snowtrooper, I really like Johnston's version due to its obvious Japanese/samurai warrior design. The figure itself has a lot of detail in the armor and even the legs that, for the most part, remain obscured by the soft goods "skirt". He too lends himself well to army building. Although the EU and concept figures are taking a back burner for a year or two, I hope this isn't the last we see of these type of figures as they often turn out to be some of the best in the line.

Shawn Groves (Imperial What I loved about this trooper is the attention to detail. It looks just like the art. It also looks just as good without the soft goods as in it. The custom possibilities for this one are tremendous. I can see it showing up in myraid color combinations and add on armor styles.

Adam May ( A lot of Joe Johnston's concept art is incredible. His work is often overshadowed by the more familiar work of Ralph McQuarrie. The Turbo Tank is based on Joe Johnston's concept for a Hoth assault vehicle. (Star Wars vehicles aren't supposed to have wheels, though, right?) This Concept Snowtrooper is an excellent idea that never stood a chance. I can guarantee you that several of this model will be helping to kill slimy Rebels in my monster-sized AT-AT (when the time comes) along with a few cool Ralph McQuarrie Concept Snowtroopers. The Samurai look is much more Star Wars than the filmed Snowtrooper, but clearly the menacing features that resemble, uh, a group of unkind people that I won't even name, yeah, uh... that was the obvious choice. (I've always wondered if anyone realized what Snowtroopers looked like at the time?) OK, so, excellent styling interpreted by Hasbro, excellent articulation (now that's a running theme) and softgoods that work cohesively with the figure. I think that the Concept Snowtrooper looks fantastic stood shoulder-to-shoulder with all of the other concept figures.

Pat Newell ( Again, such a great concept piece. This version is so sinister looking, even more evil looking than the version that made the movie.

3. Giran (BD21)
Return Of The Jedi Wave 2 October 2009

Clearly the best alien action figure in all of the Legacy Collection, Giran is one marvelous action figure. He even topped the lists of many who participated in this Special Report and the top three of many others. With a face sculpt that leaves most speechless, Giran has unparalleled authenticity and accuracy to the character we saw in Return Of The Jedi. He nicely complemented another wave mate, Malakili, and they both were just in time for the earlier released TARGET exclusive Jabba’s Rancor with Luke Skywalker. Their release together in the same case assortment only helped to solidify their friendship in Jabba's palace. Giran is proof that Hasbro “can do it” and we will expect them to maintain this high level of quality in their action figures going forward, especially with alien races like the Nikto. We have a lot to look forward to with Giran’s distant cousin Wooof coming very soon in The Vintage Collection!

 Giran (BD21) Review    Giran (BD21) Visual Guide

Adam Pawlus ( Just look at the sculpting and admit it-- this is some of Hasbro's finest work. The paint applications are wonderful, the eyes have a lot of personality for a downscaled rubber mask, and the articulation is great. Not buying this figure only hurts yourself.

Paul Harrison ( Very few figures (OK, I lie, many) put me in complete awe, but Giran is definitely one that knocks me to the ground in amazement. The figure is essentially flawless from head to toe and if it were not for the distractions of Princess Leia (Jabba's Slave) and Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) action figures in the same line, this would have easily became my favorite figure in the red phase of the Legacy Collection. Giran is just simply stunning in every way and while it may be insulting to describe him in such a juvenile manner, it's seemingly the only way I can. I love this figure so much and I can't wait to see him next to Wooof which shouldn't be that much longer of a wait!

Adam May ( Again, another of Jabba The Hutt's retinue, and this "extra" Rancor Keeper was on my list of figures that I thought would never see the light of day, but due to the versatility of the Nikto species, this figure can provide parts for several other figures from Jabba The Hutt's entourage. He has all the mod-cons as far as articulation goes, and the sculpt is spot-on. (He could probably use a little dirt, but most collectors know how to do that.) Now the Malakili (Mark II) has someone to console him. Now that's a figure I never thought they'd refresh. Yowza!

Chris Bortz ( I am a big fan of side characters from the movies, especially when it comes to Jabba’s Palace or the Cantina sequence. Giran turned out very nicely and looks awesome! This is the kind of figure that adds the “little extra” to your diorama!

David Syczylo ( Malakili’s friend who helps in the dungeons and with the Rancor under Jabba’s palace is an alien that we have been waiting for. With his force pike and removable headgear he is ready to take on any duty inside the palace, even to console his friend at the loss of his beloved Rancor.

Chad Cobain ( There are a few things that make Giran the best figure of the red phase line. First, the sculpt is easily one of the best that Hasbro has EVER done. Second, the paint job is easily one of the best that Hasbro has EVER done. But my favorite thing about this figure is that the joints are so well hidden that when you look at him, it looks like he maybe only has about six points of articulation. Then, when you actually get him in your hand, you suddenly realize that this guy can dance the robot if you wanted him to. One of Hasbro's all-time bests.

Dan Curto ( An early favorite when the line relaunched, the alien Rancor Keeper was a bit of a surprise choice, but obscure background aliens are always a welcome addition to a Star Wars figure line! The detailed sculpt of this figure sets him apart from the crowd, and the fact that the body is super-articulated for such an obscure character that most fans wouldn't recognize speaks to the faith that Hasbro placed in him. More Jabba's Palace aliens, please!

2. Princess Leia (BD17)
Return Of The Jedi Wave 2 October 2009

Are you surprised that she isn’t number one? We are! Princess Leia in her scantily clad Jabba’s slave outfit will probably be the most desired female action figure of all time. Thankfully, Hasbro saved the best for last (well, we suppose she could be revisited again) with the release of an all-new version in the Legacy Collection. But instead of just giving us a super-articulated figure, Hasbro went all out and created a separate molded lower half of her body for display purposes on Jabba’s throne (once that gets released), something unprecedented until now. While skeptics balked at the inclusion of a solid hunk of plastic serving as the lower half of her body, the final results were so amazing that it even impressed them. Princess Leia is quite a sight to behold (especially in sitting mode) and with an incredible sculpt, pretty likeness and tons of accessories, no fan boy can go wrong with her at all. How many do you have in your collection?

 Princess Leia (BD17) Review    Princess Leia (BD17) Visual Guide

Jayson Krebsbach ( The figure sculpting technology of today really necessitated a rework of the Slave Leia figure. The first version, like many of the POTF2 figures, was a little "beefy" and the Deluxe POTJ version looked great but paled in comparison to the TLC version with the articulation and interchangeable "lounging legs'. Hats off to Hasbro for this release - they really got it right and perfect timing with the new Jabba on the slab for 2010.

Jeff Gouse ( This is my personal favorite because it redeemed Hasbro from all previous failed attempts at this figure, had interchangeable parts that worked beautifully together, and is an all-inclusive version of this version of Leia.

Adam Lamping ( Although I am somewhat partial to the earlier version of Slave Leia that was released as part of the POTJ line, the fact that Hasbro provided alternate sitting legs to provide a reclining pose in preparation for a then-unannounced Jabba the Hutt with dais (and admittedly still, with no official word as yet, despite images of a Wal-Mart exclusive surfacing on the interweb), more than compensates for the chunky cankles on the standing legs that would have qualified this attempt as being inferior to its predecessor, and promotes this to a much-vaunted position in my Top 10 red phase Legacy Collection figures.

Adam May ( I like to think that this figure's overall concept started with a Pimp This Figure! segment over on my blog at Galactic Hunter. A reader created a "separate" lower half for Slave Leia using Photoshop, and the look of that concept really captured readers' attention. (Note that it doesn't actually mean the concept came from that segment, but I like to think maybe somehow, somewhere...) I still have a tremendous amount of affection for the Power of the Jedi Deluxe Princess Leia with Sail Barge Cannon, but Princess Leia (Jabba's Slave) wins simply because of articulation, artistry, and deco.

Nick LaBate ( When rumors started to circulate that a new Slave Leia may be in the works, I started to think "What could they possibly do this time around that wasn't done in the POTJ figure?" Thankfully, Hasbro had a good answer to that question. Historically female characters have been tricky to sculpt well (monkey face Leia anyone?). But in this case Hasbro was able to give us a good Slave Leia that had a reasonable level of articulation. And then there was the alternate lower body. All of a sudden we had options about how we could pose Leia: as Jabba's slave on the throne, or in an action pose escaping from the Sail barge.

Chris Spice ( While it’s not my choice to see figures done again and again, this version of the Slave Princess Leia was a cut above any of the previous versions we have seen in the past. The alternate torso is what made it a slam-dunk for me, but all the rest of the accessories were a warm welcome to the retooled figure. No doubt the best one yet.

Chuck Paskovics ( The fact that we essentially get two figures in one is great! Not to mention the great likeness! As hard as it is to add superior articulation to a (mostly) bare-skinned figure, Hasbro does a great job hiding it!

Justin Cook ( The ROTJ Leia has to be considered an amazing figure for the simple fact that it is not only articulated so she can be put in virtually any pose for mighty Jabba, but the secondary base for the figure proves that Hasbro can go the extra mile on a figure like this to guarantee that it’s a hit. Add to it that the likeness is fantastic, and you have one fantastic action figure. And so what if she’s a girl? She kills the most notorious gangster in the galaxy… not to mention Hasbro has never made a sexier figure than this. I only saw this figure a handful of times – it was the hottest figure in the ROTJ wave in my area. I think Hasbro might have been a bit gun shy about overproducing her due to some pegwarming Leia figures in the past… I know if they released her again, I’d get a couple more for some custom dancers.

John Fagan ( This figure finally made my Jabba’s throne room scene look just right! Leia just never looked like she belonged in my scene prior to this version, but now I have her sitting right there in front of that big slug. The fact that Hasbro even gave us to sets of legs still shocks me and I loved getting a little cup that I could throw into my cantina scene. I was so jazzed about this figure I bought two to have one standing and one sitting.

Shawn Groves ( I think the fact that they included an extra set of legs for this gal in the exact pose we see her as Jabba's Slave and another set of regular legs really sets a standard level when it comes to character specific poses. I just hope we can see Hasbro do more of this type of thing in the future. Can anyone see an extra arm set for a holographic Vader with his hands on his hips?

Chad Cobain ( Princess Leia (Jabba's Slave) - Interchangeable legs: why have we not seen this before? After thirty some odd years of Star Wars figs, Hasbro drops this beauty on us. This feature could have easily been botched, but those kids at Hasbro knocked this one out of the park.

1. Luke Skywalker (BD51)
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 5 December 2009

What more could you ever want from a snowspeeder outfit version of Luke Skywalker? Well, apparently a lot of collectors wanted a lit lightsaber. (Don’t you all have tons of extras of those by now?) Luke Skywalker is so perfect that we don’t even care if some of the finer details are off in the slightest. This is a figure that should make you swing from the rafters in glee. It should incite you to sing aloud in joy. And it should inspire you to realize just how fortunate we are as collectors. Are you sick of our syrupy praise of this figure yet? If Luke Skywalker doesn’t impress you much, then we really need to suggest finding a new hobby. Arriving months before the new big AT-AT was announced, collectors bought multiples for various dioramas including their snowspeeders and current AT-AT vehicles. From the expression on his face, to the intricacy of his grappling blaster, Luke Skywalker certainly deserves to be the number one figure of the Legacy Collection by all accounts.

 Luke Skywalker (BD51) Review    

Nick LaBate ( Over the years we have seen a great number of Luke Skywalker figures come and go. Some have been filler, and others have been pretty good. Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) is an instance of a Luke figure that exceeded expectations in a big way. Hasbro had been ramping up to bring out a premium sculpted Snowspeeder pilot for some time. That much was clear in the Evolutions line with figures like Kesin Ommis and Wes Janson. But in the case of the Snowspeeder Luke figure, Hasbro was not content to simply put a Luke Skywalker head on a generic snowspeeder pilot body. Instead they really upped their game for this figure. It's an all new sculpt and it's decked out with great detail and appropriate accessories. The headsculpt features Luke wearing the pilot skullcap, and the helmet fits just right. The grappling hook can actually be hooked onto the figure if you get creative. And a lightsaber hilt is included, too. I would have given this figure the top mark had it included something very simple: the lightsaber blade. Granted, Luke didn't use his lightsaber much in the battle of Hoth. But he did use it to pierce the underbelly of an AT-AT so that he could place a mine that took out the Imperial Walker.

Shawn Groves (ImperialShipyards,net): I have gotten my hands on a few pilot Lukes and this one by far has the best facial features of any of em! We have all seen Luke's face go so wrong so many times that it was just nice to see it right and then see all the bells and whistles they gave us with this one. How 'bout that grapple anyone?!

Jayson Krebsbach ( I'm a sucker for Luke figures and with the repacked Stormtrooper disguise version from wave 1 and the semi-disappointing DSII version from wave 2, this one was clearly the best, and most welcome upgrade for the Legacy Collection. The POTF2 "X-wing" version barely held its own back then and the kitbash version from the TAC Ultimate Battle Pack was all kinds of wrong. The highlights for this figure are Mark Hamill likeness, the flight cap head sculpt and the harpoon gun accessory. Sadly, we're missing an ignited lightsaber accessory and the included hilt is still wrong, but neither take away from being one of this year's best.

Paul Harrison ( If you've read my Research Droids Review on this figure (click the link above), then there is really nothing more I can utter. But Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) is the most perfect action figure from Hasbro in the Legacy Collection. I don't care if he is missing a lit lightsaber and I don't care if his orange flight suit is not exactly the right color. I do care that this figure is awesome in every way and that it certainly deserves the number one ranking spot as my favorite figure. We waited a long time for a Luke Skywalker action figure to be this good and Hasbro has delivered a stellar figure figure that will not likely age at all. I bet collectors will still be enjoying this figure decades from now.

Justin Cook ( While I am burnt out on orange flight suits and just Rebel pilots in general (how many has Hasbro released in the past couple years?) – this figure is an exception and is quite possibly the best all around Luke Skywalker figure to date. The sculpt, articulation and likeness are all fantastic. The accessories are cool too (and for those that don’t know what to do with that clip for the harpoon gun, you can clip it to the removable hose on his leg). I believe there has been mention that this figure sports the wrong light saber hilt, but with the plethora of light saber hilts available these days that’s a very minor detail. This figure is right on target and I assume we’ll see a re-release later with an alternate head.

Jeff Gouse ( Finally a Snowspeeder Luke with more accurate proportions, a removable helmet, and scene-specific accessories—no doubt released with the upcoming massive AT-AT in mind.

Adam May ( This figure really nailed it (well, except for the lack of a lightsaber blade to go with the hilt) and the head/facial sculpt looks dead-to-rights. Now we must wait for the new and improved (?) Snowspeeder and that Big Arsenal AT-AT to really put Luke Skywalker to work. This is actually one of those figures that I have bought multiples of just for display purposes (down the road).

Chad Cobain ( I know there are some flaws and some missed opportunities regarding this figure, but come on, his is a fine piece of work. Sculpt, deco, likeness, articulation, accessories: this figure has it all.

Chris Bortz ( This version of Luke Skywalker is my favorite so far. It just looks awesome on display! Not only did Hasbro manage to get the head sculpt right, but they also managed to make it a super articulated figure where the joints are hidden very well.

Adam Lamping ( There aren't really enough superlatives to describe just how great this figure is, and although there is room for improvement (see Shabby Blue's critique on, it is a fine example of the high standard that Hasbro are capable of achieving in the action figure line. I can't wait to get the BAT-AT to hang this bad boy from!

David Syczylo ( This is the Ultimate Hoth Luke made to date. With various accessories (one that will work well with the upcoming AT-AT) and removable helmet this Luke topples Imperial Walkers. Luke has lots of play value for his upcomimg Snow Speeder or AT-AT. Luke is kicking butt on Hoth and in your collection.

Honorable Mentions

Many of our favorite figure were ever so slightly edged out of the Top 10 ranking. What follows below is a list of the next 10 most favorite figures of the entire panel. And because their comments were so good, we just had to include more of them here for you also. These runner-ups are listed in alphabetical order.

AT-AT Driver (BD49)
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 5 December 2009

In 2006, collectors were treated to an all-new sculpt of the AT-AT Driver in The Saga Collection. We weren't articulation snobs back then and it really stood the test of time....for about three years. Hasbro must have thought that the figure needed a little bit more work and decided to attack the AT-AT Driver from the ground up and made a definitive version both with ball-joints in the arms and legs (among other places) as well as a removable helmet. There were cries that the helmet was too big, but we take exception to that. Just by looking at any reference materials should prove to you that the scale is correct and it should sit a little bit bigger on the shoulders. A figure that fans started army-building early for the upcoming big/super-deluxe AT-AT in August 2010, it truly is the best AT-AT Driver to date and we hope that Hasbro makes the different helmet variations utilizing this exact mold.

 AT-AT Driver (BD49) Review    AT-AT Driver (BD49) Visual Guide

Arnie Carvalho ( Honestly I don't see a lot of differences with this one and the one released a while back, but with the BAT-AT coming soon you can't hae enough of these guys. Stock up now lest your BAT-ATs be left driver-less.

Shawn Groves ( While hoping for a little more in the ankles and elbows than the Saga2 version, I was pleased that we finally were given our first removeable helmet driver. Lets face it, we are all going to have to have multiples of this figure if we are going to man up our new version At-At's. Some thought the helmet sat a little high, but for me all this figure now needs is full articulation and varied head offerings!

Marjorie Carvalho ( Always an awesome choice. You can never go wrong with an AT-AT driver. The helmet looks large on this one but overall a good figure. I don't know why I think the helmet is too large - maybe his body is too small? Either way, he needs to be in your collection. Classic choice.

John Fagan ( This figure really surprised me. With all the chatter online about how the last AT-AT driver may have been better, I really enjoyed this figure. Once I saw that the new AT-AT was going to hold so many figures in the cockpit, I went right in to troop building this guy. In my opinion, the AT-AT drivers had big heads in the movie so why shouldn’t the figures!

Adam Lamping ( In preparation for the BAT-AT that will soon be taking up a ton of space in many collectors' and kids' lives, the all-new AT-AT Driver offers a slight-improvement on the version last seen in the TSC (complete with Clone-head), and building on the last release, delivers a pretty-spectacular figure.

Clone Commander Cody (BD44)
Revenge Of The Sith Wave 4 November 2009

Hasbro really didn't deliver a great "first version" Clone Commander Cody in 2006's The Saga Collection. It was decent and it sold like hotcakes and even got shipped in many remix cases to meet demand, but it didn't have any articulation in the legs save for the hips. All of this changed in the Legacy Collection. Hasbro borrowed some of the parts from the 2006 figure but essentially reinvented it to near "new figure" proportions. There were some problems, as the upside down belt issue got overlooked....again! And the dirt patterns that were shown at Comic Con were dropped to save a few more pennies. (Boo! Hiss!) But the figure is a marked improvement from 2006. The accessories alone make this figure an extreme value and a worthwhile purchase. It is rare when we get a figure with ball-jointed hips so count that as gravy here. Clone Commander Cody is absolutely the definitive version for now, but we believe a little more tweaking will render him flawless.

 Clone Commander Cody (BD44) Review    Clone Commander Cody (BD44) Visual Guide

Chuck Paskovics ( This is one clone that was truly in need of an upgrade! Great job!

Shawn Groves ( This one makes my top ten becaue of the hips. Now I can't say they have the look down pat as to me the legs looked kinda stuck on, but I sure did appreciate the articulation they gave said hips which helps the overall playability of this figure immensely. With a little more work I sure do hope this type of hip becomes the standard used.

Jeff Gouse ( While the face sculpt on the original release edges out this new version, the overall quality of this updated Cody is leaps and bounds better than the original release.

Chris Spice ( It is very hard to believe I’d select a figure that already has a pretty decent predecessor, but the redesigned Commander Cody is nothing short of jaw dropping. The detailed head sculpt, helmet, battle-damage and mini Holographic Sidious gives you everything you need to execute Order 66. It is no wonder why you next to never see this figure at retail. If there are subtle inaccuracies in the armor, I’d be willing to let that slide since this figure is so much better than the previous.

Chad Cobain ( Forgetting the belt mishap, Cody scores big for the fantastic attention to detail that has been put into this update. The crew cut is spot-on and throwing in the Sidious hologram and Kenobi's light saber shows us all that Hasbro can still surprise us with a treat every once in a while.

Concept Art Ki-Adi-Mundi (BD38)
Expanded Universe Wave 3 November 2009

The Concept Art Ki-Adi-Mundi action figure was really a surprise figure for a few reasons. Depending upon your location, he peg warmed shelves more than most other figures. And ironically he ended up being one of the best concept art figures we have ever received. Perhaps he didn't sell as well because he looks nothing like the prototype that was shown at Comic Con. Hasbro dropped the final wash on this figure to disappointing results. But despite not getting the attention he deserved, this figure remains one of our favorites and he complements the Plo Koon figure (also released in the Legacy Collection) very well. Clothed in a very cool Jedi uniform that we totally wished would have been used in the film, Concept Art Ki-Adi-Mundi looks totally bad with his eye patch and ammunition belt draped across his chest. We hope that Hasbro can retain final washes on figures somehow. This is one figure that absolutely needed it.

 Concept Art Ki-Adi-Mundi (BD38) Review    Concept Art Ki-Adi-Mundi (BD38) Visual Guide

Adam Pawlus ( After seeing the cool art-of books with Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon as seemingly damaged but certainly upgraded warriors, there was a small outcry for figures. And Hasbro gave us both of them! This one has a swell eyepatch and nifty costume that's way more interesting than the Jedi robes from the films. Of course, he's a little pale. Mebs!

Paul Harrison ( I absolutely adore Ki-Adi-Mundi and I especially love the concept figure based on the artwork sketches as well. I am truly disappointed by the lack of final wash on him (especially when you look at the figure shown at 2009 San Diego Comic Con), but he has it where it counts everywhere else, including a uniquely colored lightsaber. (Cloudy baby blue, anyone?). He has been criticized as being a little too pink (which is true) but he interetsingly is the best version of Ki-Adi-Mundi that money can buy (for now). I am a sucker for concept art figures and it is really cool when they are based on characters outside of the Original Trilogy too. (But of course I have greater affection for the McQuarries and Johnston figures first!)

Jeff Gouse ( This stands out as the best of the three concept figures because it actually makes Ki-Adi Mundi look like [one mean Jedi]!

Pat Newell ( This is a great little addition to the line. It's always nice to see where other ideas could have gone, and this is no exception. I'd much rather have seen this version in ROTS, showcasing just how difficult the Clone Wars were on the Jedi.

Darth Sidious Hologram (BD10)
The Phantom Menace Wave 1 September 2009

Many people criticized this "figure" almost immediately as being an accessory and not an action figure. We scratch our heads over this. Darth Sidious Hologram is exactly what we want to see from Hasbro every once in a while. Would collectors rather see another piece of 3.75" blue plastic instead? The Mechno-chair was incredibly awesome and it looked better than Sideshow Collectibles' 12 inch scale version of it. We probably would have preferred to get the Sidious figure cast in more blue than purple, but we honestly don't care. This much needed figure/accessory has been done in style by Hasbro and we think it is one of the best basic figures they could have ever given us. From the spot-on bronze color and the six points of articulation of the Mechno-chair to the quite evil posture of the Sidious figure, this set has it all. And how can you possibly complete any Naboo diorama without it?

 Darth Sidious Hologram (BD10) Review    Darth Sidious Hologram (BD10) Visual Guide

Jeff Gouse ( While it was disappointing to see a recycled Sidious hologram, this is one of the more visually interesting components in Episode I, and it was long overdue.

Chris Spice ( This was a very unique concept for a 3-¾ figure, and this really makes you wonder if they could make ideas like this come to life, why more emphasis wasn’t put on Episode I for the ten-year anniversary? I think they could have done more than they did in terms of number. I would have liked to see at least a dozen new Phantom Menace figures. Even though we could use a resculpt of Darth Sidious, they really knocked it out of the park with this one. There is something to be said about the concept, as it is very original for them to generate this concept.

Justin Cook ( When people look back on the Legacy line, I’m not sure this figure is going to stand out as a figure they really remember. It’s pretty well done though, and is how I will always think of Darth Sidious in TPM… as an intimidating hologram on a walking contraption that sort of resembles a droid. When this first came out, I was very excited because I consider this to be a rather iconic figure from TPM. The holo of the Dark Lord is just a chunk of plastic though… but he’s well sculpted and the walking droid is actually really cool. Great articulation and a nice sculpt on that little four legged thing. There’s not a whole lot more that Hasbro really could have done with this, and it makes for a nice addition to the TPM line. For what it’s worth, I also used the droid for a custom too. Pretty fun, yet different piece of fodder. I never saw this figure as a peg warmer (or really much of anything from this wave), so I can’t really judge whether or not this was that popular of a figure, or just produced in low quantities. But I did see this wave hit all the major retailers, and this one never hung around too long.  Looking at this wave, I would say that most people would probably classify Rum Sleg as a better figure, and maybe he is. But this one is unique and I waited for over a decade for Hasbro to make it – and I would consider this as more of a filled hole in the TPM line than a background alien like Rum Sleg.

Ewoks [Paploo & Nho'Apakk] (BD18)
Return Of The Jedi
Wave 2 October 2009

Oh man were we thrilled when we found out that an updated Paploo was on the way to us! Paploo got the short end of the stick when he was released in the Toys R Us exclusive AT-ST and Speeder Bike set. But Hasbro made right by this transgression and released this excellent action figure in the Legacy Collection. We grow wary of hearing all the "Ewok haters" say how this species ruined Return Of The Jedi. We know you are buying these figures so just admit that you love them already! Ewoks in general don't hang on the pegs for long and it is evident that the love for them is getting bigger and bigger. And we hope that a lot more are on the way. And let's not forget about the heartwarming back story of Nho'Apakk. Reports from Hasbro have already confirmed that various two-packs and multipacks have already been put on hold (NO!!!) so we hope that Hasbro really cranks them out in the basic figure line as an acceptable alternative. While we wait and see, Paploo & Nho'Apakk are two Ewoks that will absolutely make you a very happy collector.

 Ewoks (BD18) Review    Ewoks (BD18) Visual Guide

Marjorie Carvalho ( There is no such thing as too many Ewoks. I'm really hoping that the 30th Anniversary of ROTJ brings about an Ewok-alanche.

Adam Pawlus ( Hasbro really seems to be on a groove for making "new" figures with a new noggin and accessories, the Ewoks lend themselves well to this way of making new figures. Paploo isn't as cuddly as the original 1984 release, but he's still pretty awesome with his new buddy.

David Syczylo ( Two balls of fur for the price of one! Now that is a good deal. Hasbro has made a handful of Ewoks but we need more and this time we get two. Sure they might reuse parts but they are different enough to be two new Ewoks. How else can I say it? Two Ewoks to help the Rebels take down the mighty Empire.

Arnie Carvalho ( Finally a way to get a Paploo without a hard to find TRU exclusive pack, and while I couldn't pick Nho'Ahpakk out of a line-up, the more varied (non-pink) Ewoks Hasbro makes, the more varied my dioramas can be! (if I ever actually build them)

Paul Harrison ( I love Ewoks and I want them to never stop coming. While it is my preference to see the ones from the vintage line completed first, random ones like Nho'Apakk, Leektar and Graak are very exciting too. Hasbro has perfected them in the action figure line thanks to technology getting the scale right and I am so thrilled that they are becoming a staple in all the main basic figure lines each year. While I think Paploo is a tad off from the character we see in Return Of The Jedi (the character that steals the speeder bike appears taller and leaner), it still is a marvel to get him so well executed in the Legacy Collection.

Imperial Scanning Crew (BD32)
A New Hope Wave 3 November 2009

The Imperial Scanning Crew was another figure that fans wanted updated for a long time. First released as a pack-in to a collectors' carrying case in The Power Of The Force line, the figure clearly wasn't the best quality. Hasbro repainted the figure (who also happened to be the Fans' Choice winner for the "38th" spot in the line) for 2004's The Original Trilogy Collection. And while the newly revised paint job was spectacular, the figure needed help in many other ways (like an all-new sculpt and better articulation). All that came to pass in 2009 when a new take on him was released in the Legacy Collection. In fact, we were also promised a running change on this figure too. The running change unfortunately was cancelled and has yet to be slotted for release. But until it does, the Imperial Scanning Crew is nonetheless a brilliant action figure that is definitely needed if you own the big Millennium Falcon. And if you don't own that awesome vehicle, you should still get this figure for any Death Star diorama you have set up.

 Imperial Scanning Crew (BD32) Review    Imperial Scanning Crew (BD32) Visual Guide

Adam Lamping ( Bolstering the Empire's ranks is a more refined version of the Imperial Scanning Crew than was seen previously with the Millennium Falcon carry-case and single-carded in the OTC line, this time offering a trimmer body shape and superior articulation; oh, and a holster. Sadly, the running change variant that was scheduled for release has yet to appear, making this trooper's task of dragging the scanner onto the Millennium Falcon doubly difficult.

Jayson Krebsbach ( The Scanning Crewman is a great figure I think because of its army building quality and its overall versatility. The Empire has received their fair share of various troopers, pilots and named officers over the years so it was high time that some generic, non-clone based Imperials got some love. A lot of collectors, myself included, were elated when he (and his missing-in-action variant) was revealed at SDCC in 2009. Too bad things didn't turn out as quite as advertised. He and the Rebel Ground Crew/Technician were definite pluses to the line these past few years.

John Fagan ( Seeing as the last version of this figure came out in the OTC (which was when I went on figure collecting hiatus because of a wedding), I have always looked at friends’ collections with lust in my eyes. I wanted this figure for a long time, but wanted the articulation to have him sit as you see this type of uniform on the bridge of the Star Destroyers (“Lord Vader demands and update on the pursuit”guy). After picking up this figure and being so satisfied with how he turned out (not to mention wondering if we would ever get another figure with the other portion of the scanner) I couldn’t stop buying him. I think in all I have purchased about 10 of him and they are all waiting to fill out dioramas! I also love that this guy’s hat is NOT removable! I was very disappointed with the Bespin Security Guards for that reason!

Nick LaBate ( It seems that collectors can now expect to see a new Imperial army builder with good sculpting and articulation on an annual basis. Last year that was the Space Trooper. And this year it's the Scanning Trooper. The Scanning Trooper was something of an oddity when it was first offered in the POTF2 days. It was only offered as a pack-in with a Millenium Falcon figure carrying case. That same figure was also offered in the OTC line. But that figure was limited by the sculpting and articulation of the time. This new version offers much more: premium articulation, a great sculpt, a working holster, blaster and the scanning gear. But this figure is also somewhat disappointing despite it's high marks. When Hasbro revealed that there would be a running change on the Scanning Trooper there was a good deal of excitement. Especially since it would include different scanning gear. But with that figure delayed indefinitely it's left a good number of collectors disappointed. However, this figure scored very well purely on it's own merits.

Dan Curto ( Here's a figure that really nailed the uniform and has so much repack/repaint's a great buck for all of those "jumpsuit" guys from the Classic Trilogy. The sculpting on the suit is top-notch, and the accessory was LONG overdue. A shame about the running change variant (and the second half of the scanning trunk) being canceled, but there's always hope for a future release. And this figure's base would make for a great new AT-ST Driver, wouldn't it?

Jeremoch Colton (BD42)
Revenge Of The Sith Wave 4 November 2009

Episode III was full of Original Trilogy cameos. Probably the one fans looked most forward to was that of Jeremy Bulloch, Mr. Boba Fett himself. While we are a bit surprised that this figure struck a chord with so many collectors (and our panel), this is a figure that must have received high marks for homage sake and not necessarily because he was a well-made action figure. Utilizing the (quite poor) body sculpt of the 2005 Revenge Of The Sith Bail Organa, we believe that Hasbro could have chosen a better body to place Jeremy Bulloch's head to make this figure a lot better than it turned out. Still, it is a great figure to have and we are very happy that it has seen release. Likely to never be revisited again, this may be the only chance to get Captain Colton as this was more of a novelty figure than one desired by the masses.

 Jeremoch Colton (BD42) Review    Jeremoch Colton (BD42) Visual Guide

David Syczylo ( First of all it is Jeremy Bulloch the guy who played Boba Fett in the original Star Wars movies and it is an obscure character. I like the obscure characters along with any alien character and this one has hit a homerun. He can sit and pilot a ship or he can take you down with his blaster, a nice human character to populate your displays

Arnie Carvalho (SWActionNews): I found all the unmasked OT cameos in the prequels quite entertaining, and this will be another great item to get signed at Star Wars Celebration 5!

Adam Lamping ( If for no other reason than the fact that it meant that we finally got to see Jeremy Bulloch's face immortalised in plastic, this one gets my vote, plus it allows for custom Fetts like the one produced by VolkerC. There should be little reason now for Hasbro not to produce a Lieutenant Sheckil figure at some stage in the future.

Chris Spice ( Once again an obscure character makes my list! In this case I have to attribute my friendship that I’ve developed over the years with Mr. Bulloch that makes this figure rank so high on my list. When we caught up to him at Chicago Comic-Con last year and showed him the figure was coming, you could tell he was pretty happy that it wasn’t just another Boba Fett. As kind as he’s been to fans over the years, it’s great to see him get a figure with his own head on it. I also would rather see more obscure characters released vs. another Darth Vader, Chewbacca or R2-D2. We have plenty of those characters don’t we? Check this out!

Snowtrooper (BD55)
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 5 December 2009

Surprised to see a "repack" make it into the Honorable Mentions section before an all-new figure? Believe it or not, the Snowtrooper got a very high score in this ranking from our panel and it makes complete sense why. Hasbro took the 2007 VTSC Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear) figure and made it better. Repainted in exact screen accurate colors, Hasbro tweaked the Snowtrooper when they technically didn't have to in order to satisfy hardcore collectors. Super-articulated and painted beautifully, many collectors bought multiples of this version of him because it was the best one to army-build. The area below the eyes was darkened (or yellowed) as it should be and the scuff marks and dirt on the uniform was newly applied in a new pattern. To be honest, the Snowtrooper should see release every year. You could probably never get enough for your collections and it is a figure that impresses year after year with a sculpt that has seemed to become timeless.

 Snowtrooper (BD55) Review    Snowtrooper (BD55) Visual Guide

John Fagan ( Even though this is a re-release of the VTSC figure, I just couldn’t get enough of this figure. Over the year I purchased large quantities of the Snowtrooper to trick out my upcoming purchase of the new AT-AT. The figure does have some faults though. I would love to get a Snowtrooper that could stand at attention rather than just a wide stance one, but perhaps we will get that in the future.

Marjorie Carvalho (SWActionNews): I love, love, love Snowtroopers. I really like this one. I think they got the coloring right. It's so hard with so much white to pull it off well but they did.

Adam Lamping ( Whilst this is a repaint of the figure from The Saga Collection originally released in 2007, living in the Great White North, how could I not pick the Snowtrooper? 'Nuff said!

Willrow Hood (BD53)
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 5 December 2009

Who says that there is no power in the people? Part of a "collection" of figures Hasbro said that they will never make, Willrow Hood got his day in the sun in The Empire Strikes Back wave of the Legacy Collection. Thanks to a petition started at, Willrow Hood was "years in the making" and has delivered satisfaction to many beyond expectations. With a great likeness and a totally awesome accessory, Willrow Hood will make your Bespin diormas complete. His widow's peak was little bit extreme and his pot belly in comparison to the rest of his body was a little bit exaggerated, but Willrow Hood was very well made and clearly one of the best figures of 2009. We hope you purchased him because he represents what it means to be a Star Wars collector. And we also hope that Hasbro will take more risks like this in the future because it proves that collectors really do put their money where their mouths are. Our voice does matter. It looks like we should start joining forces now to get Jocasta Nu created next, huh? Hasbro, please continue to listen to us!

 Willrow Hood (BD53) Review    Willrow Hood (BD53) Visual Guide

Jayson Krebsbach ( There were many a naysayer out there (even in the Hasbro camp) that said a figure like this would/should never be made. For me, Willrow Hood (aka the "Ice Cream Maker Guy"), amounts to the epitome of a Fans' Choice figure. Sure, he may not be the most exciting figure to come down the pike, but that really isn't the point. The point, for me, is how a dedicated segment of collectors can come along and rally behind a cause and be persistent enough in order to see their dreams realized in plastic form. And for that, Willrow Hood will be a prominent piece displayed in my collection, complete with Scott Pearson's signature.

Arnie Carvalho ( Willrow Hood. Gotta give it up to the fans for making this happen despite the objection of Darryl DePriest. Sure, he [may be] warming [some] pegs now, but any time the fans can get something they've clamored for, like Willrow or Yarna (or perhaps the Tonnika sisters someday) it's a victory for collectors.

Shawn Groves ( For this one I just like the fact that his whole reason for being is the repeated attempts by true Star Wars collectors and fans to have this made. It is nice to know someone is listening to us. You have to hand it to the Star Wars Fanbase in general for turning a rather obscure figure into one we finally can all have in our collections. Did anyone else have to hit the pause buttons numerous times to point this guy out or is it just me?

Dan Curto ( Admittedly, this figure is included in this list mostly for the HUGE underground fan support that it took to get him made in the first place. I love the minor background duys in the films (you'll notice there are no main characters in my list), and they are what makes the hobby that much more fun for longtime collectors. The backstory that Scott came up with all those years ago, and the online support this character has had over the years is great. The figure itself has a great attention to detail, right down to the "beefy" build of the character. Hasbro really pulled out all the bells and whistles for this character, when they could have easily cranked out an inferior version. Since the outfit is similar to a Rebel Pilot's uniform, there's also the potential to reuse the parts for some of the larger heroes of the Rebellion.

Marjorie Carvalho ( Dear Star Wars Collectors, I understand the need for the background characters so you can make your dioramas and/or brag to your non-SW friends when they wonder who the man with the ice cream maker is. But while it's a super cool figure, it's actually damaging future obscure figures because Willrow and Plo Koon have formed a posse in your local toy aisle. Their numbers are increasing because no one is buying them. Great idea, but it needs to be a mail away. Don't get me wrong, I love this figure and I think it's awesome when the fans are listened to. But I think it needs to be sold a different way.

Zuckuss (BD54)
The Empire Strikes Back – Wave 5 December 2009

Just bumped out of our Top 10 by a hair, Zuckuss was a clear favorite by our panel. And he should be. Hasbro really perfomed well when it came to this figure and it was extremely nice to get the final bounty hunter updated from The Power Of The Force line done in style. With an awesome sculpt and clever use of soft-goods, the mixed media of this figure was a feat by Hasbro that deserves glorious praise by all. Accurately colored, spectacularly sculpted and accessorized perfectly, Zuckuss is one of the sharpest figures for our collections. Likely a figure that won't need a resculpt any time soon, it is nice to know that Hasbro has raised the bar and is truly making the best figures they can for us. As a bonus, Zuckuss has been finished in a wash that breathes realism into him that is utterly amazing. Hasbro, please keep these washes in the paint operations. They make perfection even better.

 Zuckuss (BD54) Review    Zuckuss (BD54) Visual Guide

David Syczylo ( It has been a long time since we last got a modern Zuckuss and this one is a major improvement over the last release that we got of him over ten years ago. This time he sports soft goods on his beautifully sculpted body that allows him to stand there on the bridge of the Executor as his listens to Darth Vader or perhaps take a seat for once.

Nick LaBate ( This is a figure that was a tail-end Charlie of sorts. Over the past few years Hasbro has been systematically revisiting the Bounty Hunters from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Almost all of them were revised in a number of basic figure lines between 2004 and 2008, but there was one last holdout: the Gand Bounty Hunter Zuckuss. The only modern era version of Zuckuss was offered in the later waves of the POTF2 line, and was limited by the articulation that was the standard circa 1997/98. That version was reissued in an exclusive multipack as well. But again, it was a figure that was limited by the sculpting and articulation of the time. And then came the LC RED Zuckuss! Wow. This figure does not disappoint. The sculpt is spot on, and incorporates an appropriate use of softgoods, so this Zuckuss can be posed in a variety of stances. And from a scale perspective this version of Zuckuss is more accurate to the stature of Zuckuss as seen on the bridge of the Executor in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Add in a couple of interesting accessories, and this figure has it all!

John Fagan ( Being a big bounty hunter fan and finally getting an articulated Zuckuss that meets my expectations made this figure and easy selection for the top figure in this line. The details on the cloak, as well as the fantastic sculpt made this figure a must have in my opinion.

Chris Spice ( This is another fantastic example of what happens when Hasbro has the desire to revisit a character they haven’t done for some time. This character was in deep need of an overhaul, and I don’t even mind the fact they dropped it into the exclusive figure set with 4-LOM. The vintage paintjob used in the set makes up for the repeat, and it truly is warranted in the set. The carded version is more screen accurate in terms of sculpt, paint and design. The soft goods really push it over the top and make this version by far the most superior to date.

Paul Harrison ( In every collection, from vintage to modern, Zuckuss has been the last bounty hunter attacked for release in the basic figure line. But this time, Hasbro went all out and made a rather remarkable version of him, complete with perfect scale and detail. He looks fantastic next to 4-LOM and we are so glad we can check him off of our vintage to modern lists.

Adam Lamping ( Having only previously been released in the modern line in the POTF2 line (aside from being included in a TSC-era multi-pack), 4-LOM, sorry, Zuckuss (old habits die hard!), has benefitted from a much-needed update and can now stand head-to-toe (despite his diminutive stature) with the other bounty hunters who have also been re-done from their earlier versions, so much so that it is now being re-released, not only in the forthcoming The Vintage Collection, but also double-packed with 4-LOM as a Jedi-Con/Celebration V exclusive and released with a vintage colour-scheme.

About The Peanut Gallery

We thought you would also be interested in learning briefly about all the great minds that participated in this Special Report. Be sure to check out their informative fan sites too and read the plethora of information they provide for Star Wars collectors like yourselves.

Chris Bortz ( Jedi-Business has been on the map for some time now, but has attained a whole new viewing audience when Chris Bortz joined the Hasbro Q & A session recently. Jed-Business is a haven for great reviews and detailed information about all the figures reviewed. It is a distinct pleasure to have him join all of us in this event compiling the list of the best Star Wars figures in the Legacy Collection.

Arnie Carvalho ( With two names that really need no introduction, there is probably not a more entertaining medium of Star Wars collecting than the humorous banter between Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho. One of the first podcasts that engaged listeners on a whole new level, this is podcasting at its best. Thoughtful, insightful and relevant, Star Wars Action News should be your weekly does of Star Wars. You won’t be the same! Arnie has been featured in many multimedia events and has been featured in quite a few clips on television showing off his Star Wars collection.

Marjorie Carvalho ( Marjorie is the much better half of the amazing SWAN duo and was the first to create a show based on the girly side of Star Wars. Breaking down barriers and stereotypes that Star Wars is just another boys hobby, Marjorie co-hosted an amazing show with Scott from Tulsa’s better half Deanna and proved that girl power is just as relevant. Quick-witted and possessing a laugh that is incredibly infectious, Marjorie gives SWAN a whole new voice and the show wouldn’t be the same without her.

Justin Cook ( Justin Cook, longtime staff member at, has been responsible for creating and coordinating one of the hobby’s most impressive and ultimately cool photo novel series on the web entitled The Enloe Chonicles. A customs expert, Justin has brought new and exciting Star Wars characters to the forefront of collectors’ consciousness and you just have to check out some of his creations to understand just what we mean. We are ecstatic to have Justin join us for this Special Report as he offers a truly unique perspective of his favorite characters in the Legacy Collection as both a fan of the original films as well as through the eyes of a customizer.

Chad Cobain ( Chad Cobain is the freshest face at and is lending his design expertise to assist us in the creation of our very popular Visual Guides. Chad is a long time collector despite being new to a fan site and it is such a pleasure to have him along for this ride.

Dan Curto ( If you only browsed the web once looking a fan collecting site, then the chances are pretty high than you ran across the name Dan Curto.  Dan Curto is the main news gatherer, photo archives specialist and many other things at the web biggest Star Wars site, And what makes Dan extra cool is that he is down to earth, extremely friendly and ready to talk Star Wars with about anyone who will listen. JTA just hosted an interview with him entitled Dan Curto: Sketch Card Artist and it is very exciting to collaborate with him again so soon as he picked his favorite figures in the Legacy Collection.

John Fagan ( The newest kids on the block, is quickly establishing itself as one of the friendliest Star Wars collecting sites on the web while providing collectors with a great source for their collecting needs. Their original and very cool Defining Definitive Figures column is gaining brisk momentum in the forum community while focusing their format as a Hasbro-only product site. John Fagan who also provides the site’s reviews and other features joins us for this groundbreaking gathering of sites. It is a pleasure to have him in this critique offering their opinions to the best figures in the Legacy Collection.

Jeff Gouse (Yodas News): Jeff Gouse, long time staff member at Yoda’s News, gives his two cents on the best figures in the Legacy Collection. Known for his in-depth product reviews, Jeff offers a unique layout and format for readers to learn about the various collectibles in the Star Wars universe.

Shawn Groves ( As a site that focuses strictly on the customizing talent of the masses, is full of ways to make Hasbro’s impressive line of action figures look even better. But that’s only if you’re willing to repaint and cobble them together with different parts. As s site full with unparalleled artistic talent and a great group of guys leading the way, is the site to visit if you’re looking for some very new and cool custom ideas.

Paul Harrison ( A collector who has been in this hobby since the re-launch in 1995 (not counting the vintage era), Paul Harrison didn’t make his presence known on the web until he replied to a “help wanted” ad at (but did leak store report and other info from time to time to the various sites he loves). Since joining JTA, Paul has brought a new energy to the site. He is pretty much entirely responsible for all the daily Research Droids Reviews you read and they have become quite a staple at JTA. And he is also the brainchild behind spearheading this collective Special Report and has wanted the various websites to come together for a while now. That has all come to pass and he looks very forward to the next collaboration which he hopes won't be very long away.

Jayson Krebsbach ( Known for his stunningly thorough Toyguide at, Jayson Krebsbach quickly established himself as the main news gatherer at one of the longest running fan sites in the Star Wars universe. Witty, artistic and always willing to help out, Jayson’s respect for his readers and friends is truly unique and much appreciated by all in the hobby. We are extremely honored to have such an esteemed colleague as he partakes in this Special Report with us.

Nick LaBate ( Nick LaBate is someone with a wealth of knowledge of Star Wars information. Able to recall the finest details of some background character in the Expanded Universe to the “blink or you’ll miss them” characters in the Star Wars films, Nick is responsible for maintaining and distilling all of the rumors at Intellectual, precise and possessing an unbelievable amount of passion for Star Wars, Nick gives his awesome insight on his favorite figures in the Legacy Collection.

Adam Lamping ( We were very eager to get some opinions from across the pond about what figures were the very best in the Legacy Collection. Adam Lamping from stepped up to the plate and joined this all-star cast of Star Wars fan site writers for this project. Adam hones his great writing skills on what figures tickled his fancy the most and we are so excited to have him join in on the banter. His site was the first to release four new images of figures from The Vintage Collection coming out this August! We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

Adam May ( Inflammatory, eccentric and an extremely talented writer, Adam May offers his expertise on what figures should be worthy of Top 10 status. Responsible for breaking (probably) the biggest Hasbro Star Wars story ever on the big Millennium Falcon at, it is an honor to have him join us in our presentation of the Legacy Collection’s cream of the crop. If you don’t already, you should make it a point to check out his frequent Galactic Blogger posts whenever possible. They are very well written and definitely have the ability to make you laugh quite hard.

Pat Newell ( Pat is the other main guy at and we are extremely pleased to have him join us in this Special Report. He too works for a great site that really steps up the quality of the Hasbro line thanks to the great artists out there. As a site laden with unparalleled artistic talent and a great group of guys leading the way, is the site to visit if you’re looking for some very new and cool custom ideas.

Chuck Paskovics ( Mr. Numero Uno himself at JTA, Chuck offers his perspective on what figures just wowed the pants off of him. His trademark Visual Guides have become one of the most relied upon collector references in the industry. With an unprecedented amount of detail and clarity, the Visual Guides definitely provide a unique tool for collectors. It is great to have him join this parade of the best figures in the Legacy Collection.

Adam Pawlus ( If you are old or new to Star Wars collecting fan sites, you know the name Adam Pawlus. Who doesn’t wake up first thing Monday morning and run to Galactic Hunter to read Adam’s very entertaining and informative Q & A? Adam has been a mainstay in the collecting site universe and many have stuck like glue to him through his many travels. Possessing a widespread knowledge of the most detailed Star Wars things that few others can claim to know or recall, his Figure Of The Day segment has evolved into an amazing feat and huge fan favorite column. And with Figure Of The Day exceeding over 1000 entries, his work is clearly unprecedented. Moonlighting at Entertainment Earth during the day (which he claims is his real gig) Adam is also a contributor to his own website and a few other websites as well. We are thrilled to have him join us in this Special Report.

Chris Spice ( Could there be a better name for Chris Spice? If variety is the spice of life, then our lives are filled with lots of variety at! What a character Chris Spice is indeed! From his humorous visual reviews online to his quirky news and forum posts, Chris Spice is one memorable person and an extremely vocal and passionate fan. has the longevity of few other sites and he has kept it going strong for years now. If you want to be entertained while loving your favorite passion, is the place for you.

David Syczylo ( More commonly known as Boba Binks at, David serves the site well by being very quick at posting the latest Star Wars releases via his very cool and artful Sandwatch Guides. A hardcore collector to the bone, David is also a prop specialist as well as having a knack for making some pretty cool customs. Attending conventions whenever possible, David also brings the latest news to the forefront of Star Wars consciousness. David gives us his expertise in this special report and even though he is the world's only Jar Jar Binks fan we are just as thrilled to have him on board!


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