Sandtrooper (Desert Sands Detachment) - Militaries Of Star Wars - 1:6 Scale Figures -

Name: Sandtrooper (Desert Sands Detachment)

Collection: Militaries of Star Wars                       Source: A New Hope

Edition Size: Limited Edition

Availability: December 2011

Retail: $139.99 USD

Status: Sandtrooper (Desert Sands Detachment) is the Armored body type with unique Sandtrooper armor.

Accessories: 4 interchangeable hands, survival pack, long cycle filter, short cycle filter, sergeant pauldron, desert sands detachment pauldron, 2 three magazine waist pouches, chest pouch, belt pouch, utility belt, BlasTech E-11 blaster, BlasTech DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, RT-97C heavy blaster rifle, BlasTech T-21 light repeating blaster, desert base stand cover, Star Wars logo lower support display base (©2009)

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