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Star Wars [Yoda/Attack Of The Clones]

Yoda’s Jedi Attack Fighter With Yoda & Super Battle Droid - SW [Y/AOTC] - Deluxe

Name: Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter With Yoda & Super Battle Droid
Collection: Star Wars [Yoda/Attack Of The Clones]
Number: N/A (Class I)
Source: Expanded Universe (Hasbro Concept)
Availability: January 2013
License: Hasbro

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Yoda pilots an attack fighter to blast Super Battle Droids. The fighter is designed for hyperspace capability, which allows the Jedi Master to fly across the galaxy on solo missions. The craft's compact size and two missile launchers make it an ideal attack ship for Yoda to use in battle against the ever-present Battle Droid army.

Well, we guess Yoda has his own Jedi starfighter. Why not? All the other Jedi do. Some will love and others will despise the 2013 Class I product line. Our affection for it lies somewhere on the fence. We like the new things that they’re bringing to the line, but in an age where cost makes things prohibitive and the number of different products that come out in a calendar year is diminishing at a frightening capacity we’d really like to see things get made that are based on things that can actually be scene in the films. Why does Hasbro go through all of this brainstorming to come up with neat but “crazy” concepts that extended well beyond the Expanded Universe. OK, so Yoda has a Jedi starfighter. Big deal. Why does it have to be 75% smaller than a standard Jedi starfighter. In other words, why introduce it in the Class I sub-collection? We aren’t huge fans of Episode II, but man are there many things that Hasbro has already tooled that can be improved upon with a fresh and new revisiting and we’d much rather see “almost definitive” things become “definitive” instead of all-new product that is “made up” or “make believe” instead.

Yoda and Yoda’s Jedi Attack Fighter (um, don’t Jedi use the Force and their respective starfighters for defense and never for attack?) are both all-new sculpts. Yes, in this climate where Hasbro should be digging out older sculpts instead of tooling expensive all-new ones, they’ve created an all-new Yoda from head to toe. Yoda isn’t loaded with articulation, but he does come with a ball-socket head, two ball-jointed shoulders and then swivel wrist and hip articulation. A permanent communications head set is molded to his head. He is accessorized with his trusty gimer stick and lightsaber and Hasbro was gracious enough to include a soft-goods cloak to finish his look. Something awful happened however at the factory level when it came to painting his eyes. If you look at the Yoda that’s featured in the picture on the back of the box and then the actual action figure, you’re going to be one VERY disappointed collector. We are hoping that Hasbro catches this travesty and runs a correction as soon as possible. If you have children, they would have done a better job painted on his eyes. The Jedi Attack Fighter is admittedly likeable. It has a removable booster seat for Yoda which we find quite humorous, but it’s great forward-thinking on Hasbro’s part because once it is removed, the cockpit area can then fit an action figure of “normal” size. The fighter also has two flip out cannons that fire projectiles too.

The “best” part about Yoda’s Jedi Attack Fighter is the astromech droid. Yes, it’s just a dome, but it’s removable and one you remove it you’ll discover that it’s a Build A Droid part. Underneath of it you’ll find the innards of the dome and then you can interchange it with just about any extra astromech droid part you have lying around aimlessly in your collection for some diversity. We have to be honest with you and express just how excited we are that Hasbro is implementing the Build A Droid design into wherever they can. As collectors it’s something we appreciate tremendously. There’s just two things we want to know in this case however. Who is this droid and will Hasbro ever let us complete it fully with the rest of the Build A Droid parts?! The last figure in the set is a silvery gray Super Battle Droid. In 2012 Hasbro deemed the 2005 ROTS sculpt as the one to use for the kids’ lines like Movie Heroes and such, so you’ll definitely be disappointed that the more articulated version that made its debut in the 30 (77-07) has been forsaken here. As a whole, we have no problem imaging that younger Star Wars fans are going to love it. In fact, we find it charming in some ways. If this is the type of stuff that Hasbro is going to be doing, they’ve done it well. We just wish the collecting platform and Hasbro’s goals and initiatives were a bit different from what they are. We’ll adjust we suppose.

Collector Notes

Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter With Yoda & Super Battle Droid

Assortment Number: A0922/A0918

UPC: 653569786399

Retail: $23.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter

Status: Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter is an all-new vehicle.

Articulation Count: 5

Articulation Details: opening canopy, 2 hinge-jointed fold-out cannons, 2 projectile firing buttons

Accessory Count: 4

Accessory Details: removable bucket seat, removable R2-unit dome (Build A Droid sculpt), 2 projectiles

Date Stamp: 2013


Status: Yoda is an all-new figure

Articulation Count: 7 points

Articulation Details: ball-socket head, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 swivel wrists, 2 swivel hips

Accessory Count: 3

Accessory Details: soft-goods cape, gimer stick, lightsaber

Date Stamp: N/A

Super Battle Droid

Status: Super Battle Droid is a repaint of 2005's ROTS Super Battle Droid (III 4) figure.

Articulation Count: 4 points

Articulation Details: 2 swivel shoulders, 2 swivel hips

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2004

Star Wars [Yoda/Attack Of The Clones] Class I
501st Legion AT-RT With ARF Trooper & TX-21 Tactical Droid
501st Legion Attack Dropship With Clone Pilot & Battle Droid
MTT Droid Fighter With Battle Droid & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter With Yoda & Super Battle Droid

Added: January 2, 2013
Category: Star Wars [Yoda/Attack Of The Clones]
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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