Incinerator Trooper & Grogu (Hasbro - The Vintage Collection) -

Name: Incinerator Trooper & Grogu

Collection: The Vintage Collection (Deluxe Figures) - Walmart Exclusive

Source: The Mandalorian

Availability: July 2022

License: Hasbro

Retail: $20.99 USD

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Figure Information:

Incinerator Trooper

Status: Incinerator Trooper is a retool and slight repaint of 2021's The Vintage Collection Incinerator Trooper (VC177) figure. This time Hasbro upgraded two points of articulation, the ankles, to ball-jointed/"rocker" ankles.

Accessories: flamethrower/fuel canister combination, flame effect, fireball, standing flame A, standing flame B



Status: Grogu is an all-new figure.

Accessories: None


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Photography: Chuck Paskovics
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