Carbon-Freezing Chamber (Hasbro - The Vintage Collection) -

Name: Carbon-Freezing Chamber

Collection: The Vintage Collection (Playsets) – Fan Channel Exclusive

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

Availability: September 2020

License: Hasbro

Retail: $49.99 USD

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Figure Information:

Carbon-Freezing Chamber

Status: Carbon-Freezing Chamber is an all-new playset.

Feature Details: lowering and raising chamber

Accessories: Han Solo in carbonite block


Stormtrooper (VC171)

Status: Stormtrooper is a kit-bashed figure that utilizes the body of 2019's The Vintage Collection Han Solo (Stormtrooper) (VC143) with the portrait of 2019's The Vintage Collection Imperial Stormtrooper (VC140) figure. Hasbro numbered this figure VC171, and the figure represents a different character than Stormtrooper (VC41).

Accessories: E-11 blaster


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