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Name: First Order Stormtrooper (Shield & Baton Set)

Collection: S.H. Figuarts

Scale: 6"

Status: First Order Stormtrooper (Shield & Baton Set) is a straight repack of 2015's S.H. Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper figure with new accessories.

Source: The Force Awakens

Availability: May 2016

License: Tamashii Nations

Retail: $59.99 USD

Accessories: shield with hand attachment, open baton, closed baton, baton handle, 5 interchangeable hands: 2 closed hands, 2 relaxed hands, 1 hand for gripping baton

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Image Composite: Chuck Paskovics
Photography: Paul Harrison
Graphics, Page Layout & Design: Chuck Paskovics
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