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Name: Emperor Palpatine

Collection: Star Wars [The Last Jedi] (Basic Figures)

Scale: 3¾ Inch

Status: Emperor Palpatine is a straight repack of the figure from 2017's Star Wars [The Last Jedi] Emperor Palpatine/Luke Skywalker/Emperor’s Royal Guard TARGET exclusive three-pack.

Source: The Last Jedi          Availability: January 2018

License: Hasbro                   Retail: $7.99 USD

Accessory Details: cane, removable cloak, left hand w/ Force lightning, right hand w/ Force lightning

Force Link Details: "In time you will call me Master." • "You will bring him before me." • "Wipe them out.... all of them." • "If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed." • "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side." • *sound effects*

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