Princess Leia (As Boushh) - Heroes of the Rebellion - 1:6 Scale Figures -

Name: Princess Leia (As Boushh)

Collection: Heroes of the Rebellion

Source: Return of the Jedi

Edition Size: 2500 (Exclusive) 6500 (Regular)

Availability: July 2007

Retail: $59.99 USD

Status: Princess Leia (As Boushh) utilizes the female Art S. Buck (short) body type with an all-new head, hand attachments, clothing and accessories.

Accessories: jacket, undershirt, pants, waistband, belt, traditional Ubese boots, Ogygian cloak, bandolier, impact armor, mantle (with canister pack), 3 large cannisters, 3 small cannisters, Boushh helmet (interchangeable with Princess Leia portrait), thermal detonator, electrostaff, Star Wars logo upper support display stand (©2007)

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Photography: Chuck Paskovics
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