Commander Bacara (21st Nova Corps) - Militaries Of Star Wars - 1:6 Scale Figures -

Name: Commander Bacara (21 Nova Corps)

Collection: Militaries of Star Wars

Edition Size: 1000 (Exclusive) 5000 (Regular)

Availability: June 2012

Retail: $134.99 USD

Status: Commander Bacara utilizes the Armored body type and utilizes the same updated fabric body glove that was first seen on 2010's 501st Legion Clone Trooper. The figure comes with an all-new helmet design unique to Commander Bacara, as well as revised back armor, and comes with an all-new kama and shoulder pauldron manufactured out of soft-goods.

Accessories: DC-15 blaster rifle, DC-15 blaster, DC-17 blaster pistol, 7 left hands, 6 right hands, kneeling left/right boots, standing left/right boots, phase II helmet, Star Wars logo display base (©2010) (Regular Edition), 21st Nova display base (Exclusive Edition)

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