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Name: YVH 1 (Build A Droid)

Collection: Legacy Collection (Build A Droid Series)

Status: YVH-1 is an all-new figure and a unique Build A Droid sculpt.

Source: Expanded Universe (The New Jedi Order)

Availability: November 2009

License: Hasbro

Retail: $0.00 USD

Accessory Details: blaster

Additional Resources

YVH 1 Build A Droid Figure Information

YVH 1 parts can be found in the following figures:

BD18 Ewoks (Paploo & Nho'Apakk) – YVH 1 right arm

BD29 R2-D2 – YVH 1 body

BD30 Han Solo – YVH 1 left arm

BD36 Boba Fett – YVH 1 head/blaster

BD40 Concept Art IG-88 – YVH 1 right leg

BD41 Utai – YVH 1 left leg

BD42 Jeremoch Colton – YVH 1 right arm

BD43 Agen Kolar – YVH 1 body

BD44 Clone Commander Cody – YVH 1 left arm

BD45 Plo Koon – YVH 1 head/blaster

BD46 Stormtrooper – YVH 1 left leg

BD47 Commander Bacara – YVH 1 right leg

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