The Legacy Collection Card Back Gallery -

The Legacy Collection (2008-2009)

Hasbro thought of a great way to really get as many Star Wars collectors as they could back into it. Trends of collectors leaving the hobby started becoming evident, so Hasbro proactively concocted a way to hopefully beat out the diminishing audience. Because some collectors began scaling back their action figure purchases and became extra selective on which one they chose to buy for their respective collections, Hasbro needed to find a way to draw in interest once again while still containing costs. They brilliantly created the Droid Factory Build A Droid pack-in premium which gave collectors an extra protocol droid or two extra astromech droids with every new wave of figures (provided that the collector bought one of every figure from that wave). The line wasn’t without its critics. Many thought they shouldn’t have to buy figures they didn’t want to get all of the various droid parts, but those who bought them all found this pack-in to be a tremendous blessing. The Legacy Collection line ran concurrently with the first phase of The Clone Wars line until the line look changed the summer of 2009. Both collections picked up a red line look and “the” got dropped from The Legacy Collection. In the end the line didn’t meet expectations, but fans knew they loved the Build A Droid pack-in premium. Ultimately many blame the packaging for the lack of the line’s success, but many collectors still want to see the return of this pack-in premium at some point.



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