Commander Faie/Quinlan Vos (Hasbro - The Legacy Collection Comic Packs 13) -

Name: Commander Faie/Quinlan Vos

Collection: The Legacy Collection (Comic Packs #13)

Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: Republic #82)

Availability: December 2008

License: Hasbro

Retail: $12.99 USD

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Figure Information:

Commander Faie

Status: Commander Faie is a retool of 2008's TAC Kashyyy Trooper (08 04) figure. This time a new torso has been tooled to allow for an all-new head sculpt with removable helmet. It's also noteworthy to point out that the figure's legs have been repositioned for this release.

Accessory Details: DC-15 blaster, DC-15 blaster rifle, removable helmet


Quinlan Vos

Status: Quinlan Vos is a retool of the figure from 2007's TAC Quinlan Vos/Vilmarh Grahrk (No. 05) Comic Packs set. This time the figure has an all-new head sculpt, upper body and arms.

Accessory Details: lightsaber, blaster


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