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Name: The Mandalorian

Collection: Television Masterpiece Series (TMS007)

Status: The Mandalorian is an all-new fully articulated sixth scale figure.

Source: The Mandalorian

Availability: August 2020

License: Hot Toys (Sixth Scale)

Retail: $243 USD

Accessories: 3 left hands, 3 right hands, 4 black wrist joints, tracking fob, IB-94 blaster pistol, Amban phase-pulse blaster rifle, 6 large ammo cannisters, 10 small ammo cannisters, interchangeable right plastoid pauldron, interchangeable right beskar pauldron, thermo detonator, electicity effect, desert-themed figure stand (3 parts) with 2 spears and battle-damaged stormtrooper helmet with attached flag

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Photography: Chuck Paskovics
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